Shame to Laughter Ratio

June 04, 2017:

Agent Darcy Lewis is introduced to Cloud. Scott and Nate show her the sub-basement.


NPCs: X-Men's security and control VI

Mentions: Rogue, Laura, Professor X, Ripclaw


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Fade In…

Immediately after Antarctica Cyclops went to Scotland's Muir Island and is just now returning home. The HQ his destination after a quick shower. The shower helped nothing he is still jetlagged and exhausted descending the stairs to the main foyer he activates the hidden access channel to the subbasement. He is fully aware that Agent Lewis is somewhere near by. If anything Scott wants her to see him. It is about time she got to see more of what the X-Men are about and capable of.
She has already earned a place of trust among them after all.

Darcy had to find Nate Grey for an interview. There were details she needed to finish using SHIELD resources to help shake DEO off him. The fact that no reports or charges had been filed against him was a relief, for the moment. Thus, Darcy was just stepping into the foyer when…

"Mr. Summers?" she asks, green eyes widen behind her red glasses as she spies him.

Instead of returning to the Xavier's estate, Nate went to see Ripclaw after the raid in the Antarctic facility, flying on his own power (slightly faster than the Blackbird). Meeting Laura was nice, so he is in relatively good mood despite all the crap he has been going the last month. And he just got back.

Darcy would barely recognize him, though. The long hair is gone, and right now it is cut very short, and the face sports several half-healed burns, some still bandaged. The added scars Apocalypse caused are very visible around his left eye and scalp.

The elevator door is kept open by a hand. "Join me?" He implores Darcy before Nate is striding in. "Both of you." Extended. Scott is dressed in a simple loose tshirt and sports pants with sandals. Nothing special and for once his hair is actually longer than Nate's, settled in an unruly mop of dark brown. He'll hold the elevator for them and once they're in the door should close. Music quietly playing in the background.
"Good afternoon."
Darcy double takes at Nate, her steps toward Scott halting a moment.

"Hey.. Wow you look like shit," says the SHIELD liason in the most unprofessional professional manners ever. She slips into the elevator.
"We'll see," replies Nate. He is still grumpy about Scott's decision not to tell the world about the Genoshans atrocities against the Atlantes. Surely the UN would act in collaboration with Atlantis. Maybe he is being naive.

Darcy's words make him smirk, though. "That is the consensus, yeah. Ah, just some burns. I will be fine in a couple weeks. You should see the other guys."

The elevator descends, Scott is quiet at first. A low light chuckle escapes him at Agent Lewis' crass nature. Shes ever entertaining. Despite the they chuckle of amusement he says nothing on the ride down. Darce will realize at some point they're lower than the schematics of the build advertises and then the elevator dings.

"Welcome Cyclops. Welcome X-Man. Welcome Guest." An disembodied feminine voice chimes.

"Update, Nate Grey replace X-Man with Scion. Update current guest with Agent Darcy Lewis. Authorization Code XMC-001." A pause as Cyclops waits in the silver color scheme hallway a small camera like device in the middle of the ceiling rotates and a red flash of light scans over Darce. "Updated. Welcome Scion, Welcome Agent Darcy Lewis."

"Glad to hear it. I'm sure you gave them fucking hell. And one from me too, right? Oh, hey. What the fuck with DEO, man? You live to make my live a shit storm or what? God! There's no warrant out for you, so that's a thing, but fuck, bro," Darcy chides the XMan…Scion… Nate Grey. She even smacks his arm very very lightly.

"Oh, hey. Your building talks too. Badass. Hello Building! What's your name?"

"I stumbled in one of the DEO illegal operations," comments Nate, responding to Darcy. "Actually, Rose did. She was trapped, illegally jailed, a bomb in her neck. I went to help. I meet some assholes that think they… hell, they don't just think they are above the law. They are. Necessary evil, said Cooper." He snorts when he hears there is no warrant. They might not want to make this too public. "I gotta keep low profile for a while, I suppose. No big deal, I am used to live like an outlaw."

"It does sort of yeah, that is our security and control Virtual Intelligence." VI for short, Scott explains while Darcy and Nate banter? A little. "She is not very good at conversation." Obviously as it doesn't respond to 'building'. He might have to put that in to it's registry, no one has ever just referred to it as building before. Leave it to Agent Lewis.

