Prologue to Oblivion

June 05, 2017:

The end of Stark Revelations, Chapter 1. Tony Stark, Peggy Carter, Obadiah Stane, Thor, and Jessica Jones come together to apprehend the killer nestled in the very heart of Stark Towers. But the agenda of Agent Holmes, AKA Sieve, isn't anything anybody expected…and the threat is larger than they could have imagined.

Stark Towers, NYC

Now featuring: security measures and scary crap!



Mentions: Kinsey Sheridan, Captain America, Pepper Potts, Trish Walker, Azalea Kingston, Bucky Barnes, Jane Foster, John Constantine, Zatanna Zatara

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Stark Tower.


Obadiah Stane should not be here. He has on more than one occasion been forbidden from this place, barred from entry by security and JARVIS alike. But only because Pepper Potts was certain that if he kept sneaking into the ground floor restaurant's kitchen for ice cream the only Rocky Road he'd have in his future would be the one that led to his early grave. But here he was anyway, like a thief in the night, the fridge open, the kitchen staff bribed. He'll have paid out a hundred times what it would cost to just drive somewhere and buy some ice cream, but then he also would have to admit he had done all that.

This? This reminded him of the arms deals of old. All the right people paid, all the right lookouts set. So when the alarms sound and security doors begin to drop, Obadiah simply cannot fathom what went wrong. Or what lengths Pepper or Tony or whoever it was that had caught him would go to, just to call him out on stealing some ice cream.

The thought quickly passes from his mind as others replace it, tactical scenarios that might warrant dropping the security doors. He looks to his watch then, which shows an alert status, and a path to the nearest security elevator that might still allow him access to the rest of the building.


Approximately 70 miles per hour

The bob and weave of Jones' driving as she careens past stopped traffic and hops sidewalks to make it to their destination. Next to Jessica, mechanical fingers curled into the framework of Trish Walker's borrowed car, sits the artificial lifeform that helped kick off this cannonball run from Gotham. Extra holds on for dear life, and though Jessica had asked it to put on the seatbelt, it seemed not to understand the simplistic operation. "I do not understand these words, Jessica Jones," it laments in it's digital accent, tilting it's head and training photoreceptors on the woman. "Fuhk. Sheet. Mutherfuhker. Please explain their us-"

Normally someone can drive right up to the Stark building. That is, it's physically possible. There's no real sidewalk, and no traffic is allowed here, not with so many pedestrians and outdoor restaurants collected around the building.

Jessica will never see the pole rise out of the ground, part of an array of security protections that leap into existence with Tony ordering the lockdown.


The borrowed car slams into the pole and bends around it. Airbags activate, and seatbelts go tight for those wearing them. Those being, Jessica alone. Extra smashes through the front windshield, the mechanical being suddenly turned into a projectile that slams into the wall just shy of the building's main entryway. The cratering is impressive, and pieces of his metal plating litter the plaza all over. Twisted and broken, Extra says something in it's own language, just before it begins to pull itself back into it's previous configuration.

As the security door begins to drop over the front entrance, Extra upends himself and hobbles over to brace the space between the door and the ground, keeping it from closing.

"Jessica Jones! W-we must hurry!"


And thus, one Jessica Jones survives the second car crash of her life.

Trish is going to kill me. She's just going to cheerfully murder me. In the face.

It's a dazed thought, a thought that shields her from the 100 nightmares in her mind associated with cars, and crashing. By the time she's registered that her passenger is in pieces he's back together, and yelling at her to hurry up.

Heart thundering, she punches through the airbag with a grunt to get it to deflate, and simply rips her seatbelt away.

The truth is she didn't drive on any sidewalks; she never would endanger civilians that way. But it might have seemed that way, given the great disparity between the way she drove today and the way she drives normally. She can't even afford to get arrested or pulled over for reckless driving right now. Or rather, Bucky can't afford it. But she had pulled out over the speed limit whenever the Interstate let her get away with it, and she had passed traffic swiftly when it went too slow, where normally she'd patiently wait. She hadn't done the thing she likes to do at the intersections where she waits for a nice wide gap between cars to open (which happens approximately never), and she'd ran yellow lights. To her, this feels every bit as reckless as NASCAR stunt-driver sloleming through the city, and it all culminates in SURPRISE POLE.

She yanks the door open and leaps, hitting the ground and sliding beneath the closing security door like a baseball player sliding into home, the burn marks from the airbag deployment marking her face even as the crazed slide scuffs up her jeans. "I guess Tony got the message," she remarks, a little breathlessly.


Jessica Jones already reached out to Peggy Carter as to the danger in Stark Tower and what might be hiding inside. As such, she has done what she can. She's put out phone calls to a few select people that she trusts or owes her favors in order to hopefully get some help. One in particular was to her roommate and Asgardian God Thor. He seems exactly like the person to help in this situation.

A message is left for her roommate: "Thor, it's Peggy. There is a mind controlling guy by the name of Holmes that has infiltrated Stark Tower. He is dangerous and we will need some help. Tony, Jessica Jones and I are headed there now, if you can help, it would be much appreciated. - Peggy." Whether the man receives it or not is the question.

She's then on her way, arriving before Jessica and Extra and making her way into the Tower in search of one Tony Stark. She is armed for both battle and stealth, dark clothes, long dark hair pulled back, weapons tucked away. Somehow, she still manages to look put together while exuding the aura of an ability to maim anyone who gets in her way.


As they little group rushes up towards the gates of Stark Tower they would find a trickle of employes coming out the doors. Most of them seem bored. None of them seem very worried.

'Just another routine test.'
'Oh maybe Stark blew up all the windows on one of the floors again?'
'No no I bet it was that Spider Guy scaring people crawling over walls again.'
'Maybe its an actual emergency?'
'Naw. Who would be dumb enough to attack Iron Man's house?'
'True that!'

It seems that the employees arn't that worried, though as Extra, Peggy, and Jessica come rushing in they do get odd looks. Looks that turn even odder as the doors let them in and the sercurity systems don't try to taser them into vegitiative states.


"Right JARVIS, so…" A pause. "…I'm gonna say execute Charlie Brown protocols, just in case. Give me a full seal on the suit and…lets do the Shotgun. I wanna try those new linkages out." He adds as Tony snaps out orders and calls up a suit. "Everyone out of the building? And where are Jess and the rest?"

