Samurai Cops: Angara-14

June 09, 2017:

Hal and Kyle set up a couples outing with Kori and Karen.


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The 2814 Sector of Space. Beyond the galaxy Earth inhabits there are other planets, ones that fall under the jurisdiction of Kyle Rayner and Hal Jordan the Green Lanterns designated 2814.1 and 2814.2. Most planets out there are entirely uninhabitable, no life can be sustained on them or would even remotely be survivable.

Angaria-14 is a tiny planet, hardly more than a moon but it hosts a small terraformed jungle, with water and a beach. The oxygen of the planet created through a machine buried below it's surface, it's a sort of Oasis in space. A hideout. It's also incidentally the place Hal often parks the Interceptor. His ship. It's close proximity to several stars makes off like it has three suns, they're not, they're much too small but "Oasis" is climate controlled. It's an oddity.

It is here that Hal and Kyle have decided to set up a couples night.

Food transportation the biggest trick but they managed, Hal himself descending to the micro-planet with a green bubble around himself and Power Girl. No oufits needed this isn't a fancy ordeal. In one hand he clutches a cooler.

"Pretty cool, huh? I don't even remember how I found this. I think Kyle and I were practicing some space Frisbee and one of us crashed in to it." Might have been Hal, his memory is wonky about the specifics.
Standing upon the surface of Angara-14 "Oasis" one can see the galaxy itself.


"Space. Frisbee." Karen shakes her head, as she looks about. "You know, couldn't you just play Earth Frisbee? You know, on Earth?" The blonde sounds amused, but she'll take a look around. "So what do you have planned for us tonight?"


Being a Green Lantern has its privileges. Be it an Air Force pilot's jumpsuit or a pair of board shorts, the green energy of will can make it look like a form-fitting suit of green and black with relative ease. So, with an added black tee shirt and a pair of green and black board shorts hidden from view, Kyle can be seen from the beach arriving in the form of a green convertible car made out of hard light. Bubbles? No, Kyle's a show-off with the level of detail that comes easy to his artistic side.

"I love this place." Kyle calls out as the car 'parks' on the beach. Kyle floats out with a wave to Power Girl and Hal, floating back to the trunk, which pops open at his arrival. "You didn't say what all to bring so I felt like a lot of beer and sandwich stuff would work. It's a long way back so. Yeah. Might have to work." Kyle leans out, looking to the two of them.


"Space Frisbee." Hal declares while they land, the bubble popping out of view so they're standing on the sandy beach. Hal doesn't go all showy with his look until he touches down, then with a flicker of emerald light he is in nothing but black and green shorts that reach down to his knees. Uniform including domino mask vanish. "Doesn't matter, man. Just food and drinks."

He turns around and looks up, holds his ring up and motions so that a green rounded disc appears, it's huge, probably about the size of a standard race track in diameter. "See, space Frisbee." he just had to show it off.

"Oh yeah, you two met? This is Kyle my partner in fighting space crime and this is Karen my partner in… the Justice League and uh things that couples do. Boy friend girl pal stuff."


Karen can't help but snicker a little bit. "The word "Girlfriend" not in the Green Lantern manual?" she asks Hal, before smiling to the arrivals from the green space convertible. "Nice to meet both of you."

Star was supposed to ride in with Kyle, but she 'forgot something' back on Earth, in the freezer (the fridge was not good enough to contain the dessert). An apologetic look and she was leaping from the passenger side in a space tuck-and-roll to leave that comet's path behind her.

But through atmosphere, Starfire is easily seen with the sweeping path of flame hue behind her, arching out to lessen the impact as she hits the sand in a skid and brace of feet, burrowing divets into the grainy surface, a sandal bites the dust, literally, leaving Starfire in one and her white semi-sheer beach cover that laces at her hips and falls loosely off her shoulders.

Hands holding a sack extend and drop it near the rest of the picnic contributions. "Sorry. Forgot to unstash the dessert." A smile to Hal and Power Girl with a wave of fingers.

"I do not think it is, Karen… We help them fight boredom?"


Kyle sets the cooler down at his feet and offers a hand to Karen, first, chuckling his way through the introduction. "We haven't met, no. This is the first time. Nice to meet you Karen. I'm Kyle. I try to keep Hal out of trouble." Kyle looks to Hal, winking to the man, then peels his hand back to motion Starfire's way as she approaches.

