The 6th Floor: Yum Salty Cookies

May 30, 2017:

The aftermath of The 6th Floor: WTB Mask! NSFW LANGUAGE


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June's hands go immediately to her midsection, poking around worriedly. "…what happened?" she asks, looking from Taskmaster to Ivy. "Is Regan okay?"


"We just got attacked by some of the dumbest jackasses in the world." Taskmaster tells the Doc, his head tipping towards the kitchen where the floor fell through, "Someone needs to look for Rose, I'll bring Regan to her room. If Rose didn't surface for air and shes under half of our building thats not a good thing." Likely though shes just KO'd like Regan. Glad they're worried about Regan but his concern is the Ravager. Who vanished…


Ivy is heading out and her plants are 'sweep cleaning' some of the debris to a corner. "I'll send some vines to find and make sure she's alright. Could be she just got a knock on the head and missed the party." Their wounded mostly taken care of, but Ivy picks up a cell to call her contact, "It's Ivy. I got a lot of work for you. Total reno and restore after an attack. If you get here in an hour at the Arms you'll get money up front. We need a rush."


June looks about at the chaos, and the blood. Including her blood. The archaeologist goes decidedly green around the gills, and she runs for the bathroom. Or what's left of it.


After a lovely day out with her babies, Harley is feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. It's been a wonderful day. Sun shining, birds singing, people screaming 'Oh dear lord! Why aren't those in a zoo?!' Yep, a very very nice day. Until she comes home.

Harley simply blinks as she looks over the top two floors of the apartments, holding the leashes of Snicker and Doodle who are busy sniffing about and making growling, laughing threat displays. She looks up to the rest of the SKWAD in the apartments and looks upset that she missed the mayhem. "What happened?!"

Rose will be found, she took a nasty hit on the forehead but she'll be okay. Better than Regan even. Shes just covered in white dust, tiles and kitchen appliances two floors below. One of Codpiece's optic blasts had knocked a hole through two entire floors.
Regan is dumped on her bed and Taskmaster comes out just in time to hear Harley,"Hey, welcome home." He says flatly. Outside she had passed the giant Mecha-Wheel with its dead driver.
"We had guests." He offers up.


Poison Ivy gives a sympathetic look to June as she runs off to go to pray to porciline john. She says, "Just get here ASAP We got a LOT of work for you. You're gonna ned your girls to help out." Then hangs up. "Hello Harl. You and the beasts have a good day out?" Blood and carnage? Just another day in Gotham really. "My babies found Rose," even as the vines gently unbury and pull the one eyed woman up to the main area. "I think she'll be okay."


Harley takes her boys off their leashes and then start roaming among the debris. They smell enemies, looking for any threat that might still be around. For her own part, Harley starts walking in and picking up bits of detritus with a frown. "I'm sorry I wasn't around to help. Still, that big wheel outside might come in handy. for… something." She lets out a soft sigh. "Reggie is not gonna be happy about this."


June comes back out of the bathroom, looking a little better, after the sounds that indicated what she was busy doing. She looks to the others, and sees Harley there. "Heya, Harley." she says, quietly. "Is there anything I can do?" she offers.


"Good. Then we're all accounted for." Taskmaster confirms, "That big wheel outside is a fucking joke." He says, "No armor. Bad machine. Someone who didn't like that guy had to have made it for him." They're all remarkably calm for what just happened. "Police… next step we're going to be dealing with GCPD. DO we have anything at all for that? I've killed cops before but its not on my to-do list today."

"Reggie, if you mean Regan is in the other room. She got knocked out by a guys dickfist-gun."


Poison Ivy says to Harl, "Carpenter is coming by. You can't be around always Harl. Look at it this way, you can redecorate your room now. I figure that big wheel is a down payment on our repairs here." Ivy goes and gets a big glass of water, that gets a squeeze of fresh lime added and carried over to June, mouthing the word 'breath' to the doctor. She looks at them all and says "I can handle the cops. WE got a little bit of time. I'll human up to deal with them. Harl can I borrow some clothes and your glasses." Already the darker green Ivy is starting to slowly lighten up. "I can make the cops think it was just a crank call or something."


Harley lets out a huff of air, blowing up a strand of blond that refuses to go into one of her ponytails. "Borrow anything that ya need, Red. You know I don't mind ya in my clothes. Or outta them." She grins and waggles her brows.