"Miss Jones and an unknown AI system just entered, along with Miss Carter." JARVIS' reply is crisp. "It seems that most of the people have been evacuated…though Mister Stane is sneaking ice cream again."

Tony quirks a brow. "Well Peggy can kill him for that later."


JARVIS chimes in as he prepares Tony's armor, showing a holographic display. "Sir, given that Ms. Jones' companion radiates the same energy we are searching for and his signal is quite detectable even inside the building, I believe our uninvited guest must be closer to the ARC reactor to remain undetected"

That display shows the reactor. Not to far above the level where Azalea is being kept. "If we shut down the reactor I should be able to locate him immediately. Unfortunately our battery backups will not last long if FRIDAY is to continue her vigilance over Ms. Kingston."

Meanwhile, guide lights will appear on the floor, now showing Jessic and Extra a way over to the nearest elevator. Peggy already has a headstart, and she'll make it to Tony first. But not before Obadiah.

Exiting the elevator, Obi pulls on his jacket and straightens it with an expression that looks more than dire. "Please tell me all of this isn't because you suspect an intern stole a pen or somethi-" Obadiah stops when he sees the holographic display, eyes narrowing, shifting over the floorplans. "Guess not." Sweeping his jacket back, his hands rest on his hips, and he gives a slow shake of his head.


"Thanks Jarvis!" Jessica says, knowing the ever-polite AI can hear her. She springs up and races in the direction indicated by the guidelights, pushing the limits of her running speed.

She says to Extra, "Don't kill anyone." She brought him because she can be guaranteed he won't fall under Holmes' control, but she realizes she isn't ready to be the woman who aimed an artificial intelligence at someone and used him as a murder weapon. Especially not now. "Humans are easy to incapacitate temporarily, rather than permanently, and he might have information people need."

If he's like Kilgrave, how can he be permanently stopped from doing what he does though?

Actually, that sounds like the kind of problem SHIELD is paid to solve. Right? Now that she's seen the Raft her parameters on what can and can't hold certain individuals are expanding.

This is the second such warning she's issued, the first being in the car before all the swearing started. The first was, 'whatever you do, do NOT mention Six Point Zero to anyone. Six Point Zero wishes to remain hidden.'

It's the best she can do to control a situation that is utterly out of control.


Determined and not minding going against the flow of people being evacuated from the tower, Peggy Carter makes her way to the elevator and then - as she is apparently a recognized and trusted voice - is delivered to Tony's position a little bit behind Obadiah.

Peggy is speaking even as the doors are opening: "Tony, I take it you've hear—-" Her first view is Obadiah, however, not Tony and that causes her to pause and stop in her tracks. She wasn't expecting him for one reason or the other. "Mr. Stane. Good evening." Perhaps she would be politer, perhaps she would be less surprised if some of her mind wasn't still on the Raft, worried about James, Jane and Steve. However, it is and the professional part of her knows she must pay even more attention to the details, despite her mental distractions. "It's good you are here. As, I am sure you know by now, there has been an incident."

Then, her attention focuses again and her eyes find Tony. That takes care of asking whether Tony has heard anything or not. She assumes he'll answer with Obadiah. Not to mention the fact that she doubts the Tower would go on lockdown without Tony's either knowledge or say so. "Tony, have you found anything? Jessica should be here shortly."


"Huh," Thats all Tony will say at first to the revelation that the guy they were looking for might just have been here all along. "JARVIS, sequence up Mark 7 though 14 for a temporary battery for FRIDAY to run containment off of and then power down the reactor." He calls as he steps back towars the other suit he's called up. Chrome plated and more angular than others, the Shotgun is a bulkier frame but that happens to be because the repulsors are nearly four times as powerful as normal.

Not that he's told anyone he's managed that one.

Then the doors open and a familiar figure is standing there. "Oh hey Obi," A beatpause. "So looks like Jessica tracked a murderer to our basement. Isn't that great?" This is sarcasm. "Which is why I told JARVIS to get people out of the building…"

Which Obi of course ignored.

The Shotguns armored places cycle shut, but not the helment. Not yet at least. "JARVIS don't start the shutdown till we're closer to the generator. I don't want him to have much time to move." He adds as he tests the manipulators on the gloves of his suit. They feel about right for him.

…wait Obi hasn't seen this one.

Slowly Tony glances down at the silver suit he's wearing, different in dozens of ways from the usual one he wears. Then he shrugs slightly. "I couldn't sleep."

Thats the best explination he's got.

Thankfully Peggy is right there to distract them both.

"JARVIS think's he'll be near the generator. And he could control minds? Is that a thing? I hate that being a thing. Anyway, I'll shut the reactor down when we go down."


There's a lifted brow for that new suit, and when Peggy enters in the middle of Tony's explanation he gives a sharp nod. "Alright then, I'll coordinate up here with JARVIS and make sure security keeps anyone else still inside the building in safe areas. We're probably best on full lockdown now, otherwise this guy might slip through. Looks like Jones and her plus one are in the other elevator and should be here any minute." Then, he turns to Agent Carter, fishing an object out of his pocket, along with an earpiece. "Here. Put this on. It's a hypersonic generator. The ear protection will make sure you're unaffected, and Tony's suit to. Jones and her friend will have to fend for themselves, but if you can activate this before he starts controlling minds, it should disable him before he can say a word."

Certainly, Peggy has her own tech, but Obi is just trying to be helpful, and figures it doesn't hurt to have a backup plan.

When the second set of elevator doors open, Extra leaps out, the mutli-segmented, humanoid robot bounding about the room in a quick recon before stopping to wave Jessica forward. "It does not appear that our enemy is here." At Extra's appearance Obi takes a cautious step away, and shoots a wary glance in Tony's direction. "Plan seems good. You might want to get moving soon. I'm sure he know something's not right."


Jessica nods to the others and says, "Is the plan go down to arc reactor and hit this asshole? Cause I'm ready," she tells the others, and then spins on her heel to follow them wherever, relieved to see them all alive and well and not dead by suicide. "Mr. Stane," she greets, but that's it. "This is Extra," she adds to the other two. "He's on our side and I'll explain everything else later."

Her adrenaline is high, her face is flushed, every line of it tight and grim. But she's focused. If anyone wondered whether she'd be able to hold it together, well, so far, so good.

