June 01, 2017:

The X-Men's new leader and their SHIELD liaison meet to discuss plans about Genosha.


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Fade In…

A Japanese style garden filled with rare and exotic plant-life covers this area, there are a series of paths that wind through dense wooded areas, open points spot the grounds with benches and water fountains. At this time of day the sun is gone down and paper lanterns line walkways and lamps of stone called toro light up koi ponds. It's a peaceful lightly illuminated atmosphere and one of the Professor's most coveted locations on the Institute property.


Scott Summers waits inside, with Storm leaving it is up to him to water and tend the fish inside of the Professor's garden until he finds a suitable student or X-Men who is willing to take on that responsibility. The X-Men's newest leader is dressed in a simple loose pair of sports pants with a Nike log on them in red, a black tanktop, no shoes (the Professor is pretty adamant abotu shoes or slippers in his garden). Deep ruby red glasses seated on his nose as he walks around dropping bits of food in to the ponds.

Darcy got the text while at work and so she replied that she could be there after lunch. Clearing the rest of her afternoon, the SHIELD Liason makes her way (in a company car!) to the school. She asked for Mr. Summers at the door, and was shown to the garden and told the rule. So, in her business skirt suit and barefoot, Darcy makes her way in looking around.

"Mr. Summers?" she calls out softly part way in.
A little more food pinched off and Scott looks up to see Darce entering the garden area. A light smile graces his handsome features and he sets the fish food aside to walk over and offer a handshake. "Agent Lewis. Glad you could make it so quickly." A look down at her bare feet then back up to her eyes. "Please, come in." He motions inward, the paper shutters to the room closed behind her. It is peaceful, even the clinking of bamboo on bamboo can be heard in here. Quiet. Nice.
Way more calming than she was expecting. It's nice. Darcy smiles, having shaken Scott's had firmly, making eye contact. Best she can anyway. Four glasses meet rose-tilted glasses. Darcy is going to keep the comments to her self for the moment.

"It's my pleasure, Mr. Summers. I'm here to work with the XMen and the school. What can I do for you?" she asks as she waits to be offered to a sit.
Scott moves over with Darcy to sit on one of the empty benches, "My pleasure actually, I don't know how much interaction you had with our last leader but with recent incidents involving Inhumans she had to depart back to Africa. I'm wanting to ensure you that I plan on maintaining if not increasing our cooperation with SHIELD." He says quickly.
"An assurance of continued transparency. As best as I can manage."

"Storm and I were at a bit of odds about the Inhumans, but we understood where we were coming from. For my part, I respected her stance. I hope she respected mine." Darcy replies sitting with Scott. Knees together, ankles folded. May might consider looking surprised at how professional her normally wacky agent is being right now.

"Of course. SHIELD has always been ready to assist your group as much as possible, and I have a personally vested interest in trying to help you find the best way to service your students and staff."
Scott nods his head, "Good and yes, Storm spoke highly of you. We're rather happy with the arrangement. You've become an asset to us. " The tall man rakes a hand through his dark hair, its as if he is trying to stall a moment to sort his thoughts, "This is a favor on this next front, I actually have two… Recently one of our members, Nate Grey, codename X-Man a classified alternate dimensional has come to odds with the DEO. He believes they are engaged in covert and illegal operations but really has no proof beyond his word. Which, I know how you operate. How you are expected to operate so I don't expect you to pursue this I am only asking if there is any possible way you can put in a word with your superiors or if you're capable of blockading them from taking action on him. He snooped. He broke some laws but it sounds like they are not pursuing it so far, I just want to make sure that if the shit hits the proverbial fan… that you might be able to assist us there. Even a little. Insurance I suppose."

Darcy listens to the favor, face serious.

"I'd like to interview him, if he's agreeable. I want to know what he thinks he found on the DEO, and I'll flag it for my SO. If SHIELD has anything on them that his story can support, then maybe we can do something. For now, if they aren't purusing things, I can look to see what they might be doing with those broken laws, and if it's going to be highly troublesome I might be able to clear some things. Like I said, I've got to get some details. I'd rather it be from the horse's mouth."
"This is also my way of giving you a heads up." Scott considers, "Reachable is a trick. I'll try to send him your way when I can."
An exhale and the man studies Darce, "Genosha is the next thing. We want to attack it. I know this is an act of war but… it's an eyesore on civilization and forward progression. They're using mutants as slaves. Last year they tried to assassinate the Professor and we have sat idle long enough. I've promised my people we will be tearing it down and reforming it. I know this is a blatant act of war and all international affairs of this manner fall on SHIELD hands, but we want in. We want to be the vanguard. I want to work with you and I want to allow some of my team to infiltrate, expose and tear down their defenses. I have volunteers ready. I am one of those volunteers."

Scott is being incredibly forward and open about all of this. He is a man with a mission. If she could see his eyes she would be able to see the conviction in their depths.
"Because with or without SHIELD aid… the X-Men are taking on Genosha."

This surprises the agent. Her green eyes widen in surprise and concern.

"That's… wow. I mean. That's very bold, Mr. Summers. And definitely something I have to take to my superiors about. I'm not sure we can participate in what amounts to war, no manner how much I might find what is happening there offensive and would love to suit up and charge in right next to you."

