Let loose the Hounds of War

June 02, 2017:

Scott introduces Meggan to Nate and Illyana. They discuss their plans.


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Scott is busy trying to reform the X-Men from Storm's leadership model to his own. That means individually meeting as much of them as he can, Meggan has been in the roster listing but not one he has been able to touch base with. He sent her a text message earlier. The easiest way to get responses from many of his team he has learned. Theirs is an encrypted channel, X-Men to X-Men. Set up by the techheads (Cypher, Shadowcat, Beast and Forge) and routinely monitored by them.

Standing in the meeting room of the X-Men's subbasement Scott awaits in a chair, lounged back with a foot up on the central table. A cup of coffee in one hand and a newspaper in the other, it is actually flipped to the back he skimmed through most of it to find just the funnies at the end. Not because he isn't current but quite the opposite, hes been doing nothing but making sure hes up to date. Typical attire while on mission - navy blue almost black outfit and yellow.

Meggan has been here, mostly enjoying the woods. She helps out when she can, goes to the city from time to time. But she's been fairly content to just be around mutants and meeting new people. Scott may learn quickly hat 'texting' is not high on list of ways to get in touch with Meggan. Honestly it is just dumb luck he got her at all, but she was trying to get Netflix to work on the phone using an account when the phone chirped at her.

The blonde elf of a girl is in her green outfit, what she wears most days and come walking in. Face scrunched up and scowling hard at the phone to read it. She looks up though when the rustle of papers catch her attention. "Oh good! I got it right," her accent as British as the day is long. "You wanted to talk about something?" Holding up the phone with his text showing.

Scott is sipping his coffee as Meggan enters through the door, the hiss of the automated opening has him pushing himself upright and standing. The paper and cup forgotten. "Meggan, hello, it is nice to formally meet you. I'm Scott, we've seen eachother around in passing." He steps around the chairs and walks to her, a hand extended for a shake.

"I do yes. I figure now is a good time to get to know one another and determine your stance. Which, do not be alarmed. You are not under review or being made to feel uncomfortable."

Meggan is always happy to meet people and she will step over and take his hand. "Hello Scott. Nice of everyone to let me hang around and help out as I can." She doesn't look too worried as she smiles up at the taller man's red lenses. "I'm not concerned. I can normally tell when someone is stressed or the like. Not exactly getting that 'uncomfortable discussion' sensations from you. So what would you like to know about me. I try to be an open book."

A smile appears on the X-Man's face. A light one that she can't exactly 'feel' with her empathy but there is no some warmth to it. Scott is just very good at hiding emotion and remaining a stoic personality. "Good. As you may or may not be aware Storm has departed and I've taken up full leadership of the X-Men again. I want to form a solid team in full, an active one and our first target is a big one… Genosha."

Meggan shaking her head, that blonde mane swinging behind her. "I didn't know that. But I was mosty here just trying to be a friend and help to the people and kids here." She figured if the X-Men needed or wanted her, they would come to her. "What needs to happen in Genosha?" She isn't one to keep up with news too too much. Not when there's all these good shows for the TV junky to catch up on instead.

"Yes, I've read the reports. You've been a great help to the school. I am asking you now if you wish to be a help to the X-Men." Scott says bluntly, "Genosha is an island off of Africa, not that you need a geography lesson, sorry." He collects himself, "Last year we uncovered and exposed their acts of illegal human trafficking and slavery. All of it focused on mutants. The UN, many countries and SHIELD set out to stop them, to shut them down outside of their own borders. We want to go a step further and shut their government down. I need powerful allies and mutants for that, I need the X-Men. I want you on my roster."

Meggan waves off his apology. "I didn't grow up in a school Scott. My geography is hardly the best. but I can find Africa on a map!" Grining with pride as she tries to make him smile with her joke at her own expense. That smile stays til she realies someone is enslaving mutants. "I stop anyone that tries to enslave anybody. Freedom is a right all should have. Don't care if you are human, alien, mutant, or anything else. How can I help?"

"I fully agree and that is the Professors vision, it is why we are all here."

"Work with me. Work with the team." Scott says, "A verbal sign on the dotted line." A teasing smile. "Soon we are going to assemble a team, one that's sole purpose is to infiltrate Genosha. And usurp control one way or another. It is not going to be pretty. I am going to hold regular training sessions and anyone who agrees to this MUST show up for them when they happen. It will be mandatory."