Of course. She'd planned to question a witness in a safe place today. Which is why she was wearing her very first lazy Superhero outfit: the Miss Scary t-shirt which is definitely NOT bulletproof. And it's summer, so no bulletproof leather jacket. But hey, she's wearing her bulletproof jeans, so if she gets shot in the ass she is golden.

Fuck my life.



The ground rumbles. The very city itself shudders as a prolonged, reverberating sound quivers through every molecule, every fiber of every being within the city. Now that's some powergaming! That's right, it's a massive peal of thunder.


Only, the thunder reaches ears and shakes bones within flesh suits first.

Then, /then/ the lightning strikes, a massive, splitting arc that slams down into a number of nearby buildings, drawn to the conductor cables that safely discharge the current from their rods down into the ground.

A silhouette moves as the night sky is banished in that moment, a burly figure flying through the air, slick with rain, with a large cape billowing out behind him.

The God of Thunder is arriving, and he does so, slamming down into the oversized 'S' that adorns the side of the building, demolishing it with his Asgardian might and what would appear to be a-

"Right, just where I was aiming for," the God of Thunder straightens, regarding the rest of the letters as he floats, Mjolnir spinning from the strap in his hand to keep him aloft.

His handiwork, indeed. His blue eyes narrow at the remaining letters.

"Whoever this Tark fellow is, he will think twice before endangering Peggy Carter of SHIELD this day."

Maybe a better message should have been left on Thor's phone, which he apparently finally checked. Two goats bleat loudly at the Son of Asgard from the rooftop, and he joins them, heading for the nearest set of doors. The type that slide, especially once forced, to reveal an elevator shaft.

He clears his throat, leaning forward to project his delicious accent: "Margaret Carter, Jessica Jones, are you down there?"


Tony's questions are given a bit of a blink and a stare. "Yes, did you not listen to anything I told you the last time we met up?" Peggy sighs at Tony when he asks whether or not Holmes can control minds. "We covered that in our last briefing." But, she gives him a bit of a look at the new armor - one she hasn't seen either. Though she may not exactly tell Tony this, but she tends to keep up on his news exploits. She can't help it. "Where did you get that?" she asks him, a tone hinting at both worry and curiosity.

Obadiah's offer is met with a nod. Though she may have her own equipment, she tends to not look gift horses in mouths. "Is this a push the button and it will work, or do I need to make some sort of dial? And is it directional or omnidirectional?" That will certainly be important should Jess be around when she needs to use it. The device is then pocketed. After all, she's a woman who does not let anything go to waste.

As Jessica and Extra pop out of the elevator, she's ready and waiting for, well, Jessica, not Extra. Her gun is pulled out from the holster. It's only Jess' complete lack of concern about the other man that gets her to lower it again. "Okay," she says, trusting Jess. Peggy is wearing full SHIELD bulletproof armor. Hopefully it will be enough.

"Come on, let's go before he can dig himself any deeper into the walls."

Unbeknownst to her, the message she left for her roommate has reached its target. That problem about being distracted and a little unfocused hits again.


Tony is looking at Extra like he very much wants to ask who how what why and a lot of other things. Possibily also take him apart. However he'll content himself right now with whatever scans the security systems got as there are other problems to deal with. Problems like a crazy man near his freeking reactor.

"Alright. Everyone in the express elevator then." And he waves a hand towards one of the walls that looks like a normal wall. But when it opens is about twice the size of a normal elevator and reinforced. "One way trip to hell. JARVIS kill the generator and find him when we get down there…"

And then suddenly there are things crunching on the roof.

The faceplate of the armor slams shut as the head tilts back to regard the roof. "I built it, its how I get all of them." He comments towards Peggy distractedly. "Now someone tells me why there are goats on my roof? Wait no I got a better idea."

And he marches towards that elevator to pop the service pannel out of the top of it so he can see up the shaft, and at the blonde haired man of Asgard that just…tore the doors off his service elevator. Then he looks back towards Peggy and Jessica. The faceplace opens again and he just mouths one word.


A glance back up the shaft. Then back towards Peggy and Jessica.

Then he just sighs.

"HEY!" He shouts back up the shaft. "Baywatch! If you're here to help we're just about to go down to punch someone that murders and possibily controls minds! Get down here if you wanna help!"

He pauses before looking up again.

"Get down here without breaking anything else!" A pause again. "AND ARE YOUR GOATS EATING MY SIGN?!"


The gathering forces around him have Obadiah scratching at the scruff of his beard, and then he waves a hand over the security feeds. "Yeah, that's about what I thought. Tony, all the security feeds below sub level seven are offline as of fifteen minutes ago." To Peggy he points out the button on top of the item, which otherwise functions as a zippo lighter. "It's omni-directional. But I wouldn't hesitate. It'll seize his nervous system, and should put him out of commission. Might be worth it either way."

When Tony takes off towards the elevator to shout into the ceiling, Extra tilts it's head, but otherwise looks to Jessica and Agent Carter for instruction. Eventually the mechanical man will filter into the elevator, just as curious to see the long distance conversation between the man in the metal suit, and the great warrior with golden hair looming above. "This is a strange custom, even for this world. Is this Baywatch our ally?"

JARVIS gets to work on pre-shutdown procedures, and Tony will get a notification that other armors have been strung together to power the facility keeping Azalea Kingston safetly interred. "Sir;" chimes the AI. "I am detecting several lifeforms on the rooftop, and they appear to be ingesting our satellite communication array."

That's right. The goats are eating his stuff.


Jessica looks up at Thor and waves. Her lips might have twitched a little at 'Baywatch.' And goats eating signs. It's grim humor, but really, if she doesn't focus on the funny bits of this she's going to really start realizing that she's running towards a mind controller instead of away from one. She's going to realize she has functionally no defenses of her own against this other than her asking Ace (Dunce) — who still bobs around her head, having somehow navigated the entire crash and chase with her— and her phone to create EF interference. She doesn't even know if they DO that sort of thing, but if they do she at least attempted the precaution.

If she doesn't focus on the funny bits she'll start remembering she's not cut out for any of this. That she's just an investigator. That she does not really belong in the company of the likes of Iron Man, Thor, and Peggy Carter. Any minute they're going to realize what bullshit she is, what a real fucking loser they've got in their midst, and they're going to send her back to the bleachers where she belongs. Thanks for the warning phone call, Failed Superhero, please go stand to the sidelines where you can't fuck everything up forever.

