May 28, 2017:

The Awesome Threesome get pwned by Wonder Woman, Green Lantern (Jordan), and Mera of Atlantis.

St. Martin's Island - Metropolis

St. Martin's Island bears the wealthiest real estate that can be afforded within the Uptown and Eastside neighborhoods. It is home to three theme parks, numerous public and private beaches, and the estates of many of the city's best known families.

Contemporary condominiums span along wide tree lined boulevards that radiate out from Swan Circle starting in Uptown only to spiderweb out. Several housing developments on the island have waiting lists stretching for 10 years or more.


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A beautiful mixture of clouds and brilliant sun above St. Martin's Island. The heat offered up is just enough warmth that jackets, sweaters and heavy clothing is unecessary but there is a breeze enough that reminds people it's not as hot out as it looks. Perfect weather for a carnival. This island actually has three that operate on and off year around.

That is not why the Justice League is here unfortunately. They never just show up for fun. It's not why they exist anyways.

Screams set the atmosphere as civilians run from the eastern side of the second largest of the carnivals, O'Briens, popular because its got the best food stands (or so they claim) despite it having some of the oldest rides. The source of the people's terror is a giant pinkish-purple robot of some sort, it stands almost 9 feet tall and clutched in it's oversized claws is what looks like a bulky alien device the size of a smartcar. That object in the mechanical man-monsters care is recognizable in origin at least to Diana, who is familiar with Atlantean aesthetics.

The Claw robot is unmindful of the scattering civilians around it, a long-legged lope walking it more inland. It is the first visible disturbance the League should be able to make out. Behind it something else continues to transpire. A skirmish perhaps? The noises of conflict are audible.

What Mera is aware of less than an hour ago three strange 'robots' descended in to the ocean depths and stole a weapons cache from one of their outposts, these surface constructs or men in power armor made away with an experimental weapon, one that has been stashed away because the harm it causes on the environment and marine life and it's need to be reconfigured before it can be used by the armies of Atlantis.

The three robots are fleeing now and in their path have caused massive destruction to Atlanteans in their path and are now upon the surface, stomping their way through security personnel of St.Martins Island and what remaining Atlantean soldiers gave pursuit.

Diana arrives from the Hall only moments after the alert goes up. Indeed, she isn't wasting time, streaking from the golden monument of the JL's HQ to plow shield-first into the Claw robot in an effort to knock it back away from the center of the carnival and its fleeing civilians. She'll be happy to knock it back to the shoreline… or punch a hole straight through it.

Thefts are extremely rare in Atlantis. And thefts perpetrated by Surfacers? Unheard of. This is NOT the way to put Mera in a good mood. While Arthur has stayed at the outpost to deal with the goings on there, Mera has raced after the robots, and is now amongst the remaining Atlantean soldiers trying to stop them and get that weapon back.

Now, standing on a pillar of ocean water, Mera sees a streak of… something hit the Claw robot, and sends a tentacle-like stretch of solidified waterto try and bind the robot's feet and encourage it to fall down before it can advance further.

And no, she has never seen any Star Wars movies. Why do you ask?

The Claw robot is struck by Wonder Woman's shield with an impact that creates a loud *CLANG* the 9' foot metal monster staggering back only to get coiled up in a watery sheath of tentacles. With the force of Diana's initial strike it dropped that load it was carrying. The weapon cache colliding to the ground with a heavy crash. Fortunately it does not open and reveal secret Atlantean weapons tech inside. It lays there in it's bulky safe.

The vanguard of Atlanteans accompanying Mera to the surface are thrown back in to the Atlantic by a blur of green. "Get wrekt n00bs." A mocking robotic voice. One would think it was the Flash that just took them out but it is not. It is the leader of the Threesome of Robots who incidentally call themselves… The Awesome Threesome. Their programming begs to be questioned.

"Atlantean fishscrub. WTB weapon tech. It is time for Awesome Threesome to level up." Yes. The green robot is taunting Mera.

A shadow falls over them as Green Lantern soars in and stops, "What did he say? He makes no sense. Sounds like a twelve year old playing video ga-" Hal Jordan is cut off as a piece of the Ferris Wheel rips free and slams in to him. The third member of the Threesome has shown itself, the Red armored magnetically powered 'Magneto' (which is not /that/ Magneto).

