A Busy School

June 10, 2017:

A few of the X-Men gather to chat with one another on a busy Saturday night.

Xavier's Mansion Foyer and Kitchen


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The incoming war with Genosha has most X-Men busy with training and planning, so for once the mansion seems more busy than the school. It helps most students do not know anything, of course.

Nate, not being a student or a teacher, and supposedly into hiding due to an incident with the DEO, has been scarce since Logan arrived. But today he is back, and just left the X-Bunker in one of his usual coffee runs to the kitchen. He is not really avoiding people, but he is not feeling much of a people person lately. Brooding is such a Summers thing.

For her part, Illyana's life has just gotten busy. On the one hand, she's involved in the same operations against Genosha as Nate. On the other, she's finally made a breakthrough in tracking down a particularly unpleasant demon that made trouble for her a few months ago. What's particularly awkward about this situation is that Illyana can't tell her magical mentor, Doctor Strange, about her commitments regarding Genosha, and she doesn't want to tell the X-Men about her demon-hunting commitments.

Mostly because the last time she actually ran into said demon, it kicked her butt.

As a result it's an unusually harried Illyana who ports into the mansion, right in front of Nate, and has to step quickly out of his way to avoid being run over. For once, Nate doesn't get a wholly undeserved scolding. Instead, Illyana just looks toward his destination and nods. "Coffee. Good plan." She falls into step beside him without another word.

Logan had not been in this world for a long time. And he had only been at the mansion slighlty less. He had kept to himself since, it was still difficult to see the faces of students he had killed. He had blurted out brief details about his past, back in his own world on the same day as arriving at the mansion, surrounded by students. He realised his carelessness later on, and was concerned about the one of the kids had heard him. However, it seemed that was not the case.

He had not yet seen the Professor or Jean as requested by Cyclops, and not seen much of Slim since either. He had got word of an operation in Genosha, but still did not know of any details, and did not want to presume about this world's version of events. He was not sure if he wanted to participate or not, he probably could still be a great asset, but he felt uneasy around so many X-Men, and he felt their uneasiness as well.

"Look out." Rogue said to some people passing by her. "Watch it. Dange'ah, comin' through." She said further as she made her way through the halls of the mansion toward the main staircase, dodging folks and slipping down the staircase… Why?

Because its that time of year where a lot of people have weddings, and as it so happens, Rogue was asked to be… in one of them… as a bridesmaid… oh god.

Rogue was wearing a dark crimson dress and left her shoulders and biceps bar, but she had on a pair of black long gloves that went up past her elbows. Her brown and white hair was done up in a bun on the crown of her head and she was wearing a splendid amount of makeup.

The southern belle made her way down the staircase into the main foywer and she moved to the table where she left the shawl that matched her gloves… with a sigh of relief it was still there and she snatched it up and twirled it around her shoulders to add more protection to her dangerous skin, she hadn't yet noticed anyone specifically as of yet.

Hey, Nate was there when Illyana got her pretty butt kicked. Mostly because he also got kicked around, not to mention being drugged to stupid by that very demon. But it is better if he doesn't find out Illy is on the track again since he is also into revenge and his powers were pretty much useless.

"Just made more," mentions Nate about the coffee. Then blinks. No scolding? Illyana is losing her touch. She even admitted Nate being right a couple weeks ago. "And good afternoon, by the way…" he stops.

Rogue in a dress. Momentary cognitive dissonance. "Hey, lady," he greets with a smirk. Now, that is definitely not part of the war preparations.

And there is the old, old Logan. He would have been more curious about his story any other time of his life, honestly. Right now the ancient mutant gets a nod of a greeting.

Illyana does give Nate a sidelong look, as if she's considering telling him something, but decides against it by the time he gets around to actually greeting her. Which, oddly, makes her wince. "Afternoon? Already?" She really needs to spend more time in the real world, losing track of time in Limbo isn't all that healthy. She needs coffee more than she thought.

But not so much that the appearance of Rogue doesn't drive all thoughts of hot, caffeinated beverages out of her mind. Without thinking about it, she angles away from Nate's side and crosses to where Rogue's donning her shawl. Illyana looks over the other woman's outfit, nods to herself, then smirks at Rogue. "There's a story here, right?" She asks, hopefully. She's aware of Logan, too, but Rogue-inna-dress is taking up most of her attention. So he just gets a quick, "Hey." And a quick wave.

