The Arrow & The Canary

April 17, 2015:

Green Arrow & Black Canary meet to discuss the New Justice Society.

Gotham City

An old dojo/gym


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It was a typical night in Gotham and Black Canary was presently waiting on a rooftop near the old downtown area for the Green Arrow to meet her after she had sent him a message. It was far more comfortable for her to meet like this, in costume; it made her feel safer.

The building she was standing on happened to be an old gym/dojo that had seen better days and Ollie if he had done his homework, may have even found out Laurel lived here/used it as an ad-hoc base of operations.

Oliver, being the kind of man who doesn't leave anything to chance, had already made inquiries about purchasing the location. He liked Dinah, and he didn't want her to end up being evicted, or someone turning it into a parking lot. Still, he hadn't found the owner yet.

He arrived, in costume, as requested. He dropped down onto the rooftop, using a zipline and his bow to ride from a higher building. So what, he climbed another building just so he could make a dramatic entrance? He must have issues. That's just a waste of time and energy now, isn't it?

Coming to a end, he lets go of one hand, rolls, and comes to a stop, holding his bow in one hand, and keeping his profile small as he tries to keep his face hidden. It's a thing. "Canary," he simply intoned in that gruff fake voice of his.

Canary smiles in the direction of the newly arrived Arrow, "Just had to make an entrance didn't you?" She leans against the edge of the rooftop and continues to stare out over Gotham, asking curiously, "Don't you find Gotham beautiful? It's so old fashioned compared to Metropolis, it's not cold and stark like the City of Tomorrow.."

Inclining his head, she saw right through him, so he winks at her, but says nothing of it. Moving closer to her, he looks out at the art deco, much of it old, though when it was made, they thought it was futuristic. "Having grown up here, I suppose I've always had an appreciation for art deco architecture and noir themes." It suits him. Though he has travelled the world and seen much to compare it to. In the end, there's no place like home, wherever that might be.

Laurel smirked at Oliver when the rich playboy mentioned growing up here, she could only imagine life for people like him and the other rich socialites and heirs had been very different from what others had experienced in the city, "So tell me 'Arrow' could you see yourself putting aside the whole lone wolf thing for a bit and work with a group of heroes looking to make a difference?"

"Probably not," Arrow replies matter of factly. He didn't know what she was up to, and just thought she meant theoretically. "I've found it's best when you work alone. No one to compromise things, to mess them up. It's hard to work with others when lives are at stake, and I've never been the most trusting of people." Spending all that time on an island would make almost anyone a little big jaded.

"You've been doing this long enough that I won't try to convince you otherwise, if you feel better working alone than I won't try to change that." Canary smiles at him, of course she wanted something, "Maybe you can still help though, in a way only you really can…."

Oliver looked sceptical, but he was listening, "oh, I might make an exception for someone like you." So he's willing to risk his life if it means showing off for a pretty girl? Oh Ollie, will you ever change?

"Looks like you got something on your chest. It's usually best to let it out." Ollie's tried bottling it up. It can work, but it's definitely the more difficult path.

"I've been working with some others to put together a group, like the old Justice Society of America." Canary smiles at the Arrow, "Something less bound by the constraints of the government than the Justice League: Avengers and some of the other teams, focussed on cleaning up the problems in places like Gotham and New York and supporting each other." She continues speaking, "Not just that though, but providing training, mentorship and support to others who may need it. One of the other things I'd like this 'New Justice Society' to do, is insure that the victims of crimes are compensated, that the families of those lost don't get forced into poverty or worse whatever side of the law they may be on. Heroes cause damage to, insurance companies don't cover that; someone should start looking out for everyone caught in between."

She reaches out to place a hand on your shoulder, "What I'm saying is, we could really use someone with your experience, capabilities and connections."

An eyebrow raises, though it's obscured by the mask. He hasn't heard of the Justice Society of America, but then, he was never much for superhero history. He listens to her spiel, not really giving any indications of how he's going. The hand to his shoulder is noted. This is a shakedown, plain and simple. But wow, he didn't expect it this fast. "Uh huh," is all he says at first. His hand comes to his bearded chin, stroking it for a moment. "I'm probably going to regret this, but all right. I'll see what I can do."

"You won't regret it, you don't have to worry about revealing your identity or anything silly. It's meant to be a safe place, where we can all work together and support each other, more like a family than a formal 'team'. You can still do your own thing, but also know that you've got others to come to for help when the problem is bigger than just you. Also, the possibility to focus our efforts together, it makes us stronger as a whole." Canary seemed ecstatic at the possibility of having Green Arrow join them, "So I take it I can count you in?"