As the Claw robot staggers, Diana streaks higher and pauses to assess the battlefield. "Lantern! Are you okay?" She waits only momentarily for his answer, however, as the green robot streaks into the fray. Of all of them, sans the Flash, she may be the fastest, thanks to the gift of Hermes, and thus best able to catch him. Besides… the water around Clawdaddy's legs suggests Mera has entered the fray, too. Which is just fine by Diana. So, as the green robot streaks around for another run, she accellerates to meet him head on — Aegis glowing ahead of her.

The green robot taunting Mera incomprehensibly only succeeds in making her angrier, but the flying woman seems to be fast enough to deal with the cretin. Her objective is to secure the weapons anyway, and they're here by this blue robot. Which, she knows how to deal with.

The water tentacles start constricting around the robot's legs, working to crush the mechanical limbs while a miniature tsunami washes up from the beach to try and collect the weapons cache before the robot can get to it again.

The Atlantean soldiers quickly move to start getting civilians clear, shoring up damaged structures and generally making sure that no one else is injured by this villains.

"Time for PVP." The Green robot taunts, "Y u so fast? Glitcher." Taunts from the leader of the Awesome Threesome to Diana, the speed levels of it are capable of matching her but it's physical strength and durability are likely not. At superspeeds it races alongside her throwing out a flurry of blows. "Spammer fists FTW! Get pWnD Wondertwink!"

Hal Jordan flies up again bits of dust and wreckage trickling off of him, "Okay, not cool pal. I'm okay Wonder Woman. I'll deal with this jerk." A massive oversized hardlight emerald hand reaches out and grabs 'Magneto' hurling him in to air following it up with a giant green bat. The swat away is returned and Green Lantern flies off after him. Time to show off.

Mera's waves wash over the cache, at first it does not budge but the more waters she applies to it the more they begin to pull it back, letting the Atlantic Ocean swallow it up again.

"HAX! I am fighting a camper with AOE snares. GG! 01100110011101010110001101101011." The Claw thrashes about above the waist which is held in place by the watery tentacles. Amazingly enough the robot is incredibly strong. Stronger than Aquaman even and is starting to thrash free. "Crit 20. I am free!" It stomps now towards Mera, the heavy thud of it's walk getting louder as it gets faster and faster. It looks like its getting ready to leap at her. A flying Juggernaut?

Diana doesn't bother responding verbally to the machine. She's not Cassie to have some sort of smart, millenial comeback. Regardless, she's gotten its measure, now. And as it hammers blows down on her shield, her blocks matching each blow, she reaches down one hand to snag her unbreakable lasso. Snapping it out whiplike, she wraps golden coils around its body and uses the momentum given her by one of the robot's fast blows to fling herself back onto the sand and plant herself firmly on the beach.

Giving a bit of smile that betrays the fact she actually does, occasionally, enjoy a good skirmish, she gives a mighty pull and flings the robot face first into the sand behind her. Then, she spins around, yanks again, and sends it spinning up into the air. In a maneuver worthy of Steve Rogers at his best, she flings her shield up after it, smacking it on the chin and causing its head to snap back, arcing it back towards the earth.

Diana springs airborn once more to catch her shield and, lasso still wrapped around one arm, fling her sword into the robot's chest, pinning it to the ground as she lands atop it and draws one braceletted fist back to slam full out into its face. There are sparks. She grasps her sword and pulls, standing on its chest, looking down at it. "You were saying?"

Now that the weapons cache is returning to the ocean where the soldiers there can return it to Atlantis, Mera's expression becomes murderous. A pair of solidified water javelins seemingly grow from her hands, and she leaps to meet the Claw partway.

Said javelins are needle-sharp and solidified to be nearly as strong as industrial diamonds, and Mera is aiming to jam them into the Claw's weakest armor points — or at least where the weak spots normally are in armor. At the joints. If she can get them into the armor, then the water has a way in and she'll drown the robot from the inside out.