Rogue looked up when she heard the words from both the approaching Nate and Illyana and a sudden big smile showed up on the otehrwise clearly-flustered southern teacher. Heavy exhale was released! "I'm supposed t'be at the weddin' in a few hours. I just don't wanna wait t'the last second t'dress an' I sure as heck don't wanna dress there… Did this kinda crap two summe'ahs ago, its a mad house in those places." Rogue looked down at herself in the dress with the black accented accessories, even a nice little black lace choker around her slim throat. "Least this getup is nice'ah then the last one which was purple'n orange…"

Rogue looked up at them both, still grinning. "Purple… and orange…"

Logan remembers Nate being part of the group when he first arrived at the mansion. "We don't need coffee what we need is some beers." He slouches against a wall, "It is never too early to start drinking."

He had not expected Illyana to teleport into the room, but it did not surprise him, nothing fased him anymore. He picked up on the scents that were coming off of her, they all smelt strange and alien. He guessed they must have originiated from where she had just been. "Hey" he says with a nod. He not yet met this world's version of her, and did not know how she would react to him.

Upon seeing Rogue enter in her dress, he found it rather puzzling. The Rogue he knew would never have worn something like this. Could this Rogue be that different from the one he once knew?

Nate is not going to argue about the need of more beer. If he could to get drunk without losing control of his telepathy he would do it pretty often. "Come on," he offers, going into the kitchen, picking a beer can and tossing it to Logan. "Anything that works, man."

Then back to Rogue. "You look great. Have fun, thinks are going to get unfun around here soon. I just came for my allotted Danger Room time, but it has been rescheduled. Priorities and all that."


Illyana ran into an other-dimensional blue elf just the other day. An ancient Logan is a comparatively normal development. Besides, word's gotten around. And Illyana does smell strange and a bit alien, to those with enhanced senses. There's probably a whiff of brimstone in there, too.

Illyana rolls her eyes as Nate slumps off for beer after delivering his dour warning. "I'd try to cheer him up but he wouldn't appreciate it." Illyana remarks, probably loudly enough for Nate to hear. "There's no excuse for purple and orange together." Illyana says, firmly. "That's a much better colour." Illyana, getting dangerously close to a compliment there. "You're brave, though." Illyana adds. "Getting dressed that far ahead of time, around here? You're asking for a Sentinel attack, or a Brood invasion." Illyana smiles, and shrugs. "I'd offer to drop you off at least, but… that would involve going via my place, and you didn't like it much."

Rogue had heard about this… Logan, she hadn't gone out of her way to go find him either… If the Logan that she knew, was close to… was Missing Now? That was her major concern, but it was also kind of normal for Logan to DO that, to GO missing… almost like he enjoyed it.

What Rogue didn't understand, is why they allowed this Logan to be here, he wasn't safe in her opinion and her green eyes looked up at him after he spoke of alcohol and she just awarded him a faint smirk. "Yeah well… open bar at the weddin'… so I'm all about puttin' on a dress if it means I get t'drink what I want, how much I want of it, for free."

Rogue then watched Nathan and she went to move after him toward the kitchen. "I went with Scott last night t'meet with the SHIELD folk, the Agent we met with wasn't too keen on Scott's idea, but he seemed as though he'd still offer their support."

Reaching for a bottle of water, the well-dressed Rogue grinned at Illyana. "You bette'ah watch it, Illy, or I might pull that favor for savin' ya with your own sword an' make you come with me tonight. Ah don't wanna deal with drunk men hittin' on me too much right now." She took a drink of her water and then added with a smile. "Well, maybe kinda… just a little."

Logancatches the beer with one hand, with minimal effort. Even at his age his, thanks to healing ability, his reflexes are still sharp. He opens the can and takes a sip. "Aaah, that's just what I needed." This was far from going to getting him drunk, in fact he would not even be effected by the alcohol. However, he still loved the taste, and with his senses he can pick up on different flavour components. "If you want, Nate, we could go out in the yard and spar. I promise to take it easy on ya."

"Hhhmph, you're worried that an alien invasion, or a Sentinel attack would ruin her dress, but a trip to that forsaken place wouldn't? Never mind the demons in that place, but the stench of brimstone that would linger on that dress of for days, Illy." He finishes his bear.

"A purple and orange dress? Whose wedding are you going to? Mangeto's?" He smirks at his own joke.

