Smooth Punishment

April 14, 2015:

Members of the New Justice Society track down a shipment of Smooth heading into Gotham and encounter Joe West of the SRD who is doing the same. Including a cameo by THE PUNISHER!

Gotham City

A shady neighborhood.


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"You're way outside your jurisdiction, Joe."

"Yeah, well, I'm not here on any official capacity." Detective Joe West is driving an unmarked car with NY plates, a phone set on the dash set for speakerphone. He's driving through downtown Gotham well past nightfall, by himself. The business district doesn't see a lot of action at this hour, save for the shady deals that go down in darkened alleys behind the shiny facade.

"I'm just looking out for you. SRD already doesn't like that you're bed buddies with these metahuman types."

"I don't think being a fan of species equality makes me a 'bed buddy', Sam. I got a tip from a guy in District X… I'm just following up on it. Off the books."

At the corner of Broadway and 19th, Joe parks his car. He turns to look down a particular alleyway, then settles in for the long wait, with GCPD's scanner bands playing quietly from the dash.

Earlier in the evening, Black Canary had put out a call to a few of her allies including Lux and met at the Gotham Dojo she called home. Following up on their earlier take down of some smooth dealers, she had got a tip off from some mutants that some 'Smoothies' (Smooth Addicts) were about to knock off a group of dealers in Gotham.

The group would be there to stop it and take down both parties with a minimal of bloodshed.

Black Canary was currently parked near Broadway and 19th on a black motorcycle with a helmet worn over her head. When Joe's car pulls up and parks she smiled to herself, "Looks like we're on the right track guys, we've got an unmarked pulling up. Keep your eyes open for trouble."

Rain isn't really a mundane detective. But she is an occult detective. She can either ride a motorcycle or her broomstick (because that's how she do). Captain rests on her shoulders, his tail low, limp and at ease. Her long, dark coat and Gambler's hat or helmet are on and - huh. "Well, let's not startle him, I suppose. Stakeouts can last hours…" And few things in life are more frustrating than sitting for hours, then losing someone or something you're tailing.

Rain will likely watch from above unless Spearhead wishes to ride the motorcycle (broomstick travel is not the most comfortable for men).

Audrey has some experience lurking around Gotham being invisible. Over her more appropriate fighting gear, she's wearing a hoodie and an oversized jacket, along with loose cargo pants. With her hair down and a few smudges of dirt, she fits right in with the usual homeless sorts in the area, and the way she lingers in the shadows is…well, entirely typical here. "Nothing here yet," she murmurs, leaning up against a wall with her chin ducked.

-Ten minutes ago-

Once Frank has his sights set on a task he becomes like a deer tick and digs in for the long haul. Criminals, in this situation, are the blood he drains from the veins of the city and Gotham City has a whole lot of blood to keep him satsified.

Following up on a lead from the warehouse a few nights ago, Castle found himself at an apartment building at the corner of Broadway and 19th where one Joey 'Cats Eyes' Lumeno. A small time hood in a big time opporation, Frank kicked in the front door of the man's apartment and came face to face with his target. "You don't have to die…" That's a lie, he is most certainly going to die. "But you are going to talk."

So says The Punisher, pointing two 9mm tactical pistols into the face of an italian man about half his size.. an Italian who's eyes suddenly start glowing a startling, vibrant yellow when he lunges at the black clad vigilante.


The window of the third story building shatters outward into the street. Frank sans gun, hurls a knife in through the open window, but still hits the hood of a car in what should most certainly have broken his back. The glass showers down around him as he pulls himself up to his feet, blood oozing form one corner of his mouth and several lacerations on his face and neck. There's also scratches in his armor… he grossly underestimated what he was walking into, apparently… but he has more weapons and a better idea this time. Even if his back feels like a baseball bat hitting him in the kidney everytime he takes a step.