"I know you've met, Hal, but Karen, this is Kori, my girlfriend, but really I just try to keep up with her." Kyle steps back and extends an arm towards the Tamaranean woman upon her arrival. "We put all kinds of stuff in my freezer and halfway over she realized we forgot it. Can't have building-sized space Frisbee without dessert."


"Yeah, Kori and I met several times. The Terrigen Mists stuff she was on my team." A wave to Kori and Hal sets a hand down on Karen's hip as that frisbee vanishing. "Oh, right, the manual. Who ever reads those? But yeah, my girlfriend." He teases, "Was it a casserole? If so leave it or a fruit cake. Also leave that."


Karen looks down at the grass. "Do we have to worry about space ants?" Considering Kory's coloration, she smiles and says "Clearly you're not from around Earth either. Where are you from?"


"The manual." Kyle chuckles and brushes a hand through his sheath of black hair. The metallic faceplate, green as well (shocker) disappears as first names are established. "Do you think I'd casserole, Hal, really? But then again, lasagna and enchiladas are kind of casseroles. I didn't bring those, either." Kyle shakes his head and looks down the sands towards the water, then to the nearby star.

"I just remembered that I have to pay for baseball tickets, Hal." Kyle looks over to the man. "I lost the bet. The water is safe to swim in. I wish we could hide this place before Elon Musk or Lexcorp finds it. It's destined for space-resort."


One hand rises, tucking some errant strands fallen from the massive braid behind an ear once the paper bag is set down on its back. Pupil less emerald eyes reflect the beach behind Hal and Karen for a moment. Never having been here before there is almost a feline curiosity and light in her eyes, even the frisbee is something viewed like a dangling thread and then ignored for the return to the introductions and formalities.

Kori had met Hal, before… Now there is a moment of an empty stare, a tilt of her head, and the slow draw of a smile. Stepping into the extended arm of Kyle's, Kori responds to Karen just as carefully as her look is masking. "Tamaran. And you?" Considering surroundings not just any could be here.

"Good thing for the water, then." A response to the ants statement.

"Casseroles are considered a mix of surprise. I don't like them. They burn too easy." But as they talk on Kori silences to listen.

"We're still a ways out at least and no, no ants." Hal assures Karen, "Much worse than ants." Walking over to the grass off of the sand he hunts around, a green net slapping out to grab something, scooping it up he walks over and extends a hand, "See. " It's a fuzzy rock. Just a rock with fur. "They're alive. They squeak and roll at times but that's about it."

"Those count as casserole? Shit that's religion changing."

"You do. Karen and I are hitting up a hockey game tomorrow night between the Mammoths and Combines. She actually likes Metropolis' teams."


"Krypton." Karen responds. "And if we're doing 50's casseroles, that's really disappointing. Enchiladas are awesome, though." She'll look over and X-ray Vision the food to see what gets brought. She turns back to Hal. "Hey…you go slamming the Mammoths and we may have another fight."


"Hockey? Look at you two, I can't wait to see you two come playoffs." Kyle slinks his arm down to Kori's hip, where he squeezes her and leans in, pressing his lips to her jaw in a kiss in greeting. The layers of green and black Lantern uniform recede, leaving him in his black tee shirt and board shorts. And Birkenstocks. Nerd. Not that he had a chance of out dressing Koriand'r to begin with.

"We've been doing a lot of cooking at my apartment." Kyle announces, looking to Kori's face, then the others. "I mean, the Avenger's mansion is nice, but I didn't want to bring them into my private life, so I've got my super secret apartment. We haven't braved sports, yet." Kyle squeezes Kori's hip one last time, lets her go, then criss-crosses his arms to tug his shirt over ther top of his head.

"You know, on the bright side, if there's anything weird with this planet, I think we're all more than capable of handling it with our eyes closed. Fuzzy rocks are creepy, but at least they're not those things they warned us about that hig your face."

Hal's hand rubs over his forearm. Memory of that 'killface' of Karen on their first official date has him chuckling very quietly, "Man, I really really… am tempted to slam your teams but for now we'll just wait and see what happens. " He whispers quietly, "When you lose." Fully well knowing her Kryptonian hearing will pick it up.

"The rocks are kinda cute, I guess, but they like to just appear in anything, watch your shoes and hair when we leave."

"Baseball? Did you bet him something to get us hockey tickets?" Starfire is still trying to grasp Earthen sports, but hockey is something she has had to learn to be more contained about. The fighting over a puck at first confused her, but then when Kyle explained it as something of deeper worth it was like a tiny friendly battle for a mine, or land, or a hunting ground. No death, just blood and… Sport! She has not team, to victor go the spoils!

