Love for Sale

April 16, 2015:

A group of heroes catch a break and stumble upon a very talented lounge singer who happens to be Black Canary. Ozymandias joins her for a few songs. Skye meets a contact. Phobos is mysterious. Nyssa socializes for once. Rain brings a talking cat. Nitro is mindblown. Constantine drinks as always. Not to be missed!

A rundown bar.

A dirty old bar


NPCs: None.


Mood Music: Julie London - Love for Sale

Fade In…

Constantine is drinking. Because that's mostly what John does. It's not so much about the booze- John has plenty of that laying around his place. It's about coming to a dive bar. Hanging out with other drunks, with other people trying to forget their woes or issues.

What was once a comfortable pub had declined over recent years into a sad state of disrepair. But John sits in 'the pit', which was a loose collection of worn leather chairs around a genuine old-fashioned iron fireplace. A bottle of scotch sits at his elbow, the glass next to it showing signs of frequent refilling. With a moody gaze he peers into the licking flames around the cast metal, slouched deep into the antique green of the worn old leather seat.

Rain doesn't drink much. But what she does seem to have is a neverending stash of various brews. And she seems to be something of a friend or at least familiar to someone here, as she brings in a crate. Captain follows, his tail in a little ? as they walk in. Yes, he is a cat wearing a trenchcoat. It's all quite silly. Rain pauses, and smiles seeing Constantine.

The already dark lighting of the bar is dimmed a little and a group of old black musicians who had been drinking in a darkly lit booth at the back begin to shuffle onto the dusty old stage that was sometimes used by the occasional band or performance act.

Each of men appeared to be wearing sunglasses and sit down beside a variety of instruments that had been setup before-hand.

Compared to the usual crowd of drunks, there are a variety of people in the bar tonight who don't normally frequent it including a few older couples, college students and hipsters as well as other random people. The bar owner was ecstatic, it was the busiest it had been in years.

A spotlight setup in the rafters centers on the stage and the group of musicians begin to play their instruments including a piano, guitar, drums, trumpet and saxophone.

The tune is catchy and starts a slow pick-up as each instrument slowly begins to join in with the others, one of the gents playing the piano calls out, "If we could please have your attention."

A woman dressed in a long flowing black dress with fishnet stockings and heels steps out onto the stage, her blonde hair combed to one side with smokey makeup and bright red lips.

She grabs the microphone and sings sweetly into it, "~~Looove for sale.~~" The microphone is picked up from its podium and she winks at one of the men sitting near the front of the stage, "~~Appetizing young love for sale.~~"

The tone of the music picks up and she continues to sing, "Love that's fresh and still unspoiled. Love that's only slightly soiled." She reaches down and picks the hat up off a man in the front of the crowd placing it upon her head before returning to the band, "~~Loove for sale.~~" That singer happened to be Laurel Lance, better known to some of you hear as The Black Canary.

Morien steps into the bar and pulls off a pair of sunglasses. He peeks through the blind of one at the street that he just departed for a few moments. He taps his left foot after a few moments, he closes the blind and making his way to the bar. He peers around the bar for a few moments to see where he did he actually duck into, and notices Constantine sitting in the pit.

Morien walks over to Constantine and says, "Surprise to see you here." Morien lets out a nervous laugh as he just realizes that Constantine might not remember him, "I met you once before. I was trying to get an autograph from Zatanna?

Morien turns his head as the singer starts to sing and looks back at Constantine in disbelief, "What..what is this place?!"

Even assassins have to eat. Or drink, as the case may be. And Nyssa is curious enough about certain things to have done a little reconnaissance before heading out this evening. She's had a spot at the bar for the last forty-five minutes or so, her leggings, boots, shirt and short, leather jacket blending in well enough in the darkness of the bar. As the singer steps out, she half-turns from the bar, tracing her finger along the rim of a rocks glass full of a vodka tonic.

"It's a bar, mate," John says, his tone slightly slurred. Positioned as he is, his back is to the stage, eyes focused on the flames dancing along with Laurel's hypnotizing voice. He tops off his glass of whiskey, which is closer to rotgut than his normal higher-end sipping booze. "Just a bar. People come here because they don't get a bloody lot of attention." He looks sidelong at Morien, finally, gauging the fellow. "Hnnh. Yeah, I remember you," John says after a few tics. "Zatanna's a lovely bird, mate. Don't feel off about not getting her telly number- she's hard to keep hold of." As if he's unaware of it, his fingers dance a merry jig on the arm of the chair, a slow waltz in time to the alluring, sultry tones Laurel belts out from the stage. John looks over his shoulder a few degrees, just enough to mark Rain's entry. He nods minutely at the hedge witch, glass tilting upwards in greeting to both her and her feline companion.

