Genosha: Resolute

June 04, 2017:

(CUTSCENE) Cyclops delivers the Atlanteans to Muir Island.


NPCs: Moira MacTaggert

Mentions: Professor X, Magneto


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Muir Island, Mutant Research Center…
((following the events of ))

"I don't agree with this at all, Scott." Moira declares. She has been frowning since they began talking. Since Xavier's protege arrived with his request. "You have to tell someone. Secrets like this are just going to hurt you in the long run."

"I am aware, Doctor." Scott says, the X-Men's leader steps in closer to the world renowned geneticist. "We are in a tough situation. If I let them know it could ruin everything we have planned.' Moving near the woman puts him out of the way of the large capsules with men and women in them being carted by. Medical pods, full of water and the Atlanteans within. A recent acquisition of the X-Men while they were in Antarctica. A rescue from Genoshan scientists and their Matsya Research Facility.

"… or have you considered they might just help you? You do not know. It is not the X-Men and mutants against the world. Look at who you're speaking to." An insistence, the brunette is trying to read Scott's features, trying to see past that impassive visor and that straight edge expression.

"Can't risk it. There are too many what-ifs. Atlantis could if so enraged simply wipe out the entire island and there too many innocent lives there, too many who can get caught in a cross-fire. My way is best."

"How would you react if the Atlanteans hid something way like this from you?" Moira shakes her head. "No. Don't respond to that I know exactly what you would do. You would march right in there and demand to speak to them and you would raise all hell. Your way is best." She scoffs. "You sound a lot like Erik right now."

"Who says they haven't already? I would yes and I expect the same of the Atlanteans. I also expect them to listen to reason when I explain why I have done this. If they cannot then I was right. I am not wrong in this. Not Atlantis, not the Justice League. Only the X-Men need to know about this. There are too many variables. It is now or never and nothing can get in the way of that." Scott says nothing about the jab and name drop.

"You're too damn stubborn and this is reckless of you. I'll take them in, I'll keep them alive and I'm damned well going to make sure they recover but they're not mutants, we specialize in human mutates here not homo mermanus. If they miraculously wake up and are capable before you're done starting a war I am going to let them go back home. I will not keep them here against their will. These people Scott, these poor unfortunate people deserve to get well again and have a life once more."

Scott sighs, "I know Moira. I want you to do all that. I want them to recover, that is why I brought them to you. I am not keeping them captive, they're not prisoners of war. I just need some time to get my forces ready and inside of Genosha, we have to stop this from ever happening again. It is our mission. It is everything the Professor has prepared us for."

"But like this, Scott? Like this? You're supposed to have more faith in the rest of the world. Faith in your fellow man. I thought Charles taught you better." Moira reaches up to Scott's face and gives his cheek a warm pat. "Good luck. Your secrets safe with me for now, but like I said, if they should wake up or I need a specialist in Atlantean physiology… " The woman trails off she joins who are setting up new machines in Muir Island, life saving machines and modules to help the poor tormented Atlanteans the X-Men rescued, twelve in all. Twelve men and women so badly mutilated by the Genoshans its likely most of them won't even choose life come the end of this ordeal.

Scott Summers remains within the MRC medical emergency wing until the very last Atlantean body-filled module rolls past and begins set up. The *entire* time he is standing there he is forcing himself to imagine it is his X-Men in there. His mind running through scenarios of possible responses and emotions. Hardening his resolve. His heart. He cannot and will not let anyone interfere with his plans for Genosha. It is now or never. The African mutant slaver country is already bolstering it's forces, rebuilding and far too long the rest of the world has done nothing. It's time now for the X-Men to finish what they started.

Genosha must fall.

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