Because it was someone just like this, wasn't it, who proved she did not have what it took?

Focus on the names, Jess. Starting with the ones here with you. Peggy Carter. Tony Stark. Thor. They're not judging you. They're good to you.

Names. Matt Murdock. Bucky Barnes. Jane Foster. Trish Walker. John and Zee.

They believe in you. They think you can do this.

Fuck. What are they -smoking-?

Extra's query interrupts her thoughts. "Yes. He's our ally. Designation Thor," she says absently. She soon tears her attention from above, making room for Thor to jump down, instead staring grimly at the elevator doors as they descend.


"They may be, they are very hungry you know, and goats will eat anything!" Thor shouts back down the shaft, one hand cupping needlessly to help with that vocal projection. He causes all kinds of thunder, just with his voice. "Lady Jessica, I am glad to see you so well! I do not know these other people who I am squinting at. Perhaps it is the distance that is making them difficult to discern. Does that other man have no neck?"

Regardless, he adds. "I would gladly join you all, but I fear your puny mechanical elevator may not be able to withstand my weight! I am told that I am quite heavy by your mortal standards, as witnessed by my casual destruction of an arm chair one evening during a fine comedy involving a lady trapped fifteen years in a bunker!"

This conversation could take a while. "But perhaps I am incorrect. I shall jump now."

The blonde figure disappears from the opening, and to judge by the sound of it, he's chastising the goats now. Two moments later, with a massive thud, Thor lands on top of the elevator, one foot dangling into the opening, because he apparently missed the service hatch. "Oh, my Odin's beard, that stretched my groin in a way must uncomfortable," he says, as he lowers himself the rest of the way quite gingerly. He could probably not be rubbing at his inner leg, but he sure is. "Yes, I am Thor Odinson of Asgard. Which of you is Tark, and why are you attempting to control the mind of Peggy Carter?"


The information that Obadiah gives Peggy as to how to work the device is met with a study and then a nod. It's something she will take into account. Slipping the ear plugs in, she tests them for a moment, debating whether they will otherwise hinder her hearing before following Tony through the emergency elevator. If they are too much like actual ear plugs, she'll simply keep them in her chest pocket and put them in should they be necessary.

The smash, the ripping, Tony's yelling, Peggy winces just a bit as it's suddenly very evident that her roommate got her message and has come to help. "Thor," she gestures to everyone in a manner of introduction. Then, she tilts her head back and calls up toward the blonde man that is her roommate and friend: "These are our friends. It's a man named Holmes we're hunting and is able to control minds, not Tark. I must have not been as clear as I should have been in my message."

She gives a bit of a sheepish smile to Tony and a shrug. Hey, she brought some muscle, though, right? "This is Tony Stark, I am indebted to his family and he is a friend." Gesturing to Obadiah, she adds, "That is Obadiah Stane, he's also a friend. And this is…" she pauses, "Extra. I am not quite sure of who he is, but Jessica has vouched for him, so I believe him to be an ally."


"Greetings, designation Thor." The mechanical man, spindly and built for agility, shifts into a straight stance and gives a sharp nod. One hand keeps to the sword sheathed at his lower back, and the interlocking pieces of metal that make up his body give a ripple, revealing the burning red energy that seems to bind him all together. Obadiah says nothing when the Asgardian arrives, busy inputting information and setting up whatever communications and observation he can for the mission at hand. He then presses a button to send them on their way. "I'll try and get these sensors and cameras back online. The reactor should cut out as soon as you reach sublevel eight. I'm sending you there because seven and six are all to routinely visited by personnel. He's got to be hiding somewhere just below the reactor."

Then, the elevator doors shut and the trip to sublevel 8 begins, descending with the motley crew… while Careless Whisper begins to play over the speakers. Looks like locking down the building didn't disable the excellent elevator music, and Extra spends the time looking up, around, then back at Jessica. Over and over again. "This noise is most satisfying. Please explain?"

When the doors open, the lights are out. Thankfully there isn't much down here but a short corridor leading to a large, warehouse sized storage area. One that's barely lit by emergency lighting. And something far in the distance.

Something glowing red.


"Greetings, Thor, it is good to see you looking well too," says Jessica, with a smile that touches the grim determination with momentary warmth. Extra comments on the satisfying noise, and for a moment Jessica looks blank. "Oh, it's music, Extra, I'll…we'll— later."

Good thing she didn't start with music as some sort of universal language attempt, though she supposes music is math but then she's not really a big one for math and…

And there it is. The red glow of their adversary. Her immediate impulse is to rush forward, to just run up and hit whatever it is but…it occurs to her that maybe that's not the way to go here. So she slips out of the elevator instead, and waits for someone else to call a play.


"I only choose the best for elevator music," Tony replies as he continues to eye Thor. He's as big as Tony is in the suit! What is this guy a giant—wait.

"Thor." A pause. "The god of thunder Thor? The Asgardian Thor? You…are roomates with Thor." Tony just has to parse this on the elevator ride down as the chrome plate of his face turns to just stare at Peggy.

"…and Steve is ok with this?" He also has to give her hell about it.

Then the doors are opening, and the light at the end of the tunnel is red.


"JARVIS kill the power, then give us a sweep and tell me where this guy is. Anything changes with the containment systems gimme a shout." He adds as he starts to ease out into the hallway. His suit's system scanning for anything odd. Anything that he didn't put there. He doesn't trust an empty hallway.

"Thor…just…try not to shoot lightning into the massive reactor right above us…" A pause again as he glances towards Jess. "…I'm guessing the play is find the guy hiding here and thenn punch him. Real good. For hiding in my house."

Tony isn't happy with that.


There's a momentary startle from the God of Thunder as the mechanical man makes an introduction. The hand holding Mjolnir tightens just slightly, the other pausing in its rubbing of a tender area. Realizing the situation, he grunts instead, his surprise fading, the hammer dropping to dangle from his wrist. He nods to each person that's introduced, because that's polite, listening with an equal amount of politeness as the true villain is revealed.

The music makes his head tilt. "That is an impressive instrument, is it a trumpet?"

He does sport a grin as realization sinks into Tony Tark though. "Yes, that very same Thor. I believe Steve is fine with it, when he and Peggy are not… busy…" He's getting a look from Peggy right about there, and he'll trail off there, giving her a 'what, are we not supposed to be mentioning this?' expression.

