New (Blue!) Arrival

June 07, 2017:

TJ Wagner arrives in our reality. Scott is on hand to meet the new arrival. Minor cameo from Illyana

Xavier's Mansion - New York City

This is the residential quarters for not only Xavier, but for the
faculty, otherwise known as the X-Men!
As one steps through the large front door, the first they see is
this magnificent foyer. It fits the mansion, being in a graceful and classic
style that seems so uncommon for a modern era like this.
Dark wood accents take the primary amount of space within the
foyer, as well as with the rest of the building. There are two expensive
hallways, one going east and another west and these halls are lined with
large wood doors, pantings on the walls and sculptures resting atop simple
pedestals. There are chairs and tables setup in groups in some of the more
open spaces of the foyer where classes are sometimes held in conjunction
with one another.
The other main feature of the foyer is the staircase that sits
against the wall opposite of the main entryway. A very wide set of stairs
lead up to a mid-level landing that has a very large picture-esque window
with gorgeous stained glass tinting the sunlight when it shines through to a
golden-hue in shade. The staircase splits and two additional cases lead one
upward to the east and one upward to the west.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Nightcrawler, Scarlet Witch, Phoenix, Mimic


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

T.J.'s been doing her dimension hopping for some time now. She just wasn't expecting another one. Busy in the midst of some chaos going on at the Lighthouse, the crosstime vortex opens up just as she's mid-jump…and swallows her.

The trip through crosstime is disorienting, as usual, but when she gets spat out of the vortex, she immediately recognizes the surroundings. The mansion! Woot!

Of course, /this/ mansion is probably sending alerts, since T.J. is decidedly not a native here.

Just another day in the X-Mansion, Scott Summers eggs, oatmeal and a jog. The X-Men's leader out alone is returning to the mansion, his breathing ragged, sweat drenched, keeping his eyes closed he takes his glasses off and wipes down his brow with his shirt.

The arrival of TJ is before he can even react to the alarms, the dimensional vortex she is spit out of not far away from the tall brunette.

"IllYANNAAA!? Again!?? How many damned times… "

For once, Illyana can actually be found in the mansion. Not only that, she's doing nothing more unusual than sitting in the library, reading. Of course, the book she's reading is a large, hide-wrapped tome of ancient, dusty pages covered in spidery scribblings that seem to shift on the page when you're not looking at them. It's probably best not to ask what kind of animal gave up its hide to cover the book, either.

When the intruder alarm goes off, she looks up almost with relief, and snaps the book closed decisively, sending up a plume of dust that makes her sneeze. Setting it down on the table, she bounces up to her feet - then thinks better of leaving the book unattended. It vanishes into a circle of light, and a moment later Illyana does the same, materialising again next to Scott. "Not me this time, boss." She tells him, managing to sound innocent and smug at the same time.

Illyana's smirk is wasted on Scott until he puts his glasses back on, so her eyes track across to T.J. Her head tilts to one side and ice blue eyes regard the new arrival appraisingly. "Hi." The blonde offers, apparently unfazed by T.J.'s sudden appearance… or her actual appearance, for that matter.

T.J. lands adeptly, despite the undignified spitting-out-a-dimension. She looks over as she hears that voice, and than a bright smile crosses her face.
"Illyana!!" She starts over towards the blonde, and then notices Scott there.
"GAH!" A backflip away follows, as she looks at the two wide-eyed.

Of course Illyana is standing there. The glasses come up and he is glaring at her fully unaware of TJ until his eyes track Magik's eyes to to the young Exile, "Kur… definitely not Kurt." The voice says it all not to mention the obvious. "Who are you? A friend of yours, Magik?" 'mutant' name used just because this is a newcomer. A doubletake. Not Kurt.

Illyana's eyes narrow as the newcomer speaks her name. She didn't expect to be recognised. Nor did she expect Scott to be the one to make the newcomer jump. "I've never seen her before." Illyana replies, still looking curiously at TJ, then turns her head to look at Scott with a smirk. "Whoever she is, she doesn't like the look of you." That seems to amuse Illyana.

Returning her gaze to TJ, Illyana takes a step forward. "He doesn't bite." She tells TJ, still wearing that smirk. "I don't make any promises. So, definitely-not-Kurt, how do you know me?"

