In Dark Water

May 20, 2017:

Ozy, Rune, and Tattoo meet up at Oblivion, and more is revealed in regards to the recent tears in the Mystical.

Oblivion Bar

"The only known universe with its own happy hour."

Elsinore Brew? Blood infused Pißwasser? Fairy Dustschläger or maybe just a
good cup of coffee. The extremely comfortable and Occult elite Oblivion Bar
s here to cater to its unique clientele from all over the world and many
beyond. This classy bar and lounge has a stage, three pool tables, eleven
group tables, booths and a well stocked bar. There is also several backrooms
for private meetings, very lavish ladies and mens rooms and an office. A
phone that has its own area code that can call across dimensions or planes
thanks to a Gemworld stone and free internet access that is always
operational! Always.

The Oblivion Bar is club membership only and acts as a complete neutral
zone, an Elysium for those of the supernatural or mystic origin.

One of the best parts is beyond its relative safety it is accessible from
almost any point in the world (and some beyond) by those who know how to
find such things (magical sight) as it is located in its own pocket

The only rules? No Muggles and no violence. If you do not have access to the
mystical, supernatural or occult sphere, you are not allowed within this
super secret clubhouse.


NPCs: None.



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Fade In…

Obivion has been unter turmoil and undefined strain for the past few weeks, but due to the many mystical, magical, and mythic creatures that gather here there are rites, rituals, and celebrations that flow through and are accepted even if it makes others step out. There is a peace here despite a tension that could hang them all to dry on a harpsichord in the background.

The waning gibbous is basked in by those who wish to take advantage of what they have put off, A seer that is ever-present is seated beside Tarot, flashes of cards, sparks of emanation, auras on display like a projector played them in 3-D - all lights flickering in the darkness that has come to settle within the Planar Place, in Fringes.

But in a boot, is Tattoo, her water in front of her, the man that was the reformed Sobeken upon the streets when all Hades broke loose and the veil was threatened all-encompassing, is beside her, offering her a drink of barley, "…heqet.." to which the Haida Native woman only cast him a glance as he swayed beside her.

He had eaten, feasted a couple months ago, and lashed out in a way that caused a repentance of self-depreciation, followed by now a consistent drunken state to keep the 'Eater' away.
Through all this, Tattoo remained. She understood. Where he fought and devoured, she at first wanted to run, only to turn and fight in the end.
"No, my friend, I mourn different things, and await new."

Oblivion Bar, he had stumbled upon this place a couple of years ago, when he was chasing down a suspect. He basically followed him down the rabbit hole to Never Never land. He only visited this place a few times since that day, when other people of mystical nature wanted to meet her. There was always a part of him that never felt comfortable here, but since his battle with Apep and Ma'at, he realizes that he has a lot of things in common with these people.

He still decides to wear a mask and costume, because he still likes to keep his secrets. Ozymandias hums a "What A Little MoonLight Can Do?" to himself as he makes his way through the bar towards the pool tables. He passes by the booths to see if any of the few people or creatures he knows are here at the Oblivion Bar this evening.

A shake of her head, and Tattoo is pushing the Heqet, back to the Sobeken. They all called him Dark Water, to emphasize the sheen in his eyes, deep blue that seems fathomless and bore no pupil in its depths.
"I would be worthless company." Stated by the tanned and inked woman who seemed to constantly be biting upon salted leather anymore, but when 'Dark' gives pause in the clutch of his glass, so des Kida.
Ozymandias is the focus reflected upon both of their eyes. One pale, one fathomless.
"I should g—-"
"Sit. Down." A grip to the hem of his up-drawn hoody, tugging a drunken compatriot back into the bar stool beside her, a clatter arising that lifts and rocks their cups.

Ozy is now the directive, as 'Dark Water' is focused upon him, even if shaken hands try too bring a cup to his lips and drink of the Ancient Beer.

Ozymandias passes by the booth that Dark Water and Tattoo are located. His gazes goes first to Tattoo and he taps his left foot in his familiar way, "Do you know, Flash? I have hard time believe that there are two people that fit your description. It would be like two exact snowflakes during a storm.