Rain is an odd duck in a bar, really. She looks more like she belongs out in a grassy field, eyes wide and blank (and possibly stoned out of her gourd). But the weekly selections she brings in are always welcome. Her aunt had damn good taste, it seems and was one of the few relatives Rain kept cloe to. Alas.

She is quiet and respectful as there's a call for attention. She does have to quirk a smile at who is singing. Hey, good job.

Captain hops onto a bar stool seat. "Hey. Two more animals and you have one hell of a walks into a bar joke." The cat's voice is a rich, deep baritone that many guys would love to have. But he is a cat. Rain seems curious about Morien and the newcomer.

Rain nods back to Constantine. "Wow. She has a lot of fans," Rain muses quietly. She does seem to respect Zee and like her well enough. Rain is just a very quiet fan.

Laurel's voice is a perfect imitation of Julie London and an old geezer near Constantine grins at him, "She sounds damn near the same eh lad, but they didn't make them that pretty in our day." Clearly the man thought Constantine was practically a hundred just like him, it must be because they were both wearing dirty old stained trenchcoats!

"~~Who will buy?~~"

"~~Who would like to sample my supply?~~"

Laurel sets the hat back down on the man's head she had taken it from and continues to sing, "~~Who's prepared to pay the price..~~" She seems to catch sight of Nyssa at that point, the woman having not been seen by her in years, "~~..for a trip to paradise.~~"

"~~Love for sale.~~"

Nyssa actually lifts her glass to take a careful sniff when she sees the talking cat in the trench coat walk into the bar. Because, well. That's not something sober people usually see. And for all she has a drink in front of her, she's definitely still sober. So. Drink check. Though she doesn't smell anything unusual, she passes a hand over the drink anyhow, before sipping again. A smile flickers when Laurel catches sight of her.

This is not a place Skye had ever been too, it was not the type of place she frequented often, or at all. However, this evening is different. It is business. Of all places to meet, but it is what the contact wanted. The young hacker enters the bar with a sidestep, avoiding a stumbling drunkard who is exiting to the street. She exhales deeply and looks about for the man she is supposed to meet. The sooner she finds him, the sooner she can get out of her.

A quick scan of the room and the man she has come to meet has yet to arrive, so rather than stand there and wait to be hit on, she makes her way to the bar itself and sits down next to a man sitting alone at the bar, "Hey I'm Skye. I don't need to know your name, because after tonight we won't speak again. I need you to pretend we are together. I'll buy your drinks for you." The man looks over at her with a raised brow but smile and tries to put his arm around her; it is quickly batted away.

"Okay ground rules. No touching. That's basically it. Oh, and if another guy comes up to me and I stand up. We don't know each other. Got it?" The man shrugs and then takes a sip of his drink, "Got it. I'll have another one of these." And Skye is good on her word, ordering one for the "safeguard".

A smirk comes across his face from the statement about it being just a bar. Morien is still smirking when he sits down, "I realize that it is a bar. I don't rem….. Morien watches the singer again, "No, I went out with Zatanna, not like that. I mean it was an admirer and celebrity sort of get together. She is a bit young for me."

Morien waves down a waitress who has been serving drinks way too long today, and in her life. "A bottle of Jameson. Morien watches the antics of Laurel and then back at the band. Morien ponders out loud, "I wonder how much I would have to pay to sit in for a set or two."

Constantine gives the older man a baleful look; it's the sort of expression that generally warns most people to leave the Hellblazer the heck alone. He lolls his head sideways to look at Morien, and a bit of the protective glare leaves his eyes. "All you have to do is ask. Despite her caterwauling, she's a nice enough person," John says, a bit loudly during a lull in the song. He doesn't quite look at Laurel directly, but there's a sense of a sly, teasing glance in the way his head pans towards the woman up on stage.