Meggan can tell what they may need from her. "Well that's good. Because my handwriting is not the best." Her form shifts as she grows, blonde hair goes brown, body fills and alters shape. Until Scott is standing before his twin. Just in Meggan's green uniform and with his eyes close. He hears his own voice come out, "So who do you need me to be to get inside?"

Nate arrives late. He told Scott he would drop by during the weekend. But he got a call from the X-Men and… he couldn't stay put. Doctor Corben is going to yell at him (again).

He has looked better. No sleeping in five days didn't help. But the main problem is he got serious burns from the Sentinel's weapons. Part of his face and neck are bandaged, his long hair is gone, replaced by an almost military buzzcut that got rid of all the burned bits. It also makes more obvious the scars on his face and scalp. He is not wearing his jacket but a sleeveless shirt, and his bare arms show a dozen cuts from shrapnel, some of which are still oozing blood. The tribal tattoos around the upper arm and shoulder are evident. Both hands are bandaged, too.
He has taken painkillers, but not enough, because he wants all his power available, therefore he is going on coffee and tequila, and the red-lidded eyes show a good deal of anger and pain.

At least he is clear-shaven. That is a rare thing. "You know Cooper doesn't want me here" He grumbles, flopping down the closest chair. "But I… folks here need to know what is going on in Genosha."

"I had read that was your gift. Perfect." Cyclops says while stares at himself through those red lenses. A slow walk around 'himself' and he exhales, a hand reaches down to the table in the middle of the room and he slides open a panel. An elderly woman stands there, thin, older, a scrunched nose and a sour look. "This is Madame Reneau. She is the current President of Genosha. She is like the typical Genoshan not a fan of mutants, she views us as a lesser and dangerous species that should be controlled by humans. Up until half a year ago she had a firm grasp on the operations of Genosha."
He pans through images and stops on a picture of two men together, Boliver Trask and Cameron Hodge, "These are the men our intel says are in control now. The Madame Reneau has been hospitalized and on her behalf her confidante the Genegineer, David Moreau has been acting in her stead. She is your target once we can fully infiltrate. They have sensors and can detect us. That is the concern but we have been working at this for some time, we have work arounds for that. We just have to get inside and close enough."

Scott stops talking and looks at Meggan, "You are going to become Madame Reneau and incite a civil war. That will be our opening."

The door hissing open as Nate enters, "I don't care what Cooper wants right now. I care about what is needed and I am working on that with Agent Lewis. SHIELD may be able to interfere between your issues with the DEO and Amanda Waller. Its just going to take some… favors on our end." He'd rather work with SHIELD over the DEO any day though.

Meggan has to keep her/his eyes closed. She doesn't have the Ruby quarts lenses to keep those eye beams at bay. "I'd fool most exames right now." But hearing someone else coming in and clearly being 'shown' something has the copy of Scott return to what Meggan normally looks like. Long blonde hair, female and with her eyes open. "I don't know if I'll fool Mutant Detectors. Sometimes I can, and sometimes not." Arms cross as she hugs her tummy and says, "War sounds like a way to hurt a lot of people Scott. You're asking an Empath to go into a hive of hate and start a war. You know what this means right?" Looking at him so he can see, and maybe feel how this is making her a bit queezy. "I'll do it, but…. I want you to understand what you are asking. War doesn't solve things." Eyes flicking to Nate and waves. "Hello. I'm Meggan, most recently from the UK." As if the accent wasn't a giveaway.

"I like SHIELD. Fury is cool," comments Nate. He manages to give Meggan and even look. Breathe. "Hey, Meggan… sorry, my mind is a million miles away. I think I have seen you a few times around the school. I'm Nate Grey. Codename Scion." At least when he is with the X-Teams. Calling himself X-Man when he is with the X-Men feels dumb.

"Okay, see… there are ways to shield against detection." He explains, interrupting Scott. "That is one of the things I found out in Africa. The Magistrates don't know how it is done, but apparently some of the 'mutates' have escaped or have been rescued. There are some kind of resistance movement in Genosha. At least in Hammer Bay."