"I can imagine," notes Nate. "I bet SHIELD had plans and we are 'interfering' with them," he makes quotation signs with his hands. "But every day those bastards bring in more mutants, kidnapped or directly brought as slaves in Africa and Asia. They 'process' them, doing genetic manipulation and brainwashing. We can't wait. We got no excuse, things have been quiet here," this is specially directed to Rogue, who told him just a few weeks ago the X-Men focus should be the school, not going out to fight.

Apparently Cyclops is the same opinion than Nate. Surprising that. Maybe that is why Nate is willing to follow a plan he hates. Grrr. Changing subjects.

"Oh, and I have programmed a Danger Room session about Genosha," he mentions when Logan offers sparring. "It is… different." His DR sessions are definitely 'different', but very few X-Men have seen them since Rose left the school.

Illyana obligingly gets out of Rogue's way and follows her toward the kitchen. The succinct report earns a quiet snort from the sorceress. "If anything goes wrong we'll start a war. If everything goes right… we might still start a war. What's not to like?" Illyana doesn't seem terribly bothered by the prospect, and adds a shrug when Nate launches into his speech. She has a feeling Nate would prefer to be fighting SHIELD as well right now, but that's his business.

"First Laura, now you. My home doesn't smell THAT bad, Logan." Illyana tells him in an aggrieved tone.

She turns back to Rogue again. "Free bar. Getting out of this place. A free hand to deal with drunk idiots all nights. Wait, how is this ME doing YOU a favour?" Illyana asks, then tilts her head to one side as Nate talks to Logan, and adds to her list, "…and getting out of a Danger Room session, too. Please tell me you're serious." Illyana's mischievous smirk suggests she might not be.

Rogue smirked at Logan's words about this being Magneto's party and she took another drink of her water. "The purple and orange bridesmaids stuff is already ove'ah, and no, it was the color'a the groom's Hockey team… or… Football team. I can't remembe'ah."

At the talk of Genosha and all thats planned for it, Rogue just gently shook her head side to side. "This just seems like we're deliverin' a jetload'a new slaves to this island, if ya ask me. Ah gota bad feelin' about it."

Rogue glanced down at her cell phone as it buzzed with another text and she heard Illyana's words which made her grin. She looked up and over at the Magik One. "Hey. I ain't got no Plus One… so you're more than welcome t'fill that role. Ah promise t'behave myself too." She teased Illyana too, since that was just Rogue's style.

"Wait I thought you just said…never mind." He says to Nate. "Any way what is the exact deal with Genosha? Have't you guys got to the part where everyone on that island is killed by Xavier's twin sister's sentinels? Or are we still before Magneto's reign?"

"Bah! You just don't have the nose for it! It's a good job you can 'port around otherwise anyone with a good nose would smell you smell you coming a mile away."

"Any way just make sure you both behave yourselves, I'm sure Slim will not want any unwanted attention just before a major operation. Just don't do anything I wouldn't do. Though, actually I don't there's any I haven't done."

Nate snickers, like he does every time Illyana gets defensive about Limbo (that dump). But Rogue's words sober him up. "Yes… but he has a plan. Scott's plans work, usually," that is something he has to respect. In his experience most plans do not survive contact with reality.

To Logan he… what? He listens owlishly and then realizes that is what most people feel when he talked about alternate realities. Fun. "Genosha has been taken over by something called the Human Council, which include some of the scumbags behind the Purifiers. Trask and Striker and… well, Scott has the whole list. As for as I know Magneto is not involved," but definitely something to watch out for.

Illyana shakes her head in mock despair at Rogue's words. "Where's the fun in that?" She asks, the very picture of disappointment, before the expression dissolves into an appropriately devilish grin, before she shoots a glare over her shoulder at Nate for laughing. She doesn't dignify that with a reply, but does smile sweetly at Logan. "Sounds like we have something in common, old man. But at least it's not cigars and beer with me." She spreads her hands in a 'what can you do?' gesture. As for the warning that Logan delivers… a slow smile creeps across Illyana's face. "Sounds like a challenge. I bet I can come up with /something/ you haven't thought of."

Illyana spins around to face Rogue once more. "Sorry to leave you with these two, but it sounds like I need a dress." She wrinkles her nose. "And, /apparently/, a shower." She adds pointedly, before smirking and disappearing into a circle of light.

Rogue eyed Logan, well, Old Logan and she listened to him closely spouting off stuff that didn't make a lot of sense to her… but then again… she rarely paid attention the Briefings so not much made sense to her usdually, she just punched what they told her to punch for the most part.