"Nate's issues are one of the favors I was pulling for with you. Touchy subject." Scott says and doesn't try to elaborate. What Nate says he knows and what the DEO claims are two different subjects. Without Rose or evidence to confirm its a situation, a lesser situation in the shadow of Genosha and one for later. If they pursue it. So far the DEO has not cracked down on X-Man/Sion or the X-Men.

"Agent Lewis, the scanner just now took your measurements. Don't be alarmed if you're presented with a unfi— "

"Agent Darcy Lewis uniform processing." The voice of the VI intones.

"Right… "
A motion down the hall, "This way. I'll show you our Danger Room."

"Hey. DEO are fucking pricks. I coulda told ya that much," Darcy quips, reaching into her pocket to pull out some ID cards for Nate. "I figured you were going to want to, so here. I made you a quick ID. It'll hold for a while, but don't go robbing banks or shit. Cux that ID won't hold up to much. But, you'll be able to buy beer and smokes and get into titty bars," she adds. Because those are the important things in life. Order is fluid. Her eyes flick to Scott and she grins.

"Nate's issures are being worked on, Mr. Summers. We already went over that. I pulled what info I was able to. I protect mine.

"Uniform, huh? Do I get a fucking say in this uniform? Because I sure as hell dont with SHIELD."
Nate is going to have to agree about DEO. But he is prone to jump into conclusions. He knows exactly two DEO agents, out of several thousands. "For me?" He rhetorically asks Darcy when she gives him the documents. "Wow, I have a driving license now," he cackles. No x-vehicle is safe.

"We have a decent working relationship with Valerie Cooper of the DEO but it isn't the same. I prefer our relations with you and SHIELD." Scott admits. He is taking a moment to stare and listen, he is out of his depth with the way Darcy talks. That is defintely going to be a learning curve for him. Oddly enough he isn't offended more like he is absolutely amused by it.

"I'm glad and I appreciate everything you're doing for us." A look at the wall as they walk, red light reflects and a door opens to the Danger Room. "Actually yes, it is a 3D fabricator and you can customize it on one of these consoles in here. It has a warm up period but it's relatively quick." This is advanced technology, Fantastic Four, Stark, top tier SHIELD only levels. The X-Men are just more hidden about theirs as its extraterrestrial in origin, for the most part.

"Stay away from my car. Rogue already threatened to throw it in to the river just because… "

The Danger Room control center, a room with a wide window in to a massive whitewashed room with grids. A hand motions out towards it. Consoles and monitor screens are everywhere in here. On one screen she can actually see the X-Men's VI creating a 3D render of her body. Its already cycling through various clothing pieces with stylized X logos.
"That's because you like my rack, Summers. Behold! The power of tits," says Darcy, sweeping her hand in front of her like she's fucking Vanilla White of Breastses. She smiles at the introduction to the fabricator, hands rubbing together in glee.

"Oh, fuck yes. Perfect Derby suit here I come!" she crows as she watches the render. "Shiny."

"Thanks for this stuff, Darce," says Nate, still going over the fake ids and documentation, occasionally grinning at some of the details she added. "Ah, the fabricator is good. I managed to almost perfectly replicate my original uniform, layered Kevlar mesh and all." The one Apocalypse took from him, designed by Forge and his last remaining possession from his homeworld.
A man shouldn't get too attached to anything.

Scott coughs abruptly. It's like he just choked on his own tongue. "Holy… " The stoic demeanor and solid composure of one Scott Summers breaks.

"I, wow… " He is amazed Nate appears entirely undisturbed with the way Agent Lewis talks. It would appear he is ignoring it or quite used to the SHIELD operative. "Anyways, just uh help yourself to anything it will give you access to. You're the equivalent in our systems as a junior X-Men. The VI itself will not allow you in to certain sectors… " He studies her, watching her menace the fabricator with her eyes alone, "This is a big step for us. We've never let anyone like you down here. Like you being well government." He doesn't mean 'human'. Scott isn't Magneto.
"The Danger Room you are fully authorized to play with though." A rap of knuckles on the view screen to that giant whitewashed gridroom.