"My name is.."Ozymandias stops speaking and peers down at the at the Heqet, "I know that smell. It is Heqet. I haven't smelled it in years. not since Prohibition. A Harlem mobster let me use his equipment to make hooch, and well it is long story.

Ozymandias turns his attention to Dark Water and notices his shaken hands and speaks in Ancient Egyptian, "Why are your hands shaking, friend? or can I assume that by your shaking hands that we are not friends. What do I call you? Ozymandias wonders what keeps people from fighting people each other in this bar.

The pause from the masked Ozy, even before his question, has her reaching back… for her pack…
Grating it closer

Flash… The sigil alone flickers in hazel eyes and brings her a pause enough that relieves tension from musculature beneath tanned skin flecked in stains and smears of darker oil. The knowledge given away by the cease to defense, alone.

When focus transitions though, Dark Water gaining attention of the man at her side, he steps back, but the ~vibration~ can be felt through the very flooring - that suppressed emotion…

"Here, they call me Dark Water.. DW.."
A flick of gaze to Cap and the company now watching as 'that undone' is unfolding without a cards' shuffle.

Tattoo, then lays her hands over his, and with a light sip of the Heqet, offers it back to the Sobeken.
"We simply drank too much." They all know better, even by the light cringe at the corner of Tattoo's eyes.
"There is more…" Despite the dis-gruntled motion, the offering is made, the snap of Tattoo's gaze to her booth-partner, clattering beads along the edges of hair that flows far-too-gently, for the space and all naturality.

"Here, they call you Dark Water. What did they you call elsewhere?" Ozymandias continues to speak in Ancient Egyptian, before switching back to English to speak with Tattoo. "All right, are you sure you don't need my help."

Ozymandias continues to keep his eyes on Dark Water while he speaks to Tattoo until he casually pulls his glance to fully appreciate the inked beauty, "It is a pleasure to meet you. Flash spoke highly of you. Do you mind if I sit down? I was just going to waste the night playing pool, but the smell of Heqet brings back memories of my youth and that such memories are always better enjoyed with company."

«"Mbizi…"»The upper lip of Dark Water draws back but unlike killer croc his teeth are norm at east for the frontal alignment, but from canines back, they get longer, more speared, rounded… But that is also the place, it is easy to drop any /glamour/, but it had been years since Mbizi had become, as it is a beast that is Godborne and control is not his… Or so he was told by the priests then…
But that flash of teeth is defensive, it has been far too long since he has heard his native tongue and spoken it back. «Who are you stranger?» A flick of eyes towards Tattoo, but no blink of lids… Nictating membranes.

Tattoo is watching Ozymandias carefully but not as warily, there is a sudden cool she collect, a calm, more for DW then herself, the mention of Flash making it easier to keep the placidity in action and facade.

"If you can come here, help is needed for all, not just me. Please.." A gesture to the seat beside her, centering herself between Dark Water and Ozymandias, but letting them sit across in that arch of table.

Nosy Cap (A Red Cap) is on it already, the pitcher of Heqet is brought forth with an empty glass placed before the newcomer, more water for Tattoo.

Dana actually doesn't typically frequent the Oblivion. She's more comfortable at the Silveroak. But, lately, she's been restless, feeding off dreams she can't quite determine as prophetic or just apprehensive. And, it occurs to her that, sometimes, the Oblivion is a better place to pick up rumors than the taproom at home. Different crowd, anyway; different perspective. Besides, the Oblivion is where, as far as she can tell, a lot of the whole problem with the Veil began. And, it doesn't hurt to recheck her wards in the area.

She enters, wearing jeans, a hoodie, and a leather jacket, her ubiquitos satchel on her hip, and loyal hound at her heel. She pauses just inside the door, stepping out of the way and waiting for her elvish eyes to adjust to the interior light.

«Ozymandias, it is nice to come across someone who dwell near Iteru. It is always a pleasure to find another Child of the Nile.» Ozymandias settles down in the seat offer to him, switching back to English. "Help is needed for all? I am afraid that I am not tracking. What sort of help?"