T.J. looks from one to the other, listening to the commentary. "Ooookay. Uncle Scott? So. We're /not/ trying to kill each other. This is a plus. But…not my Illyana, I'm guessing."

Scott's used to giving Illyana that look. The look that fires 'invisible optic blasts' but right now he is retracting it. He doesn't remark to his look going uncared for. Thats definitely a lie. Scott's hands rest on his hips as Illyana makes first contact. "Definitely not Kurt." He confiirms. "Your Illyana? Uncle Scott?" A foot tap. He is doing his stoic and imperious look right now even though he is redfaced and strained from his run he manages to pull something resembling it off. "How about we start with your name."

"If you have an Illyana, I'm not her." Illyana replies, ever so helpfully, an inquisitive light in her eyes. There's another her, somewhere? TJ's confusion is doing nothing to lessen the blonde sorceress' amusement, however. "I should introduce you to Nate. He keeps telling me I'm remembering my life wrong. You two are made for eachother." As Scott cuts in with his more direct and, frankly, pertinent question, Illyana takes a step to the side. Metaphorically taking herself out of the line of fire.

"Okay!" T.J. seems to be rallying, fairly gamely. "Let's hit the basics. /I/ am T.J. Wagner. And this is /clearly/ not my home dimension. Again. Dammit. So! Let's see here. Kurt's my dad, in my world I was raised at the Mansion, by a lot of the older X-Men…hence, "Uncle Scott".

The blue girl then adopts a stricken look, and jumps over nearer to Illyana. "But…but…Illyana! How can you not remember what we had together? Your one, true—-" And then she can't hold the expression anymore and breaks into a broad grin. "I'm just messin' with ya. I was on a team with other-dimensional-you for a while. So, awesome to meet-not-meet you again!"

"Lets not be too quick to press Nate on our new guests." Scott advises, Illyana. The young man has filled this rotations 'Wolverine' role. There is always one stubborn lonewolf who knows better than the rest of them and right now, that is oddly enough the Summers-Jean offspring.

"TJ Wagner… Kurt's kid? Who is your mother? " This should be rich.

"One true? Go on." Scott insists, this could be good revenge on the magical mutant.

Illyana looks briefly disappointed, then wrinkles her nose and nods to Scott. Nate probably wouldn't make this particular First Contact go any more smoothly, considering his mental state lately. She'll save that one up for another time.

As TJ finally gets around to introducing herself, Illyana listens with interest, at least until she says 'Uncle Scott' again. That has the blonde glancing toward the man in question, hoping for a reaction… which just lets TJ blindside her.

"WHAT?" Illyana says, head snapping around to fix TJ with a cold blue glare, an instinctive step taken back as the newcomer invades her personal space, feathers definitely ruffled - until TJ lets her off the hook. "Very funny." She says, sullenly, though there's a twitch at the corner of her mouth that suggests she's not quite as irritated as she's making out. "Did we both survive?" Of course, then Scott has to poke his oar in, which earns him a glare. "Stop helping, uncle Scott." She tells him, with a bright, fake smile.

T.J. takes a couple steps back to give Illyana some personal space again, grinning. "Mom? Wanda Maximoff." she answers Scott's question. And nah, there's no "one twoo". Just it's fun to poke Illyana every now and again. Verbally. Cuz otherwise she makes with the swordyness." She grins back over to the blonde. "Yeah, we survived. If you're as badass as the Illyana I know, that ain't in doubt."

More ammunition for Illyana. Wonderful. An exhale from Scott as the fake smile covers him in it's beam of special humor.

"Swordyness. Right, I will just assume that is a bad thing. Your mother is Wanda? I did not see that one coming." No, the Wanda+Kurt of this reality has never been a thing. Why would he. "Despite her obnoxious and sardonic nature Illyana is yes, a badass. Just don't feed her ego too much. It already has very sharp and big teeth."

A pause and Scott motions to the mansion, he needs water. He forgot his water bottle when he went on his run this morning on a counter somewhere, "What brings you here? And walk with me. Please. Tell me… more, I suppose."