Green Arrow frowns, pauses, seems to be thinking, and then nods, "when you need help, and you will, I'll be there." This would be the perfect time to make a flashy exit. But he kinds of spoiling it by not. Instead, he just leans against the ledge, sitting with her. "Was that the only reason you called for this meeting, pretty bird?"

Canary leans over to give Oliver a soft kiss on the lips, "Maybe I wanted to see you, it's been a little while. I know we're both busy, maybe this will be a good excuse to see you a bit more."

When she's giving you a kiss, she's slipping a USB drive into your hand, "You can check that out when you go home." It was nothing exciting, just numbers and figures that were associated with the costs of setting up the team. The biggest and most glaring thing would be the money to setup a headquarters discreetly.

The kiss was unexpected, but appreciated, and reciprocated. He's been trying to keep his distance, not to move too fast, but she's quite compelling, both behind, and in front of the mask. "All you had to do was ask." Though he'd probably prefer to see more of Dinah, and less of Canary. He's not too trusting of other heroes, especially when he cares about one of them.

The USB is detected. It's not hard to figure it out, since it's a standard design. He unzips a pocket, he has so many of them, and neatly inserts the drive in there. "I will." And knowing him, he's going to use an air gap laptop to look at it. Oh, he's not a trusting sort, not at all.

"You're probably going to need a place to meet. Have you ever thought of using this place," and he casually stamps his foot to indicate what he means.

"Well, we've been using the gym here as a meeting place so far but it's not ideal. It's a nice little spot in Gotham, but it's Gotham and honestly New York is a little better for a meeting spot or headquarters. Real estate costs a little more, but there's less chance of the Joker finding out about it and deciding to burn the place to the ground." Canary had no idea what Arrow and Batman did, "There's a few nice places in New York, older complexes that could serve nicely. I was hoping you would hopefully be able to help take care of that."

"All the more reason to consider staying in Gotham. There's no shortage of threats," like the Joker. New York is overloaded with heroes too, but Gotham, there are only a handful, and most of them have no powers of which to speak.

Ollie is a good liar. He reacts surprised, "Oh, I get it, you didn't want Green Arrow, you just wanted Green," and he rubs his thumb and forefinger together as the universal sign for paper currency. Of course, he is playing it up, curious to see how she'll react.

"It's not that, I anticipate I'll still be spending most of my time in Gotham. Gotham just has other complications, like Batman and what I mentioned with the Joker. New York provides more opportunities for a headquarters and it's a stone's throw away from Gotham, like I said, a little safer for a base of operations without resorting to a hidden island or a submarine or something crazy." Canary winks, "I want Green Arrow /and/ his green, it's a package deal that can't be beat."

He seems to like that she thinks it's a package deal, and he smiles, but something she said earlier stays with him. "A submarine… the arrowsub. That has a catchy ring to it." He has an arrowcar, an arrowboat, an arrowcycle, an arrowplane, and an arrowcave, but no arrowsub. He should get one. If only he could find a legitimate reason to own it besides he's rich and he wanted it. "If it works… but I don't plan to relocate anytime soon." He likes Gotham. It's his kind of town. Not too dark, and not too nice.

"No expectation to relocate of course, it's just a more secure city and it happens to be in the middle of metropolis and gotham which is convenient for heroes who operate in one city or the other. Nobody is expected to change anything, but it will be good to have a safe place to meet if we need to, keep dangerous prisoners, deal with medical problems etc.. In Gotham we've got other personal assets that Rain, Robin and myself can offer and you could probably do the same in a pinch." Canary smiles and shakes her head at the thought of an ArrowSub, "You could have the sub designed to look like an arrowhead to."

"But what would it do? I barely ever use any of my other toys." Technically, after the arrowcar got smashed, he gave it to Roy. As far as he knows, it's still waiting to be rebuilt. The arrowcycle gets a lot of use, and the arrowcave a little bit, but just them. The rest are gathering dust.

"All right, all right Canary, you've sold me, it's a good idea. But you gotta do something about that name. Justice Society of America. It needs some serious work." Yeah, he went there, the guy who calls himself Green Arrow.

"The name is meant to honor a prior generation, not to fit on a hashtag. Besides, most of us have already grown fond of the New Justice Society." She gestures inside, "Come on, I think at least one or two of them might be around right now and you can meet them."

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