Tre hadd been told about this meeting and so he made sure to work on his stealth. Being a speedster isn't just using your speed, but finding different ways to utilize it, and when you can move fast enough to run up walls, it makes getting to trickier area easy. Crouching down and with his dark clothing, he is percherd over where Black Canary is. He looks out over the area and he closes his eyes. «Who are we meeting» he asks inot his blue tooth. He didn't know the whole plan and has bene going by what Black Canary tells him. But still he looks around the rest of the area to make sure they aren't being watched.

A moment or two before Frank came crashing out of what window, a delivery truck rolls down Broadway. It's about to turn into the alley behind 19th, when Frank comes crashing to a parked car on the street. The driver of that truck is spooked, and suddenly veers the truck onto 19th, missing the alley by a long shot.

Joe sits upright in his unmarked car, frowning. "What the… Sam, I gotta go."

"Joe? Hey Joe, wai—"


Joe dials 9-1-1. "Yeah, I just saw some dude go out of a… third story window, corner of Broadway and 19th!" Pause. "Yeah, no, this isn't a damn prank, are you kidding me?" He stares at the cell phone for a moment, then closes it with a scowl. "I hate third party dispatch servicers."

The truck is going down 19th, still on the same block, when the window of a vintage clothier is shattered. Two massive metal pipes seemingly made of solid rock go flying out of the storefront, piercing the cargo hold of the truck and ripping two lines in its body.

Canary watches the man fly out of the rooftop and hit the car, it might even be related to what was going on. Then she notices the big dripping white skull on the shirt and she remembers the rumors she had been hearing about 'The Punisher'.

"«We may have two situations. The smoothies are already hitting the truck. I'll handle this Punisher guy before he starts shooting the place up.»

Quickly dismounting from her bike, Canary rushes across the street to where the Punisher is and offers a hand politely to the other vigilante as she stands in front of him, "These are just drug addicts and street dealers, think I can count on you not to go postal?"

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Lurking in shadows in Gotham is a hobby and a sport for many of its denizens. Sometimes Rain wonders if the city is set up just for that. Even the freaking pigeons have switchblades and suspiciously mafiosan hierarchies. Captain would know. And from their view from on high, Rain blinks. « Does he need help? » Hey, she's a healer and she does genuinely care about people. Even the ones who shoot others for a living (she really doesn't ask Spearhead about his stash in the manor). Although, she's going to hedge her bets and draw nearer the truck while awaiting a response.

"Shit," Audrey curses under her breath, pushing off the wall and staring at the truck where it's been punctured. She's not going to be able to stop the truck from getting hit alone, and besides, who's she supposed to be stopping anyhow? The dealers are bad guys, sure. The addicts? Well. They've made some bad choices, but…

Which is when the truck seems, suddenly, to burst into flames. They're not real flames. There's no crackle, or hiss, or boom when it happens. But they look real. And for the moment, they're even giving off heat. "Canary, what's the plan?" she asks over the comm. "I can't hold this forever."

That really hurt.

Frank is a tough man. Tougher than most men have any right to, to be perfectly honest, but even he cannot hide the inferno of agony shooting up his spine with each step he takes. Though he does keep walking it is with a pronounced limp, but this is never going to stop him. Nor the weapon he pulls off a sling on his back and hoists up into the curve of his shoulder as the truck scretches out wide of the alley where he crashed and veers off towards a clothing shot where metal bars slash into the cargo hold.

Eyes up into the window, back towards the street, and right at an approaching Canary.

Frank grunts quietly and shakes his head while drawing his wrist across his mouth and flinging blood off to one side, "If they stay out of my way, yes." Says the guy with enough weapons and ammunition to put him on the ATF's most wanted list. "Not that one, though." Pointing towards the window, "He dies."

Nodding his head, Tre sits where he is, and he too watches as the man flies out of teh building. Quirking a brow and wondering whta the hell is going on. «What the hell.» he says as he sees the man with the skull on his shirt, «Are we helping or stopping him.» he asks as he keeps an eye on things.

From out of the 'burning' truck, the driver and a gunman riding shotgun topple out the doors. For a moment or two, they seem frantic, until they realize that they aren't on fire. "God damn muties!" cries the driver.