From the sound of it, Harley's babies have found the dead body on the stairs. There is the sound of rending flesh and breaking bones, all joined with that unsettling giggling.

She goes over to Rose to look her over now that she has come to. "You okay?"


June takes the offered glass of water, and looks gratefully over at Ivy. She takes a big gulp of the water, moves to the sink, and rinses and spits, then does the same, drinking a big gulp of it. "Our place is kind of wrecked. So much for cookies." she sighs, sadly.


Vines…. Tentacles??

When Ravager emerges she is drug into view by vines and a different form of 'pets'.
Like something out of a Spriggan animation the surfacing comes in a cough and an expulsion of cheap drywall in a plume above lips much akin to smoke…
Not this time!

Disposed of in a reticulated curl, Ravager is upon her belly, exposed in the white-walled upheaval of black tank op, now gray in the chaos of brick and mortar, similar coughed from her lips and sending shrapnel skiddin across the ground before her lips.

"What…?" A heave and from belly-splay she is on all fours.
"The…" A jelly-arm shiver and that single eye is peering towards the group.

The flash ofteeth makes her ire obvious while from one to the next she takes a head count, but when Harls comes over the palm-smear across her face leaves pale streaks of a pinker/white complexion across facade.

"Was it you, or me that shoved carrots up a sphincter?"


Taskmaster stops poking at broken objects around the apartment to give June a stare,"We're still making peanut butter cookies." His tone deadly serious. "We got more kitchens up here." They still have the entire floor and a good portion of it is still intact. Dude really wants his homemade cookies.

The crunch and munch sounds of the hyena's cleaning up their messes is ignored, Kangaroo was a big fella, they might be at it a while.

"We can't just convince the cops to unsee an entire fucked up building unless… " He stares off to Regan's room. "We need to wake her up. " The only other option is Enchantress. She was just here though. "Maybe I can overpower my image inducer, it'll fry it but it'll last a couple hours and make this place look normal again, maybe."

"I think it was both of you. That is what really got his goat. I mean, you torment a guy like that and you make an enemy for life. Glad you're in one piece though."


Poison Ivy knows her time is a bit limited so she's trying to alter her body quick, which is harder on her. The leaves she wears are shed free, "Thanks Harl. And you are welcome June." She heads to Harl's room and steals a pair of glasses, and will pull on some cloths that makeher look more human. She didnt' want to show this trick off, but they need it. Her hair gathered up into a bun and making her look almost human. "You alright then Rose?" She IS a doctor that knows a lot of how humans are suppose to work. "Oh you of litle father Taskmaster, the trick isn't to hide it. It is to make them care about other things more."


June frowns. "Regan's out cold." A hesitation, but then she offers "I can call her. She could do it." She doesn't WANT to, but if it's what the Squad needs, she's willing to make her offer.


Looking over to Ivy as she comes back looking relatively like a normal person, Harley smiles. "Don't worry, T-Man. Red will make it so that they don't even care that this place is fallin' apart. What about the other tenants though. Are they all okay? Just our floors?" for someone who was so unfeeling about taking over the top two floors and possibly leaving some people homeless, she is terribly caring about the ones that are still living in hte building

There is a moment…


Rose offers a nod to Ivy in a peer through the limb and shadow of Harley that garners the attentive stare of single eye.

The crunch and much of the Babies is ignored. Cracker Jack is what he is. Kibbles and Shits. Not even a remainder when the PD…

A look to Tee as he speaks, then June…

Brows dip in the middle as she shoves herself back to her knees and is gripping for any solid surface to rise, even Harley if need be. "Wait… What? How can you wake her?" The voice is calm for now aside from the waver of limb with a sweep of the back of arm over dust-laden lips.


"Safe bet we do both. I fry my image inducer and you convince the GCPD nothing is going on. Better that we're not leaving any chances." Taskmaster says to Ivy, he'll manage without the bit of tech until he can get it repaired. If at all possible.

"No June. You just had her out… lets… not tempt our luck. We were fortunate enough she didn't turn on anyone here." He is starting to wonder though, Enchantress has been on their side, what ae his concerns for? Maybe, just maybe shes a better option than Satan herself.

"Don't know full extent of damage. Don't care about the other floors." He admits to Harley, looking Rose over again. Shes been through an odd time lately, getting buried by a fridge and a stove had to be added degradation. Almost as bad as Regan's current state.