He watches Skye artfully insinuate herself into the company of the fellow at the bar. He regards her with blatant curiousity for a few seconds and then, finally, drags his chair around in place so he can face the stage and watch Laurel waltz about, flirting with the customers in the surprisingly comfortable squalor of the old bar. He reaches down and wiggles his fingers around at Captain's nose height to beckon the kitty over, pouring more of his rotgut from the bottle into the single cube of ice floating in his scratched old glass.

This really isn't Rain's scene. She looks to Morien and shrugs. "I wish I could tell you. Do you do music, then?" Rain's clearly a platypus in a petting zoo. What is that even doing there? Captain looks at Nyssa. "Oh, I'm real," The feline promises. "Y'got a cheeseburger?" He's a smart ass. Or at least teasing a bit at his situation.

Then he notices he's getting fingerwiggled at. A cat is a cat, even if he happens to be a magically enhanced cat. He hops down and over to Constantine easily. A few patrons might aw at the striped orange tabby in a trenchcoat. "Hey, man." He greets Constantine. Rain smiles at the two. "Try not to party too hard." She looks to Laurel and - Skye makes her look curious. Nyssa, too. Rain looks overwhelmed, like a three legged puppy after a bowl of water in a room full of fire hydrants.

This isn't a place Tre really comes to and it shows, becuase he's dressed in black jeans and a lighting clash blue shirt. He walks in with his hands in his pockets and as he walks in he looks around for a moment, moving towards the bar and not really focusing much on all the people but looking for maybe some familiar faces. He stretches out a little and once at the bar, he orders a soda with no ice. He gets a look from the barkeep, but Tre shakes his head and looks about until he notices Laurel and Rain, he gets his soda and sips.

As Skye approaches the bar and engages in her version of subterfuge, Nyssa glances over at the other woman, a flicker of amusement in her features. "Forgive me for overhearing," she murmurs, leaning a little closer, "But that is…perhaps a questionable cover." Despite her somewhat exotic looks, she speaks with a cultured British accent, though even that has something more unusual beneath it, as though she had a very good teacher. "Even if half the bar hadn't heard you establish it," she adds, smile quirking. Captain gets a look, but…nope, she's not even going there. Some things are just too weird.

Skye looks over to Nyssa and smiles, kicking her feet from the barstool, "I'm not hiding anything. Mister Funtime over here is just to make sure no drunk assholes try to hit on me. It's less of a cover and more of a "jackass prevention plan" She winks and looks to the door.

It does not take long for the man Skye came to meet to enter, the man making his way to the bar and leaning upon it besides Skye. Skye's "safeguard boy toy" eyes the new arrival and states, "Hey, back off bub, she's with me." Funny thing, when the contact has no idea what Skye has arranged to keep herself from becoming drunk bait." There is a sharp elbow given to the man beside her and she smiles to the contact on her other side, "He's so protective. And drunk." The man starts to speak to defend himself and his sober status, but is met with another elbow and a murmured word that goes unheard; however the man turns to face the bar fully and sips his beer.

Skye then gives the "contact" a nod and extending her hand slowly, drops something stealthily into his trench coat pocket, before ordering, "Stella Artois" The beer is put before her but she makes no effort to sip it. The contact beside her makes note of the choice she made and nods once, stepping away from the bar. It would appear that what she ordered had something to do with what she slipped in his pocket."

"~~Let the poets pipe of love.~~"

"~~In their childish way..~~"

Laurel continues to sing the song for the crowd. Eventually, she finishes and starts performing something else.

Unfortunately one of the old men who plays an instrument starts to cough and wheeze and he can't go on anymore.

Laurel frowns and says, "I'm sorry everyone, it looks like we'll have to reschedule for another time. Old Jackie needs his heart medication."

At Nyssa's behest, the young man known as Alexander Aaron arrives at the bar. Not one of his usual haunts, when he enters he draws perhaps the occasional double take. Perhaps it's due of late to the curious influx of strange arrivals, or perhaps the subtle way that the eye is drawn towards Phobos. In the abstract there's little obvious reason for it, sure he's a decently handsome fellow and the smile that seems at home on his lips is rather arrogant, but other than that. Then again, as he steps through the doorway he has a way of seeming more 'real' than those around him.
A moment later and the youthful deity strolls across the way, slipping between individuals and making his way to Nyssa. Once he draws near he lifts his voice enough for her to hear, "At your bidding." His smile turns a touch more amused.

"Yes, I try play a few open mic nights each month." Morien eyes look away from Rain and to her cat, then back to Rain. "My day job can be stressful, and I like to cut loose as much as possible." Morien pours himself a shot of Jameson and downs it very quickly, "And Jazz is probably one of my favorite types of music.

