The Wasp & The Canary

April 13, 2015:

Black Canary and The Wasp meet at Van Dyne industries and The Wasp designs a new costume for Black Canary while they discuss the potential of the New Justice Society.

Van Dyne Industries

Van Dyne Industries


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It was a nice day out and Laurel had decided that meeting in costume while fun, wasn't always practical or sensible; especially when her and Janet had such transparent identities. Laurel benefitted from being an obscure unknown woman, Janet on the other hand was fairly well known and putting two and two together had not proved hard.

Using the contact information she was given, Laurel asked to meet Janet at Van Dyne industries hoping to take a look around and see what it was all about while chatting with the other woman.

She arrived dressed in business formal for the meeting, looking like one of any number of people who could be meeting with Janet!

van Dyne Industries. One of the downtown Manhattan towers of Technology and Industry that take up a full block. At this point even the red bus tours have started to call the Baxter Building, Stark Industries, and van Dyne Industries the technology trio. Of course there are other buildings, like Dacosta's or Queen Consolidated, but the history of pure technology is in those three.

The lobby is expansive. The private elevator to Janet's office is smooth and elegant. Reflective black glass. The lobby it opens up to has a administrative desk, without a chair, a large black monitor screen, and a double door to the right and to the left.

The screen comes to life with the glowing Red Eye from 2001 Space Odyssey and a voice intones "Ms. Lance, Ms. van Dyne is waiting for you in her office." and the door to the right will unlock and open.

The office is expansive, half of the floor easily with a balcony, an area clearly designed to host a formal gathering, an extensive board table, and in the back a very large black metal and glass desk. Very high technology looking.

Janet is lounged on one of the couches, reading a holographic display idly.

Laurel admires the offices as she moves through them, a little surprised to be greeted by some kind of robotic computer instead of an actual secretary; it was definitely different a little futuristic.

It reminded her of something she had seen at a Stormwatch facility or in the movie Terminator.

She takes the elevator ride up, straightening her clothing and hair out a little because she liked to look nice and when the door opens she smiles at the other woman, "This place is something else. I thought it looked good on the outside but wow, I'm amazed."

Janet looks up from the display and flicks her hand killing the emitters as she hops up to her feet with a smile there. "Hello Canary. Thank you… a lot of technology in the building. Though some of the coolest stuff was designed by my lead R&D researcher Pym.. he invents like no one else I have ever met…" she shakes her head.

"Just call me Laurel if you prefer, no need to use codenames when we're not in costume if it's all the same to you." Laurel takes a look around the office, still quite impressed, "Neat. I'd love to meet him sometime but honestly, science is not really my forte. I try to know my weaknesses and that is definitely one of them."

Janet van Dyne looks around "Oh do not get me wrong, I am not a scientist. I get a great deal of advanced technology because of growing up around my father and being the chairman of van Dyne Industries. It is a bit like osmisis.. and well I'm told being smart." she smiles a bit impish. "But I did not create any of this… technology…" she pauses a long beat "I create fashion though. Did you like my costume?"

"It was pretty amazing, especially the fact that it adjusts with your size and somehow you're able to make those wings disappear and re-appear." Laurel takes a seat on the couch, still trying to get used to the setting she was in, "What does that anyways?"

Janet ohs at the wing commentary "The wings are part of me… science again but .. yeah I'm probably not really baseline human to be honest about that. When I get to big to support flying though they shunt to Kosmos… it is a parralel dimension. My understanding of how it works is that is also where my mass goes or comes from when I shrink and grow." she grins a bit crooked. "Lot of science.. the costume though is made of unstable molecules… it is what I fabricate all the costumes I design for people from… it is fairly bullet proof unless it's an armor piecing round too."

"That's neat. I'm not exactly a normal human either, my sonic abilities are some kind of metahuman gene but there's no parallel dimensions involved. Were you born that way or did it come later in life?" Canary crosses one leg over the other and makes herself comfortable.

Janet shakes her head "No I gained them not so long ago through some applied science. To be honest it may have been a bit rash but I had to avenge my father's death…. and save the world from … a complication of his research and I got help from a brilliant scientist. It seems to have worked out without side effect though so… good right?"

Laurel nodded and the whole parallel dimension thing was starting to make a bit more sense to her, "It's amazing when you think of it, how often the world is almost destroyed but thank god there's so many people out there trying to save it every single day. It's almost a shame most people have no idea but it's much better that way."