"If you have a better suggestion for handling Genosha, by all means, please enlighten me." Scott says, the 3D images still cycling through. "You will be Madame Reneau. You will start changing policies, cut out Hodge, Trask, Moreau and instigate a reform of their laws. They will fight back, they will try to kill you no doubt and we will be there to stop them. From the top on down we are going to dismantle Genosha and it will undergo complete change."

"Yes, we have long had sympathizers and been in limited contact with this resistance. Limited. Very limited."

Scott stares at Nate at the interruption. "Are there ways you know about that we don't? If so, put them on the table."

There's late, and then there's Illyana. The automatic doors slide smoothly back as she walks into the room like a regular person, rather than teleporting straight in and setting off the intruder alarms that Scott's so fond of. There's a distracted look in her eyes that clears when she looks over at Scott. "Sorry. I had to take care of something in Limbo. Long overdue."

Finding a convenient wall to prop herself against, kicking one booted foot comfortably up behind her to brace herself in position, Illyana's blue eyes find Nate and give him a quick once-over. "You still look terrible." She tells him, apparently without a trace of sympathy.

Illyana's gaze moves on, finding Meggan and regarding her with unrestrained curiosity. "Hi." She says, with a little bit of a smirk, adding a small wave to the greeting, before lapsing into silence. She's aware she's come in in the middle of the movie, here.

Meggan takes a slow moment. Looking at the two new arrivals and considering Scotts words. She waves to the arriving woman in return though, "Hello." The blonde seems like someone she has been told about, but right now heavier matters are on her mind. "You can /ask/ me to do something like this Scott. But I won't be bullied into it. I have had plenty of dealings with people telling me what to do all my life. For something this big it isn't something that can be just said like asking me to bring you tea." She motions to the image, "Is that all we have? I may need more to really try to do her, takes more then just looking and sounding like someone to make it seem like you ARE that person anyway."

"I did some deep scanning and memory dredge on captured Magistrates a few days ago," explains Nate. "They are grunts, so no details, but they know some interesting things." He should make a full reports, but hey, he has been in the US less than 24 hours, and half of that in a med lab with a half-drunk cyberdoc.

Humorless grin to Illy. Love you too, witch.

"Meggan. There is going to be war. Genosha is building up a huge army. They are going to expand and none of the neighbor countries has a chance to do shit against them. They have a hundred Sentinels or so. Weaponized brainwashed mutants. Power armor. Energy guns. Advanced aircraft. And that is just what the soldiers know. They could fight the whole SHIELD army by themselves and the UN is always painfully slow to deploy troops."

"Scott is right," mark the day in the calendar. Nate said 'Scott is right'. "We need to stop them before they leave the island."

Scott opens his mouth at Meggan's words then closes it. His fingers rise up and he actually smooths them over the visor, "I am asking you. That is what I have been doing this whole time, I am just telling you, if you're party to this that is the best role and option for you. I am not commanding or telling you what to do. And definitely not bullying you." The navy blue clad man motions with his hands, "This is how I operate, this is me requesting. You are either in or out. Which I honestly for all of us, hope you are in."

The arrival of Illyana is actual welcoming to him for once, the interruption from having to explain himself as Meggan gets defensive, "You actually used a door?" Then he over hears Nate say he is right. "What is going on?" A tease, a smile, a small one and he looks back at Meggan, letting 'Scion' finish what he is saying, he'll update Cerebro files on Nate's callsign later.

"We are gathering all of the data we can on Madame Reneau. I will make sure it is available to you, news feeds, kinetic model make ups, tweets, everything for research will be at your disposal."

"Yes, war is inevitable. We are currently, this room right now. US, the X-Men are conducting plans for the soft approach, the softest one we can manage is taking out the head of the snake. We get the 'Human Council' overthrown and out of Genosha we can make things easier on down the ladder." As he says 'Human Council' faces begin to show up on the 3D projection again, Trask, Hodge, Graydon Creed, countless others. All big pushers in the past years for Purifiers, Mutant Registration, Sentinel Programs… vile, human supremacists.
Donald Pierce. William Striker. David Moreau. Many faces worthy of recognizing.

Illyana tips her head to one side as she answers Scott. "That's the /other/ reason I'm late." She tells him, with a certain self-satisfaction. She's already started to shift the blame for her tardiness away from herself.

