Those Who Lurk Between

May 30, 2017:

Elinor and Darkblade meet another /stranger/ in passing


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Hell's Kitchen is bosting a new restaurant. Simply called 'lunch box', it boasts cafeteria food that you would have found in middle school, only refined, locally sourced and as farm to table as you can get in New York. They even serve their food in segrated trays like you would have seen in your youth. Elinor was hired to take photos of their food, their restaurant and staff and even got a chance to sample the food. She wasn't all that impressed, but she didn't let them know that.

Slipping out of the restaurant, she has a to go bag and her stachel slung over her shoulder. Granted, her evening is just getting started, with the sun down, the rests Ghosts of the city come out to play, and she nods her head at the few that she knows by name as she passes them by.
The moment the sun is down a certain dark loving cave elf is free to roam and free to locate a human he knows. It takes him a few minutes to find her, but find her he does, and so he magics himself into a shadow in an alley along her path, metallic silver eyes fixed on her, a faint almost smirk on his lips, as if he were an inhuman predator.

Robert Berresford is a nomadic man, no matter far out he travels though he always finds his way back to New York. Right now he is enjoying what Hell's Kitchen offers. A bandanna worn over his long hair low enough it adds shadow around his crimson red eyes, most don't notice it unless they try to look directly at him. His chalk white skin is another unusual marker of his nature but, people don't generally like to stare at it. He is a large man. With very broad shoulders and a rather intimidating presence. Which is completely opposite his real nature.

A gloved hand reaches out, a fingertip taps on a window, inside that window is a small cat. It is rolling around on it's backside pawing at it's owner who is paying it now mind. Momentary distraction for the mutant-cyborg-shaman before he is standing up and carrying on with his walk, a brush of a shoulder away from Elinor and less than half a dozen feet from the lurking form of Darkedge.

Robert pauses, his head lifts up and he sniffs at the air. Augmented senses are good for catching strange scents. Unfamiliar ones even in a city tend to stand out.

For once, Darkedge isn't able to sneak up on Elinor. Perhaps because she is a little more alert on the streets than she is when at home, or in a cemetery. "I see you." She says cooly to that gathering of shadow that he used to hide. Perhaps she's finally learning to expect that he's just going to show up whenever he pleases. Robert is impossible to miss. She turns her head toward him, noting that he's paler than she is, which is saying a lot. She even adjusts her hood to get a better view of him as he passes. It's a lot to take in as she passes him, and she was going to continue walking until he starts sniffing.

"If you're interested in what's in my bag, it's just that restarant down the block. It's a little overrated but people seem to like it." She says, assuming he's smelling her left overs.
You are learning, Darkedge's mind whispers against Elinor's as he steps from the shadows, smelling of magic and fresh spring water and clean gentle moss and gemstones and leather. He falls into step at Elinor's side, ignoring any odd stares he gets for his shoulder length metallic colored hair or the long delicately tappers ears. Following Elinor's gaze, the elf peers at Robert, studying him to see if he is a threat or not.
Robert has dead stopped and was staring past Elinor. As she speaks he thought at first she was talking to him, "Sorry I'm not trying to stare" He says apologetically, a reflex and then he realizes she wasn't speaking to him at all but the metallic haired man. Almost in a fugue-like state he catches up to what is transpiring, "No I thought for a moment you were in danger. I did not realize the two of you might be companions." He looks from the woman's face to the elf. He doesn't at all seem bothered by their appearance, his own is one of crimson red eyes if they look close enough, pale unnaturally white skin and a physique that is broad as a door. "You are not normal." A statement. Not a question. The big man appears to be no threat but upon close inspection Darkedge will see the what look like blades protruding from his coat sleeves.
"I had to, you kept sneaking up on me and I can't stand to be startled." Elinor says to Dark as he joins her side, though Robert catches her attention and she tilts her head slightly. "I appricate your concern, but Darkedge is harmless, at least to me." She shifts the weight of her satchel and togo bag before she laughs at his very broad statement. "That is the understatement of the year." Elinor herself is a mix of various scents, the strongest is from the restaurant she was just in, but lingering behind that is the scent of graveyard dirt. She notices that they're both assessing eachother for threats, and simply takes a step back. Just in case.

Silver eyes narrow as he is being assessed. The blades are noted, and assumed to be steel… cold iron. Darkedge, without shifting his stance, suddenly seems very very dangerous, all without seeming to have a single weapon on his person. Nothing looks knife shaped.

Let him know, My Lady: he draws those blade, I will become very dangerous to him.
Robert looks slightly confused as Elinor speaks to Darkedge as he can only hear one side of the conversation, "I suppose it is. I just came from the Oblivion Bar, I suppose I should be used to… oddities. We are only a dozen or so blocks from another Wyrding Alley as well." Magic, the supernatural, it is all around them and she seems aware of that as she speaks to the creature in shadows. Those blades that are his actual fingers (like Edward Scissorhands) don't move from where they are. He isn't aware of any threat beyond the look given. One he returns with a casual confidence, no malice in it. Just open preparedness. He is a warrior himeslf.
"Manners, I apologize, my name is Robert."