She thinks back to the recent nuclear scare and shudders, "Like that rather public panic involving that missing celebrity, Dolores Winters. That had people scared if only for a few days until something else comes along."

Janet considers "Well I think people should know that heroes are out there. I do think that a hero is a break glass in case the world is in danger.. or a natural disaster.. but honestly I think that campaigns.. charities.. foundations.. and causes can change the world in a more sustained way for the better than individual heroes. Of course heroes can join those causes as much as any celebrity and bring multipliers to them."

"You have amazing ideas and you're touching on exactly some of the things I would hope the New Justice Society could do, of course, with someone like you as a member it would definitely make it easier to work on things like charities and foundations to support people."

Laurel grins, "That was some of the kind of stuff I was hoping we could find some funding for, accounts that would help benefit victims of attacks or even on the opposite end of the spectrum? Superheroes cause damage, many of them unintentional and no insurance company picks up the tab, I hope that is something we could do even if we didn't cause the damage because I really hope our group won't be causing property damage without an extremely good reason."

"Also, I'm sorry about the other night, it was getting late and quite a bit had happened. It seemed like it would be more productive for us to get to chat like this."

Jan blinks at the idea of insurance of funds for superhero mass destruction. "Interesting concept that… a division of a firm that specializes in insuring and also recovering from mass damages caused by the various threats and villains. A lot of work was donated in the time after the last major disaster but…" she flicks her hand opening up a holoterminal and taps a few notes. "This is definitely more productive for certain and no worry I am pretty hard to offend or shake." she smiles to you and then looks back down. "Also the van Dyne foundation is heavily involved in a wide variety of charities… but I hope to expand that."

Laurel looks over the holoterminal stuff that she can see,"It sounds like a good idea and with what you have here available to you, you're in a position to do a lot of good than most." She had a USB drive with some info on it but she then asked, "You wanted to hear about the other members of the team right?"

Janet nods "Yeah I would definitely like to learn more about the others, and probably see them in the field too. I also want to give you a unstable molecurlar version of your costume if you would like to field test. Can't be too bullet proof in my opinion?"

Laurel Lance comes into FRP Room #2 from FRP Ready Room.

"I would be happy to try one out. The 'costume' I use is actually body armor from my days working with a non-existent government agency, never found a replacement and seeing and hearing what you do makes me more than grateful for an upgrade. Who knows, with tech like that, style over functionality may not be something that needs to be debated. I have to admit, there was a certain style to the original Black Canary's costume who was also my mother." Molecular bulletproof fishnets anyone? Maybe Canary could replace the body armor look for something stylish and protective with Janet's help in the near future!


Janet blinks about that and then tilts her head slowly to the right. She pushes off the couch fully "Come on this way…. and I think I could do a sheer sort of pantyhose look but probably not fishnets.. I mean… not enough molecular steel weave in those… shrapnel problems too…." she heads out to the anteroom.

Not another soul in the entire penthouse office suite from the looks of it. Still no receptionist, just that large wall screen with the red eye from 2001: A Space Odyssey displayed on it, though it does seem to track Laurel's progress. The door to the other half of the whole floor opens.

In that half it is another world from the board room. It is pure workspace, looking like an unusual mix of fabric design and high tech micro-fabrication assemblies. Huge screens and holographic displays surround a horseshoe shaped alcove on one end of the room. "I should get a scan." Janet says.

Laurel ponders the options, "That could work, I'm pretty sure she used to wear fishnets over stockings anyways. At least that's how the pictures looked, I never really knew about it when she was alive." She follows along to get into the scanning station type workspace that Janet takes her to, "Sure, scan away. While you do that, I'll start filling you in on the others!"

"Anything special you need me to do before the scan?"

Jan shakes her head there as she looks you over "Well we could maybe do some fishnets over stockings though… get the look…" she has a critical eye. "Hal pull up archival photos of black canary, as good as you can get them. Original hero." she steps over to you and then indicates you "Scan, full model build for the work on costumes…." and a lot of gear flips out and well like the movies a full body laser grid starts to work on covering every inch of you. Holograms it looks like.. or lasers… god knows.