Right! Doors are open, and there's an ominous light up ahead.

"I say we start by hitting that light," Thor says, his mighty hammer pulled up into an equally mighty fist. "Mind control, yes? Is he that light? I can hit it from here with Mjolnir with no need for lightning, Tony, son of Tark."

Striding forward, away from the group, the Son of Odin will do just that, unleash Mjolnir to hurtle down the hall, unless someone stops him—!


Just below the reactor, that can't be good, can it? "What is necessary for him to do to blow this reactor? Is it merely properly applied force, or does it need to be done by the controls? We don't know if that is expressly his plan, after all. He could just be here to steal it or to use the power to open a portal. That might be what is giving off that glow." She remembers the mini-arc reactor in the Kelly Anders' secret lab basement. "We must approach carefully." As such, she reaches forward to put a steadying hand on Thor's arm for just a moment, at the same time as when she gives him a dirty look for mentioning she and Steve being 'busy'.

"Yes, Thor is my roommate," she sighs at Tony with a shake of her head that finally ends in a smirk. "I believe there are more important things to have our minds occupied with than my living situation and, yes, Steve is fine with it. Not that it is any of your business, Tony Stark."

Then, she quickly puts a plan together, "Thor, as you have already announced a desire for action, if you would not mind being the focus of this endeavor? Jessica and Extra, perhaps you should flank left. Tony and I can flank right. And, as you are already managing the communications, Mr. Stane, perhaps you wouldn't mind keeping us appraised as to what is happening on the cameras?"


"Sir, I am having difficulty. It appears tha-tha-that reactor control has been..I cannot..a manual..interven..n..n.. Sir? I have been meaning to a-ask..where does the light come from, when I d-d-dream?" JARVIS speaks for a time, then cuts out, the haunting echo of his last few words cascading over them all. Extra tilts it's head upward, as if considering the question. Then Peggy's steadying hand is on Thor's arm. Somewhere in the distance, the red light seems to dim, and then glow bright again. It looks small, and certainly isn't a pair of eyes. The orders filter through the group, and Extra looks to Jessica before giving a little nod. Then Obadiah chimes in on the blue-tooth like earpiece he had given Peggy as part of that device. "Still wkin- somethi JARV— I'll try t—". The broken transmission cuts out, and Tony will hear it too from within his suit.

Another voice chimes from the dark, accented ever so slightly. British perhaps? "No, I rather think approaching carefully is off the table. Thor, King of Lightning. Please rip Tony and his metal suit apart, and hand me his head."

There he is, closer than one might expect, just to the right and behind some crates, an unassuming man with blond hair and gleaming red eyes, a side effect all of the Agency's members appear to have. "Jessica Jones, pick up my old friend Extra and bash him into the ground until he can fight no more."

Boy, that first instruction will sound like a GREAT idea. Crushing Tony Tark and basking in the revels to come after! What a night it could be!

Jessica will know the feeling all to well. That feeling of someone else's will washing over her mind, trying to command, to control.

Extra immediately responds by whirling glowing energy shuriken at Holmes, which flare against the personal forcefield he seems to have set for himself.

"Fuhk!!!" Exclaims Extra, always learning.


"He was using it to hide his signature from Tony's scans," Jessica says grimly. "That's how I figured out he was here at all." She can at least answer that much.

Stride forward and hit it. Awesome. She can do that. And Peggy's command to flank left produces a nod. She wastes no time; darting in that direction. Extra can surely keep up. She keeps her eye out for their target.

And then Holmes is speaking, and she realizes…"Electromagnetic impulses. Damn it."

She was worrying about people. And Homes. Got. JARVIS.

And maybe some of the rest of her team. Fuhk is right…

Oh God British and pressing on my mind. Red blossoms behind her eyes, even though this isn't psychic or magic— or maybe it is, and it's all related, a warning from Constantine's spell. British, but not the same voice.

Suddenly, all Jessica Jones feels is anger.

She races towards Holmes, leaps, comes down by his side. Maybe she can punch right through his forcefield. How strong is it? She aims for his face, a right-hook that she hopes will knock him out.

It's so liberating to sneer, "Screw you, Holmes. That SHIT doesn't work on me any more!"

There is no mistaking the note of triumph, the sound of a woman who just learned that maybe, just maybe, she has more power over her personal demons than she thought she did.


"JARVIS? Obi something is wrong with JARVIS." Tony sounds…well concerned. Its the first time people might have heard him sound a little bit concerned about anything. "JARVIS? Buddy? Come on…" And then it goes dark.

"Don't leave me, buddy." He mumbles into the darkness inside his suit…

Right before Holmes starts being all…supervilliany.

And telling people to do things.

Things that Jessica promptly ignores. "HA! YOU TELL HIM JESS!" He calls out as he raises the hands of his suit. Since all he heard is WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH from Holmes, he has no idea he's standing next to quite possibily an Asgardian ready to woop his ass.

What he does know is this guy hurt JARVIS.

The repulsors on his arms spin up with a more throaty sound, the thrum of power echoing in the large room. The beams they spit are brighter, double or possibily triple the intinsity of previous versions.

Short bursts, sent around Jess to test the limits of his shield.

"Find the generator! Then we take that down."


"I think," Thor starts, the words spilling from his near perfect lips in an almost slow-motion manner. His thrust halted by Peggy, he's turned to regard her, and the apparent plan, as the words from on-high - and the bad guy - reveal themselves in such a dramatic moment.

"-you should have let me throw the hammer."

Those piercing blues begin to fog, ushering in a flurry of gray like the storm clouds that rumble ominously overhead. Mjolnir crackles in the grasp of the Thunderer, blue electricity coursing down its cold length.

If that can be called a warning, which it can't, what follows next is swift and savage. Twisting on a heel, his burly body generating momentum, he heaves the unyielding weight of Uru - forged in the heart of a dying star - right into the back of the Iron Man. It is not a careless strike. For all the buffoonery that follows Thor, he moves with a sublime grace, muscles rippling under tanned skin, as he drives that hammer home.

It's going to hurt. There's going to be a crunch. There's even a surge of electricity to follow it, arcane power from Asgard itself, from the Thunderer himself, that will pierce deep into Tony Stark's armor.

And the poor boy himself, well, there's something to be said for becoming a pinball in an enclosed area, driven forward without control.

