Simulation Level... Pixie Mode

May 30, 2017:

Cyclops and Rogue square off in a round of quick changing Danger Room. Pixie sabotages it.


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Fade In…

X-Men Headquarters below the Mansion…

Scott has about eight different consoles outside of the danger room pulled open, hes after just one thing too which is the worst part of it. His cursing carries down the halls, hes not a Forge, a Beast any of that but he can at least make easy repairs on things. The quick fixes to keep things operational but while Beast is abroad with Charles on their Genoshan relations and Forge is who knows where Scott has to suffice.

It is one of those days he intended to use the Danger Room but instead finds himself fixing it, suit worn, the cowl part rolled down to his neck, sleeves rolled up. Sweat trickling down his brow and he is doubled over underneath a heavy kiosk.

"Seriously, why is there a candy wrapper in here? Who the hell… "

Rogue had been in the hangar with the Blackbird, she had a fondness for the jet and liked to sit inside of it and read or listen to music, or… fiddle around on her phone. Since she was a single-and-looking kinda girl, she liked to get on the dating apps and harshly judge men who contacted her.

Having come out of the hangar now, she saw the legs of the X-Men leader down the hall and she just smirked, shoved her hands into her leather bomber jacket pockets and walked toward him.

"You're gonna electrocute yourself in there, silly." The southern belle's voice was heard then, and if Scott looked he'd see two tall yellow thigh-high boots that were indicative of Rogue's first uniform created by Beast / but designed by Rogue.

Her right yellow boot-tip reached out and nudged his ankle.

"Don't ya know that Forge hides candy all ove'ah this place?" She said to him then. "Beast too. Though Beast is usually hidin' twinkies."

"Someone really likes Three Musketeers." Scott huffs, a wrapper joining the other. The boot to his ankle has him backwards crawling out, sitting on his knees a moment looking up at Rogue's leggy self. Scott has to grin at her arrival, just a small one. He isn't big on a lot of smiles too often. Believe it or not, "Rogue, thought you were out. If you're wanting to use the Danger Room you'll have to wait a few… It needs rebooted."
A hand rises up to rake through his hair, sweeping it back off his brow, away from those ruby quartz visors.

"Unless you're down here for another reason. I mean, I won't complain about the company." A hand lifts up to clutch the side of the console he was working on and he stands to his full height, oil and grime smearing across the machinery.

"I thought maybe no one was around, quite times are the best to get some work in. Less interruptions… " If you don't count Illyana porting in and him braining himself.

Rogue smiled back at him as he rested there on his laurels in front of her, her gloved hands were stuffed into her leather jacket's side pockets still. Rogue shook his head at what he said. "I've been hangin' out inside'a the jet. I was supposed t'do some stuff with some'a the othe'ahs in here tonight, but they all called it off. Said they were busy with othe'ah stuff. Ya know… boyfriends'n girlfriends'n such. Buncha lazy punks, is how -Ah- see it though!" She tipped her chin up a little to give off that looks of superiority that she was so proud of.

The southern gal would then shake her head. "Why you messin' with that stuff anyhow? Leave it to the tech geeks. Ah mean, they're gonna freak out if ya change some'a their stuff… ya know how them types are!"

"Right… couples stuff." Scott says quietly then looks back in to the danger room. "Give me a minute and I'll have this back on. We can do something together." He has a lot of scenarios never run, "Why though? Half the room wasnt lighting up and projecting earlier. I replaced all the fabrication sensors and nothing so I came in here. Has to be done time to time, what the SHi'ar gave us for power sources blew out a long time ago and our Earth tech only powers things for so long." A rag wipes across fingers and then is thrown in to Rogue's chest. "Admittedly, I could use a break." He knows how those types are. Scott is usually one such type but lately hes had a lot more freetime. He and Jean since Savage Land have been close but more of a working relationship as opposed to what they once were. Life perhaps.

Rogue glanced down at the rag as it near-silently collided with her suit-encased chest and she reached out her right yellow-gloved hand to catch the run of cloth then went about to neatly fold it with both of her hands while listening to him.

"What the SHI'ar!" She said then with a grin and a headshake. "Damn space nerds… Ah'll neve'ah unde'ahstand any'a what they've given us, and ain't gonna lose any sleep ove'ah eithe'ah."