The narrowed look to Kyle and Kori smiles, the kiss to cheek reciprocated before she responds to Karen. "A dessert from a trade planet with an amazing cafe. We should go some time." Though Karen's look to the bag is met with a broad smile of amusement.

"Give him hell, he deserves it." A wink to Karen. "Can he keep up?" Stated as she shed the one remaining sandal, the other toast several feet back.

"He does his best." Karen answers Kory with a faint smirk. "And my hair's too short to worry about hiding anything in it. YOURS, by the way, is gorgeous. Is there anything I can do to help out?" She looks around. "I feel like the tag-along here."

"I haven't been to a Cubs game in three years. Imagine what happened in my head when I came back to Earth and found out they broke their curse." Kyle sidelong to Kori, cringing just a little. "Seventy years without a championship and I came home four months too late." Kyle tsks. "But yeah, I bet him tickets to a baseball game that the water wasn't safe to swim in, and turns out I was wrong, so Chicago will have to wait a little longer, I think."

Kyle kicks open his cooler and reaches in, grabbing four bottles of beer and nodding to the sandwich stuff inside. Shirt thrown over one shoulder, he grits his teeth and begins popping bottlecaps.

"Anyone hungry? Maybe help me get the food out?" Kyle asks, taking a step back from the cooler. He giggles under his breath. "Eeeehg-drrruuu-ul. Shit I can't say it, still. Anyway," Kyle looks up. "Kori and I's first date was at a the trade station on the far corner of the sector. We should take you two, sometime."

"Does his best!?" Hal exclaims while giving a look at Karen, "Lady, you and me, later. I'm going to show you what 'does his best' really means. Just wait until we get home and your team LOSES! You'll be owing me big time." A mumble under his breath, "Does his best." A walk over and he crouches to open the cooler, pulling out a beer, tossing one to Kyle. Karen getting offered a fruity drink of her own. "You're no tag-a-long, babe. You're making me look great. Might be over dressed though, should I fix that." He aims the ring at her, it shines almost like a threat. Can he change her uniform!? Will he?

"Yep. I missed it too." Hal is more of a football guy but hes cool with baseball too. "Egg drool, what? No thanks. Hard pass." He is still fixated on Karen, a challenge in his eyes. That ring flaring bright green.
"Kori, does he keep up? Seriously." Hal+murmur.


"I forgot the…" A smirk to Kyle and then Hal gets a deadpan stare with an up down. "Yep, Karen wins her definition, I think a vessel burst in his eye.." A whisper to Karen Starfire shakes her head.

"I ordered for this, did no cooking. Bad idea, we wouldn't have made it otherwise." Even if it is just sandwiches! Something would have blown up.

A beer is taken from Kyle, the smile one fitting of a far more southern heat in devilishness to Hal's murmur, taking one step back as she tugs a lace free on the hem of the gypsy cami that covers the suit beneath. "He is a very good… sport about it." A sidelong look towards Karen and the beer is offered for a 'cheers' against the neck of her own. Note now though, there is a nice distance placed there.

"Aim that ring at me, and X'Hal help you…"


Karen chuckles. "Actually, since I didn't know that we were going to be swimming in space, feel free to whip me up a swimsuit." She tells her boyfriend. "And my team isn't GONNA lose, Jordan. So do your best." She grins over to Kory. "If /my/ boyfriend is zapping another woman, I think we can both punch him." She nods over to the food. "So, toss me a sandwich? Or do we have to make our own?"

"Sounds like you two should bet something on it. Like sending Kori and I to a Cubs game." Kyle captures his tongue with his teeth, forced to bite down hard upon the muscle at the grin Koriand'r sends his way. Hardly containing his grin, his eyes sweep downwards as she prepares to ditch the gypsy cami. "I like to think I keep up just fine, though I might tumble through space like an out of control comet sometimes." Kyle winks, then catches the beer.

"Take it easy on Hal, ladies. I'm Hal's unofficial hall monitor and he's totally not zapping anyone else." Kyle, using his ring, creates a picture-perfect (though, green) picnic table and sets the sandwich-making platter on it. "Oh, and Karen? It's just bread, meats, cheeses, boring stuff. The Yeeeeg-drrruu-wull is the good stuff."