Both of them withdraw AK-47's and begin firing upon the storefront. The bullets shatter glass and ring out in the formerly quiet street, when suddenly, a deafening sonic boom emerges, blasting the storefront to bits and throwing the two gunmen off their asses.

The gunmen go flying, firing aimlessly up into the air until the guns are ripped from their hands. There, in the storefront, stand three mutants. Derek 'Kicker' Adams, the one responsible for the sonic boom, stands there with his hands vibrating in the aftermath of one vicious clap. To either side, there are Yusef 'Porks' Ahmadi, and Marcy 'Swarm' Eddlestein. Three former members of the Brighton Beach Cartel, out on bail. They're the ones who originally lost the pure batch of smooth to Richard Dackleman's cartel, and they're back with a vengeance.

Porks' fingers turn into spikes. Swarm looks around with a vicious grin, and hundreds of insects begin to crawl out of their quiet homes, beckoned to the scene by her mental call. These are the mutants, former dealers turned addicts. They're in withdrawal, and they're pissed.

From inside of his car, Joe West watches as it all goes down. He looks from one place to the other, observing the encounter between Canary and Punisher. "Man, when they said 'don't visit Gotham', they weren't lying!"

"«Subdue the addicts and get them to Rain. I'm sure she can magick them out of here and then provide them the healing and treatment they need, we're here to help people. As for the dealers, take them down and get them gift-wrapped for the cops. Try to get any information you can out of them.» Canary replies to the questions on how to handle the situation as she's walking over towards the Punisher.

When the vigilante points out that the man upstairs was going to die she removes her helmet, golden blonde hair tossed around as she hook it out before staring up at the taller man.

To someone like The Punisher, Black Canary may have not even seemed like a threat; but looks could be deceiving, "That's going to be a problem sweetie. Nobody is dying here tonight, not even you. If that's a problem for you, I'm sure my friends can handle the addicts and dealers all on their own."

Her hands were placed firmly on her hips, because that's where the power came from and it was clear if Punisher wanted to kill anyone, she intended to stop him.

A petulant smirk formed on the woman's lips as she waited to see what the man's next move would be.

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"Do you need a healer?" The woman on the broomstick calls down. Rain is offering the Punisher help, although she's staying airborne. And the truth is, Rain is not the best at combat. Not by a long shot. She's a tremendous healer, but it's sort of slow to deploy in a combat setting. Nevertheless, Rain is going to help while awaiting a response.

There's something in her that makes her wonder why exactly she came back to Gotham. "You're a sucker for helping," Captain offers helpfully. "And it's not like you do much else." Pause. "I could've been raiding in -" Pause. "That's not any less sad," Captain points out. Sigh. Nevermind. Th two watch for a moment. And there's a grinning lady. It's newtin' time.

More hell goes about breaking loose in the street behind Canary and Frank is stuck staring at the blonde haired woman letting him know how things are going to go. Standing infront of her holding an M14 scoped rifle with an undermounted 44mm grenade launcher and she's giving orders.

So he levels it on her. Staring down the sight with his finger running along the outside of the trigger guard.

"Go help your friends." He says finally and brings the weapon down. Frank knows a fighter when he sees one and he's not in the business of discriminating because she's got hips. He's also not moved by her hips.

He's also not stupid. He just fell out of a three story window onto a less than cushioning vehicle hood. "She saved you." He shouts up at the window, "So you better take advantage of it and leave town… hide under a god damn rock, change your name…" Staring at Canary, "Or write her a thank you letter… because you are going to want her to be there next time I find you…" The weapon is let sling on his back, fists flexing, "And I 'will' find you." To Catseye… maybe Canary.

Probably everyone. A dude just jay walked to get away from the fight! I see you over there! Don't think I didn't see you.

"I'm not going to be able to handle the addicts, it's too many people," Lux says over the comm, grimacing as she tries to hold the flames just a little longer to keep them out of the drugs. "But I can take out the dealers." Or at least she thinks she can. She goes dark with a thought, entirely invisible as she moves in on the trio of dealers.

Can you fight what she can't see? Kicker, Swarm, and Porks are about to find out, as Audrey closes in, starting with a blow to Kicks' throat. She's fighting to incapacitate, not kill, but it's with vicious speed.