Morien's mind starts to wonder to the first time that he heard Jazz being played, and how he followed the different influences that help create Jazz throughout the centuries. When the piano player goes down, Morien stands up. Morien walks over to the stage, "I can play the piano. He cracks his knuckles as he makes his way to the piano and calls over his shoulder to Laurel, "I would help for the crowd to miss out on such a beautiful performance.

Nyssa continues to watch Skye with a quiet air of amusement, shaking her head slightly at the exchange between her, her cover, and the man who arrives late. Before she can offer any further advice, though, Alex arrives. "Such a good boy," she replies with a low laugh, a dark glint of humor in her eyes as she turns to greet him with an air kiss by one cheek. "But it seems you're just in time," she murmurs, glancing toward the stage as Laurel calls a halt to the music.

John's dull eyes flicker to Morien when the man rises and moves to the stage, and for a moment there's a gestalt examination of the fellow that seems to go far beyond what the mere mortal eye would notice- as if John is staring at some sign on the man's back that only he can see.

The glance is gone in a blink and he scratches Captain's head affably. "'allo mate, you found any mackerel laying about?" he asks the feline familiar. John's eyes traverse the pub to the odd assortment congregating at the bar- the hacker, the young hero, the assassin, and the God of Fear. He douses his questions with another double back of whiskey and tops his glass off once more, slumping bonelessly into the plush green leather seat.

When the contact leaves, Skye looks to Nyssa and Alex, smiling as she holds the unsipped beer in her hand. She then looks to the man beside her and states, "Gimme your phone." There is a pause and a raised brow, but the man timidly hands his phone over. Skye stands and moves to stand beside him, smiling and snapping a photo or two with it. She even takes one of putting a soft kiss to the side of his cheek, "There, that'll get your mother off your back at least until Christmas." She hands him his phone back and slowly stands, "Thanks. You did well." She then turns to sit back down again, facing the stage this time and scanning the area around her.She the sets the Stella behind her where it is quickly grabbed and replaced with a coffee.

Sitting at the bar, Tre keeps looking around, he spots a few people but no one else he knows. The music isn't bad and as he watches Laurel, he smiles she isn't bad at all. He sips his soda. He seems to be in a good mood tonight and as he does and looks over at those at the bar he smiles to Skye watching her for a moment than looking back out at the rest of teh bar. His eyes moving around to just see how many people are here as well as exits. He lets out a breath, he looks back over to Skye than back out at the others, he notices Nyssa watching her, "I think you have a fan." he says to Skye.

Is that Lurch? Well, Rain doesn't seem sure about Alexander or the spy convention over there. What is it with English accents and spy talents? Rain doesn't really know. She ahs softly at Morien, nodding. "Awesome. I wish I had any sort of musical talent." Alas, Rain did not get any of that. As Morien is going to make his way up, she beams. "Break a leg, dude." That's how you wish people performing luck, right?

Rain is letting the tender sample some of what she brought along. There's a curious look at the God of Fear(TM), Nyss and Skye, but she doesn't pry. She seems shy, violet eyes peering to the ceiling now and then. Rain waves to Tre. Another odd soul out. "Hey there." She'll meander towards Captain and John, looking amused. Captain closes an eye, as he's headscratched. "Nah, not a mackerel in sight. It's rough," He's a bit wry. "But the company seems to be good." He offers.

"A fan?" Skye turns her attention to Tre, a slight smirk given with a light laugh, "I don't have fans. I've had people follow me before and take pictures, but I tend to lump those in the area of /creepy/." She sips her coffee and regards Tre once more, "Hittin' it hard tonight huh? No ice. You rebel." She clearly is jesting and extends her hand to the man, "Skye. Before you ask. No I do not come here often and I am a Cancer."

"Well, thanks for stepping in." Laurel smiles at Morien as he takes the place of old Jackie at the piano. She gestures for a few members of the band to keep playing something in the background while she confers with Morien over some of the songs he might know. Given his age, hopefully he knew.. all of them!

