Mixed Company

May 28, 2017:

While in the Oblivion Bar Wanda Maximoff meets Robert Berresford.


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The Oblivion Bar a place Robert Berresford has grown rather used to over the past few years. A magical place, not somewhere just anyone can find. Most people walk by it and never realize its there, no one is meant to. A corner of the eye trick. Only those who are gifted can actually parse it's location, most simply just carry on around it.

Robert is here looking for information, the clientele are rather rotating in their presence, trolls, vampires, witches, goblins, fellow humans with magical talents, even devils and demons reside here.

The broad shouldered Native American stands out, the cowboy boots he wears make him taller, his pale white skin not natural pigment for him, crimson red eyes sit below a bandana tighly bound over his long dark hair. A slow look around and he takes in each face, looking for one in particular.

"Your jacket?" A orb of white light offers, a fairy. Its small but can easily carry around a leather jacket. "I can put it on the rack for you."

Ripclaw is no stranger to the games of fae, "I can myself, thank you." He would rather not owe a debt to one for something so simple. The jacket is removed and hung up. An Iced Earth band t-shirt revealed underneath. The man likes his metal.

Wanda didn't give up her jacket. The garment is what gives her the name of Scarlet Witch so she has to wear it to be recognized. And it's close to the only clothes she has so she's not giving them away to anyone. Especially a fae!

The woman sits alone at a booth. A large glass of red liquid in front of her but she only absently teases the container rather than actually sip at it. Her eyes wander the premises, taking in all the strange sights. She is a stranger here. Wanda didn't even know about this place until she saw the entrance while wandering the streets and realized that no one else did. And it turned out to be her kind of place. Though she still sits alone, wary and ready to vanish at a moment's notice.

Not intentionally but also a man who doesn't just believe in coincidences Ripclaw seats himself next to Scarlet Witch, unknown to him likely she is the only other mutant in this place. "Just a Miller." He rumbles quietly to the tender, who, with one 'squid-like' limb tosses one over. Roberts hand slides up and stops it as it grinds its way across the bartop, his hand is a clawed thing made of metal or bio-metal. Its directly in front of Wanda. It almost knocks over her drink.

"Sorry." Robert offers.

Company? "It is alright" Wanda shrugs at his apology, her voice still carrying that Eastern European accent that she seems unable to escape. The metal hand gets a brief looking over but she's seen weirder…like the bartender. "It was a good catch" she offers with a faint smile. "Though usually he throws them through the air rather than along the bar."

"Thanks. I was just afraid I'd almost knocked over your drink." Roberts hand lifts from his to offer it to her, shes not bothered, he suspects that. Not by a hand in a place like this. Three stools down there is a troll slurping up what look like giant demonic crickets out of a bowl. They're minor sights, this is the mystical cantina of Earthrealm after all. "We've never met. Name is Robert." Her smile, though faint gets a very faint one from him as well. "I'm glad this one stayed on the bar."

"Wanda" The woman takes the offered hand, shaking it firmly. "We may have met" she shrugs, "But not in this reality. I am glad it stayed on the bar too." She casually looks him over. He has a metal hand, which is close to enough to get him into this place, but there must be something magical to him as well. Outside she may have been able to sense exactly. In here…it's just the atmosphere of the place. "I do not think you are from New York, Robert."

Ripclaw considers, an inhale that actually causes his nose to curl a little. Superhuman sense of smell says she does have a familiar smell, "Not in this reality, you know, something is familiar about you. We might very well have met. Your scent is… nice and I feel like I should recall it form somewhere but I don't." A look to the side while the bio-metallic hand draws back, his eyes are sweeping the bar. No contact here yet. "No, I am not from New York, are you, Wanda?"

A curious rising of an eyebrow as Wanda is told she smells familiar. Is that a pick-up line? Or does she smell? Either way she is a bit worried so time to have a mouthful of flavored vodka before replying to his question with a shake of her head. "No. I am not from New York though I have lived here for a few years now. Maybe that makes me a New Yorker now? At least I am no longer illegal." A little smirk at that. "Originally I am from Transia. A place you may never have heard of. There is no shame in that."
"You're right. I haven't heard of it." Robert's beer is dropped back to his lips a few deep gulps taken from it then its drawn away, "Vodka, huh? I think if you've been here over 90 days and have a green card it makes you a New Yorker. May want to work on that accent though." He teases, his red eyes roam her from face to what he can see above the bar, taking the sight of her in to memory. "I prefer foreigners anymore so we're off to a good start."

"No Green Card" Wanda laughs. "Just friends in high places. I was almost deported once…twice…but they finds ways of keeping me here. I think I must be useful. I am an X-Man and an Avenger." She looks around the bar. "I should not be here. I should be out saving the world, da? And of course vodka. Beer is only for babies." A playful wink goes with that statement. "You like foreigners? But you still have not told me where you came from."

"X-Man and an Avenger. You're a celebrity." Ripclaw smiles, "I know several X-Men or used to. I was rather close once with two of them but those are times gone. "He follows her gaze to the room around them, "Beer is just something to keep my hands occupied plus its cheaper." The playful wink encourages him to smile, "I do. Further west, an old Iroquois reservation with no name anymore. I travel though, I'm not from anywhere specific… " He pauses. "You're allowed to relax and enjoy life between playing hero. Its why you do it. Freedom. Right? In that spirit I will drink something heavier with you if it lets you feel more comfortable 'off-duty'."