«Alright, I'm moving in going to try and get the addicts to Rain. I will than come back and assist where you need me.» he calls to the team as he flips off the ledge he was on and catching the ladder to the fire escape and landing on the hood of a car before he is moving at break neck speeds. Nitro flashes through the danger zone, picking up any of those who have been incapaciated and takes them over to where Rain is, "I got one." he says. "If you clear them tell me and I iwll come and pick them up." he calls into his comm. WIth Lux taking on Kicker, Nitro moves a distance from the store and begins swinging his arm rapildly creating a vortex of powerful wind aimed towards Pork hoping ot slam him through the other side of the building he's in.

The human smooth dealers are down for the count, having hit the building on the other side of a wide avenue that is 19th street. Kicker's sonic booms pack a mighty punch! However, he cannot fight what he cannot see, and the blow to his throat has him sprawling to the ground, gagging and choking.

For the moment, Porks and Swarm are taken by surprise. Swarm shrieks and rushes to Kicker's aid, crying his name, while Porks backs away and looks around frantically. "Who's there!?" he calls out, before throwing his hands around, spikes emerging from his fingers in a haphazard way throughout the storefront.

Fortunately, Nitro comes to the rescue! The wind vortex keeps those spikes from hitting anyone, spiraling them off into the walls. Porks fights against it for a moment, before the wind picks him right off his feet and sends him flying.

All of the sudden, the swarm of insects are upon Audrey. They don't need to see in order to smell flesh. They begin to bite and gnaw, outlining her where she is invisible. Swarm, meanwhile, looks upon the space where Audrey is with a vicious expression in her face, and an ever growing grin.

Black Canary gives an odd look in the direction of Punisher as he departs but it was better not to think of it right now given the chaos occurring not too far behind her. Not wasting any time she somersaults backwards on top the same car that Punisher had slammed into.

Using the car for momentum she leaps upwards, swinging off a lamp post before landing between Swarm and Lux.

"Honey, you shouldn't do drugs. They mess up your brain." Canary smirked at Swarm, it had been a big mistake to ignore her.


Car alarms go off and a few near-by windows that had not shattered fragment immediately as Black Canary screams in the direction of Swarm with her signature Canary Cry intending to incapacitate her opponent.

Rain will stay at range. She's not going to turn into a bear today, so no Siberian Godbear sightings in Gotham today. But she has to help. She'll watch over any addicts brought over to her, but that is a task for once the fighting is done. She stays on her broom, although at the sound of the scree, Captain winces. "I regret being a cat about now," He paws at his ears.

Rain winces, but she's glad not to be in the way of that. The swarm lady seems to be pretty dangerous, so Rain is going to try to newt her. Thankfully, there are no fans of British comedy among them.

Audrey follows up her attack on Kicks with a kick to the head, right up until she's under attack from a swarm of bugs. Not good. Not good. And not fun. With a shout, she does her own part to get rid of them, but that's not likely to be much help to anyone else. All around her, there's a sudden, actinic flash of light and a sudden searing heat as she concentrates and enhances all the available light around herself. There's a crack at the sudden heating of the air, loud as lightning. Hopefully that should discourage bug snacking.

Nitro grins when he stops the spikes and sends Pork flying. He is able to quickly analyze and see things move as if everything is slowing down to a crawl. Watching as the everything around him moves slowly, he sees the swarm moving after Audrey and it's important that she keeps fighting so Nitro focuses his speed and he charges into the swarm but he moves fast enough to try to disrupt them. Moving around them and Kicks. THough as he passes Kicks he aims a punch to the back of his neck hoping to drop him but also he swings at the bees trying to take out as many as he can but keep in a very tight area of control as he strikes them.

The bugs scatter at Audrey's lightshow, but it's the Canary Cry that really does the job. Swarm reaches up to grab at her ears, the bugs all scattering back to their hiding holes now that her control over them is broken. Fortunate for Audrey, they hadn't had the chance to really get through her clothes.