Settling into place at the bar, Alexander seems so terribly at ease, as if the bar was really his and everyone else was just a visitor. Dark crimson eyes lift as he espies Laurel and smiles openly, "I think I know the singer," His tone is bemused as he looks towards Nyssa, then back at the lounge singer. Should he catch her eye he'll offer a small wave.
Turning back to Nyssa, Phobos quirks an eyebrow. "I was under the impression when you called you had some specific intention." Without even a 'by your leave' he reaches to the young Al Ghul Girl and takes her drink, sips it.

Smirking a bit, Tre looks to Skye as she begins speaking to him. "Oh yeah, rebel." he winks at her. Tre drains his soda and smiles at Skye, "Tre. No I don't come here either. And I'm a Gemini." he tells her. Glancing back over to where Nyssa is, he grins at her and looks back to Skye, after asking for a refill on his soda. "So creepy it is." he says to her. When he sees Rain wave to him, he smiles to her and offers a wave to her as well. "So what brought you here if you don't come here often?" he asks.

"Do you?" Nyssa arches a brow at Alex when he mentions knowing the singer, smile quirking as he takes her drink. There's nothing remarkable about the vodka tonic. It's apparently not the source of the talking cat in the bar, though. At least that's what Nyssa determined. Mostly. "How fortuitous." She reaches out to take back her glass, taking a sip of her own before setting it down again. "That was actually who I meant to seek your opinion regarding," she admits, watching as the band works out their next piece.

"It is my pleasure. I think the crowd would have gotten upset if your performance was cut short." Morien turns his gaze back to Laurel and his eyes widen slightly as he finally gets a good look at her, and recalls the first time he met her. His facial expression returns to normal, and he turns back to face the piano. His fingertips gently caress the keys for a minute and he starts to play, "Good Morning, Heartache" to warm up his fingers. /

Skye leans back in her seat at the bar, resting her elbows upon the bartop and talks casually to Tre, "Work. Well, overtime really. Tho, as of right now I am off the clock." Another sip of the coffee is taken and she continues to speak, "No I could ask the same off you: Sultan of Soda?" Her eyes drift to Morien as he begins to play. It's not so bad here actually. Perhaps she may actually come back.

Rain waves to Constantine, as he wanders out. "Nice enough fellow," Captain remarks. He appreciates anyone kind enough to scritch even a talking cat. However, with a seat full of warms, Captain is taking that one over. The orange tabby does that cute thing where cats circle, knead the seat a little and then form a perfect loaf. Captain has assumed Catloaf Morph. Rain laughs softly and pets her familiar. The drinks she brought have been taken off over the counter. She watches curiously, considering who to talk to. Whooooo.

"~~Good morning.. heartache. You ole gloomy sight. Good mooorning heartache, thought we'd said goodbye last night.~~" Laurel picks up with Morien immediately, knowing the song by heart and evidently the pitch and tone of Billie Holiday's voice to a tee; it was a little surreal.

Returning her drink to her, Alexander looks up towards where Laurel serenades the crowd. His brow furrows as his gaze distances in thought. "Well," The young deity gets a wry half-smile as he confides in Nyssa the fact, "She is a better fighter than you." He nods sagely, perhaps half-expecting the woman to lash out in annoyance. But then he frowns to himself.
His calm and level voice takes on a bit more distracted tone as he watches Laurel. "She has a dark past. She knows what it is to go against one's own." He frowns and folds his arms over his chest, "The thread of her fate is already frayed. I would be worried to spend too much time near her lest it be sliced in twain."

Tre turns to face Skye seeing as they are talking now. "Must be crazy hours if your now just off the clock." he says to her. "What do you do?" he asks. People always tend to have crazy hours depending on their jobs, he knows he does. Rubbing his head a little bit as he nods to her. "The Sultan of Soda." he tests it out, "It has a nice ring to it." he laughs. "I had a delivery here earlier in the day, so I decided to come back and check the place out." he says to her. Tre drinks his soda, "It's not my typical place, but hey here I am." he tells her. "Normally I'm messing aorund on my computer or gaming." eh says. Not worried about what he does for fun, "Granted I was hoping this place had some good tunes to dance to."

Nyssa laughs low at Alex's answer, smile wry. "If that's true, then she's improved," she murmurs in reply, though she stores away the information. It was an idle curiosity, either way, one now satisfied. Somewhat. "Are you a strain on fate, then? It is a good thing I have no such fears for myself."

Skye is not shy about where she works. It is not like she is giving out secrets, "SHIELD. I work for SHIELD. I guess I am never really off the clock as it were." A longer sip of her coffee is taken and she continues, "So I really cannot talk much about work." She shrugs casually, "So what exactly do you do on your computer?"