"I am never off-duty" Wanda smirks. "I am who I am all the time. If people need me then I have to do what I can do when they need me. It is a busy life but I long ago realised that it is the life that I now have. My life is no longer mine. Does that make sense?" A shake of her head. "I am no celebrity. Which X-Men did you know? Maybe that is where we met? Or should I ask 'when' you met them? I have met a lot of people who know me from alternate realities." A pause. "They usually do not like those alternate me."

A shift, "I'm a traveler, I once knew the woman of fire Jean, we were quite the show in another world. The spirit realm loves creatures drawn of animal. And Storm, I know her. Nate Grey… " Robert taps a thumb against the empty beer, the clink of metal on glass sounding out. "Others as well, with the shift of dimensions, times, they fade. Its sad if I wasn't prepared fors such things." He stops speaking long enough to order them both some whiskey. "You are a woman with a destiny and a purpose, I get it. I am a man of the same."
"I have know a couple of Storms" Wanda nods. "Nate Grey I know. Storm is the leader of the X-Men here. Or she was. I do not know anymore. Things change so much and so quickly." A nod to his lament of worlds fading. "Reality is not as real as people like to think" she smiles before shaking her head at the order of whiskey. "Another vodka for me, please. Destiny? We shall see I suppose. Purpose? Only what others need me for. Do you know what your destiny is?"

A finger slides out and takes that extra whiskey before its returned, Ripclaw doesn't mind drinking both. "No. I am here to serve this world as I was preordained and will do so until my story ends." He replies to Wanda, "Vodka, huh? Cannot stand it but I've known women like you who drink it like its tea."

"I would hope its the same Storm." A memory of her and him out at their breakstone lake in the frigid snow is still present, a serene moment in time, "Only what others need you for?"

"It may be the same Storm you have always known but I do not think it is the same Storm I knew. Or maybe something happened that changed her memories? That happens too" Wanda shrugs. "Vodka is better than tea. I can drink more of it. Who preordained you to serve this world? And 'story ends' sounds…worrying. You think you will die?"

"We all die eventually and those who decided my fate were my ancestors and the spirits themselves." Those crimson eyes follow her actions, actually watching her drink the vodka, slightly marveling at it as he cant personally stand the taste. "It's a heavy topic. Not one I am here for. I came to find someone but they did not show and you are here instead, off duty but never off duty." Robert teases her.

"Who decided their fate? The ancestors and the spirits?" Wanda asks before nodding to his desire to not get so deep. "I understand." She glances around. "Maybe they do not approach you because you are talking to me? They could be here." Vodka tastes wonderful! Robert is obviously mad. "I should have one of those beepers that tell me when I am needed. Do people still have beepers? Pagers? They were all the rage in Transia but then we were not allowed phones."

"We're steps beyond beepers and pagers. A good ways away from that." Ripclaw tells Wanda, his smile growing a little at that bit of humor. "Its not about them approaching me or not, trust me. Youre much more approachable looking than me. Much."

"They likely decided not to betray the information to me or were caught in transit. I'll find out later." He drinks down the whiskey. Still admiring her ability to just… absorb vodka. Horrible stuff.

"Are you not worried that something bad might have happened to them?" Wanda asks with a little apprehension. When you're used to the government hunting you down and living in a state where everyone watches everyone it is easy to believe the worst has happened. "Caught in transit? Do they need rescuing?"

"They are not close to me they are simply informants and I was to buy. If they don't show, I don't purchase… I can't exactly just go seeking them out. It would be a lost cause. A waste of our time really." Robert lifts up the other glass of whiskey and leans between her and the barstool he was sitting on, restless and standing now. "Need rescuing? Very heroic of you. I see why you say you are never off duty."

"Or maybe there is nothing more to me than being a heroine" Wanda replies with a self-mocking laugh. "I try to do my best but if there is no reason to panic then I will try this not panicking idea. It could be fun. Should I ask what the information is?" A dismissive wave of her hand. "Never mind. I am being nosy and this is not the place to be nosy. Some here do not even have a nose." A curious look at his need to stand. "Do you have to go?"

"I shouldn't exactly talk about that. Not meaning to be rude there." Robert replies, looking down at the fact that hes standing he shakes his head, "No, not yet at least. Can only sit for so long. Not panicking is good, if it calls for it I'll give you a warning." Wanda's laugh lightens things up abit which is what hes seeking now, no work, no need to be prepared to fight or intimidate someone. No bloodshed.

"You are only rude if I let you be rude" Wanda notes with a smile. The information about him not being able to sit long has her wondering if Robert has piles but that is not something to discuss in a bar. "Okay. Give me a warning if I need to panic but I am usually good at panicking promptly and effectively." She drains her drink and sighs softly. "Are you in a team, Robert? And do you have another name than Robert? For being a hero I mean."

Robert is actually graced with a mutant healing factor. The likelihood of something like that is next to nothing. Perhaps shes unable to pick up on how restless the man is, too much vodka? There is a flicker through his red eyes at her sigh, "Alright. No, no team and my mutant name is Ripclaw and I am no hero. Like yours is Scarlet Witch, I pay attention to some things on occasion." He hesitates then looks from her to the door, "Do you need to go?

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