"You asked for it!" Hal's ring releases that light in a strobe and Karen's outfit will swirl in a green wash of light before being replaced by COMBINE colors of gold, silver and brown. A bikini two piece. No need to worry about it busting free since it's held together with his Power Ring and likely more of an overlay of her own outfit or a reconfiguration. "There we go again with the best talk… " An exhale that also includes a grin at her. "Our first date was actually crashed. Well the official one, the uh sorta date was us out at a lake just south of Metropolis. Was nice. She paid though, does that count?"

"They just wanted you to feel like a stud, Kyle. Take one thing back from them that is technically mine anyways and suddenly those little blue… " He takes a big drink of his beer. The guzzle sound of it being chugged audible and washing out any words he may have.


Karen looks over at the colors, and smirks a little. "Get used to it. It's the only time you're going to see these colors on anything good in the short term. And I'll try the alien stuff. Life's too short not to live a little." She'll move over towards the food to check out what the dread Egg Drool is.


"All is fun and games until someone loses orbit." A sip of beer and it is held aside as the slip of semi-sheer white cover is pulled over her head and cast aside to leave the looped together bikini of purple and gold is revealed, straps and diamond shaped bits of fabric held together by loops at center of abdomen and the small of back, making it seem stretched over the physique.

A narrowed glance to Kyle and Karen is regarded as the change shifts over her attire with a slow blink. "Wait, that can be done?" Now she is staring at Kyle suspiciously nd Hal gets an uplift of brow. Her beer is drained, the label eyed.

"I have heard of Krypton only recently.." A low voice and a careful look towards Karen, almost empathetic, unless something crossed which is very possible. "You should be proud." And the smile is broad, endearing and honest to the other woman, even as the men banter.

A sidestep, a lean, and if Kyle procured a sandwich, she steals a bite with a smile that shows laughter behind it. No, she is not going to correct the pronunciation, she quit a while ago.

"I want to take a rock home." Pets!


"It's not like it's going to kill you after all." Hal says to Karen as the bikini while she steps turns from the Keystone City Hockey teams colors to green and blacks of the Lanterns. Easier to maintain should he lose concentration from staring too much and why not represent? "She doesn't talk much about Krypton." Hal admits to Karen, though, they dont get a lot of talking in when they have the time between actual work, JL work and him passing out. Hes not the superhuman alien she is. "I don't know if thats possible, Starf-Kori, they could have an adverse effect on Earth. Kyle and I just leave them here and try not to bother them. For all I know theyre just sentient dust mites."


"No, they do these things to me because I'm the galaxy's least volunteered hall monitor." Kyle clears his throat as Kori reveals her bikini and steals a bite of his sandwich, leaving the Lantern momentarily dumbstruck. "Well, it can be done, but it uses energy. Though I guess…I just got a few ideas," Kyle scratches the back of his ear, cringing. "But…technically we're not supposed to put non-sentient organisms on Earth without UN approval." Kyle cringes harder. The less-fun one. No wonder Appa Ali-Apsa sent Kyle to partner with Hal.

Kyle leans in to whisper something to Starfire, then turns to face Hal and Karen, once again, taking Kori's hip ito his hand. "OR…the fuzzy rocks carry a disease that only affects, I don't know, old people. I hate to be the non-fun." Kyle laughs and jerks his chin towards Karen. "So, Karen, how long have you two been dating, anyhow?"


"I'm not worried about it unless someone uses Kryptonite as a spice in the Egg Drool." Karen says, and will try some of it. "And I don't talk about Krypton much because no one wants to hear a downer story, and that's a pretty downer story." She puts on a more confident tone; Karen doesn't show weakness much. "And for a couple weeks now. How about you and Kory?"

Hal will ask her about Kryptonite later. A look over at Kyle and a brow lifts up, "You're no worse than John. Between the two of you I would choose you." No mention of Guy. Hes the further end of the spectrum from Hal.

"UN and SHIELD can't even get their SWORD program up and running and they think they can monitor space?" Hal just headshakes, "It is probably in our best interest as alien-/experts/." He grins at Karen then Kori, "and aliens ourselves to try and offer them some help at some point. Earth is on the radar now. It's not just some ignored mud ball that the Skrull and Kree tug-o-war over secretly."
As if he catches himself talking about work he walks over to the water about ankle deep and kicks a sweep of it towards them. It's not a lot.


The touch upon hip easily has Kori leaning in, her own hand twining along Kyle's back to hook fngers over his shoulder and tug him closer for the brief press of deep plum lips to the corner of his lips. The smile can be felt before she parts from him and heads for th water's edge.