A huge grin appears on his face in admiration as Laurel's voice changes to match Billie Holiday's voice. He actually got to see Billie Holiday perform this song live once. He enjoys his memories as much as he enjoys Laurel's performance. He quickly moves on to playing, "Cry Me A River."

His brow raises when Skye tells him she works for SHIELD. "NOw thats pretty awesome." he says as he looks to her impressed. He ndos his head, "No worries." he says to her. You don't go getting noisy when it comes to SHIELD. "I just started working with Adobe photoshop and illustrator. Looking at wanting to get into programming a bit and a few other things. But thats about it. Granted I'm in thr process of deleting games off my computer. Got too much thats taking up space." he tells her.

Returning to the here and now, Alexander looks back towards Nyssa, focusing fully on the assassin. "It could be Fate, or perhaps coincidence." There's a small shrug from him as he slouches there at the bar, letting his eyes rest on Laurel from afar. "Or could be the perfectly logical series of events when one is an acquaintance of my family. The chance one is devoured by a Kraken goes up the more Olympians one knows."

Skye listens to Tre expalion what he is doing with his computer and nods agreeably, "Interesting. I tend to deal more with encryptive algorithms and how they pertain to accessing a subnnet masking satellite re-routing tranmission." She pauses a moment and then adds to clarify, "I find flaws in people's computer securities." Isn't that really what a Hacker does?

"Recent events would suggest that chance goes up the more Atlanteans one knows," Nyssa chuckles, taking another sip of her drink. "But I will keep my eyes open for krakens, just in case." She leans against the bar, still keeping an eye on the performance out of curiosity.

Rain knows about Krakens! … stupid magic basement. Captain pauses, "Krakens, huh. People really seem worked up about tentacles." Rain sighs, and gently scritches her cat. They'll take in the performance, perhaps watching for an in to talk to someone. Without tentacles.

When he finishes, Tre drinks more of his soda until it's empty. As for Skye, his eyes are on her and as she explains what it is she does, he blinks a few times. But than she speaks in english. "Now that is pretty cool. If yoru finding teh weaknesses in someone security, it also makes it easy to fix it but if you really wanted, to. Create a backdoor just in case they are up to something they really shouldn't be." he tells her.

Catching the comment about Krakens and perhaps Rain's eye, Alexander gives her a rather open smile, like the sun coming over the horizon. For a moment he lifts his eyebrows as if confiding to her one of the great secrets of the world. But then he crinkles his nose at some of the things Nyssa gives voice to. He lifts a long-fingered hand and gestures to the side almost absently as he murmurs, "Atlanteans, pfft."

Another coffee sip, a long and deep sip this time, then she winks to him, "My skills come in handy. I am somewhat of an information gatherer." She still is not hinting fully at what she does, and she may not fully reveal, "Even SHIELD had a small weakness. I was just nice enough to let them know what it was."

Two plainclothes security guards enter the building. One stands by the door and takes a peek out of the window to look at the street. The other one signals to get Morien's attention. Morien looks at the security guard and lets out a frustrated sigh.

Morien starts to play, "I'll Take The A Train." When the song is completed, Morien takes a quick bow. He digs in his wallet for a business card, and says, "If one of your musicians ever get sick again, please do not hesitate to call me."

Morien offers a friendly smile to Rain as he leaves a tip, "I didn't break a leg, but I guess I did all right. Have a wonderful evening." Morien heads towards the door, folllowed closely by his security guards.

Skye's last comment gets his attention, "You hacked SHIELD?" Tre asks. No she isn't telling him, and he's not really all that saavy in computers, but he's learning. "Skye, your a very interesting woman." he smiles at her. THough waiting to see if she tells him if she did hack SHIELD. He notices voices coming not far from where he and Skye are sitting,but than again, it's a bar so he doesn't really pay too much attention to it.

Nyssa smiles faintly at Alex's comment, shaking her head as she finishes her drink. "Well," she says as the music comes to a stop. "I think I've seen what I was interested in seeing here. And I've plans for the evening." Stepping back from the bar, she leaves a few folded bills beneath the empty glass for the bartender.

A woman must keep her secrets and Skye is no exception. She drains the coffee and sets it down upon the bartop, looking to Tre with a simple smile that reveals little, "Let's just say I never went to the Academy."

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