Between Audrey and Tre, Kickers is down for the count. Porks has struck the street outside and is unconscious, and Swarm is… no longer Swarm, but rather, a tiny little newt.

Joe West blinks his eyes owlishly as it all goes down. He finally pops the door to his car and steps out, though his eyes remain wide as ever. He steps around the way to get a better view of what's going on, before murmuring again to himself, "Yeah, I'm… way out of my jurisdiction, right now."

Black Canary gave a thumbs up to the others and Mr. Joe West was still in her sights, she knows Spearhead should be in the area by now, "<Spearhead, you can move in and secure the targets. Good work on Overwatch.>" Apparently, Spearhead had been keeping a look-out from afar with a tranq gun the entire time!

"<Rain, let's get these people moved to your place via magic. Dealers for the cops, addicts for the Xavier Institute, they help mutants. Lux, think you can contact someone there to help arrange a meeting?>"

Black Canary then began to walk towards Joe West, a friendly smile on her face as she waved to the man who had just got out of his car, "Hello Detective. I'm Black Canary." She points to the dealers, "Little present there for you along with their shipment, you know what to do right?" Her dad had been a cop, Joe stuck out to her like a sore thumb!

Poor Joe. Mercifully, Rain lowers so Captain can go talk to the poor officer. The orange tabby in the tan trenchcoat looks up. "Hey, man. Don't feel too bad. You get past the surreality after awhile." Pause. "Welcome to Gotham!" His voice is a rich, deep baritone. And yes, he's a talking cat in a trenchcoat.

<Hm? Sure. I can open a portal.> Teleporting usually ends in someone wearing drag. She really has no idea why that happens. There's some relief as Lux doesn't get turned into bug chow. "Just mind the newt! She'll get better." Well, someone was going to say it.

"I can put in a call," Audrey nods to Canary as she goes visible again, taking a moment to get Kicks and Porks in zip ties as she looks around. "This stuff is…bad," she sighs. "If anyone else is a mutant, stay clear of what's in the truck," she adds. "I've heard it can hit real bad."

With the baddies taken care of, Nitro isn't called. Still he moves out of the area but isn't too far away that he can't make it back to Black Canary or any of the other team members if needed. He doesn't have much to say for now, with the others. He still didn't understand a lot of this hero thing so he figures he will let the others do what they do best.

Between Black Canary and Captain, Detective West's eyes aren't about to look any less incredulous any time soon. "I'm… uh, NYPD." He hooks a thumb over his back, pointing northward. "So I'm… not really… in a position to…" The sirens that sound in the distance, however, seem to make him happy. "They can. I'm just… here to follow a lead. Tip-off, really. Not my jurisdiction." And he couldn't be happier. "Tell you what, I'll just wait here until GCPD arrive?" A pleasant smile is given to Canary. That'll have to do.

With the threat handled, Joe leans back up against his car and looks on, eyebrows raised the entire time.

Nitro shakes his head a bit, rubbing the back of his head, what the hell is he doing. DOing rookie shit and he didn't like it at all, Nitro makes his way back, as the others are being rounded up, Nitro pulls six zip-ties from a pouch on the back of his pants. He begins to help tie the men up, he looks around, checking to see where each member of his team was and where Canary was. HE didn't like making mistakes like this and with his talks and trying to watch to see what he can do, Nitro just shakes his head. He's still getting the hang of things.

Captain looks sympathetic. As much as a cat can, anyhow. "Fair enough. But thanks for uh, having our backs, man." He can dig it. But at least the orange tabby is nice and pettable, right. Rain lands, and will quietly prepare a portal while they wait.

"Sounds perfect." Canary turns and begins walking away from the detective, recovering her motorcycle helmet and headed towards her bike, "<If you're taking Rain's portal, now is the time to get out of here with those three addicts, cops are on the way.>" She looks in Nitro's direction and smiles before putting the helmet on, "Keep Rain safe, cya in ab it."

She hops on the motorcycle and begins to rev it up before taking off down an alleyway to avoid police entanglements.

A note was made of the apartment Punisher had been thrown from, she would be back!

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