Superpower of Stubborn

June 03, 2017:

Hal approaches Karen to make sure they're still on.


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Fade In…

A knock. Another knock and then a musical patter. Hal Jordan in a white shirt, dress slacks and fancy black shoes with is waiting outside Karen Starr's door. The secretary is out. It's late after all and he has waited around most of the day for after hours. Personal talks shouldn't mingle with business. Even he knows this.

Karen's in the office, and and she looks up. She sighs, as she's been wrangling email all day. "Come in…" she calls over.
The door slings open quietly and Hal steps in shutting it behind him. "Well, hi there." He says. "I figured I'd try to catch you here since I realized I have no clue where you live and you don't seem to be getting my text messages."

She smiles. "Hey, Hal." She moves the keyboard away. "How's it going? And sorry? I didn't think anything was wrong with my phone. I'l have to check it."

"Maybe it's mine. If you're not getting my texts I have no clue who I am sending these to." Hal walks over and sits down on the edge of her desk, "So honestly this is a bit weird. Usually its not me on this side of the conversation but… we okay? I mean, most girls I would have just been just on my merry way but you. I kind of want to just know, we okay after I called you by my ex's name? Well, we have a co-worker named Carol and shes hot but…" The man is almost rambling in his explanation. Just straight to it but also doing a wonderful job of trying to fit more of the shoe in.

Karen looks amused. "Honestly? I was more worried you weren't going to be okay, since I was trying to kill you." She says.

Hal opens his mouth then smiles, "Oh? Nah. I can take a hit. I mean, you hit harder than an angry Strontian but I'm okay. You just seemed different when you left after Hammond attacked us. Then I had to go all the way to Oa with Kyle, we started talking about girls. I brought you up and I never do that, hell, not to brag or sound like a dog… you know, nevermind, I'll stop there."

"Nah. I…" Karen pauses, thinking of how to put words to it. "I'm not used to anything being able to get to me. And…I've got a bad history with a mind controller. It had me on edge. I just needed some time to get my head on straight."

"I totally get that. Mind control is ugly business and that guy, hes a pain in my ass." Hal makes eye contact with Karen, "This dating thing, I'm no good at relationships. I mighta said that but we're still on, yeah? Cause I got these tickets to a Mammoths game. They're playing the Keystone City Combines." Hockey. "It's you are Kyle and you will look a lot better kissing me on the jumbotron. That kid is all upper lip."

"Yeah. We're still on." Karen smiles, and she moves to stand. "And going to a game sounds great." She moves to come around her desk, and will move to embrace Hal. "Trust me. I'm not that easy to shake."

Hal's hands settle on Karen's waist with the hug, "Awesome." All he says while he sits there a moment letting it sink in. "Thats probably the best news I heard all day. You want some bad news now? Because its a doosie."

Karen groans. "Goddamn it, Jordan." She sighs. "Classic bait and switch. All right, hit me."

"One of your company planes exploded. There was an issue in the third stage turbine disk. Something to do with the inner sealing ring and improper positioning. The rotor went wonky, there was a clearance issue… " Hal shrugs shoulders helplessly, "I got her down safely! I mean. Nobody died, a few messes, might stink but its all repairable. Just yeah… "

Karen blinks! "Holy crap. Well, all that matters is that no one got hurt. Heck, we can BUY a new plane." The blonde looks relieved. "Money is rarely a problem."

"Yeah, you know though, I'm a Green Lantern not a person on that plane was going to get hurt and I'm an amazing damn pilot." Hal sparks up another grin, shes taking it well. All of this better than he thought. "Thats all I had really. Hold up, serious question… Mammoths or Combines?" Brow arch.

Karen laughs. "The Mammoths, of course. If not, we may have to rethink this relationship." She grins. "And I wouldn't want you to have to spill your identity unless it were an emergency."
Hal laughs a little. "Hey, its not like I could have called or texted you. I really have to figure out my damned contacts list." Sliding off the desk to stand up again he looks down at her, not too far a look lower. "The day I give in while flying tons of burning winged death engine and say I need help is the day I need to throw in the towel."