Straightening, Thor begins striding after his apparent prey, leaving Peggy's side. She knows what he's just done. He just hit Tony for four with a beautiful reverse sweep. Cricket terms.


It's always right when a plan is made that God laughs at said plan. In this case, the moment her plan is thought up is apparently when all hell breaks loose. There's a split second of panic that crosses Peggy's face when Holmes attempts to mind control Thor and Jessica. First of all is the immediate knowledge of what that might mean for her friend, already on edge when dealing with a man with this set of powers. Second is, naturally, the logistics. Jessica and Thor are their most physically powerful hitters without a suit on.

Peggy tosses herself backwards into the shadows as the commands are given, mercifully unasked to do anything at all or targeted in any shape or form. Jessica's immediate reaction proves that she is not under Holmes' influence and she breathes a sigh of relief. However, Thor's immediate crushing blow to Tony shows that he was indeed correct in his assessment. She should have allowed him to throw the hammer. Unfortunately it is too late now.

Immediately, she slips in the earplugs Obadiah gave her and pulls the device he gave her from her pocket. Her immediate step forward is toward Thor, to shut him down and the onslaught he poses against Tony. However, that would give away both her position her ace in the hole. There's a furrowing of eyebrows, her hands clutch the device incredibly tightly. She is a fighter, a woman who will do what it takes to see her friends are not injured in any way, but she is also the woman who gets the mission done. Right now, she believes it helps both Tony and Thor more to remain hidden in the background, seemingly unnoticed. Steeling herself, she does not yell out as she wishes, she does not attempt to stop Thor. Instead, hoping they both will forgive her, she pushes backward even more.

Jessica and Extra are testing his personal forcefield, Thor and Tony are making a lot of light and noise. In between the lightning blows she moves swiftly, hoping the blown out light will mask her movement. She uses her training, moving forward, getting as close as she can to that forcefield and to Holmes himself. This will be a one shot thing.

Physical objects are not able to make it through the forcefield, but sound is another thing entirely. That's a different wavelength, right? If not, she's about to make everything even more terrible than it already is. This time, she hopes that Jessica and Extra will forgive her as she takes a breath and then lunges forward toward the barrier and Holmes, hitting the button of the device Obadiah gave her. As she does so, she calls, she attempts to warn Jess and Extra, "Ears!" She has no idea if that will make any sense or if it will work, but she does try.


The blow from Jessica Jones sends Holmes reeling, powering him sidelong and through a stack of boxes that barely cushion his fall. Iron Man keeps him from recovering, his forcefield flickering once, showing that perhaps a sustained blow from Iron Man, with him pouring on all his power, might just breach it. Then, Tony has a whole other terrible problem that is, in a word, divine. As Iron Man gets a lesson in what it's like to take a hammering from Thor, Extra unleashes a flurry of attacks, but unfortunately, when his blade strikes that barrier the feedback sends him into a sputtering careen.

Holmes, of course, did not try to test the resolve of Peggy Carter at the beginning. Did he think her to weak to affect the outcome of this battle? Nothing more than a relic from another time, with what? A pistol, perhaps? When Peggy maneuvers into position and makes her play, he does not see her coming.

But then, he knew he would not. He had to make better plans for Peggy Carter, the woman who had taught him everything he knew about being an Agent of Shield.

When Peggy hits the button, the hypersonic pulse sounds, but it does not sound in into the open air. It sounds only in Peggy's ear, right through the earpiece that Obadiah had given her. It races through her veins, forcing them to the surface as it tenses muscle and leaves her temporarily frozen in place.

"I'm sorry, Peggy;" Obadiah says from the doorway behind them, his eyes distant, and a pistol in his hand. "He didn't give me any choice. I'm sorry about JARVIS too."

Holmes scrambles, backpeddling, blood showing at the corner of his mouth. "I had wanted to wait to kill her, but I suppose I have to do this now." His hand smacks his watch, and down the way, at the far, far end of this immense room, a track of red energy races to the far wall.

There, in the dark, a circle lights up. Red energy spins, siphoned from the ARC reactor that JARVIS could not turn off. But it is not the portal Kelly Anders constructed. It is easily ten times the size. Big enough to drive a tank through.

Big enough, perhaps, to bring an army.



Jess takes the warning seriously, which means she covers them only to find…wait what?

And suddenly Jessica Jones realizes this has gone real bad, really fast.

She glances over her shoulder and cries, "Tony!" When she realizes he's been hit. She knows what Asguardian strength looks like. And then…then Peggy's hitting the ground. "Peggy!"

Tony's hurt…Thor's mind controlled, Stane is under control, and an invasion army is about to walk into the heart of Stark Towers. Extra is reeling. And who is the only person unhurt, uncontrolled, and in the best position to do something about any of this?


This is what she gets. This is WHAT SHE GETS for telling Kinsey she was a superhero.

Then she realizes Tony isn't completely down. "Tony!" Now it's her turn to hope he gets it. "Divert him to the portal!"

Because if Tony does his Iron Man zoomy thing in front of that portal and is dextrous enough, maybe Thor will mostly end up smashing the portal, and that's one problem down.

Once this guy is out maybe the control will stop. If it doesn't they're going to have all sorts of other fun problems. One issue at a time. Here's hoping she doesn't get shot while she's doing that.

No more time to think. She seizes Holmes by the wrist, right where his watch is, crushing his wrist and the watch that creates the shield, pulling him in for a headbutt.

As I taught you, she hears in her head. Bucky's voice, but she can honor his teachings while following her own path.

"You aren't killing anybody anymore," she hisses. She follows it up with a hard knee to the solar plexus, and then a slam of body and head into the wall, calculated for a knockout blow. "You're going to spend the rest of your life on the Raft with a gag in your mouth, you son of a bitch."

She drops him and brings her foot down four times, precisely. Breaking each knee and each hand is as good as tying him up. One break for each of the victims he killed, each of the "suicides" that sparked this case in the first place.

"And maybe, just maybe, you'll be evidence that gets my friend the Hell out of it."

She's controlling her strength, controlling her adrenaline, unwilling to give killing blows. Brandenburg was enough, and she's safe. She's safe from what she fears. She doesn't have to use the final solution, the last resort.

But that doesn't mean she's going to let this continue.


You know those days where everything seems to be going well for you. When you're doing everything right? Where everything is clicking just perfect. Then out of no where something blindsides you.

Well. That is kinda how Tony Stark's last five minuites were.