"You are aware of what we accomplished last year? We exposed their slavery and managed to get them boycotted by several major countries. They're still at it. They are still in open flagrant disregard for mutant life. They supply our enemies with weapons and they send out their Magistrates to capture my people and turn them in to guinea pigs, slaves and toys. Yet no one is doing anything. It's no longer within our ability to remain quiet and unchecked." Scott's tone is somber, heavy. "I want to do this right though. We don't want to kill them. We just want to peel them open and allow /you/ allow SHIELD to take the rest. We don't want the glory, the island, none of it. We just want their leadership disposed and their arms, capabilities of manufacturing them… all of it, we want it taken from them. No one should live in that kind of fear. It is archaic."

Scott stops, "Then do it. Go in there with us. Talk to your superiors, tell them of our intentions and work along side us. "

Darcy nods, lips purses faintly. Her mind is working, on the politcal ramifications of deposing of a government. UN hasn't done anything. The usual channels aren't working or are working too slowly.

"I can't promise anything, not officially, not as SHIELD, not until I talk to the right people. But from a personal stand point, I'm all in."

"Then you understand what point we're at." Scott actually manages a smile, "Good. I'm glad to hear that. I wasn't present for what went down with Apocalypse but I know you were involved."

"Just say I was surprised and just a little impressed. Not often a human wants to work beside us and so fearlessly. That looked like a new win situation. I've played the scenario over and over again a few times." A test. He isn't sure how much she knows about their facility. Does she know about the Danger Room and their Shi'ar technology?

Scott contunes his quiet study of her from the purse of lips to any other subtle shifts, "I'll happily count you with us. Whether your superiors know or not."

The mention of Apocalypse and Darcy's face hardens. Her molars press together, and her chin inclines.

"I take it personally when anyone fucks with someone I care about," is all the SHIELD agent says. The SHIELD agent that ran in against the would-be demigod, barefoot and armed with a single magazine in a 9 milimeter hand gun… and her mouth. Darcy dirty dirty sassy makes-sailors-blush mouth.

And her iPOD set to Pink Floyd.

Apocalype never knew what hit him.

She doesn't seem to know anything about there tech, or she knows everything baout it, because she doesn't reaction to him running simulations.

"Just keep him informed when we're wheels up and what the terrain is like. If I can wear my skates, I'll be a million times more effective."

Scott's small smile remains, he isn't the smiling sort but he can maintain it at times. Like right now. It's easy, hes finding Darcy a good change of pace. "I read the files, we have limited footage. You are quite brave but also possibly insane. Which in our lines of work is very necessary. " A look down at the grass between his toes and he looks back at the Agent of SHIELD, "My plan is a bold one. I don't think rollerskates will be an option. We're going to infiltrate, it is likely the only way we can fully get in which means nothing but what we have on us. It is a work in progress. Also highly dependent on the capabilities of my team."

Darcy smirks as the insane comment.

"I slept with a speedster, mouthed off to a Gotham clown girl, and tazed the God of Thunder. I think I've earned my Chutzpah badge."
"And you getting as much information on the main government facility you are looking to hit. Hav eyou given any thought to what's gonig to replace what was there? It'd be a waste of time to go in, destroy what's there only to have something worse take it's place," Darcy states then.

"Slept with a speedster? That had to be uh… interesting." Scott scoffs. The rest only has him headshaking slightly. "You're used to this line of work for sure then. Definitely chalked up a fair amount of experience. I'm glad. What could be worse than those who engage in slavery and human trafficking? I am putting faith in you and your agency that you will do the right thing once we do what we must."

"So you're really just looking for SHIELD to put things into place for a new government. Well… if SHIELD can't, I might still have some contacts on the Hill. If Rupert's done being an ass. I'll get back to you on that. But you make sure your group does its homework You have a plan to get out before you ever have a plan to get in," Darcy says. Which is exactly NOT like how she normally operates.
"Planning is my thing, Agent Lewis." Scott assures her. If anyone in the X-Men has a good pragmatic approach to tactics and strategy it is Cyclops. Straightening up to his feet he offers her a hand to stand up, "You can rely on us. I won't lead my people in blindly and if you're on the team, you're secure. I always look out for my people."

"I'm not fucking worried abot myself. I'm worried about your damn kids. Becaus that's what they are, Mr. Summers. Minus a few, you've got a school here. Not a military facility.," Darcy states, that fire that gnited at Apocalypse's name is slow to fade.

"Eighteen is the minimum age. Eighteen is the minimum age without consent to enlist in the military. Some of my kids can nuke an entire city, fly a train across a country, turn a person's mind in to cottage cheese, transform to look like anyone they want… that is far more of an edge than most soldiers in the military." Scott smiles, its tighter than before but he is still being pleasant. He understands where she is coming from. "They all have a purpose, a cause and are prepared to fight for it. I wasn't meaning to insult your capabilities, I just simply meant… if you're with us, you're one of us and we all look out for you just like any X-Men, we're bonded."

"Same with SHIELD. I just want you to know how I feel about this. I can get over protective," Darcy states, smirking then. "Yeah. I know what most of you guys can do. I have access to your files. " She sighs then, trying to shake past the aggitation of Apocalypse.

"Sorry. I'll get you information, see what SHIELD can do, what it can't do, and what I can push along regardless."

"Thank you." Scott says, "I understand your concerns, they are warranted. We will collaborate. I will keep your number in my phone and you can text me anytime. I prefer we maintain a great working relationship you and I. It is for the best of all of us."
Now that the worst of the anger is faded, Darcy smiles brightly, all hint of the professional agent is gone.

"Likewise, Mr. Summers. And sorry for getting all fucking grr-faced."

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