Do Not Disturb

June 03, 2017:

Nate finally gets some post-battle sleep. Illyana wakes him up, which might be a mistake.

Computer Lab - X-Men Base


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Fade In…

So Nate had lunch with Scott and Illyana. He was still breathing, so of course he wouldn't say no to a meal. Particularly after going without food for almost a week (stolen Genoshan energy bars aside). They talked a little more about Genosha, too.

Finally he left and came back to the X-Bunker. He needs to leave a written account of all he found out in the minds of the Magistrates. Before he forgets some important detail. And after reading so many of Scott mission reports, he went on and attempted to make it as detailed and professional-looking as the standard set by his 'father'.

Small wonder he fell asleep halfway.

Faceplant on the keyboard, for twelve hours. Typical Nate after almost a week without sleeping.

Illyana was her usual nonchalant self during lunch, completely unfazed by the prospect of launching a magical incursion against a heavily-guarded enemy installation.

Once lunch was finished, however, Illyana vanished into a stepping disc and hasn't been seen since. She's been busy, dropping in on her magical mentor Doctor Strange to load up on any useful texts he might be prepared to lend her at short notice. Since he wouldn't lend her anything particularly nasty - she's oddly charmed that he's looking out for the 2/5ths of her soul that's not yet corrupted - she spent the remaining time ransacking Belasco's library.

Limbo has only a casual relationship with the passage of time on Earth, so she's not exactly sure how long she's spent poring over books, scrolls and parchments, but she somehow manages to look like she hasn't just pulled an all-nighter. Benefits of partial demonhood, perhaps.

Now, she's back, and standing in the doorway of the darkened room, looking at the sleeping Nate, a stack of books under one arm for the purposes of last-minute revision. She's wearing a mischievous smirk, and proceeds to tiptoe through the door. It shouldn't be possible for someone wearing such heavy boots to move so silently, but somehow she manages it. Stealthily taking a seat on the table, Illyana holds her books above the surface next to Nate's head, waits for a moment, then drops them.

That would be a good idea for a joke, if Nate was one of Illyana's childhood fellow students and not the single survivor of a destroyed world. A boy that grew up in the trenches, fighting for his life nearly every day.

That was a blonde moment, Illy.

Of course he wakes up at that book falling, which sounded so much like a gunshot! Eyes open instantly, the left one glowing yellow. He dives for cover and sends the desk flying, a burst of telekinetic energy sweeping the room and breaking several computer screens. The book ends up bouncing at against the far wall.

Half a second to get hold of himself. "Illyana!"

There is a mixture of anger and regret in that shout, and he goes to check if the girl is alright.

Illyana rather enjoys making people jump. But it's just about possible that she's bitten off more than she can chew, this time.

The desk goes shooting backward, with Illyana still sitting on top of it, and smacks into the wall, hard. Was there a flash of light in the darkened room just before impact, or has Nate just squashed the demoness flat?

Another flash of light in a clear area of the room proves that he couldn't be that lucky. Illyana steps out of the circle of light and reaches up a hand to brush her hair back into place. The other hand is occupied with keeping the books she so hastily scooped up pressed against her side. She looks around at the mess Nate made and seems genuinely impressed. "Cyclops wasn't kidding." She says. "You're really not subtle. And making you jump is no fun." She tells him reprovingly, but she seems to be trying not to grin at the same time.

Illyana has a very odd sense of humour.

Putting her books down on an undisturbed desk, Illyana begins straightening up the room as best she can. Possibly it's as close as she gets to admitting she had a hand in causing the disruption in the first place. "Feeling better?" She asks, as she ducks under a desk to retrieve a keyboard from the floor.

"You… crazy… witch…" growls Nate, rubbing his face and looking at the destruction he has caused. "Sounded like a gunshot. You know how many times I woke up with that sound?" He sighs. Not often the last four or five years.
Traumatic flashbacks are the worst.

"You okay?" he gestures, bringing back the desk and fixing the bumps, even repairing some of the cracked screens. He will spend a few hours later checking which ones still work and replacing the rest. "I am fine. Sleep was good…" dreamless sleep was good. The kind that comes when he is utterly exhausted. Oh, some muscle cramps, but soldiers learn to sleep anywhere. A shower will fix him.

"That's me." Comes Illyana's slightly muffled reply from under the desk, before her blonde head pops up into view again. She doesn't take the opportunity to compare traumatic childhoods, instead asking, "/Sure/ you want to try this infiltration thing?" Because unexpected loud noises might happen. That bit she doesn't need to say.

"Me? Fine." Illyana replies with easy confidence. "You're not THAT fast." Despite her dismissive tone, her eyes do stray to the wall, before Nate smooths the imprint of the desk out of it. "You look better." She tells him, a smile playing across her lips as she adds, "Except for the keyboard indents in your face. What made you sleep in here, anyway?"

Nate is not going to fall for the 'keyboard indents' thing. Half his face is covered by bandages, anyway. "I was writing stuff I don't want to forget. Still need to write a couple more hours, I'll do it tonight."

Then he notices the books. "What are you up to, Yana?" This is not the best place for reading, anyway. Library is upstairs. "And what time is…" he checks his cell. Frowns. Seriously? Well, he has slept longer than 12 hours a few times. "Is Scott looking for me?"

For the first time since she got back to the bunker - not including the brief moment when she thought she was going to be splattered against the wall, which Nate didn't see - Illyana looks less than completely self assured.

"Didn't get these books from our library." She replies with a shrug. "And I don't want some of them getting too close to the books the students might read. They might rub off on them, which would be…" She thinks for a moment, then settles on, "Awkward." She lays a hand on top of the small pile and drums her fingers on the probably-leather cover of the top one. She finally adds, "Just some last minute revision."

Illyana shakes her head. "If he is, he hasn't told me. He's probably going to want us soon, though." She smirks, "Maybe you should hit the showers first?"

Nate nods. It is a good idea. Showers and coffee. "Give me ten minutes, then we can talk about preparations and… maybe a DR session? Cyke mentioned those," he heads out. There are showers in the bunker and that is all he needs for a quick one.

All he needs. No relaxing. No thinking about… her. Just the war. Nothing like a just war to put things in perspective. Smashing Sentinels to avoid brooding!

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