The green bot also known as 'Torpedoman' in a dazzling and incredibly martial display goes down. Sprawled out on the ground it's arms wide out as if it was trying to make snow angels in the sand and grass. Sparks spit out of it's obliterated face as it speaks, "Zoned. You cheated. I was lagging. Check my ping. I demaned Amazon nerf. Wondertwink is o-o-ZZzt-ozz-OP." An odd musical power down defeat sound escapes the leader of the Awesome Threesome and his chatter ceases. No longer is it a threat.

A midair collision follows as Mera's javelins hammer in to Claw's joints and abdomen, the Queen of Atlantis can indeed use those openings to begin pooling forth more water, expanding and warping the Claw. A spastic dance follows as she performs this, arms spinning out of control as water squicks out from inside of it. "DOT DOT internal damage. My hitbox is too large!" Robot equivalent of saying he is a fatass. "Rerouting programming too low a level for Boss Fight. Swap protocols to dating sim." The Claw is now pounding back and forth, ignoring the actual combat it should have been having as water sprays from its insides with sparks and smoke. "DATING SIM ACTIVATED. Target acquired. Species Atlantean. Do not kill me do not kill me… I love… love you… l-love you, you are my reason for being!… " A loud explosion pops out of the Claw's side, shrapnel and gushing water pouring outwards ilke a geyser. "F-feed our cat… remember to feed our cat." A crash of tons of metal and the Claw is defeated just like Torpedoman.

A third crunch of metal parts hits the ground as a green glowing 'construction claw' vanishing after it drops Magneto, Hal Jordan floating to land near the two warrior women. "So, those are probably some of the most annoying guys I have ever had to fight. Just talk talk talk and I could hardly understand any of it."

The crowds have been pushed back by Mera's Atlanteans and now stay at a distance but the chorus of cheers at the defeat of the trio of robots is audible, cellphone vidoes and shutter clicks rapid now. Fortunately for the heroes the gawkers are all a good distance away.

As each of the other robots goes down, too, Diana relaxes some. She sheathes her sword and puts her shield on her back, coiling her lasso back on her hip. Then, she leaps lightly down from Torpedoman and walks over to Mera and Hal. "Well met, Your Majesty," she greets the Atlantean Queen. They have, after all, met before. "It's simply a shame we seem to meet most often under such challenging circumstance." A smile to Hal. "Well done, Lantern. I'm glad you're in one piece." Even if the ferris wheel isn't.

Mera doesn't dignify the robot — or its operator's — final please with a response. She simply watches it keel over then systematically dismatles the thing with more water tentacles until it looks like bucket of KFC dropped into a tank of pirahnas.

That done, she turns to look at the two Surfacer heroes to stopped the other two robots. "Greetings, and thank you both for your assistance." She offers them a polite, if somewhat regal nod. "Was the damage to this place significant?"

"Me too." Hal offers to Diana. He is ignoring their audience but that doesn't mean hes not striking a bit of a pose and standing as upright as he can manage.

"Not a problem and I think its seen better days but this place is old, seriously, it was in need of some help anyways." Green Lantern distracts himself remembering procedure a green video screen that looks like a touchpad springing to life off of his forearm that he types on. "DEO or SHIELD? I guess international waters were involved we can get these guys rounded up by SHIELD. I really hate the stupid hurdles. Just… someone pick these guys up." More ranting to himself about this than the two of them. He will alert SHIELD for three pickups from the Justice League this time around. A smug message from the Green Lantern that even includes a, "You're welcome." With a winky emoji.

Diana glances towards the carnival at Mera's question and gives a brief smile to the crowds, before returning her attention to her companions. "I don't think it was as significant as it could have been," she tells the Atlantean, with regard to the damage to the carnival. "But, we'll do a more thorough survey before we leave." They usually do. She nods to Hal, however, as he contacts SHIELD. She'd sooner them than the DEO, anyway — international waters or not. "Are you and your people going to be okay?" she asks Mera, finally.

Mera looks around again. Do Surfacers live in such … inadequate shelters? Or is this one of those places built solely to entertain? She doesn't really know how to tell the difference. Either way, it's rather disappointing.

After a moment's consideration, she pulls the tiara from her hair and offers it to Diana. Thankfully it's not one of her favorites. "To help fund the rebuilding efforts. Arthur is already coordinating repair efforts on our end, but thank you for asking."