"No probs, Nate. Don't go too craycray with it. I only get one quick make fake persona a month," Darcy quips, smirks as Scott chokes on himself. Chokes on himself. HA!

"I'm totally calling her Vivi, because V.I. is just weird as fuck," she says, looking up fro the fabricator to smile angelically at Scott.

"Awww. I'm the first non-mutant you've let into your inner sanctum. I'm fucking flattered, man! Wait.. Danger Room? In a school? That… sounds… dangerous." Bravo falls at ther own lame lame words.

Nate is hard to shock with words; he hangs with a rough crowd. Darcy-talk makes him smile. "I have managed three years without legal documentation; I think I will be fine. But some of these might come handy."

Then he shakes his head. "You aren't the first non-mutie. The X-Men have had like half a dozen non-mutant members, y'know? I think you are the first SHIELD agent, though."
"Vivi?" Scott says, he can work with that if it catches it catches. A hand drops to the control panel for the Danger Room and he starts to roll through it. Showing her different scene changes in the digitized 'reality simulation chamber'. First a forest with furry bears in it. A second a desert landscape with giant worms. A third the moon with the crater where Attilan used to be.

"You only managed because people have covered for you or you've been using your powers to manipulate people, Nate. That isn't how we operate." Scott doesn't lecture. Nate is beginning to fit in after so long on the outside, he'll help that process with some measure of ease where he can.

"Right, been reading the files, good. What he said though. You're just our first… government associated official down here." Which might be in part because of her displays of tenacity, loyalty and unique nature.

"Let me!" Darcy retort to nate, tone falsely whiny. She watches Scott scroll through things before she smiles hugely.
"You have a fuckign holodeck. Princess Science is going to me furniture royalty jealous. In anycase.. thanks for hte trust, man. This place is pretty badass."
The unsecured door to the control room catches some movement in front of its sensors, registers that movement as alive, and cleared by the security codes. In the next moment, the door hisses softly open as a large cat - one of the smallest of great cats, a clouded leopard - strops herself against the doorway, and then peeks through the opening, looking over those within.
"Not really, Scott," replies Nate, glancing at the older man. "You know hundreds of thousands of people live in this country without documentation or a legal identity. And not just mutants or criminals. It is just not difficult if one is willing to give up some unneeded comforts."

But yes, he is reading files. Mostly the ones of the last three years, and looking for contradictions with his memories. But also a few older ones, looking for people he has met in other lives.

Oh yes, the Danger Room. "This place is for training. I will not admit or deny using it for going to the beach in winter."
"Hello Cloud." The VI's friendly voice sounds out in the hallway before the leopard is fully through the door.

Scott glances over from the Danger Room's screen. "Closest thing to an explanation is a holodeck." No mention of Zhiao, he's letting them discover her on his own. Maybe he likes seeing other people startled by wild animal.

As Nate talks Scott looks at him, he doesn't say anything he just sort of red-visor-stares briefly then turns back to the screen. "Just about everyone is guilty of using it for recreational purposes." Scott will not admit to ever doing that. Not that he has. He takes the leading by example thing very serious.

Scott is rather once again amused by Darce's 'everydayman' breakdown description of the Danger Room. No technical jargon required.
Darcy moves to the controls, looking for the Minecraft Creative mode. Her back to the door she hasn't noticed the cat yet.

"Oh, I might abuse the fuckign hel out of this. Tell me there's a child's lock on the door… black out the windows don't record shit option…" She's not being serious, is she?
The leopard pads into the room, snuffling about, looking over those within the room. Her head lifts and bobs in ascent towards the VI's vocoder. Then she pads over and slowly strops her softly-furred side against the new two-foot's handy leg. How nice.

"I think everything is recorded," mentions Nate, smirking again. "But you can probably bribe Kitty or Doug about that, they are the computer masters and probably can delete the logs. Best way of doing things here is, well, not caring if someone sees them later."

Yeah, Nate has no shame.

The leopard gets a brief glance. Little else. If she wants to interact she should, well, talk.

Scott doesn't say anything as he moves aside to let Darce have at the controls of the Danger Room. When the room within turns in to a larger than lifesized Minecraft World a grumble escapes the X-Men's leader. Likely Cypher or Kitty programmed that in.