Her eyes glanced to Nate then and she smirked. "Well, yeah… lets hope this is one'a the plans that works out… but frankly, afte'ah listenin' to the SHIELD response last night, I started' gettin' the worries about it. Not sure this one is gonna be Scott's shinin' moment." Her shoulders shrugged beneath that sheer shawl that was wrapped around her. "Maybe Ah'm way off though, I dunno."

Rogue watched Illyana rush off. "Ah'll be out in my car, listenin' t'music!" She shouted out after the other, happy to have someone coming with her tonight.

"Well, sounds like something that certainly does need to be sorted out. I hated those damn Purifiers, with their false ideologies. You'll be glad to know that don't last much longer, at least in my time line they didn't. If you see Scott him, tell him he can count me in." He grins to Nate.

He turns to Illyana, "It has not been just beer and cigars, I can tell you that." He watches as Illyana go, "You should take a shower too, but it ain't gonna help much."

"You know it's not too late for a chaperone, if you can put up with an old man cramping your style."

"Oh, you talked with SHIELD command?" Now Nate is very interested. He would really like to see those helicarriers coming down on Hammer Bay like god's vengeance. Unlikely as it feels. Yeah, given Rogue's comments, they didn't like the plan.

He doesn't like the plan. The idea of the Magistrates getting their racist hands on Laura drives him nuts. That girl has been through hell already and managing to gain some resemblance to a normal life during the last three years has been a difficult struggle for her. And for her friends.

"Ah, you guys go to that party. I am going back to Mutant Town," not in the mood for parties. But he wants to check on people. There was a riot just a couple days ago, after all.

Rogue continued to sip at her water and listen to the two of them while she read some conversation on her phone. When Logan suggested tagging along too, she looked up and over at him… it was a stare that lingered with an emotionless-style for at least two or three seconds before she summoned up and smile and gently shook her head. "You really wanna go hang out at weddin' surrounded by a buncha drunk twenty-somethins?" She asked the Old Version of the friend she was quite close with who's apparently MIA now.

"If you wanna go, I ain't gonna stop ya. Ah mean, yeah… open bar. Just gotta get through the ceremony an' those are ove'ah in what? Thirty minutes usually?" Rogue sighed softly. "I'm just glad its a evening affair, I hate the ones that start at Noon."

Rogue would lift her water up for another drink and then looked to Nate. She grinned at him. "Bette'ah ask Scott about it. I might screw something up, or understood things wrong, ya know how my fuzzy mind works, Nate."

"Look if you don't want me to come, then just come and out say it. It seems like you're trying to convince me not to come." He sighs, "I know I am not your Logan, and you're not the Rogue that I once knew… and well you know." He looks to floor and stares, but looking back up at Rogue, "But I have been thinking, and I do think attempting to get to know others will help keep me grounded."

"I'll talk with Scott when I get back," agrees Nate. Again? No, he probably won't yet. Too many arguments lately. "See you later Roguey. Logan," he finishes his now cold coffee and heads out by the back door of the mansion. Mutant Town first.

Rogue heard Logan's response and she shook her head at what he said. "I just think its weird, thats all. Okay? I mean… I don't have any idea who you are, or… who 'your' Rogue is. Ah don't know what you're like or what your afte'ah." She glanced over to Nate as he made a break for it, which felt great to be left alone at such a point. But she looked back over to the Old Logan then and she set her phone and water down beside one another. "Ah don't even know how long you're gonna be around… Ah've seen this sorta thing happen before, here one minute and gone the next… Its hard t'get invested in a person when they keep runnin' away from ya."

"Look I get it. I don't know how long I'll be here for either. I didn't come to this world voluntairly, I don't know if I will get sent back. I don't even know if I want to go back. There's nothing back there for me, but this is a chance. Not a second chance, I'm too old for that. But a chance to live the rest of my years fighting alongside the X-Men once again." Logan smiles grimly, "Well if Nate is going back to Mutant Town, maybe I'll go test myself in the danger room."

Rogue heard this and she stood there with her gloved hands pressed palm-first against the edge of the marble countertop. She let him start to leave and then she looked over her shoulder at him. "No." She told him. "Ya can't do that." She said a little further, she smiled softly then. "Cause ya gotta go upstairs an' get a nice shirt an' jacket outta your closet that is actually presentable at a weddin'."

Rogue went to pick her phone and half-drank bottle of water up off of the counter and she went to the door ahead of him, staring at him with her green eyes as she went. "I'll be out in my car waitin' for you an' Sillyana." She said then, passing out into the hallway to head to the garage down the west wing.


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