Poison Ivy will be miffed if she did this effort for nothing. "If you can mask it to look not as bad. It will be easier. They may radio in, and the tenants I already got some of my hooks into. I could really dail it up to try and mellow everyone here out." Harl is earned a smile for the vote of confidence. "June only do it if you think it is safe, but it will help." She is amused at the reaction from Rose, "The witch is impressive." Either way she needs to be down their when they showed up, "I will be down there to try to get them soon as they show up." Agreeing some with Taskmaster. "If we need to I can deal with the other tenants."


June looks from Taskmaster to Ivy. One says yes, one says no. She defers, though, to her trainer, Taskmaster. "All right. If you need me to…just let me know." She hates having to do it, but to keep her teammates safe it's a small price.


Harley takes this moment to go down to her babies. "What did you find?!" she asks them in that animated voice fur parents take on when talking to their babies. "Did you find a corpse? Yes you did! Come on, bring it into the other room. Come one, drag your dinner in here. The cops might show up and…. Snicker, don't you take that tone of voice with me. They are just doing their job." The rest of her talk is muffled as she closes the door behind her and her boys while they at least hide the carcass


"Where's Regan?" A final query as Rose comes to a stand, accounting for the missing.

"Give me 'gift baskets' for our new neighbors." A pause and the smile comes on a laugh that has her sweeping hands down he shirt. Black backdrop, white print.
Bitches Get Stitches scrawled across the front where slices reveal flesh and straps of covering that lies beneath.

"I will apologize for our…. Remodel??" A tongue to the corner of lips, staining red wit the remainder of a split that is already healing.
Under the rubble a syringe is buried as well.
Old habits die…

A moment of stagger through rubble, the bag she was carrying in earlier dug for, bits of wall, counter….
OHHH! Her bottle!

"If your little buds do not help convince them… Money buys anything…. " Especially the Arms tenants.

Someone tell Snicker and Doodle 'Roo isn't peanut butter… Clean up fast!

"We don't need Enchantress, not at the risk…" A glance to June… "You aren't just the witch." Dig -deeper- Watson…


"I think we'll be okay for now, Ivy has crowd control down." Some faith in his teammates, a shocking thing of him to say and he actually went out of his way to save June. Taskmaster is warming up. It's making him grumpy.

As Rose tells June shes more than just the Enchantress Taskmaster steps around the hole in the kitchen and finds his own drink, bottle still intact only at the bottom. Makes for one last glass at least. "Gift baskets like Rosie said." Taskmaster says to Ivy since shes offering to handle the other tenants, "I bet you make a nice bouquet."

He feels exhausted, maybe its the jet lag finally kicking in and this excitement but sprawling in that shot up, debris riddled, cloud dusted apartment is exactly what he does, oozing down the countertop to the floor to just lay there."Shit is real."

June looks relaxed when it turns out they're going to let Ivy handle it. Now that she doesn't have to worry about calling the witch out again, the next thing that pops into her mind is to look over to Rose, and ask "Are you okay, Rose?"


Poison Ivy is down on the street level after a bit having talked to a few tenants along the way. She's looking almost normal, pale skin with a hint of color other then green. Normal clothes, brainy specs and hair up in a bun. It's then that the cops all start to rolle up and Ivy has managed to tuck a flower into her hair to help. She walks over to them and starts to talk quickly. She can be seen flirting, touchign their shirts. Keeping them focused upon her and NOT the warzone of upper floors. Her 'cover story' an amature film is being shot and some people got carried away with a SFX mishap. It won't be long before they radio in the error and claimin to have cited those responcible. Of course they are lying for the pretty woman. But all is fine here, and that more cars coming around would just cause a greater public disturbance.


Gift baskets delivered however, with or without the aid of June and Rose, but her bottle is slowly draining from cracks along every step of booted feet, cleaning dust from leather in speckles and tie-dye spatters - Sip!

"Sorry, our construction has caused disturbance…"
June hooked beneath her arm and given a *SMECK!* upon temple wth a wink to people…

Doors open, slam, hesitate… Peer.


Dust settles….

Residents settle… even with windows blown out. (Nothing happened at all, officers!)

"No one answered Rose's question though, and she stands there over Tee, the empty bottle, now drained, set upon the bar that is only a frame of bent and shattered working, an exposed bolt arm the only thing keeping it akimbo but from hitting the floor. "Where's Regan?"

