Genosha Simulation #011

June 04, 2017:

Scott works with Megan and Laura in the Danger Room in preparation for Genosha.


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Fade In…

"Faster!" Cyclops yells as a red optic blast sheers past Pixie and Wolverine. The ZKKKKRATTTT going right between them as a turret explodes from the impact.

One Hour and Forty Eight Minutes of constant pressure on the two young X-Men. Students. Newcomers. Two hours ago he had gathered them both together, didn't say a word but began to lead them below and to the sub-basement where they were tossed in to the Danger Room without much of a warning.

It has been just about that long that the trio have been fighting everything Genosha on file could throw at them. A broken landscape of what was once the city of Toronto. Destroyed, wreckage and ruin. Genoshan Magistrates, roller cycles, two man hover platforms, Sentinels, various types of mutants. Over and over. If they kill someone he restarts it. If they go down in what he calls a death, he restarts it. Eventually they'll beat it.

Right now they are in a field of turrets just outside a collapsing mall. The Genoshans have just executed the captives inside as they fight to their last stand. At first it looked like Cyclops was about to call it when the hostages got slaughtered but he doesn't. This isn't about saving people right now, this is about competence in battle and teamwork.

"Push, come on! Take out those final two turrets and we'll take a water break."

The turrets in question are two automated machine guns, one is to the east (their left) and hidden half behind a burning car. The other is directly ahead of them (south) and it's on the top of the collapsing mall, built upon a standing platform.

Magistraties with Genoshan assault carbines and force rifles are behind a chest high barrier, blind firing or taking potshots as the mutants try to get close. Their cover? A bus. A burning school bus.

Pixie is just using her maneuverability and flight to keep herself from being hit by the potshots that are flying their way. She looks to her team-mate, pointing to the turret on the same level as themselves.

"If I do a flyby and dust the Genoshans, you should be able to get to the turret. Then I can try and take the one up above?" she asks, uncertain if her idea will work or be liked.

The New Wolverine is in her deep navy and gold costume, the hood pulled up but does not cease the flow of black hair that descends from behind it and over shoulders as well as down her back.

Boots are planted, shoulders are pressed against her cover for the moment as wounds seal up and bullets push out of her skin, chest heaving with every breath of the perpetual exertion for the past 2 hours. A day? Maybe. But she is leveling herself, readying as that grip buries beneath the abandoned Prius she is behind, listening to the spray and where the pock marks of bullets land, nostrils flaring to scent the bodies behind the projectiles.

The final bullet pushes out and hits the ground with a light *tink*, fingers curling under the carriage of the Prius just beneath passenger door.

"Distraction, incoming." A low-crawl away from the spray-and-pray fire, but still keeping the Prius as cover> "Just charge this car with me for a boost and we will go with what you planned, Pix."

Her crawl stops a few yards away from the car, an archof bullets just before cloved hands, those claws extending over the splay of palms that push back and she is suddenly sprinting towards the Prius with the tow claws aiding in anchor to throttle her forward in a speed that seeks to slam in tandem with Pixie and send it their way in a flip and roll!

If successful it is her shield while she comes in behind the small chunk of wanna-be vehicular metal to decend upon those manning the turrets while Pixies follow up would be to dust them and rise!

A working execution the car forward, the new Wolverine soaring to come down on the ground based turret while Pixie 'dusts' the Genoshans who start to act ridiculous, one chases off a butterlfy with his gun yelling PEWPEWPEW, another throws his helmet down and stands on it, flapping his fingers up behind his ears making fish sounds and the other jsut starts to undress screaming something about spiders in their clothes. The turret left unprotected.

Cycops would let it play out further but the trip from Antarctica to Scotland and now Westchester has him beat.

"Good enough." His deep voice says to the two young X-Men in training. The Danger Room fading away from being the warzone to a peaceful grassy field. A blue sky and high mountains in the distance.

Reaching up he pulls back his cowl to reveal his hair and ears. The visor still place, "Thats two hours. You two work well enough together. Join me and we'll talk. I know you're both behind on everything that in transpiring and I want everyone up to date."

Slipping between in a dance, those who had yet to react to dast are about to be hamstrung in her path towards the first turret…!