Elinor watches Dark's stance and once she sees him move to a defensive position, she raises her hand and places it on his arm. "Calm yourself Dark, he is of no threat to either of us." Elinor says soothingly before she turns to Robert. "Forgive him, he is not fond of iron and you appear to hold a lot of it." When he mentions the bar she nods her head. "I havent' been in there in a while, but I don't get out socially all too often." Besides, a good number of her friends are dead so it makes going 'out' a little weird. "My name is Elinor, and this is Darkedge. He mostly communicates mentally, so I will do my best to relay what he's saying." She says with a edge of warning to the elf.
Her hand on his arm seems to stay him, and the threat he was projecting fades.

I will speak to him aloud, if you wish it My Lady, states the elf, having gotten used to sending again that it's back to his default. He waits then, just watching Robert.
"Iron?" Robert uplifts both dark brows then nods, "No. I carry none actually." He reaches a hand over and rolls up one sleeve, a bio-mechanical hand, claws and all. Spiked, metallic in color like Darkedge's hair. "A stigma is all." He assures the both of them.

"Elinor. Darkedge. We're on peaceful terms unless someon breaches that by means of collision. Universal law. I only seek harmony not violence but I am fully… capable of both." A smile.
"Yes please, it makes communication so much easier." She replies to Darkedge, still only having half of a conversation with him before she watches as he calms himself. When Robert's sleeve ispulled up, ehr eyebrow slowly rises. "I wasn't expecting that." She says as she studies his hand curiously. "What is it made of?" Still she doesn't want to go far into Dark's weaknesses but she sitll look at him with some worry.
Silver eyes slide to Elinor as she speaks to him and a nod is given; agerement to speak aloud. His eyes return to Robert as the sleeve is rolled up but for hte moment hte elf makes no action to draw near no matter how closely he is looking at those metal claws.
"It is extraterrestial in origin, a bio-organic metal. Morphic." Robert leaves it at that, talking about them too much to complete strangers is not exactly a comfort inducing thing. "You're an odd couple, mind if I ask what encouraged you to be… social?" At least Elinor. Darkedge is as Fae as it gets. Robert's sleeves fall backdown covering the alien alloy.
Yeah. Aliens if they can believe that but then… look at where they are at, who they are talking to and just exactly what they might be. At least Darkedge for certain.

"I can't say I have seen anything like that before." Turning toward Dark, she shrugs her shoulders. "It is likely that it's not iron, if it's from space. You know I want to ask how that got on there, but I fear that question might be a touch too forward for a first meeting." Not that there isn't iron in space, but she assumes there are more interesting metals out there that she sure she's never heard of. When asked about being social she shrugs. "I am a photographer by trade, and I was simply out earning my living. I'm not sure what Dark has been up to." She turns to him, letting him add in that information himself. "I take pictures of food, it's far easier to direct a plate than it is a human."
"I just woke up," is all Darkedge says. His voice it deeper than one would expect for his frame and it's also a bit raspy as if he hasn't said anything in weeks. He does nod to Elinor's assessment of the metal on Robert's person, but he still doesn't seem willing to get close enough to risk it touching him.

"Not many have." Robert admits, "Not many should. The process… harrowing." He says quietly, "A photographer of food? Does that pay well?" A look past Elinor and Robert looks at Darkedge who finally speaks in a language he can understand, an interesting elf. Not the first Robert has seen but definitely the most unique. "People are life though. Food is… well, food."

"It doesn't look plesant." Several questions flow though her head, but most of them are silly and she keeps them to herself. When he asks about the pay, Elinor laughs. "No, not at all, but I'm building a portfolio and perhaps one day I'll move on to something greater. Right now it's enough to pay the bills." There is a sly smirk on her lips before she shrugs her shoulders. "Not all life is caught with the living." Turning to Dark, she lets her hand drop off of his arm and almost jumps at the sound of her voice.

Elinor's jump isn't noted as just at that moment, Darkedge's eyes turn away from her, head tilting as if he is listening to something only he can hear.

My apologies, My Lady. I am called away, he sends as he steps back from the two, turns to step into Elinor's shadow and then… steps INTO the shadow, vanishing from sight.

Robert's smile is a small one. One that doesn't reach his eyes and he remains quiet about his hand, that might come about again later, maybe. "At least you are doing something you enjoy?" He questions, something not many out there can claim. His eyes fall on a vendor trying to sell hotdogs. He hardly notices Darkedge's departure. "Your friend, the elf. How did you come about meeting him? They're rare. I've only ever met two in my entire lifetime besides that one."

Elinor doesn't seem surprised that Dark is called away, but she does give him a nod before she returns to her conversation. "I do enjoy it. With the way media is these days, people see the food first before they decide to buy it. If a restaurant doesn't have a good web presense, it will likely fail." She shifts her items on her shoulder before she thinks about her first encounter with the elf. "I was in one of the many bars in town and he appeared, like he does. We only had a conversation in passing, but his magic is similar to mine, so we ended up working together on several things. He's a bit old fashioned, but very handy in a fight."

"Handy in a fight?" The irony in that has Robert's fingers clicking together, blade on blade. "I will remember that. I have an errand to run but I hope we will encounter eachother again sometime, Elinor. Be well." He offers with a smile across those abnormal white cheeks.

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