Illyana snorts at the mention of 'making with the swordyness'. "She's definitely met another me somewhere." She sounds at least somewhat mollified, and Scott's description of her, unflattering though it might be, seems to please her even more. "But at least I'm on your side." She points out. "I'll port back inside and let the troops know we're not being invaded." Illyana offers. "I'll find you later, TJ. I want to hear more about this other me." Is that a threat or a promise? Either way, Illyana smiles and vanishes into a circle of light.

"Swordiness is often bad." T.J. falls into step with Scott. "Crosstime portal. Fell into, bloop. Came out. Been dimension hopping a /while/." The blue girl smiles, and waves to Illyana. "Later, Illy!" She keeps moving along at Scott's side. "Some things here, clearly different. Others, not."

"She is so fortunate." That dry wit of Scotts a response to Illyana before he is walking with the blue-elf. "Yes it is. Crosstime portal? I am still curious which of you future kids is from the actual future of this reality, Rachel, Nate and right, not a kid but Old Man Logan. There are others too. We had Calvin here for a time, Mimic. Are any of these familiar to you?" A question while his hand shoves the mansion door open showing her the main foyer and it's split halls, stairs they go right. Towards the kitchen, past a shell where he grabs his water. "Go ahead and tell me more if you remember much… also you're not expecting guests right?"

Scott appears hospitable. Friendly but he is in all honesty studying her, listening to her voice and profiling every nuance and quirk.

"Crosstime portal." T.J. reiterates. "Excalibur, England. Lighthouse. Calvin was on my team. Well, /a/ Calvin. And a Rachel was on Excalibur before I was." The blue girl moves in, and smiles. "Not expecting guests. Hey, can I get a water from you? I was kinda mid-fight when I fell through the giant time-space wibbly."

"Excalibur." Scott just says, its only a thing thats been spoken about overseas. Not something that ever lifted off as far as he is aware. Maybe in the foreseeable future it becomes a thing or this is another of the dimensional-reality-paradox inspired by Alphie O'Meagan and Apocalypse.

"Right. Calvin disappeared, we had /a/ version here. It's… become more common of late. " Maybe something they should try to study further if they survive Genosha. They now stand inside the kitchen. "Fighting with who or what?"
A water bottle is fished out of the large double fridge and handed over politely.

"Amusingly enough? An extradimensional version of the original X-Men. Hence another reason I kinda got twitchy when I saw you." T.J. opens the bottle with her three-fingered hands, and takes a deep pull of the water. "But they were evil assholes."

"I understand that entirely. We've been fortunate so far not to encounter any… dopplegangers that want to hurt anyone. " Unless you count Madelyne Prior but thats a different story entirely. "I take it I was also among these evil assholes?" Leaning against the countertop Cyclops rests arms againsnt his torso. That analyzing stare still seated upon TJ.

"…yeah?" T.J. looks a little sheepish. "Honestly, Uncle Scott, you kinda don't have the best track record among the different dimensional versions I've run into. I mean, even my homeworld." She rubs the back of her neck awkwardly.

Scott manages to crack a tight small smile, "I am unsurpised. " He is on a path of his own here as well, especially in regards to this entire Atlantean/Genosha situation. A call he had to make. "Do you have the powers of your mother or your father?" He can't help but be curious about that one.

"Err…kind of neither. I mean, clearly the biology comes from dad's side of the family. So, I get the agility, and the wall-clinging, and all that stuff. The tail." Hers twitches as if to draw attention to herself. "As far as power-powers, I can project bolts of energy from the same dimension Dad teleports through…and I possess people." T.J. explains, and shrugs. "Genetics. Who knew?"

"Mutations are called mutations for a reason. Just at times, some become almost a trait of heritage and genetics. I had to ask." Scott shifts against the counter, looking finally away from her long enough to stare down at one of his sneakers, "Hank would have a field day with this. You're not a teleporter yourself though, huh?" There is relief in that. Just some. "TJ, you have a place here for now if you need it but I will have a lot more questions for you, I hope you also understand if you will be monitored. At least until we… " Can trust you. " Have fully assessed the situation."

She shakes her head. "Not a teleporter. And that's cool. Like I said, this isn't the first time I've been through this. As long as you can hit me up with three hots and a cot, I'm good, Uncle Scott." Pause. "Also, nice to have you…be kinda like I remember you from when I was little."