He could tell those hits were knocking down the shield. Jessica was getting it done. Everything was coming up Millhouse.

…and then.

Mewmew. As Darcy calls it.

That hammer and its attendant lightning slams into the Shotgun suit with all the subtleness of a speeding freight train though a brick wall. Armor pannels buckle and shatter under the blow as Tony becomes airborne, and not though his own desire. Sparks fly as he hits the wall. More sparks as he hits the walls and skitters down, then slams into a stack of crates that cause him to at least stop. On the far side of Holmes.

Sparks crackle around him as he tries to figure out what the hell just happened.

Then he notices something.


The suit rises from the ashes…er…sawdust of the crates with a groan as he notes Jess fling herself on Hobes. Obi is there with a gun. Peggy is there stunned. Thor is walking purposefully towards him…

But his energy levels are spinning up at about a hundred and fourty percent.

"Oh yeah."

Jets activate to send him flying towards the portal, landing near the machine with a wide grin on his face. A crazy grin. "…I'm gonna do something really dumb."

JARVIS isn't even there to hear him. And that just makes him more mad.

He braces himself though as he directs every ounce of power into that chest beam. A chest repulsor thats multiple times the power of his other ones. One that he is now directing towards the portal and whatever shield it has left.

…and if Thor hits him again. Thats gonna get shunted into MORE BEAM…because more is always better.


Padding off after the Billionaire Playboy, the Son of Asgard seems resolute in his decision to rid the world of this diabolical fiend known as Tony Tark once and for all. He even pats the haft of the hammer menacingly against his rough, calloused free hand as he wanders off after the victim.

In the meantime, matters unfold, as they tend to do. Peggy has some kind of reaction near this Holmes fellow, which draws his clear blue gaze. He turns away from it, continuing after Tony, who cries something about doing something really dumb.

Well, if Thor had a dollar for every time he'd heard a mortal say that particular line!

Instead of attacking him back, the Iron Man unleashes on the machine. "Metal man, you should be facing me instead!" the Son of Asgard shouts, swinging again with his hammer. It slams down into an offending pipe overhead, billowing out steam for some reason, likely because this is a sub-basement and pipes in those always have copious amounts of steam in them.

"Stop squirming, metal man, for I shall rend you limb from limb!"

More strikes with the hammer. More machinery broken, busted, left destitute and unable to support its children.

"You are quite agile for one in such a heavy suit!"

At this point, Thor's standing right next to Tony Stark, and he's just whack-a-moleing every piece of machine he can get Mjolnir onto.

But not Tony Stark.

Meanwhile, Jessica Jones continues to prove she's the strongest arm wrestler in Hell's Kitchen, destroying her opponent's ability to ever arm wrestle again, let alone walk! Who will support Holmes' children now?

Glancing sidelong at Stark and the firing beam, the Son of Asgard simply shrugs his shoulders, and continues with the demolition job. In a hushed tone, which isn't that hushed, he says, "I am glad you perceived my ruse, Tony Stark. If I had wished to cleave you in half, I would have used my axe, and not my hammer. This damnable machine has many parts. I will continue to crush them. Go and tend to our friends."


Forward, Peggy is wary of her plan, but she trusts in it. She can do this and hopefully everyone else will forgive her if she incapacitates them. The button is activated, the device turned on. What she should feel is either guilt or triumph. Instead, her muscles tense, her limbs seize and she topples. Her feet are unable to balance her weight and as such, when she starts to move one way, there is little she can do to stop herself from crashing to the ground.

The sudden act of betrayal is almost as great a shock as the one to her muscles. Metal is flying through the air from Thor's strike and Tony and Jess coordinate a movement that is truly reckless. Of course, that is the kind of plan that might just work. Her own, more conservative ones, have done nothing to do anything like this.

Shortly, though, almost as soon as she hits the floor, mobility start to return to her. It's slow going, but faster than she expected for what Obadiah described. If this were truly meant for Holmes, it would have been quite a short window for them to stop him before he would have regained the ability to speak.

Not a part of the fight, still trying to find an edge, Peggy's eyes are locked onto that portal - large enough for who knows what to come through. Just as Tony is firing the beam, however, Peggy notices an image, fuzzy but coming into better focus. It does not look like soldiers or doom. They look like children. Scared children.

Shoving herself upward, Peggy shouts. Her voice still rough from being seized closed, but it still carries. "TONY! Wait!!"


There is a moment there where Obadiah simply strolls up, watching almost passively as Jessica absolutely dismantles Holmes, leaving him a bloody, broken mess. His gun rises, aimed at the back of Peggy Carter's head. Just then, Holmes drifts off into unconsciousness, just then, Obadiah's eyes go wide, as if he understands how wrong everything is.

The gun clatters to the ground, and Obadiah winces and turns his head away, one hand moving to his smooth head as if to smack the influence from his skull.

On the other side of the room, Extra tries to piece himself together, and seeing this Baywatch-Thor figure turn on them, he slash-dashes a red streak across the room and right towards his blond majesty!

The poor robot takes a hammer backswing and almost just falls to pieces, doing little but protecting the control mechanism of the portal from being destroyed in one hit.

That is when they will all see what Peggy saw, just as Iron Man's beam begins to overload the forcefield, the portal beyond forms and refugees from another world, the world of Agent Anders, look on with hope.. then horror. Will Tony stop in time?!

Behind them all, Peggy will see a much older version of herself, shifting, eyes narrowing, her cane tapping once.

In Jessica's grasp, Holmes comes too. His nanites begins to regenerate him, his red eyes flickering through the strain as he looks up at a women he knows only as Agent Jones.

"You. You have to stop him. He destroyed my world… he cannot destroy yours. Please. My children." His hand extends, and he points to the portal, and the fifty or more souls on the other side. In the background, a beautiful vista of open space, and the curve of the Earth. Wherever these people are, they're on a space station. And the world behind them is a cracked, obliterated ruin.

Holmes leans closer, and whispers something only Jessica can hear.

He whispers: "You have to find Kinsey. Find my sister. Kill her. But first, you have to kill me, or he will come now."


Jessica whips her head towards the portal. Her mouth drops open. If the portal collapses…there is no clever way to get 50 people through.

Holmes whispers to her, and she grabs his shirt and backhands him. "WHY THE FUCK DIDN'T YOU JUST ASK FOR HELP?"

Damn it.

