Morning Walk

June 06, 2017:

It is dawning at Xavier's and Nate and Darcy meet briefly. Just 30 minutes before the arrival of Old Man Logan

Xavier Estate


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Fade In…

Early morning at Xaviers and Nate is lurking at the forest behind the mansion. Supposedly he is not anywhere near the Xavier's compound, and he figures DEO satellites are watching. But forest is thick, the area is electronically warded and he is wearing a baseball cap. So screw Waller, screw Cooper and screw the DEO.
He wanted a morning walk and he is doing just that, coffee mug at hand.

Darcy had been working with SHIELD intel to try to make sure DEO wasn't trying to get eyes on the school. It's a task she pokes at weekly, has since the school was makd public and she took over as SHIELD Liason. She was the school's shield (Hahhah!) from sping outside eyes. She was out this morning with her tablet, stepping out of the mansion and into the back toward the woods, talking into her phone's wireless headset.
"Anything? Satcom's still showing clear? Double check it," she's saying.

Nate stops when he hears voices. This early he rarely finds anyone here. Maybe Laura, when she was here. Most people at Xaviers sleep like normal humans. Nate usually sleeps only when his body shuts down. Sleep is the enemy.
And it looks like it is Darcy. He idly wonders if she got her X-Uniform. But he is not interrupting her SHIELD business.

"Run it again and cross reference again military frequencies," Darcy says as she picks her way through the grass. SHe's in her usual work clothes, only pants and wedge heeled boots instead of the super tall stillettos she usualy wears around the office. Looks like she went for something more sensible. Eyes on her tablet, she has yet to realize anyone is there.

Nate tilts his head at this conversation. SHIELD is monitoring the activities of DEO and US army satellites? That is probably something he shouldn't know. So he clears his throat. "Agent Lewis, never pegged you for a morning person," he offers with a grin.
He is wearing a baseball cap. Just enough to foil Big Brother satellite pictures.

Darcy looks over at the voice, her expression focused and surprised. It clears a moment, and she smiles with a wave to Nate.
"Alright. Thanks. Keep it monitored and buzz me if there's any changes. Lewis, out," she says before pulling the earbud free and disconnecting the call.
"Hi, Nate. Whats shakin?"

Nate shurgs, raising his coffee mug. "Just waiting for people to start being alive again. Thinking, that kind of stuff." Thinking is not something he devotes a lot of time, and that is probably a well-known fact. But it sounds better than brooding! "How are you?"

"I'm okay. Just working, making it throuch the days, keeping my nose mostly clean." Darcy retorts with a grin, a mischevious one. And a wink for good measure

Nate uh huhs. He really doesn't know much about Darcy, beyond her being Pietro's girlfriend (or ex?) and having gained Xavier's trust. Which is fine since she is SHIELD, not any of the shady US Gov agencies.
Also, lots of points for telling Apocalypse exactly what a piece is shit he was.
"Sounds boring," he decides. And somewhat unbelievable coming from her.

Ex, but on good terms. Pietro had to go refind himself, get his head back to rights after being a Horseman. Each of them had to. Each of them had their own way. His was to run. They had a conversation and Darcy let him go. She grew up firmly believing that if you love a thing, you set it free. If it comes back to you, then it's yours forever. Pietro was not a creature Darcy ever wanted to cage, so… he's free. If he comes back…
Darcy will deal with that then. For now, she grin wickedly at Nate, winking again.
"Maybe you missed the 'mostly' part of that. Mostly clean is so not boring," she quips, wagging a finger at him.

Yeah? Nate wouldn't know. He has never taken a break. "Fair enough," he replies. "but Xavier's has been quiet for a long while. I talked to Rogue and Jean and they told me the plan was to concentrate in teaching and protecting the students." No place for him in such as setup. "Seems that is over now."

"That's what I've been working on… getting the accreditated shored up fully and ensuring the student body and faculty are as protected as can be. But yes, I agree. Summers seems to be hell bent…" Darcy says, tone a little concerned by this.

“For once I have to agree with Cyke,” comments Nate. “Thousands of mutants are imprisoned, brainwashed, treated like animals… I am not sure I like the plan, though.” Not that he knows the whole plan, but sending people to be jailed seems a bad start. “The UN should be bombing Genosha since a year ago. If it was humans being enslaved, I bet they would.”

"If it were humans, Geonsha would totally be glass. The trouble is that there is adistinct being made been human and 'mutant' - which if you ask me is fucking stupid since we're ALL human, telekinesis aint not fucking different than Autism if you ask me, but no one does, so fuck them - which is making it so that people accept the turning of a blind eye." Darcy grouces, making a fist. "People are fucking stupid.

Nate blinks, giving Darcy an odd look. “Hey, autism is a mental problem, telekinesis has nothing to do with it. Mutans can have autism too, just like humans.” Mutation is not a disease! He sure hopes Darcy was just making a bad example. “Anyway. Not so sure humans would move to protect other humans very quickly either. Didn’t it take forever in Slovenia and Irak? Still, it has been too long and no one is doing anything. Up to the X-folks.”

"Exactly. This proves we aren't any different and it's fucking stupid to try to try us like we're different species. or whatever," Darcy states, making it clear she was indeed giving a very bad example.
"Well, that's because we're all rotten together and get hung up on things like hair color eye color and skin color. Stupid fucking stupid, and yes, still up to you guys. Which sucks and isn't right, but that's how it is and I'm heping the best I can."

Nate will fail to comment that there are a bunch of human diseases mutants can’t get. Autism is not one of them, though. Hell, the common cold is not either. It is really not important because for him most sentient beings are the same and he would move against Genosha if they were enslaving Atlanteans (pretty sure they are immune to the common cold) or Martians.
“Can you convince Director Fury to help? Even if it is just logistics it would be great…” he turns towards the school, hearing excited voices. Hmm, seems too early for a school break. Do they even have school in June? “Sounds like a party,” he comments. “Lets see what is going on,” he starts walking.

"I'm trying to see what resources I can pull," Darcy says before she nods to Nate's words and follows him toward the 'party'

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