Ozymandias pours himself a glass of Heqet and causally waves his hands over the glass and allows the aroma to wash over him. "This does bring back so many memories. «Mbizi, what have you been doing with yourself all these years. No offense, but it seems you would have a hard time hiding. Ozymandias peers around the room at the different people and mystical beings at the bar. I guess if you stay in the shadows you can hide for a long time.»

"Can you not feel it?" A tilt of head from Tattoo, those pale hazel eyes deepened with silver while lined in dark, but as she watches the exchange between Ozy and Mbizi her eyes take in the new arrival, but not new in face or name(s). Tattoo seeks to rise and wave to Rune and the table is jolted a bit by impact of hips, the Heqet likely jolted but she catches it while she relaizes she backed herself into a space where she normall never is and now… No longer desires to be…

"I… I… Need out…" A pause and she is literally up and over the table with an agility that only rocks the surface once more where hand planted and legs kick over, landing her in a somersault upon feet facing them. Kida hates being trapped, and her desire to keep peace distracted her…
But Rune's here! She knows Rune!
… Kind of. But Rune can explain better too.

"I do not know what you say k'ayaa haana, but keep it kind. I would be happy to see one of mine here." A light seems to smoulder in her eyes at the final words but the two she spoke they would not know since it is -her- tongue… (Old beauties)…

Rune then is looked upon and the booth is gestured to with a tilt of head.

"Join us, Rune, matters are being discussed." And perhaps… she would recognize Mbizi, the Sobeken.

Upon hearing her name, Dana's ears rise and she glances over to Kida. Of course, even without hearing her name, she'd have looked that way simply due to the acrobatics. She raises her hand in greeting and Rex chuffs softly at her side. The pair make their way over toward the indicated table. "Well met," she says in greeting to them all, head canting slightly in curiosity. Yes, she remembers the monster, seeing its true form overlaid with its less monstrous appearance. Which leads her to guess the matter they discuss is: "The Veil?"

From behind his mask, Ozymandias eyes quickly widen as he watches Tattoo free herself from her imprisonment from being between him and Mbizi. Ozymandias turns his head to Mbizi and quips, "Believe it or not, 9 out of ten of my dates end exactly like that, but after the woman lands on her feet, they take off in a full sprint. Ozymandias closes his eyes behind his mask for a moment, "The Veil? Is that what it is called? I am afraid I am a bit new to my gaze and it seems that there is much in the world that triggers it, but I have sense an overarching problem that seems to remain, no matter what smaller things I sense.

Ozymandias raises his left gloved hand to stroke the bottom of his cheek, "The descendants of Dream-Teller used to speak of things about the Light and Dark being separated in the beginning of time. Is that what this is?"

Ozy's words about dates bring her gaze to snap back, peering at them over her shoulder, there is a spark, almost a challenge, and once more emotion fades to the wayside. Rune's approach and the two words alone bring a silence that is a resounding ripple through Oblivion, eyes turning where heads do not, motions frozen in place.

"Friend, not date…" Mbizi states in a low tone that fades off at the sight of Rune, he recognizes her as well, he cannot place where, but it makes him still more like a statue then the rest, a question as to why is there in his gaze, but he only saw her in his God-form, not his guise, so why is unknown. That or the striking features of the woman… And her beast… «"Anpu.."» Yes, let's finish that glass of Heqet and pour another.

tattoo just looks between the two men and a twist of wrists and a shove of palms in is gesture for them to make room.

"No trouble.." Cap warns as he waits for Rune to ask for a drink, standing smaller then her Beast.

"Something broke open, Ozy-man-die/as…." Kida tries the name and fails at first try as she reclaims seat dragging her water over and around the pitcher of Ancient Barley and Fruited Beer.
"Worlds, Barriers," A look to Rune. "Her Veil." Or is it all one in the same?