Her green eyes went up to the open doorway into the danger room and she stared at the cavernous playfield for a moment. "Not gonna deny its pretty damn impressive stuff though. Even if we need t'use it for more tropical beach simulation than evil robots and their evil robot henchmen…"

"I… I don't honestly remember the last time we used it for recreational purposes." Scott admits, a hand rubbing along the back of his neck. "I suppose thats always an option. We're hitting Genosha again soon so most of the simulations I have loaded up are Genoshan enemies, landscapes, possible scenarios mingled with mercenaries and anything else I can figure on them sending our way. They tried to assassinate the professor once. It's just around the corner they try again. Especially since its what he wants to poke at right now." Scott cannot blame the man. Genosha is everything they are against.

"Space nerds… yeah, kind of. I guess." A headshake and a sidelong glance. "Rogue, go ahead and go in. I'll be right behind you."

Rogue rolled the cloth rag up into a burrito shape and then put it away inside of her jacket pocket. She frowned at the Genosha stuff, especially about an assassination attempt on the Professor… that certainly didn't please her.

When he told her to go on inside she looked at him and then back to the room. "You got it, Boss." She said at him before turning and walking toward the room on those wedge-heeled tallboots of hers. Rogue glanced over her shoulder and looked past her white bangs at him with a little half grin. "Bein' right behind me is one'a the best views in the whole damn universe!" She teased in her usual Rogue-way before heading further into the danger room and walking slowly toward its center.

Scott stops what he is doing with the console to look at Rogue, the usual teasing gets a small ghost of smile to one side of his lips. "Uh… right, yeah." A clearing of his throat and he loosens the collar on his neck before pulling his cowl over his head. Clipping it in place with the goggles. The Danger Room starting to waver in side as it powers back on. "Lets see what we can do." The stoic demeanor of Cyclops actually pierced by Rogue's playful attitude. The door she entered through opening to engulf him as well and seal shut. The danger room goes white, pure white then black, "Whats your poison, trouble?"

Rogue was mostly in the center of the Danger Room by the time Scott joined her and the room flashed white which made her close her eyes until she could tell the light had dimmed again. When she opened them again and saw the reverse, darkness, she just smirked at what he said.

"Ah like punchin' just about anythin', really." She said back at him at first before adding. "Robots… dinosaurs… people… aliens… Ah cut the head off'a demon when we went out with Illy the othe'ah day. -That- was pretty damn satisfyin', even if touchin' that sword'a hers left me in a sour mood for a couple'a days."

Rogue let her green eyes roam around the darkened area they resided in. "I'm not in a very destructive mood at the moment, but once somethin' starts annoyin' me, that usually changes pretty damn fast." And with this said, she cracked another big grin.

Cyclops walks in and stands immediately across from her. It almost looks like theyre about to play a game of Tron against one another by their postures. His hood up that skin tight body suit contouring his muscled physique, "Yes, you're our resident bruiser." He says with a light bit of mockery. "So, not in the mood to destroy. That is a first." A hand lifts up and a small 3D display appears, Scott starts to scroll through it. Each time its a new scenario a still frame swivels in to the room, not just the floor but all around them, its like panning through a photo gallery that takes over the world. Winter with actual chill. A breezy summer day. A warzone that smoke can be smelled. A volcano that has searing heat. A beach with the scent of salt water. Each time he does so their clothes change, heavy winter jacket for him, black uniform, enviro suit, a post apocalyptic look where he only has one eye and long hair. Swim shorts and nothing else, "I could always just blast you." He grins back at her.

Rogue looked down at herself when she saw his clothing change and she marveled at the effect it had on her. "How the hell does it even do that?" She asked him then, looking back up at him more concerned with the science going on in here. "Is this place a giant box'a cancer and I'm gonna have t'go find Logan to get cured?" She smirked then before regarding the simulations themselves.

"I don't mind punchin' stuff, but ya go and flash a beach at me like that right afte'ah I said that thats what we should use this place more for and I'm gonna have t'punch YOU before you can 'blast me'." She said at him with a grin.

Rogue put her hands on her hips when she appeared in a black bikini that the simulator placed onto during the beach-scene. "I really should give up this X-Men stuff and just go live on a beach somewhere, maybe become one'a them Baywatch lifeguards?" A second later and she furrowed her dark eyebrows. "Though I guess I'd be terrible at that when I had t'save someone, or do, ya know… mouth t'mouth on'em." And this got a sharp exhale and a shake of her head. "Scratch anothe'ah career off my life's bucket list."