"I don't even know what that is." He admits then looks down at the predator cat and the back of Agent Lewis' legs. If a wink is visible beyond those deep-red glasses on his face it can't be seen.

'Vivi' as she is now being called cuts in, "Why yes, Agent Darcy Lewis there are security features and privacy modes for authorized users. Would you like me to load up one? There are even several favorites saved that have not been secured and are still fresh on file, Logan'sShaveParty3000, Forge'sFiveNi-"

"VI off!." Scott says quickly, "Nate, do not encourage it. The Danger Room is not a toy." This conversation has been had countless times with Doug and Kitty. It is likely going to be had again.

Darcy's cackling as she's learnign what the danger room can do, and the security measures and work around on offer when… Cat to leg. What was that?

Darcy looks down. Darcy sees big cat. Darcy blinks.

"The fuck?"

Darcy looks up at Scott.

"There is a giant cat…. Leaning on my leg." In a tone that screams that it might have been missed by the room at large.

"WHY is there a giant cat leaning on my leg?"

Cloud rubs herelf, the entire length of her body from her forehead all the way to the tip of her tail against Darcy's legs. Then she settles herself down in front of the control panel, facing Darcy, wide warm amber eyes peering up at her curiously. Then she yawns that big, toothsome mouth of hers. And flirts her tail.

Why shouldn't there be a giant cat leaning on Darcy's leg?
Nate rolls his eyes. "I give you three guesses for that cat, Darce," he offers. "And a clue: mutant school." That said, and since Scott said not to encourage her, he heads out. "Don't break anything. And if you want to know more about those sims that do not exist, well, I accept bribes in beer or coffee." Yes, he is terrible about following silly orders. Besides, no one (almost no one) uses the DR at 4 am (usually).
Scott folds arms across his chest and smiles at Darcy's reactions. That red glint that stands out in the visor more than the rest looks almost like it zeros in on her then down at the leopard. "Agent Lewis meet Cloud, Cloud meet Agent Lewis."

"One of the newest members of the X-Men. Like you, not a mutant but one of us."

Nate's departure is acknowledged long enough by Scott to exhale. Jean has her work cut out for her. He does as well but right now, the hand off for Nate's sessions is on the 'mother'.

"You're on. Still like Shiner and Starbucks?" Darcy quips at Nate, not moving because cat. She looks down when Scott introduces her, and a hand comes down to pat pat on the head.

"Hello, Cloud. You are a very big cat. Thanks for hte welcome?" Darcy asks. Because she gets paid to deal with weird shit. It's on her resume now.

Cloud tilts her head slightly, pressing into the hand brushing over her furred head and ears. Then she lifts a paw and lays that paw on Darcy's leg just above the knee; just one big, soft, furred paw. No claws are out at all. And those wide, attentive amber eyes look deep into the gaze of the woman. This two-foot is now part of the pride? She nods, slowly, seriously. Yes, welcome.

Cloud then turns her head to look at the red-visored Cyclops, offering a much briefer nod, an acknowledgement to the leader she follows - in her own inimitable feline fashion - as part of the team. Then she's back to taking in Darcy, as if trying to memorize her. She probably is.

No psychic powered mutant himself Scott is incapable of reading Zhiao all that well, the X-Men are about acceptance of all walks. Cloud is an example of that. She is a poster child for Charles Xavier's mission as much as any of the mutants present.

"It will take some getting used to but you are a SHIELD Agent and you are clearly a very adaptive and impressive woman on your own right. You'll adjust just fine." He can't even begin to describe some of their students.

"I want you to make yourself as comfortable here as you can Agent Lewis. I insist."

"Life takes getting used to, Summers. This? Just another bit of chocolate in the box," Darcy says without looking up from the cat she's petting. "You remind me of a kitten I rescued in New Mexico. That wasn't you, was it?" she asks the creature, head tilting.

Continued petting earns more attention from Cloud, who remains where she is, a subsonic vibration passing through their moments of contact, the beginning of a purr. She considers the woman carefully, then slowly shifts her head, side to side. New Mexico? No, she has not been to that land, save quite recently aboard the magical black flying beast of the X-Men. It was not she who was rescued by this new person.

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