Damn it.

Damn it.


Why? Why is she being asked to do this? The thing that he's whispered puts horror in her eyes. He begs her to kill him. And he begs her to kill her friend.

For a moment she rears up her fist, a terrible expression coming over her face. If it means the difference between their world and this one life…

It's that horrible calculus again. Is this who she is? Is this the decision she's always going to be forced to make? Kill one to save hundreds? Thousands? Millions? The whole planet?

Bradenburg? Holmes? Az, eventually? Is this who she is destined to be?

Why is he regenerating? What is the God's blood? What is the blood of a machine god? What is it really? His red eyes are flickering. Why are they flickering? Because she damaged him enough? Each time they get damaged enough they beg her for help, for freedom. Schism. Now Holmes.

We get what we want. About 1% of the time. The rest is about who we want to be.

She can be a killer. She has it in her. There is blood on her hands.

But damn it. That's not who she wants to be.

"Third option," she snarls.

Her fist dips. She grabs her phone. Plunges her hand into the STUFF app. Inside is a case. A box she hasn't bothered with since Ozone Park, but one she never bothered to return. It has three focused EMP blasts in it, blasts meant to take out another set of nanites, for other purposes. What would the blood of a machine god contain, but nanites? She prays to all that's holy that she's not dooming the world because she's too much of a coward to put this man's blood on her hands.

She slaps one on his face. Activates it. She slaps one on his heart. Activates it. With any luck he isn't wearing a pacemaker. She whips him around and puts one at the base of his spine. Activates it.

A few days ago, Steve taught her how to pray.

Dear God. It's me, again. Jessica Jones. Sorry for the thing I said about hitting you. Please don't let me be wrong. Please.


"That was a /playful/ hit?" Tony asides to Thor. "You realise I can't feel half my ribs due to the damn meds going though my system? Which is likely a good thing. Because they are /broken/. Remind me never to actually piss you off!" A beatpause. "And I thought the hammer was kinda your thing. Didn't know you had an axe."

But then people are coming though. The shield is about to shatter. He can stop the invasion of his tower right here and right now.

'TONY! Wait!!'

Peggy's voice snaps his head around. The half-broken sensors register just who is coming though that portal. Not weapons. Now vehicles. Not supersoldiers.

Just. Plain. People.

A fraction of a second before the shield and the generator collapse entirely the chest beam shuts off as Iron Man reidrects the remaining energy away from weapons.

Which unfortunately means he slams into the ceiling.

Since it was the movement systems that he just shunted power too.

Then he falls right back down and lands on his shattered back.


This likely is a good thing that he's stunned there. So he can't begin to think about plundering the other dimention for its secrets.


Peggy's focus is entirely on the portal and the people she sees there, even as she slowly starts to push herself up into a proper sitting position again, tossing the ear plugs onto the ground disdainfully. The footsteps behind her are masked by the blasts from Tony, the smashing of Thor's hammer. However, there is always a periphery sense that she cannot shut off, the feeling of someone behind her. The spy shoves with a bit of strength to the side to try and offset whoever is there, only to find it to be Obadiah. His eyes widen and the gun drops and she looks first at him and then at the gun as it clatters to the floor. She gives him a startled look at this attempted murder, eyes moving to the gun between them.

Though it seems that Obadiah might be coming out of his brainwashing - as he did not shoot her - she takes little chance in allowing him easy access to that gun should it take hold of him again. Snatching it up from the ground, she shoves herself up onto her feet. They are unsteady, but she still moves forward toward the portal, toward the children that she can see. Tony blasts at the ceiling instead of the portal. Despite debris, she keeps going.

As she reaches her destination, she can see another version of herself - older, cane tapping, standing in the background. There is a vista behind her, the world destroyed, the space station in the air. If this is the world Kelly Anders came from, where was that basement?

Those questions might have to wait. The handgun's safety is flipped back to its proper position and then tucked into her pants."Come on," she gestures at them, trying to coax them through as quickly as possible. As she does so, she does not look back, but reaches forward through the portal, toward the nearest child.


"Margaret." comes the call from the other side, an older version of herself. Agent Jones rushes in from another room, staring at the other version of herself, far in the distance. "What the fuck. Why are you so young? What the fuck?! Is time fucked up or some-" Carter raises a hand, to silence Agent Jones, and continues speaking to Peggy. "Take care of them. They're the last of us." The station rocks, and Other Carter turns to a console to begin sending a transmission - right to Tony Stark's systems.

"JARVIS, you can come back online now." Comes Obadiah's call, and he woozily moves to a nearby wall. The AI comes back, speaking up immediately. "I'm sorry sir, I appear to have been caught off guard by one of Mr. Stane's chess programs. I didn't realize it could be so very engaging. I'm AM quite sorry sir. Would you like me to turn off the reactor now?"

Holmes doesn't struggle, his bones may have mended, but thats the last thing the Godsblood does for him, as the electromagnetic pulses radiate throughout his body, he loses consciousness.

Back at the portal, Peggy will have her hands through. Fifty turn into a hundred. Then two. The station rocks again and again, and outside a shield of some sort if barely keeping some terrible energy wave at bay. One that emanates from Earth itself, the world seeming to shimmer, to disassemble at the molecular level.

There is a flash of bright white, a wave of something cascades out from Earth, and just as it hits the station a number of people are thrown forward and into Stark Tower, just as the portal is suddenly, finally, forced offline.


Well, they're all still there. Their world isn't being eaten by a great awful machine god. Looks like the third option did the trick.

Jessica is so glad she's almost dizzy. On top of everything else, the newly un-god-blooded Holmes may have vital intel.

She hears her own voice, stares at herself across space and dimensions, tries to wrap her mind around the woman that became a SHIELD agent. She doesn't seem any different. And now she's dead over there. It's an eerie thing, watching one's own death.

She decides she'll try to wrap her mind around that bullshit later.

She flops against the nearest wall, exhausted.

"So," she says into the empty air, as refugees from Universe B collect themselves, as the portal suddenly dies…

"I got lots to tell you guys."

She closes her eyes. "But let's not bury the lede. It is definitely time for SHIELD to do the thing. And the Avengers? Need to freakin' Assemble already, because juuuuust in case it's not kind of clear…"

Her hand rolls around in a circle, indicating pretty much…every fucking thing.

"It's all much fucking bigger than we fuckin' thought."

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