"They tried to explain it once as light refraction, a glossing only. It's just an illusion. Clearly." he reachs down and tugs at his torso, his skin is not stretchy enough like his suit but flesh pulls out, not a mutation for Cyke. "If we all catch cancer it would be a hell of an irony." Scott admits, he has actual eyes right now! They're not visors. They vanish if he changes scenes though.

"Yes, how would you explain being the only lifeguard who can't actually save people?" Scott teases, trying to lighten that up a little but failing, "Oh I am sorry sugah, you are just going to have to drown. I cant touch you but enjoy the view!" His voice mocking hers in a failed Southern accent. A rare sight.

Rogue watched him with his faux-eyes and she heard his mocking words which made her restrain a smirk as she started to walk toward him. "So thats how its gonna be…" She said with a little slow nodding of her head, chin up and down, eyeballing him with her piercing green pupils. "Makin' fun'a poor ol' Roguey?"

She stopped about a foot away from him and looked up at his face. He wasn't too much taller than her, especially in those boots she was wearing (that were hidden from few now?)

"Ah could pluck folks outta the wate'ah bette'ah then the normal lifeguards… I'd just have'ta… ya know… wear a wetsuit'n gloves… which would defeat the whole purpose of me even takin' the job. Hidin' this body beneath some boring ol' jumpsuit…"

Rogue flashed another grin and then whispered. "Don't tell Beast I called his suits borin'."

Then the southern belle unceremoniously gave a little fist-jab to Scott's abs, enough to just barely knock a bit of wind out of him!

The boots make all the difference. Scott's lean tall frame at a good 6'3" towers over most women but not Rogue right now, his chin tips up enough stubbornly and he grins down at her, a challenging one. "That is how it's going to be." He confirms. Then the jab comes, such a small thing from her and he is doubling over. A noise escaping him that could be a wheeze. "Okay then! Session chosen." He huffs inhaling air. Straightening up he puts his hand in the air again, then quickly rolls his thumb like its on a wheel, the world around them spins rapidly then starts to change, suddenly they're falling through a forest, branches and limbs slapping them on the way down.
As they descend a red optic blast will fire off and engulf Rogue. "Game on!" He yells. They don't land on the ground instead they land in the air, in space and drift towards asteroids. Their clothing changing from Savage Land attire to skintight space suits with bubble domes over their heads. New configurations for some added fun. SOmeone thought it would be a good idea.
Scott is rocket leaping off of his asteroid to dance towards another. "You're it!" He shouts. Vacuum of space? Nope. Not here but there is an odd lack of gravity.

Rogue shot backward after jabbing him in the abs like that and she lifted up off the ground several feet while floating up in the air and twirling around to face him again just in time to see their surroundings change!

"What the?" Rogue uttered as they were moving through a forest and she was now in a torn top and a loincloth… or so it appeared to be as such… "This is what happens when you men decide what the X-Ladies are wearin'." She quipped at him with a smirk as the branches then faded and they were… IN SPACE?!

Rogue flailed and then scrunched her body up protectively in her skin-tight suit and bubble helmet. "I hate space!" She shouted at him through the simulated communicator-link in their suits!

She saw Scott's laser blast and she dipped down though, dodging it and letting it sizzle past her, then she rocketed off toward the nearest giant rock to try to find safety. "Space is for nerds!" She shouted along the way!

"Like your wardrobe is any better! Scott fires back. Words joined by another 'zot' of laser blasts.

Lunging low he ducks underneath a rock sailing towards him, "Space is awesome. Take that back." Yeah, okay he admits to sounding like a nerd right now.

As Rogue lands on the giant rock it transforms, turning in to the backside of a giant hump back whale, one that is soaring through the air in a leap only to descend in to the water. Where she is greeted with an army of mermen? Yes mermen. Not Atlanteans but fantasy style men and women with tridents and spears. They attack. Nets, spears, tridents all being thrown.

Above the water Scott grunts as he lands in a crouch, a pirate's hat on him, large buccaneer boots, and a swashbucklers get up, reds, dulls, whites, a big feather. A cutlass. And men around him cheering, "ARGH!! CAPTAIN ONE EYE! ARGHH" They yell. "Huh, I could get used to this one."