"Where'd that frisbee go??" A stretch and she looks towards Karen, empathy evident. "Tamaran is to me like your Krypton is. But here we are." Karen is smiled to. "So let's show them who is boss?"

A move to the water, the kick of spray "blocked" by hands and wth a pivot on heel a curl of finger calls Kyle in too.

"I promise the dessert is safe and delicious. It has a spice from home."


"We've been courting, what, two months now?" Kyle leans into Kori's kiss, then casts his eyes towards Karen and Hal. "Well, maybe a little less, we didn't have the talk about the what and the terms until a little bit in. It's been a great few months."

Kyle grins and follows, beer in hand, creating a disc of green energy in his fingers. "That sounds dangerously like invasion of a sector," Kyle teases Karen and Koriand'r as he turns, beckoned by crook and finger to follow after Koriand'r, arms swaying behind his back as if drug by a noose. "You know it's our," Kyle points to Hal, then himself. "Responsibility to make sure that the people in this sector who are boss remain as bosses. We uphold the peace." Kyle grins lowly to Kori. "Technically, we're the law, out here. So…watch yourselves. Hal, back me up?"
Kyle throws the disc to Hal, first.


"I think the idea of helping out Earth with alien affairs is a good one. I've been leaking some advanced tech to them through my company, but it's so hard deciding what to share and what not to." She gets splashed, and looks over to Hal. "Oh, it's like that, is it?" A deep breath, and a gust of very, very cold super-breath gets aimed Hal's way. Just a short one. Enough to knock someone off balance.

She stands, looking over to Kory. "You realize these two don't have a chance against us, right?" Girl power FTW. She looks back to Kyle. ""Courting"? Here I thought that Hal was the old-fashioned one around here." She hovers slightly off the ground. "Let's do it."


The frisbee is caught and Hal slings it towards Kori. "Courting!? C'mon, Kyle, Just when I was starting to think you weren't a nerd." The senior Lantern is laughing of course, it's then that a gust of cold hits him followed by an uplift of wind. Hal's feet fly out from under him and he dunks in the water with a *SPLASH* anything he is about to say about SHIELD/SWORD alien tech. All of that is muffled under water. "Hey now!"
Hal would have so totally been grinning with pride at Karen for their duo-knock if she hadn't just tried to drown him!


A slow blink and Kori is looking between Hal and Kyle, then to Karen. "Oh? So does that make us under arrest?" A pause and the smile is slow as she rises with Karen, the 'game on' face one that narrows her eyes in a play that shows more mischief and mostly challenge. "Do I get to say hi to the leetle blo…"

The frisbee from, Hal caught off guard, her hand rising and a faint parse glow in a spark as she rebounds it in that sweep towards Karen!

"Courting is not nerdy… But I hear Star Wars is, and I like those movies." A challenging glare to Hal as if offended. "We are not… " Whatever! Yep, blame Kori for that!

Instead of making a friendly attack her focus is now on the game with them. He-Men vs. Yep. Awesome.


"Don't have a chance against you? We're Lanterns, you know. Not Samurai Cops." Kyle narrows his eyes playfully at the growing level of competition forming, rubbing his hands together as his legs are submerged to the knees in the water, walking after Kori. "Hey, courting is what her people called it. I say girlfriend just fine, but it is what it is, right? I don't want to downplay the statement of it. I wanna respect that." Kyle shrugs his shoulders, matter of factly, but whatever smooth Kyle has mustered dies when Karen takes flight and Hal falls under the water, the latter getting a laugh from him.

The former? WARY EYEBALL

"I never claimed I wasn't a nerd." Kyle grins and winks to his girlfriend as he, too, floats out of the water. Only when he does it, his ring flashes with green light and he points down at the water beneath Karen and Starfire…

…where a whale made of green light is surfacing and spraying water up at the two of them.


Karen flies up to catch the frisbee, and with a quick spin, will arc it towards Kyle. "It's kinda nerdy. But being a Star Wars fan, while also nerdy, gets you some points. And I don't know, Samurai Cops sound pretty cool. You should consider some samurai motifs in the uniform. Could be cool."


Hal as the others are flying ascends as well. "You brought powers in to this, sweetness." The whale spray is accompanied with a giant water balloon ascending from the small ocean. "Just so we're clear, Karen and I get the north side of the planet. You two get the south."