Scott's face is impassive at 'Uncle Scott' each time he hears it though he feels a ping at self-consciousness. "No? I suppose not. You seem rather unphased by this entire ordeal. Only kind of? I will just take that as a compliment. The school is out right now for the summer, very few students around to torment or harass you so… make yourself at home, TJ." A pause, "I assume you also have a mutant name?" Scott refers to it that way, he isnt even sure where he picked it up. "Codename." A correction.

"It's not the first time I've done this. I mean, been to another dimension. Actually, it's not the fourth, or the sixth, or even the tenth." She smiles. "It's a big compliment." She pauses. "Is…Aunt Jean okay here?" she checks. "And yeah, I was a field X-Man in my world. Nocturne."

"You've been very busy for one so young." Scott approves, in his way. Though hes never been a soldier he very much embodies the ideals and spirit of one. With him at the lead the X-Men are very 'para-military' but he also likes to encourage that familial. Which is in part why hes finding the use of Uncle and Aunt endearing. "She is good, alive, well. Busy and in the city at the moment but I am sure she'll be thrilled to meet you." A consideration, "Nocturne. Got it."

That gets a rare spike of genuine emotion through her devil-may-care attitude. "Really?! That's awesome!" She says, an excited teen demeanor for a moment. "Um. Right. Sorry, I just…" She shrugs. "Call it a troubled home life." A wry smile marks the return of the confidence. "And yeah, I was kinda training in the Danger Room when most kids were playing in playgrounds. And dad could be a real slave driver." She chuckles. "Awesome, though. Any really important do's/don'ts I ought to know? I mean, outside the normal."

"Kurt? A slave driver?" Scott has to chuckle at that. That possibility has always been there and he only wonders what sort of father Kurt could or would have been, now he gets to know. "The usual. I am sure you know those… " More testing of her. Scott is not looking at the ground again but directly at her, "I am going to lay this next one out flatly, you will listen to senior X-Men. If at any point we find you a threat, you will have to be disciplined in a manner that fits. I don't know you at all TJ, I want you to be exactly what you say you are and I am eager to get to know you more but the safety of this school is my priority. So please, do understand where we are at with this. If you're here, if you do want to help, follow my lead."

Speaking of slave driver. No. Scott is just concerned and trying to be protective. He barely know TJ but can see the similarities and already feel a sort of familial kismet.

The blue girl nods. "Yessir!" She chirps back. "I understand. I mean, being an X-Man is serious business, even if I'm not the most serious girl. And I'm in for whatever you need me for, Uncle Scott." Unless he prevents the blue girl, he's going to get an impulsive hug.

Scott stiffens at the approach and then the sudden hug. He stands there briefly rigid at the display of affection and then encircles TJ in one arm, embracing her back. His other hand rising up to tousle her hair just a little. "It is and I think we'll get along just fine, TJ. I want you to make this a home for as long as you need it." Jean would be proud of him. "Until we have you a room and find out how long you're with us just make use of a guest room."

T.J. pulls back. "Sorry…didn't mean to make anything awkward." she says, sheepishly. "Just haven't gotten to hug you for kind of a long time." She straightens up some at that. "Not a problem. Whenever you need me for tests, or questions, or any of that, just let me know."

"It is okay. Just don't make a habit of it." Hard to tell if the man is joking or not. Scott can't even remember hugging his own ;kids; let alone Kurt/Wanda's crosstime spawn. He'll survive. "The VI can run a scan on you. Beast is off in Ibiza last I knew, following up on our Genoshan refugees for intel, Jean might want to run som tests though, when shes home I'll make sure you two connect up."

"Got it. Is it okay if I wander around, make sure everything's where I'm used to it being? Kinda get my feet under me, more or less?" T.J. asks. "Also, if I raid the kitchen?" Another sheepish face. "Sorry, no breakfast today."
Scott opens up a cabinet and pulls out two granola bars, one for each of them. "Help yourself to the kitchen, if someone has dibs on something there is stickers." Lots of stickers. Its a private school with very attentive students. Each person on the premise has their own cartoony sticker that declares what's theirs. A bar handed over, "Go ahead. Wander. Until I clear you stay out of… you know where."

Scott walks past her towards the kitchen exit, "Oh it's nice to meet you, TJ. Just be you here." She should know that already, after all She's an X-Man.

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