The scenario layed out in the Danger Room fizzling away in a pixellation that blnks, shudders as if hit by bass and then is gone, leaving them standing in the field and mountains, even the scents changing. Even after these few years she still has to get used to the (sur)reality this Room omits and remember..

… it's not real.

Slowly the duo of claws upn the back of each hand retract as well as those from the toes of boots. "Nate said we are at War." And hence Laura's return and willingness.

Pixie zips about, darting here and there, not letting her flight pattern stick in one direction long enough for the shooters to get a bead on her. She tosses a shower of her dust on them and then flies her way up to the turret above.

And then the scene fades and shimmers into an almost perfect pastoral visage. Pixie looks around, not quite trusting it at first. But when it's clear that nothing is about to attack them, Megan just lets herself sink down until she lays face first, spread eagle in the grass. "That was well exhausting! I thought me wings were 'bout ta fall off!"

Cyclops chuckles as Pixie dives in to the grass and begins to carry on, "How are you not tired?" He inquires while Laura's words sink in, "Yes. We are in a sense at war. We are going to infiltrate Genosha and take out it's leadership. So, yes, war." He confirms to the 'All-New-Wolverine' a good fit for her.

"I am not demanding every X-Men join or volunteer but I want to know who is in. It is going to be taxing, not just on us but also politically, it can have serious fallout. Serious. More than we're used to. Are you two ready for that?"

The wind around them picks up, generated as it is it still feels very real. The tall grass responding with a sweep along it. Swishing sounds. Pleasant at least. Their hair and any fabric or wings will as well be touched by the pleasant breeze.

Pixie lets her wings flutter in the breeze, the transparent yet colourful membranes blurring and buzzing for a moment and stopping. She takes a deep breath and then pushes herself up to all fours and then back down to sitting. "So… what do we think we're gonna be goin' up against? Are they gonna usin' mutants against us? Forcin' them ta fight?" she asks, her gaelic brogue thick, just able to be understood.

Laura does not remove her mask, she looks from Cyclops to Pixie and after a moment decides to finally sit within the field, but when she comes to a crouch she hesitates and strokes fingers over the grass.

First thing to come off? The peel of bicept-high glove away to let fingers stoke through it, and despite the words she hears spoken, a small smile forms and her suited rear meets the ground, the one arm still gloved wrapped around bent knees.

War does not bother Wolverine'ette, a glance to Pixie now with her question, pale white eyes aglow by the masks shift stares at her, no emotion seen in that blank vineer.

A tilt of her head and she is looking towards Cyclops. "I am in." No need to elaborate. These people have helped her for the past couple years now, shown her a tough love that did not draw blood and cause pain. Gave her a choice.

Wolverine chooses without question, now.

… But that does not mean she does not listen for answers to Pixies questions.

"I was hoping you would be, Laura." A look over to Pixie and her questions Scott smiles, just a little bit. "Yes, they always employ mutants to fight mutants when they can. We're going to try our best to bypass that. One team is going to be captured, we are going to allow ourselves to become Genoshan slaves long enough to implant Meggan in as their new president. She can shapeshift. We just have to get past their security, their sensors and… those details are being worked on. Infiltration team will be in there several weeks, maybe even months. Response team will be awaiting the signal to bail them out, remove the original president under cover of stealth or SHIELD backup. IF all goes to plan its the least amount of casualities this way, Meggan as Madame Reneau can establish herself as their figurehead, surround herself with loyal mutants and then, the coup is intact. She will expel the Human Council severely weakening them."

Listening to the plan, the pink haired X-Man rests her cheek on one knee, her arms wrapped about the shin. "That all sounds well and tidy, but what if they figure out what Meggan is up to? They didn't get where they are by being stupid." She looks down, little daisies dotting the grass by her feet. She plucks one and starts working on it with delicate hands. "I'm not sayin' I won't help. Ye know I will. I'm just frettin' that it's all gonna run amok."

Wolverine listens, her eyes a fitting dead-white and unreadable and there is no tell on who they rest on exactly save for the roll of head in a slight gesture enough to acknowledge and let them know she is listening.

"It wont, Pixie." Laura's voice is seeking that dark neutrality she knows, and keeps tucked in a deep freezer, but it is going to be needed soon enough, not only by the X-Men but by Ripclaw and his.