Slings that giant water balloon at the two women, combined Green Lantern attack there, "I mean, once we're done winning of course. Team Green vs Team Alien Hotties… it's game on."


There is a moment where Starfire pauses in her lift from the water beside Karen with their lines drawn and the challenges accepted. "My boyfriend respects my culture, even if it is not the Hoth he knows." A smile that is a bit more slow forming, lacking total challenge and a moment…

Totally killed by green whale-spew! A reel backwards that comes in the spiralling trail of flame that has her righting and glancing to Karen. "Speed freeze them?"

A sudden burst forward and Kori is trailing a golden glow along the waters beneath, a starbolt cast below to form a geyser reliant on Karen to finalize!

"Just remember to stay on your side of the pond then!" Responded to Hal's claim laid.


"Just as long as everyone doesn't think I'm too nerdy." Kyle catches the frisbee from Karen and floats backwards as Starfire calls for a team attack of their own. Frisbee? Kyle gulps and drops to his knees, forming a TRON light cycle around his body, with the frisbee, because he's a massive dork. "Transform and roll out, Hal!" Kyle calls out in a last ditch effort to try to race away from Karen and Starfire and their alien superpowered hotness destruction.

"Hey babe?" Kyle calls out, trying to skid around across the top of the water over to Hal. "How about that? We get an entire side of a planet to ourselves for the night? I'm gonna build us a treehouse. We'll walk around wearing fig leaves."


Karen gets /doused/ by the massive water balloon and whale spray, and looks back. "All right, now it's on!" Karen blurs into superspeed, and twin lances of red sear out from her eyes at the water, as she flash-vaporizes some of it to put a cloud of vapor in the air…and then super-breaths out the icy gust through the vapor at the Green Lanterns. Might not catch the Tron Cycle, but she's sure Kory can handle that.


"Oh crap." Hal says as Kori and Karen go synchronized in their powers. Hes too distracted by Karen's wet bikini to respond quick enough to Kyle's 'roll out' rally cry and ends up in a frozen cone of ice. A green glow beginning to form out of the center of that frosted mist to explode in shards. Hal is covered in a puffy green 'sumo suit' he even has on one of those sumo-hat-hairs. Yeah, hes not as flashy as Kyle. Hal's not the artist hes the sky-jock.


"Why fig leaves?" Kori states as Kyle starts to roll out, the smirk bringing forth the taunt of words to cease his escape as Hal's distraction drops him beneath the combined attack and Kyle gains headway Optimum Style.

"Half a planet to explore, much more to decide to wear." Beat. "Or not. I just want a vine swing."

That being said the flame goes out and she dives into the water, swimming beneath only to burst up and attempt to ricochet the TronKyle back towards Hal and Karen if there was a moment of hesitation! "Sorry babe. I like to win."


"I'm not going to admit that I don't know how much either of you could actually hurt us, but I'm not looking to sleep on the couch, let alone-" Kyle jabber-jaws as his faux-cycle skips over the waves. He looks back over his shoulder, grinning ear to ear as Hal goes sumo-style, breaking free, and it's just enough distraction for Starfire to upend the lightcycle and send it rolling ass over tea kettle towards Hal and Karen.

Kyle rolls into a ball and skids, like a stone, over the waves until he disappears beneath them with a laugh.


"Concede defeat and I'll make you a vine swing." Kyle taunts, oh, so lowly, then cuts a salute to Karen and Hal. "Radio out if you need us. I got a feeling about this one." Kyle snorts then punches out across the tree line, flying towards their respective 'hemisphere' of the planet, chased by Koriand'r.


Karen…breaks into laughter as she sees the green sumo suit. "Humans have nudity hangups." She finally replies to Starfire's fig leaf question, amused. "C'mon, chubby." She tells Hal with a grin, as she flies straight at him at superspeed, then…stops, just before, hovering there and crossing her arms. "You are NOT getting any girlfriend action in that thing."


"Later you two, have fun." Hal turns his attention back to Karen as the other two chase each other off. His hands slide down his obese green glowing body, "But I'm sexy. Sexy like that fat guy from those Mike Myer movies." Fat Bastard. Sexy like a Fat Bastard.

A side to side hip dance as best as he can and the suit soon disappears, just plain, ole' handsome Hal. "Lets go, we're going to show those two kids whose planet this really is." A grin and Hal Jordan takes Karen's hand. They'll soar north the opposite direction as Kyle and Kori in a lit up blaze of their own.

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