Rose doesn't care….
… Not at all.
"In bed. Sleeping off her humiliation." Taskmaster says looking up at Rose, "She got shot in the forehead with a fist… fired out of Codpiece's new dickgun that Enchantress… snipped." A low laughter comes out of Taskmaster, his chest rising and falling as the low laughter becomes a flow blown chuckle. One that has him soon choking down more of his drink. "It just… hah… fucking happened." He carries on.


Taskmaster is glad there is excuse enough and GCPD are still so corrupt that he doesn't have to burn out his image inducer just yet, he probably should though just to be on the safeside but that requires finding a source to hook it up to. He's not about to climb anything or go digging around this place's basement.

"Uh, Ivy, nicely done. You're a credit to your people." Taskmaster might be on the side of drunk. Just a little. "And don't you worry Doc. You did good again, you're still alive and thats the win!"

"Rose, sweet tits, you want to uh find me another bottle? This one got a bullet through it." He holds up just the base hes been drinking from. He is right, the top was blown completely off.


June is having her own stress release, too. "And if you can find another, I'd take something too." She moves into the somewhat ruined kitchen…and starts to make up cookie dough.'


Poison Ivy comes back after the cops are all dealt with and puts Harl's clothes back. Her 'natural' color slowly coming back. "Carpenter should be here before too much longer." She sees people getting drunk and calming down. She'll have to visit some of the other tennants again soon. She will offer, "Harl's babies have a treat, and so do one of my plants now. I dealt with the trash on the Big Wheel. Fed him to the greenhouse babies to help them grow and recover from the assault. So who were these guys anyway?"


A stagger, step-step, and Rose just watches them all, that single eye sweeping from one to the next, even as June heads off…
To bake? Wtf?

"Better add rum to that batter." Rum-Doodles? Something, but June's posture is watched, just to be sure she was truly -okay-. Nevermind Enchantress, this was about June..

The tipped over island that has the top blown off and against the sectional couch in the living room, is dug into, her own cracked bottle rocked, tested, sipped in finality, and cast into… The wastebin.

"Well… You see…" Rose starts to exlpain to Ivy. "We had a party. Somewhere in there the dude with the wee…wee ended up hog-tied and Regan was wearing his Mach 1…" Somethingsomething… carrots? Hell if she remembers.

"June brought me bath bombs and VicSec in replacement… Task ruined Regans Loubouttin's… Can't walk in…" Dig… HA!

Bottles are drawn out and one in tossed underhanded to Taskmaster, the other is looked over, set neatly aside while more is dug for. Don't ask for sense right now!

"Harl was hanging from the ceiling…" Wavewave!

"Everyone's okay though?" Even Tee gets a once over, now.Alcohol and bullet wounds do not mix, afterall..

"Seriously, Doc…." First time for everything! "Need additions for these browni… cookies…" A wink and a smirk and Rose i passing June, a hand resting on her shoulder.

"We all have inner monsters. Don't have to like them…. But I got you." Even a flick of gaze to Ivy and Rose drops down beside Taskmaster with her own bottle.''


Taskmaster scoots over enough to give Rose space as she drops down beside him, that bottle caught and just drank out of. Listening to Ravagers explanation he sighs, his foot idly moving aside as June passes by in search of ingredients for her cookies, have to love that dedication. The update on Carpenter gets another chuckle, "I hope she doesn't mind the mess."

"Right, basically what Rosie said only… they're d-list supervillains, apparently they all formed a league of their own. We fucked with Codpiece, they're trying to make a name for themselves by fucking back. So far, we're 2 and 0. I'd like to keep that record to. Us losing anything to these sad sacks would be… very bad for all of our reputations. Reputation is everything. Its how I make my money."


June is most decidedly NOT okay. She's got a thousand-yard stare as she's working on the cookies. When you're a doctor, and your house just got blown up and you got shot? Not Okay.


Poison Ivy listens to the story and frowns. "And he thought, after that, just showing up and hitting us like some rookie? We should have killed them all." She is barefoot still as she walks around the kitchen to see about helping June by clearing off space. "Don't call the 'super' villains. That's insulting to us who earned that at this table." She genty touches June on the shoulder and gives it a soft squeeze, touching onclothes of course. "Close your eyes…. breath." Subtly leaning in and trying to coax a bit of her pheromone magic to help mellow the doctor out. Who needs brownies, Ivy is the best high around." Her green color slowly coming back as time passes.