Laurel eyes the science fiction like array of technology as it scans her, hopefully it didn't burn but to her surprise she didn't feel a thing, "You met Power Girl the other night. She's strong, fast, tough, can shoot laser from her eyes. I suspect she has some kind of connection to Superman and Supergirl based on powers alone even if she doesn't wear a big S on her chest. She's also fairly smart.." Laurel wasn't here to out anyone though, "..and I imagine." She coughs, "Whatever connections she has to Starrware Labs would be very beneficial if pooled with your own. I don't just mean technology but in terms of helping to do some of the actual good we spoke about. Either way, she's experience, she's been doing the hero thing for well over a decade even if she's not as high profile."

It seems like Laurel is going for the experienced members first, "Constantine, you didn't meet but you may have heard of. He's a world class detective and occultist, I heard he's one of the best sorcerers, like magic users out there. He's smart, experienced and despite his cynicism and love of alcohol, he's one of the most reliable people you would ever be able to work with. If you have him as a friend, he's a friend for life."

"Robin, might be a bit younger but he was trained by Batman and that in itself should speak volumes not only of his skill but his character. He's got a lot of potential despite his age and by that, I mean he is already on the same level as people with decades more experience than him and he's still growing without any superpowers at all to speak of. That I know of anyways." She grinned at the last bit.

"Some of the younger members who I've invited in the hopes of trying to get them more training include Nitro, who you met. He has some speedster type powers, like the Flash. Lots of enthusiasm and a big heart to go with it, he just needs some training, focus and guidance. Also a costume for example to help him with the identity thing wouldn't hurt."

"There's also Rain, she's a witch, an honest to god Witch and a healer. She's young and I'm hoping Constantine will be able to help her be able to use her abilities with confidence because she has the skill and talent. Spearhead is vigilante, ex-military who has made some questionable decisions in the past. We've already helped him get over his whole issue with violence so he doesn't become the next Punisher. Captain, is Rain's talking cat, I would say he's more of a mascot but don't tell him that. He might not like it."

Hopefully that ate up most of the scanning time, "There are a few others including Lux, a young mutant with military training that will be joining and a few others, like yourself I would /love/ to count as part of the New Justice Society. It's not just about what we can offer each other, but what we can all together, offer the world."

Janet manipulates one of the displays and pulls out in front of her a very high resolution rendering of you. She taps it and the clothes vanish that you are wearing. She then turns to the images popping up of the old classic costume. Pictures of your mom. "I've met Powergirl before and am aware of her connections." she squints and taps a couple of the better photos that Hal found. Yeah she calls whatever the hell the computer is Hal. Hopefully this works better than the movie.

The images pull up bigger and she studies them critically still. "Magic.. I am … highly skeptical of. Not as much as Dr. Pym really from what I can tell but … science and technology. Trying to gel that together really. I of course know of Robin though have never met him. Batman is legendary… spooky legendary. I can hook the speedster up with a suit that won't be destroyed by superspeed and look awesome to boot… maybe goggles…." she is side tracking on more costumes. She obviously loves costumes by the tone of voice. "Talking Cat… the trenchcoat…. I wonder if he could like a new coat…" she peels the costume off the old pics after running her figure over the images and highlight what she wanted. With a fling gesture she coats your model with the classic look. "Too outdated but not horrible…"

"I guess a bit more coverage would work well and some yellow to break up the color, I really love yellow and I trust you." Also Laurel was totally jealous Iron Fist ran around with yellow booties and was a master of stealth, she could totally do the yellow and black thing and stealth around.

"As for the others, I know Nitro would probably worship you if you helped him out with a costume."

She allows Janet to work on the redesign, trusting the other woman's fashion skills since it was her career, "As for the budget stuff. A lot of it was actually directed towards some of what we're doing now, providing costumes and other gear because unless you're rich or have amazing friends that gets expensive. A base of operations. The means to do some of the things we discussed earlier, like charities, public outreach; some kind of free insurance to help out people who are victims of attacks or accidental damage by people in our line of work. From what I've seen, you could probably help with all that and more and put it together better than I could ever hope to."

Janet stares at the images there as she twirls it. "Well sure I can definitely help him out, no need for worship. Yellow and .. more coverage and modernize it. I will need to think about this but I can definitely have a prototype design to share from this I think." she steps away from the screen over to you. "Also once I get a chance to talk to everyone and make sure this is something I will be able to commit to, we can work on those things."

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