Illyana could add to the boys' run-down of the Genoshans' capabilities, but they seem to have it covered. Instead she just looks over at Meggan and shrugs. "I met them. They're unpleasant." She gets a thoughtful look. "Bombs, guns, mad science… How are they at magic?" Illyana asks, looking at Scott with a smile starting to creep across her face. "If Meggan here needs to see this Madame Reneau live and in colour, I might be able to arrange it."

Meggan pales a little at what she hears fromt he guys. "Okay." She can tell they feel admant about this, "Sorry Scott. Just felt like I was being offered no choice." The lighter tones help the empath as she takes a breath and manges to get her smile back. "I'll do this. I won't like it and may want lots of ice cream and reality TV when I get back. But I'll do it. I can be this…. person." Motioning to the 3D image on display. "Who is going to know I'm undercover besides you three. I rather not get beat up by my friend who don't know it's really me in there." She shakes her head about meeting the woman. "I don't have to, I rather her not know about me either. I'll do okay with video and information and the like."

To an empath like Meggan, Nate feels like a ball of rage wrapped up in grief and loss. But he has not felt bad in years, though. He just had a very, very bad month.
Who is going to know? He looks at Scott. "You said something about SHIELD?"

"It is alright, Meggan. I know how I come off to those unfamiliar with me. I expect to ruffle a few feathers." Scott shares that in common with the other two in here, Nate the hothead and Illyana the demoness.

"Their technology is incredibly advanced. We assume they have the ability to even detect and react to the energy signatures magic puts out but it is definitely something we can put to the test. We have pockets of cells and Genoshan outposts to experiment on. We just can't be too coordinated or obvious about it. We do not want them to know we are about to go for their heart."

"Yes, Agent Lewis is contacting SHIELD to see how much backup they can offer us. I am keeping it all on a need to know. We will have two units of X-Men involved in this, infiltration squad and response squad. One is going in and the other is going to back them up when it really comes to it. I think Agent Lewis even volunteered to be part of our infiltration group. Have to admire her… moxy." A chuckle from Scott.

A moment of collection and he looks at Meggan, "I know you haven't had the opportunity to work with yet and this is a big first step but I have faith in you and we will all be here to support you. We're in this together. All of us and I won't leave any of you behind or let you fall. Not ever."

The look in Illyana's eyes is almost one of anticipation as she waits to see how her suggestion will be received. As if she's sizing Meggan up for something. She looks disappointed when Meggan demurs, and grimaces a bit when Scott backs her up with science. "All right." Illyana says, in a reluctant tone. "I won't scry for her, just in case." She's not convinced it was a terrible idea, but she'll let it go for now.

There's probably something a little off about the demoness, for those who are of a particularly empathic bent, but she has a go at adding a bit of reassurance to Scott's words. "Unless they're really good at blocking me, I can pull you out in seconds." Illyana smiles, reassuringly. With that hint of anticipation restored.

Meggan is tring to keep her emotional walls up and deal with what she may have to do. "Umm… record what you can for me to watch Scott. I thin kI need to fly and think some." She nods to the others in turn. "I hope to meet you all again soon again. IN better settings. Thank you for the help. I'll do this, and hope we can pull this off with hurting as few people as we can." She floats of fthe ground and heads for the window to make her exit.
You paged Illyana with 'I honestly will have to look in to their defenses against magic, the mutant side of things is an easy block for them but magic is a wildcard issue'

Nate Grey says, "I gotta point out something else," offers Nate. "Genosha mutant-detection tech is very good, they think they have covered every square inch of the island. But I don't think they check out for metas or aliens. Maybe we could get some friends involved. I am thinking Reader and maybe Carol Danvers. The Magistrates have also taken Nuhumans and used to buy cocoons in the black markets of the area. They must have a few dozens jailed somewhere."
He glances to Illyana. "And demons. I bet they are not ready for demons. How good are your pets at creative sabotage?""

"Take what time you need Meggan. We are still in the preperation phases of this. I want everyone ready and at least 90% sure they're capable. The other 10% gives them room for fear. I never rule out fear. It's useful." Scott watches the elfish woman depart before his attention returns to Illyana and Nate.