"Not precisely," Rune replies to Ozymandias' question. She then glances to the Red Cap. A wry smile touches her lips, one fae to another. "Golden wine," she tells him. An elvish vintage he'll likely know. She then takes a seat and tells the others, "The Veil separates one realm from another. So, yes. 'Something' broke open; the barriers between realms." She glances between Oz and the croc monster. "I am Rune Trueseer, this generation's Realmwalker." The magician may be familiar with what she says, insofar as Trueseers are known to be powerful seers who see the true nature of what they look at, in addition to visions of particularly powerful realm-altering events, and Realmwalkers cross between worlds to guard the barriers between realities and planes of existence. Especially magical ones. She gestures to Rex, who sits beside her, large enough to look over the tabletop. "This is Rex, my cwn annwn." A fae hellhound. She continues to tell them what little she knows. "The Veil has become thinned in many places and is in danger of tearing. It nearly did, not so long ago, and that resulted in our companion, here, being released on the mortal world." She glances to DW. "Perhaps unwillingly?" She certainly hopes so. That was her impression. "When that happened, it felt like the Veil was dissolving entirely, causing all of reality across all of the planes of existence to flow into each other. It was all I could do to reinforce it and even now my wards require constant monitoring and reinforcement."

As he moves over to make room for the Tattoo and the new woman, he grinds his teeth a bit as he hears Rune explained what it going on, and does a small double take. He peers down at his Heqet as if he has drunken too much even though he hasn't even taking his first sip. He is now remembering why he never used to come to this place. Before dealing with Ma'at and Apep, magic denizens always made him feel like a child pretending to be a soldier, while his father was sharpening his blade before the first battle of Tours.

Ozymandias taps his left foot a few times as he ponders her world, and when he finally speaks, it is to Dark Water, "So are you from Lord Sobek's realm? That explains why I have never seen around these parts." Ozymandias turns to the two woman and the hell hound, "So what is causing the thinning of the Veil?

'Cap' is already rolling his gaze up to Rune, a grin that could be erceived as wolfish spreads his lips, but his words are anything but…
"Fast served…" A beat as her words pass to the others. ".. Trueseer." And Cap is off after skirting the Hunt Hound with an appreciative gaze that could have seemed so wrong, but it was a familiarity, a knowing, a history…
Just like Ozy and Dark Water.

When Rune begins her explanation, Tattoo takes her seat beside the Sobeken who tenses as Rune reveals the how the familiarity is there.
"I am still sorry. Many decades have passed without that happening." Dark Water responds. And that is an understatement, but also answering Ozy he continues. "I did not have to be in the shadows before, I worked, had a life, here. But now Sobek burns just beneath my skin and I do not trust myself anymore. I am as old as the Valley. There is where I was born."

And Rune's explanations minged with Ozy's own very well could define it all, but Tattoo only speaks up when they come to pause.

"I am from a different version of this Earth. All of Us," a gesture to the room, the magical, the spirits, even sprites… "Were hunted, killed, or used. The Psi want in… And with them… Come the Overlords." Tattoo needs her water as her mouth is going dry.

A look is shared to each, one that offers apology, even though her threat is not the only one, but it is a shared look from Mbizi.

"Only whispers, but I have yet to see truth." tattoo admits as she draws her water in and watches Ozy with a curiosity that is also shared towards Rune.

Rune accepts DW's apology with unusual compassion and understanding. Usually, she's something of a smartass, but in this case, she's more interested in understanding the fullness of what's going on than she is reprimanding anyone. Besides, given she can sense true natures, she can't really fault anyone for just 'being themselves', so to speak.

"I don't know," she says in answer to Oz. "But, I think it's something from outside." As Tattoo speaks she cants her head. "You think it's these 'Psis', then? Who are they? And their overlords?"

"I am sorry you found yourself in this situation." A small sigh escapes through his mask as he speaks to DarkWater, "I have lived a long time with forces "underneath" my skin. I hope in time you begin to trust yourself, or at least be able to be in position in which you feel you are doing some good.

Ozymandias gaze fall back to his drink as then he turns his attention to Psi, "So there are beings that come from your world that like to kill, hunt, and use mystical beings are trying to break into this world, correct? Ozymandias looks over at Rune, "You have the ability to secure the thinning, but it takes a lot of work, correct?