"I bet that will fetch a pretty penny and way more than that thing was worth." As Hal talks there are cries of alarm and part of the wheel falls down, framework and scaffolding collapsing. No one near it so no one is getting hurt but its still a danger. "See! It was just waiting to get knocked over, one stiff wind, just one. Don't worry ladies, I got this." Hal lifts up and flies, he might be showing off just a little bit, he is prone to it after all, "MAYBE INVITE HER TO THE LEAGUE!" he shouts while creating a bunch of green support posts that start to hold the wheel upright long enough to clear a path so it can just be laid down. Not a threat to fall on anyone that way.

Diana accepts the tiara with both hands, inclining her head as a princess will to such a gift. "Thank you," she says sincerely. "I'll make sure it goes to where it is needed." As Hal lifts off, shouting at her as he goes, she rolls her eyes. "I didn't particularly need his encouragement to do so, Mera, but Green Lantern is right: you and Arthur are invaluable allies to us. It would be good to extend each of you membership in our League. It is not something that should greatly detract from your duties in Atlantis, but it may help better facilitate cooperation between us, as we'll be able to more quickly share information and aid."

Mera's head snaps around at the cries of alarm, and almost as fast as Hal's green supports, water climbs the ferris wheel's framework and stabilizes everything until the Lantern has it settled on the ground. Even then it slowly retreats again, bringing any other loose bits to the ground gently before draiing back toward the ocean.

"The League? Is that not the group that my husband already assists from time to time? I know there is the one Surfacer who wears all black and is as dour as an anglerfish…"

Diana nods. "Yes." She twitches a smile at the description of Batman. "But, there are many others, too, most of whom are far less forbidding." As Lantern deals with the ferris wheel, she turns to keep an eye on the rest of what's going on, too, in case she's needed. "And, Arthur has been associated with us in one way or another for many years. It would be good to welcome him back with you at his side. I know you are stronger together. And family is important." So says the woman who rarely gets to see her own family any more.

Mera goes quiet for a moment, then nods to Diana. "I will need to discuss this with Arthur, but I do not see where there would be any conflict. I do, however, doubt that we can both respond to requests for assistance together, unless the circumstances are particularly dire." And that's about as close as she'll get to admitting that Atlantis is still recovering from the truly enormous undersea crisis that happened about a year ago.

Again, Diana nods. "Understandable," she says. "In any case, we rarely have the entire league at any one crisis. Thank the Gods, thus far, we haven't required everyone at once." Tactfully, she doesn't address what is left unsaid about the state of Atlantis. It's not surprising to her; she's seen similar situations on Themyscira. "Let us know, when you have made your decision."

Hal is hovering by them again, "What'd she say?" He asks Diana, done with his work at the wheel. Not catching any of their conversation as he just now drifted back in to earshot. Maybe he is a little eager to have Mera on board. Who can go wrong with two Atlanteans?

"I will certainly do so." Mera looks up at Hal as he returns and asks a rather childlike question, then she glances at Diana. Is he always like this? "I said, perhaps I should speak with Arthur first."

Diana resists the urge to roll her eyes, now, but gives Mera a return look that basically says, 'yes, he's always like this'. "I trust the carnival is safe, now?" she asks Hal. "We will have to make a survey of the island to ensure there is no further damage."

"A Green Lantern on duty? Of course." Hal offers to Diana. He leaves out the 'especially me' part but she no doubt knows its there. "We'd be happy to have you join us, I am sure she said that already. Couldn't hurt relations anyways, maybe you're better company than Arthur." A grin.

Mera just stares at Hal. She doesn't even begin to crack a smile. "Do not speak that way about my husband." She then offers Diana a second, more respectful nod before turning to meet up with the remaining Atlantean soldiers still on the island. They have to get back to resecure the weapons and help with repairs to the outpost, after all.

"What did I say? It's not like I was making fun of his sequin shirts! Oh, wait, do you dress him? I hear married couples usually have the guy giving up his fashion senses… "

"Amongst other things." He whispers lower. Quickly Hal stops prattling before he makes things worse and goes to assist the incoming SHIELD agents. Retreat is likely his best option right now.

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