"Sea witch be overboard! Capn' shall we open fire?"

A blink, Scott runs to the lip of the ship and looks out at the vast ocean, "ON that whale?" Its not real. Rogue is though. "Yeah… that sounds like a plan." Scott smirks, "OPEN FIRE EVERY CANNON PORTSIDE NOW! FIRE EVERYTHING."





While in Space, Rogue had started grabbing littler asteroids and throwing them at Scott? Meteorites? Rocks? Whatever, she was shoving them at Scott!

At least until she realized she was the back of a giant sea mammal. "Space whales?! Come on!" Rogue shouted then as the scene changed again and the water was rushing up toward her!

The southern belle shot up into the air and her own outfit changed into that of a pair of high-heeled leather boots and tight leather pants with laces criss-crossing up the outsides of her thighs exposing flesh between the areas between the laces. On her upper body she had a leather bodice tied up her stomach and a white billowy-shirt on that dipped low on her chest, exposing a busty amount of cleavage. AND A SWORD IN HER HAND!

"Sea witch?!" Rogue shouted, while floating in mid-air with her two-toned brown/white hair flowing around her head in the ocean breezes.

"Oh right, yeah, thats fairly accurat—!" Rogue ducked when the cannons started going off, dipped, dived and swooped too!

She charged at the nearest cannon and went to rip it OUT Of the ship!

Asteroids? They were and then they become birds.Birds soaring down and pelting around Scott and his 'pirate crew' thats not odd or nothing. Seagulls as dive bombers.

The mer-people don't seem as convicted in their fight as they could have been instead they are ducking away from the fired canon-barrage. The whale proceeding to flee also leaving the Pirates and Rogue left behind.

"Sea witch." Scott confirms. The men around him 'YARRR' loudly and thrust weapons up at her. "SEA WITCH!" One of them commenting to Scott, "She be a lusty looking one. Ye sure shes a witch capn?" A laugh rolls free of Cyclops, "I don't know. If she weighs more than a duck… " He is marveling at the AI for the simulation. Its not his programming. Maybe Cypher?

A canon peels free of the side of the ship, men 'awwww' loudly and flintlocks fire off. Round balls bouncing harmlessly off of her impervious skin.

"SHE IS A SEAWITCH SHES DESTROYIN' THE BLACKBIRD!" The ship is apparently the blackbird. Good to know.

Rogue looked down at the waters below and she could see the mer-people which made her smile. "So pretty…" She quietly said after ripping the cannon out of the 'Blackbird'. She could hear the pirates and Scott all jibber-jabbering up on the deck and she looked up in time to see them all start firing flintlock rifles down at her, which started to tearing into her clothing and bounce off of her here and there!

"Knock it off, ya damn dirty Pirate Nerds!" She shouted then as more of them started shooting at her!

To get away from the madness Rogue started flying forward at Bullet-Speed and she went right through the wooden ship and burst out the other side, sending splintering boards flying in all directions!

"I'mma turn your damn Nerd Ship inta swiss cheese!" She shouted back up at them and repeated the same move as she slammed into the ship and exploded out the other side of it, ripping stuff out of the ship's interior as she went, sending wooden-kegs, chairs and a table all into the ocean!

Scott really wants to accuse her of cheating but hes the one using the terrain to his advantage to the best of his ability. As the ship erupts in an explosion of wood, barrels and Rogue it starts to sink. A chorus of 'Abandon ship!' is yelled out and Scott is plunged in to the water, his breath held he seeks Rogue's location only to fire another optic blast at her as the world changes around them again.

Rome. An arena around them, thousands upon thousands of faces and they're in the center of it. Scott looks down at his attire again, a loin clothe, partial armor over a shoulder and a gladius sword. A shield in the other hand and a Gladiator helmet with a single visor. "Huh? Cool." He remarks as dust around him kicks up with his sandal covered feet. "No cover though… at all." His plans to defend himself grasping at straws. This is not a helpful environment.

Flying into the control room when she sees that the Danger Room is busy, Pixie grins from ear to ear when she sees who it is. This should be good, she thinks to herself and then wonders what she can do to make it even more fun. For her.