Ozymandias peers at all the people gather at the booth, and even the hellhound, "So you are looking for a permanent solution. Some sort of ward that can seal the Veils permanently, because all out war against beings that kill mystical beings means that they probably already have the advantage."

"I do not think it is them…" A pause, one that comes upon and exhale and the settling of her glass.
"Anymore. But whatever is opening the gates," So to speak.
"Is bringing them too." A glance towards Rune, now fully focusing on her after a passing glance between Ozy and DW.
"But they will seek to end us all, by means… Or otherwise, and they know me…Once they open something, it won't close. They use a 'Net'.." And the way her hand flicks, the way pads of oil-stained fingertips dot-to-dot before lines are swept. The Ley.

"If everything opens and pours through, it is their Hunt. But our numbers are greater here… They never knew of….mutants (metas)?" A light cant of head. The GodWave never happened on 81, so they have a chance…
But what they use there, burns Red.

As Ozy speaks Tattoo listens - looking to Dark Water, who seems to be taking this in, and a weight is lifting from his shoulders, as the fault is not entirely his, but he does need to do as Ozymandias states, and gain control instead of stifle. The Heqet is partaken a bit more fully.

"Everything is opening. Over a week ago… I fought a massive beast that came from a typhoon in the Ocean, many "legs", and it could have dried the shores with its hunger. The Supreme, myself, and another man of great strength… Paused it." Not stopped, paused. Tattoo knows better.

"It all begins with your fear." DW states.
"Just like Rune helped before, but even she says it is limited." Tattoo murmurs into her water, a lift of bare shoulder and as it falls she looks between the trio.

Isn't war the greatest fear?

Rune leans back in her chair, a hand resting on Rex's ruff. Her lips thin as she considers everything before them. "I think you're right," she tells Ozymandias, after hearing what Tattoo says. "We need something that will reinforce the Veil and keep whatever it is that's coming from bleeding through." Then, she glances to Tattoo. "But, if they're using leylines to accomplish the bleed, then we could be in greater trouble than we realize. If the leylines are drained, magic dies, and so will this world — though, yes, it will take a long time. But, magic keeps the world turning as much as science. There's faith and belief in both, not to mention very real cause and effect. Conversely, if the leylines are overcharged, as it seems you're suggesting, then we end up with a cascade effect that will result in a complete decent into unmitigated Chaos." She shakes her head at that and gives a wry smile. "My father's people are capricious and given more to Chaos than Order—" That's one way of describing the Sidhe. "But, even they understand that neither Order nor Chaos may be allowed to entirely dominate or, again, the universe stops working. Nature is unpredictable, yes, but there's always a balance in the long run. A Cycle."

The conversation about chaos and order makes him realized that if the dimensions continue thinning that probably means that Lord Apep or Lady Ma'at might be free a lot sooner, of worse just Lord Apep. He lowers his voice to almost a whisper, "Yes, a balance."

Ozymandias taps his left foot again as he immediately recalls the last person who mention ley lines to him, "I am sure that Doctor Strange has been made aware of this, correct? I just recently learned the theory behind wards and leylines. The good Doctor is helping me with a ward, and offer to let me use his books for some research, but I digress.

Ozymandias continues tapping his left foot as he thinks, "So we need to find a way to strengthen the Veil, but we need to know who is weaken the Veil and how they are weaken it too? Is there like a way to look at the places the Veil thin, and find the origin point? You know like a crack in a plane of glass.

"They call it their 'Net'." Words are nearly a whisper from Tattoo, she is recoiling now, her form tucking in, even the grip on the glass of water smears fingers through condensation, a vibration of dry skin over moisture defies her clutch as she tries hard not to shatter it within such a vice.

But what Ozy and Rune discuss is not her area of expertise.
Tattoo is a survivor.
She lives only to fight another day.
And now for a purpose of others that are not her own.

A JLA member had spoken of her?

… But here is Rune who can seal doors opened while they fight what passes through.

Tattoo rises then, her glass emptied as spiderwebs paint over the glass clutched in her hand. "Refill… and it is near Witching Hour. Cap is busy."
Excuses excuses!

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