"Yeah, you're kind of stubborn. As in, water is kind of wet. So, when's the game?" She smiles. "And do we have a date on this game?" She pauses. "Not /for/ this game…I'm assuming that's a thing."

"Stubborn is one of my superpowers." Hal replies, "Friday night. It'll be in Metropolis. Last time I went to Keystone City I uh… " A quick silence, "Yeah you don't want to hear that story." He walks around her desk to drop in to her chair. Feet spinning it left then right. "You got a great view here. Whats this desk made of?" A knock along it. Quick subject hop.

"Titanium." Karen laughs. "It looks like steel, but I'm less likely to break it. Slightly." She moves around to the same side, leaning her backside up to the desk, against it. "Getting plans on taking my place there?" she grins.

"That actually makes sense." Reminder she is ungodly strong which Hal already knew, she did after all bruise him through his autoshields during that Hammond ordeal. "Nooo way, you probably deal with way too much paperwork. Being the big boss isn't all it's cracked up to be. Although… " Hal tips his head to the side and looks at her from the chair, "The view is quite nice. This angle a serious perk."

Karen smirks a little. "Probably a lot of underboob, when you're leaning back like that. But the suits are designed to minimize stuff. My concessions to secret identity."

"If you only knew." Hal reclines a little more then rocks forward. "Not easy huh? I put on a domino mask and people forget who I am." He chuckles, eyes roam her business suit, "Its funny. When we first met you as Power Girl I half expected you to be some sort of Derby girl or a Lifeguard when not playing superhero."

Karen nods. "People's eyes are usually glued to the window. I wear a slightly padded suit, tailored right, and somehow people don't get it. Don't ask me." She laughs. "A lifeguard, huh?"

"A lifeguard. I mean… " Hal motions, "You don't think thats an obvious career choice?"

"Only if you're taking "lifeguard" to be "Baywatch". The blonde says, amused. "And yeah, I know I come with my own flotation devices." She quips. "But hey, you look pretty good in your skintights too."

"I might have some bias to that, maybe." Hal chuckles, "I try, I mean, regular run routine, boxing sessions each two weeks, getting my ass kicked by Kryptonians, being mauled in space by anything with teeth and a bad attitude. Its a lot to keep up on." He will remain in her chair, another button flicked open. "Why do I fear one of these will fire off like a bullet and take me out?"

Karen grins. "You have shields, right? Why worry? But yeah, there's some strain on the buttons. And the Kryptonian apologized for that. I think. Did I? Well, if I didn't, sorry."
A smile quirks her lips. "So. Tell me more about this Carol."

Hal dead stops, his eyes roll up and he looks at Karen's face, which at this angle no easy feat. But Hal Jordan is up to the challenge. "Ex-Girlfriend Carol or Co-worker Carol?" He asks letting some upwards inflection slip in there. The quirk of her smile has his dark brows doing a lopsided arch. "The Kryptonian did, actually. Now that I recall."

"Whichever Carol you were calling for the other day." Karen suggests. "You know, the one you mistook me for." She reaches up with a foot, putting it on the chair, to gently push him juuuuust out of button range with a teasing smile.

"Well, you and Carol Danvers are quite blond and attractive, you're much more endowed… and obviously have far prettier eyes. We may have to compare backsides… I'm joking, I really am joking about most of that." Hals talking about the wrong Carol intentionally. "You don't want to hear about old baggage. It's the past. Maybe later, I mean, this story isn't a great one, you know what its like when your ex becomes a superpowered threat. Things can realllly get ugly." Or they start out as one.

Karen considers a moment, then lowers her foot, letting the chair be pushed back up. "Fair enough." She won't press it further. She may tease, but she's not a bitch. Well, she's USUALLY not a bitch. "Kudos on the compliments, though."

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