Rogue took great pride in seeing those nerdy Pirates starting to abandon their ship! "Like fleas offa dog in a dip bath!" She shouted at them all before she was suddenly BLASTED by Scott's optic beam and it sent the Southern Belle tumbling backward in a totality of THREE backflips before she was about to splash down into the ocean and… no…

Rogue slammed into the dirt of the Roman Gladiator Arena, her armored skirt fluttering around her otherwise bare legs, her armored upper body huffing out a grunt and her helmeted head looking up and over at Scott who was standing several feet away. "Rude!" Rogue shouted at him.

A moment later and she was hauling herself up to her hands and knees, then reaching for the javelin that was stuck in the dirt in front of her…

Back on her armored booted feet, Rogue yanked the javelin out of the dirt and then started to run toward Scott, her muscular legs propelling her forward in the arena to the cheers of the thousands of onlookers!

Cyclops drops a foot back and pivots wide, circling around Rogue as she sails through the air and lands. He tries his best to put the sun at his back in a typical trick. "You trying to actually kill me?" He teases, that gladius in his hand flashes out, sun catching steel and he swipes across her backside at about hip level. Just above the hanging flaps of leather.

"You broke my ship… thats almost as bad as my favorite coffee cup." Scott taunts, keeping a wary distance from the war-clad Rogue.

Pixie smirks as she watches the pair fighting each other. Well, that's no good! X-Men is all about teamwork!! Sitting down at the controls, her tongue peeking out between her lips as she starts setting the controls. "Ohhh! Yes. And some of those. Oh! Gotta have one of those. And… GO!"

Inside the arena, as the pair of gladiators fight, the earth starts to shake and rumble. The crowd goes wild, starting a cheer of "Rock! Rock! Rock!"

Rogue might look the part right now, but she wasn't a skilled melee weapons combatant, nor was she used to wearing armor like this so it was digging into her in places that was just very uncomfortable.

After he dodged her charge, she paused and started to circle around him, peering out from behind the metal that masked her face. "What?" She asked him, barely able to hear him over the crowds cheering. He swung at her and she YELPED and took it on the backside which made the crowds cheer even louder!

"There's safety protocols, right?" She asked him then as she swatted at his sowrd with her javelin to try to knock it away from her! "Ah mean, if I run ya through with this thing, it'll not… ACTUALLY go inta you, right?" Her southern accented voice was muffled behind the metal mask over the helmet that had bunch of white poofy feathers jutting out of the peak at the top of her head.

When the ground started to rock, Rogue's feet parted further to stablize herself and she then turned her helmeted head around and looked at the crowd, taking a moment to figure out what they were chanting…

"Rock?" She asked. "Are we about t'go to a Aerosmith concert next? Cause that'd be totally awesome!"

Cyclops tips his head to the side, his face isn't visible underneatht he armored helmet just those red eyes. "In the past it didn't allow a lot of these options so I am going to just assume it is safe to stab one another."

A grunt and he slides forward, sword going out wide but he uses that shield's rim to strike her in the stomach. It's Rogue. He doesn't have to hold back. While low, in a sort of knee slide he gets distracted by the sounds, "Is someone else in here?" He questions but leaves a massive opening, the sword in his grip clutched tightly but not upright.

The Arena begins to dissolve around all three X-Men, transforming yet again in to something else. The landscape going from flat dirt floor to a desert sands. High mounds of sand around them and in the distance a tent set up. Maybe an oasis. The heat is suddenly skyrocketing, the air around them wavering with it. Their clothes in turn changing to fit the new surrounding faux scenery. Aladdin? Yeah. One might think this is Disney's Agraba suddenly. This is definitely not some of Scott's programming fields.

The respendant figure of the emporer at the most prominent box in the front raises his hand. Again the earth shakes, the dust kicking up from one of the gates at the edge of the arena. With the drop of a delicate handkercheif, the silk fluttering in the wind, the gate starts to open and a huge minotaur runs out before it shimmers and fades into nothingness, the scenery changing.

Pixie giggles at the sight of Rogue dressed like Alladin and Scott like Princess Jasmine, clapping her hands joyously. Yep, she decided that seeing Scott in diaphynous silks would be amusing and she is so totally right!! "Blue is definitely your colour, Mr. Summers," she says into the mike before going back to playing with the program.

The shield bash just clangs metal against Rogue's metal armored stomach and chest, it doesn't make her move even an inch as she's kind of difficult to off-balance for someone other than say, Juggernaut.