"Where do you plan to have me? When?" There is no emotion, but there is a heightened attention. Those questions important to her.

"Meggan is doing her very best to learn Madame Reneau. Those who make it in with her will have to neutralize what they can. We're working on that part still, we have to find a way to blanket her and nullify sensors. We're running out of options and time. We are putting a lot of faith in one another." Scott paces around the two, the scent of the wild plains is also there. The Danger Room is outdoing itself. "Everyone's concerns are noted.

Remember, only the infiltration team needs to go in." He stops to look at Laura, his pacing pauses. "I have no plans yet but I would like you inside. You're one of the better fighters and they don't know anything about you as far as we are aware. Your claws will save us. Even with your powers shut off, you have them still and they are relatively hidden."

Pixie takes a deep breath and sighs. "An' me? Where am I gonna be? With me faerie side, can the turn my powers off? To be perfectly honest, we're not exactly sure where me faerie side ends and me mutant side begins." She rises her shoulders in a shrug, still working on the daisy chain in her lap. She then smiles, her wings fluttering as her optimism returns. "I'm sure you're well right though, Mr. Summers. If we work as a team, we're bound ta come through this ahead."

Those paled eyes narrow, and Laura's bdy stills. Finally she reaches up, gloved hand gripping the edge of her mask, the effigy of the only person who could be called her 'Father', and her place here in this building, right now…


Now those sharp emerald eyes take a sweep of the duo, her silence as heavy as the sudden stillness her body takes, not even a tell of breathing. "Inside? Months at most?"" Her tone is flat now, and when her head slightly lowers the bare hand sweeps through the long strands of pitch hair, casting it away and back with a deep inhale.

Pixie gets a flat-lined look, then as if muscles suddenly leap to life a brow *tics* up in that deadpan stare. "What about… /you/?" Slow blink. "You can make them all walk in a line like those old monkeys with the metal dishes." Yep, way outdated, but Laura works with what she's had and known in -her- history. "I saw what you did."

Those words may seem neutral, but they are supportive of her teammate, though when Laura looks at Cyke there is a waiting on a taut wire.

"That is a worst case scenario." Scott states to Laura's question. "I want us to move as quickly as possible and that requires efficiency and luck."

"You're another I have considered, all of our… mixed mutations are the ones I was considering. Mattias Larrson, Illyana Rasputin, the two of you. Insiders."

"The details are in the works. Right now it's me presenting it to those I have in mind because you will be who I build the rest of our plans off of. We're going to brush up on all of your martial skills and work through some scenarios you may all encounter, general preparation for the next few days. I plan to insert those who are on the team before this upcoming weekend."

Pixie looks to Wolverine and pulls back. While her tone may be neutral about Pixie's own powers, there is something about the woman that makes everything seem like it's an attack, her words as sharp as the blades that come from her wrists. "I can't actually make anyone do anything. It don't work like that. They just see happy things and get distracted…." She lifts her shoulders up in a shrug and holds out the daisy chain crown in her hand as a peace offering.

She looks then to the leader of the team and nods. "I'll do what ya need me ta do. This group'a misfits has saved my hide more times then I can count. I'll always return the favour."

"Same difference." And to Laura it is!

But the daisy chain offering is eyed curiously, leaned towards, and a simple flux of nostrils towards the floral lai before she darts a hand out!…


Reminding herself… Gingerly accepting it with a slide of bare fingertips along the chain and tugging it closer to wrap and twist it upon her head. A contrast of natural light to that darkness that s the fall of her hair and the deeper resolute.

"I made a promise I cannot break. More need my help, I will not leave them, either." A hint in words, her neutrality, her inner desires to help.
Perhaps that daisy chain isn't so lost upon her.

"Let me know." But the way she looks at them, it looks like a question more then words express.

"Good. I will count the two of you in then. Infiltration squad. I'm going to be in touch." Scott watches them both, he feels like he has more to say but he can bring it about. His mouth only opens and closes. "Okay, good session today. Probably best to hit the showers, get some food and relax for a bit. Enjoy a nice night while you can because we're about to have some rough times ahead of us… it will get better. A lot better. For a lot of people." Scott looks up and around them at the scenery, "Simulation off." The plains, the breeze, the scents, the mountains in the distance and of course the flowers digitize out of existence.
Welcome back to reality.

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