"We'll test their technology before we make any forward attempts. I have a location in Antarctica." A map pulls up, a globe showing and zoomed in on he points at a region between Peter I and Alexander just shy of the Falklands and South America." Here. There is a Genoshan research facility that is heavily guarded, their only point on Antarctica and far away from their other monitoring stations. We're going to strike that next, I want you to use as much magic as you can, test all their sensors."

A look at Nate, "We have to assume if we can think of it so can they. If they are canvassing the world for nuhumans like we have witnessed that might mean they're capable of also controlling them like they do us. Aliens… thats another scenario all together. Do you personally know any?" Carol Danvers is mentioned and Scott considers, "I'd rather keep this as tight as possible. Please do not speak of this too much, infiltration team needs utmost secrecy, even from our own. You two right now know more than anyone else." Except for maybe the Professor.

Illyana, still slouched up against the wall, watches Meggan lift off and float away. She's good enough to wait until she's out of the window before she looks to the others and says, "She's nice." The way Illyana says it, it might be that she considers that a BAD thing. "Are you sure she's not too nice for what you want her to do?"

When Scott pulls up the globe, Illyana lets her foot drop to the floor and pushes off the wall, walking over to inspect their target. She looks up as Scott lays out her role, a nasty gleam in her blue eyes. "I can do that." She assures him.

The sorceress snorts in answer to Nate's suggestion. "Depends. If by sabotage you mean indiscriminate destruction wherever I drop them off, they're great. If you mean knocking out one thing in particular and not eating anyone they find in the surrounding area, not so great." She shrugs. "I'll see what I can come up with."

Of course, a traitorous part of her mind reminds her, she did just get rid of six individuals who might have been perfect, with the right amount of demonic tampering. She pushes that thought away and nods to Scott. "Got it." She's good at keeping secrets.

Nate knows… knew a few aliens. Supergirl comes to mind. But it has been over a year. He shakes his head. "If they can control Nuhumans… that is something we should find out as soon as possible. You want us to be the infiltration team?" Nate has not done 'infiltration' since he was seventeen. "Alright, I need some time away of the US. I am in."

"I am not sure but we are going to find out." Scott says to Illyana. The talk about destruction and eating has him clearing his throat, "We're trying to set an example here We're not the Brotherhood. No deaths is one of our goals. I know its impossible for us to assume this will go without causalities, its going to but we have to strive for no killing. Restrain yourselves to the best of your ability." A red *bead* of light rolling over Magik, studying her before it skips to Nate, "I am not sure if you two are infiltration or response yet. I am still deciding on what our best options are. You're… not exactly the best choice for subterfuge. However, after your incident in Africa the other day they will be looking out for you and it is unlikely they know the full range of your powers. We'll see. We're going to Trojan Horse this once we have an assembled team."

"Not before. Understand?"

There's a quiet noise from Illyana when Nate says 'You want us to be the infiltration team?'. Something between a cough and a strangled attempt not to laugh. She clears her throat and shakes her head, as if making a silent apology, but there's still an impish light in her eyes.

Illyana raises her hands in a gesture of innocence, or perhaps surrender, when Scott reminds her that they're supposed to be the good guys. "OK, no demons." She shoots a reproving look at Nate for bringing them up in the first place.

Despite the inappropriate amount of amusement that Illyana seems to be finding in this situation, she is at least thinking about what Scott's saying. She turns around to perch on the edge of the table. "If you put me on the infiltration team and you need me to pull someone out, I'll have to break cover… or just break my promise to Meggan." She shrugs. "Whatever you need me to do, really."

"I am leaning towards a yes on that Illyana. Nate is one of the most powerful psionists in the world and you are, well, you're the unaccounted for demon in the closet." Scott says frankly, "Most of us are simply mutants, well trained, powerful but Genosha is used to handling us. You two may very well end up our ringers in this. We'll find out just to what extent once we sack the Antarctic target. Which is soon. Very soon. If they're incapable of defending against your magic, we have an even better shot but we can't just blunt hammer this. We go in destroying everyone and everything without putting Meggan in place of Madame Reneau, we're just adding to the fear."

Scott exhales. He has talked a lot and needs another cup of coffee also water. "I am hungry. I think it's lunch time. You two joining me?" It appears the meeting is adjourned. Time to put serious matters aside for now.

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