Rogue just dances around him then and she grins and goes to skewer him on the javelin's tip with a hard thrust! … when a Minotaur arrives. "Uh…." Rogue looked over at the beast, then over at Scott.

Thats when the scenery shifted again and she was now standing in a HOT DESERT which made her brow furrow… She saw the spear in her hands had gone and she was now dressed in MC Hammer pants and a purple vest that barely covered anything on her upper body!

Rogue's hands went to clasp the vest shut and seal up that absurd amount of cleavage, but she was left with a stupid amount of sideboob shown off still.

"What the hell is even goin' on here?" She then asked … Scott. "Your highness." She said at him in his Jasmin clothing, trying to hide a smirk.

Cyclops figured the stomach shot would do nothing but he was all in to it. He liked that Troy movie.

"Hrm… is it you doing this now? I stopped playing with the controls." The tall X-Man questions Pixie. Living up to the name if so. He looks down, sheer, filmy. A sigh escapes him. This is not his color. "Why… " A look up at Rogue, "Oh." He manages before shes fully covering herself. "That might do it for this session, for now I think." A clearing of his throat. His pointy slippers shuffle in the sand. "Yes, you of course get to be the thief, trouble." A grin, his empty hands flexing.

"Though, your outfit Rogue. You can definitely put save that one for a future Halloween costume."

Pixie howls with laughter at the sight of two of her teachers, this is better then she could have imagined. She flips the switch that starts recording the action, so it may be studied later by all the students with much more detail. Pixie had so much more planned, but is having too hard a time breathing to keep it going. As the Danger Room shimmers to it's normal appearance, the occupants now in their normal clothing, the window from above in the control room clears and the pink haired imp can be seen laughing. And then she falls off the chair.

Rogue was grinning at Scott's clothing more than she was really worried about her own. Nudity didn't really bother Rogue too much, other than the danger of being more deadly to others, she was pretty proud of her natural form, but… she still kept the vest closed because she was a Lady and not some harlot!

"Course I'm the thief." She said with a smirk. "When Gambit ain't around, it always defaults me t'that role in his stead… I guess we're lumped inta the same catagory."

When the desert oasis faded, Rogue found herself back in her green/yellow X-Men uniform and her hands were now clutching her Leather Bomber Jacket closed rather than a tiny purple vest.

Rogue released it and exhaled. "Don't think I can keep these costumes for parties outside'a this chamber, Slim." She said at him with a little grin before her eyes went over to see Pixie fall out of the chair.

"Ah see a student who just volunteered for extra yard cleanup duty though."

Reverse Sailor Scout has Scott's normal attire back on, he no longer has to worry about looking like a bad cosplay version of Princess Jasmine. His scowl is evident even through the golden visor and cowl. It's aimed at Pixie who can't seem to stop laughing.

"Rogue, have you met Pixie? Shes one of our newest students and perhaps our youngest X-Men teammate." A cautiounary glance is given to Rogue as well, just to make sure shes not showing off excessive sideboob and inappropriate attire of course. He's Scott, hes a straight arrow thinker like that…

"You can alwa… nevermind. You're right." Scott's hands rest upon his hips, "I think she volunteered for more than just that. You're not even authorized to touch the Danger Room controls yet and here we are. THIS is why we have rules." Students, can't have nice things with them around.

Pixie flits up, her wings buzzing as she lifts herself up from the floor. She holds onto her stomach, still grinning from ear to ear. "Ah, yre only mad cause ya didn't think about doin' it yerself," she says in her welsh brogue. She waves to Rogue, wondering why everyone keeps talking about her like she's new. Must be some sort of prank. Not that she's going to fall for it. No siree!

She bounces on her toes and cants her head to one side. "Or are ya really mad cause I interupted her about ta gut ya from tete ta tete?

Rogue glanced down at herself to make sure she WAS back in her comfortly-snug personally-designed green and gold jumpsuit. She then heard Scott's introduction for Pixie and smirked then shook her head.

"Well… that was fun." She said to them both, knowing Pixie could hear them throuhg the speaker system. "Ah'm all sweaty now though, so I think I'mma go hop in the showe'ahs."

Rogue would turn then and smile at the both of them. "You two watch yourselves, ya both just put me through one'a the weirdest experiences' my life, and reminded me just how much of a messed up place this darn Alien Nerd Room really is."

And with that the Southern Belle would start strutting on those bright yellow tallboots of hers toward the exit!

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