With the infusion of Ivy's pheromones, June starts to relax. Of course, THAT just means she starts to actually process what happened, and she starts crying. Of course, thanks to the pheromones, it's not a full breakdown, just kind of quiet crying.

Tee doesn't have to *clink* bottles, Rose does it by force before she tilts it in salut towars Ivy and the super-stressed baking Susie Witch'Maker.

"They aren't Super Anything, but they can have whatever title until they lose it to us…" A brace of booted feet, dust-laen and only cleared where vodka cleared paths in her shuffle and search, as well as aiding with tenants. Hips lift and her phone is drawn from back pocket, the screen a spider-web of cracks now, barely readable.

A narrow of single occular, pressing it close as if she was in need of bi-focals and sweeps of fingers as well as some random heavy taps.
Until that rigid sine and shake of shoulders from June is recognized…

"Yeah…. I know that…" A look towards the sealed off room, the apartment, each person present and not…

"Delivery!" A roll of hips and Rose is rising with a slide of body towards heel until ass meets rubber and is hoisted with the loft of arch.

Nope. Not good with the feels.


"They're D-listers for a reason." Taskmaster replies to Ivy, the bottle popping from his lips. His other hand rising up underneath to wipe them off.

"Shit, she is going to get tears all up in the cookies. They're gonna taste extra salty." Taskmaster adds as June begins to sob. Hes a master of body language. Its what hes seeing even from his angle. Maybe he should work on his empathy abit though.

The forced *clink* of bottles gets an uplifted brow but he nods his head, "They're super something, they made this night… Well… what it is." Watching Rose hop up and wander off Taskmaster doesn't budge. He's content to just lay here on the ruined kitchen floor drinking his whiskey.


Poison Ivy reaches for a napkin and gently dabs at June's eyes. "Shhhh. It'll be okay." Green eyes flick to Rose and her lips curl a bit. "Task can you mix June here a nice stiff drink for us?" She will take over the baking for now. AFTER putting on some gloves.


June almost does something stupid, which would be leaning in to hug Ivy. But she manages to stop that, and she moves over to find a seat on the nearest place to sit.


Taskmaster with a grunt shoves himself up and walks around that big gapping hole in the kitchen floor, steps on a few pieces of broken cupboard and swings open the glass drawer only to have it fall off in a clatter. He grips a glass and then looks downstairs at the fridge, "Good with no ice?" He says then pours the Jack in to said glass, walking over to extend it to June, "Drink up, doc. It's good for what ails you. Plus it will make all of us a lot prettier." Thats his way of being nice.
Downstairs being the floor below… Where it shouldn't be.


Harley looks up from the floor below, waving from the open hole in the kitchen floor. "I don't know what yer talkin' about. If I get any prettier, your eyes are all gonna fall outta yer heads." She leaves her boys to loll about the partially eaten corpse, both of them too full for more at the moment. Heard up the stairs, she soon joins the others. "So, what do we do till they fix this place? We could all move in with Tasky."


Poison Ivy is ready to avoid any hugs, she knows not to kill people by mistake. But as June goes to sit it gives Ivy the ability to work on the kitchen. She keeps an eye on June though. "I can't be prettier," mirth in her voice. "I called Carpenter. She should be here soon Harley. She can get to work pretty quickly. But even then she doesn't work magic." Finally the cookie batter is mixed up and then put into the oven.


Rose went to the room Regan was knocked out in. Gracelessly..
By a Groin. Fist! Epic, really, even if demeaning.

The eye that is blackening, the rim of sickly yellow beginning along her cheek and just above her brow.

A snort and when the sweep of eye is fully made, lacerations along Regan's arm laid out in splay over the sheet stained it pink and red is spotted. Not bad, already congealed and sealing.

A look towards the door and Rose bends to grip the edge of the bloodied sheet to pull a thread in a pinching clamp of teeth and rip.

The bedroom door SLAMS! Waver.. Yep, drunk again. C'est?…

"Awe some on, ladies… And Tee. We've lived worse, right?" But Rose doesn't "know", she's assuming. Her Arms apartment was rusted pipes, shitty roach-laden cabinets, flickering lights and a mattress on the floor. This is even a step above.

A sweep of hand over the couch cushions and she claims a seat, one leg kicked up over the arm while she feels over denim clad hip… Something somewhere popped in that fall and collision course… Healing like charlie horse's impact.

"None of us could be prettier." A glance to Task, then to Ivy and June… But then again…. "Masks included."

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