The 6th Floor: WTB Mask!

May 30, 2017:

Carrying on from The 6th Floor: Bad Neighbors Codpiece arrives with a team of his own to extract revenge! NSFW LANGUAGE


NPCs: Codpiece, Ruby Thursday, Hot Wheels, Matador, the Kangaroo

Mentions: Ravager Harley


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The grinding sound of cement under the wheels of a massive machine draws attention at this time of night. A roar of a far too large engine calls to the senses, the laughter of the yellow geared up villain inside of the giant WHEEL decked out in guns is not lost to the Gothamites who are now scurrying away from the outside of the Gotham Arms Apartments. "This is like… a fucking siege. I feel like I'm in a movie!" The driver of the weird vehicle declares. A rolling sound of metal picks up, rounds being fed in to a belt.

"Is this where they took you darling?" A pleasant voice, a female voice and the skin tight catsuit of a woman reflects what little light is around her. Pink? Purple? Pink on purple the outfit does little to hide the curves. Her movements only stop when she is in front of the uniformed, glaring man in the red and blue uniform. Her head an amorphous round orb that turns in to a sadface, then a large set of red lips that smooch to the side of his face. "Don't worry, we'll get you your revenge." She tugs at his belt and turns around. The red orb on her shoulders transforms, turning in to a devil face with horns. "Right boys?"

A brawny man with blond hair to her left nods, a fist slamming in to a palm, "Thats right." His Australian accent thick, his outfit horribly bright yellows and tans but at least hes got a nice muscular physique.

Beside him a Matador swishes a sword around through the air, "Si. They will regret ever hurting you my falsely endowed laser friend." Spanish accent now? Yes. That is the Matador. He thinks he is famous but he is only one in a line of Matador's who turned to crime.

"Shut up all of you, I'm trying to remember which building it was." Codpiece growls, his mask riding down on his eyes as he reaches his hand down to his lap and starts to flick a switch, there is a hum sound and power lines of light flare up around his arms, shoulders, all of it cycling down towards… his crotch canon. V2. They stole V1. "It's this one. Gotham Arms. It has to be. Aim at the top floor Big Wheel. Lets blow those fuckers away." A sound, a charge up video game sound and that laser on Codpieces lap ignites, a red beam lancing through the air high and wide to shoot a hole through the 6th floor of Gotham Arms Apartments.

"Fuck YEAH BUDDEH!" Cries Big Wheel's Axel, the miniguns on the sides of his Wheel ignite, rapid pounding rounds of hot metal starts to tear through the top floor as well. Following immediately behind Codpieces beginning shot.

"We're on! Kangaroo away!" The big Australian flips, hops and leaps over a car, another car and begins to parkour his way up the side of the building like a gymnast.

"Ole ole ole!" Matador follows Kangaroo but instead kicks open the front door.

Ruby with a giant eyeball wink begins to walk away, following Matador. "Careful with all that heat boys, I'll be up there and don't want blown away."


Poison Ivy points her finger at Regan in the classic gun way, "Right." She isn't surprised about not being taken up on her hug request. "Wise choice June." Of course that's when the noise starts, and she has no idea who any of these clowns are. Someone is shooting at her and she's not happy. "Do we know who's trying to kill us?" Already she is thinking of how best to defend her home without tearing it all down.
Regan's back stiffens at the sound of yelling somewhere out the window, down below, and she turns a curious ear. Which…she's turned the right way, because a minigun round bursts through the table she's laying against, splintering it in a million pieces, and the blonde is suddenly scampering across the floor for cover. Expensive boots don't tear as easily as a cloth skirt, which very quickly gathers up debris. "FuckFuckFuckFuck." Bottles. Floor. Rounds pepper everywhere until the section of floor gives way beneath Regan and she's falling down through layers of plaster into what was once a teenager's bedroom…before the family was run off.

"Those mother fuckers!" Regan kicks, sending Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazines and calendars asunder as she scramble-bounces off of the bed towards the door, trailing white dust, coughing.


June is just hanging out with the others…when the world explodes in noise and light and chaos. Unfortunately, she /doesn't/ have the instincts the others do, nor the reflexes. There's an awkward half-choked sound as suddenly one of those minigun rounds passes right through her midsection on the left side. She looks down, rather stunned…and then drops.

The pounding hell of machine gun fire is ripping through the apartment. Shredding anything in it's path. Destructive in it's continuous stream where as a big red beam lances through the kitchen central, destroys the island and causes the floor to collide in on itself. Rose about to chug down more vodka is the first to disappear in a cloud of falling debris, floor and ceiling.

Taskmaster is sliding around the corner outside the kitchen on his knees half on the ground in a crawl to get to his gear, his shield mainly. It's built of an alloy that can protect him from most projectiles. Most. Seek cover. This is why he has been teaching June Moone the way he has. This scenario right here. As she gets shot he can see they're in much much more sessions than they have went through already, if she lives. Better her than him though.

Outside the Gotham Arms Apartment… the belt rolls to a whine and Axel begins to ammo himself up again, pushing another chain in.

Codpiece jams his hips forward firing off another massive bolt of energy through the building. "Fuck, I am going in. I want to see these bitches faces when I kill them. Especially the whore who shoved a carrot in my as… "

"She did what?" Axel looks up.

"She… threw carrots at me. Made me pretend I liked them when I hate carrots… Shut up! Just keep shooting until Ruby gives the signal then you wait. Make sure we have cover."

"Yeah yeah, I know the plan Codpiece. I'm not stupid."

Codpiece glares then races across the road, a strap on his waist being tightened while he runs that very bizarre weapon on his lap bouncing back and forth. Sadly it doesn't fit him as well as V1. V1 the one that Regan still had in her possession. He will have it back.

Kangaroo flips in through a window, the couple inside hiding behind a couch. "I FUCKING TOLD YOU! I TOLD YOU WE SHOULDNT HAVE MOVED TO GOTHAM." The wife shrieks and starts to pound her fists on her husband.
"She ain't wrong, mate. Gotham is shite. Ya fucked yer marriage coming ere." Kangaroo adds before leapkicking their door down. He is in the hallway now, the on right below floor 6.

Matador and Ruby Thursday are hopping up the stairs, she is taking her sweet time humming to herself while he on the other hand is bounding stairs four at a time. Soon at the 6th floor. "Numero Uno!" He announces.

"Yes dear. Kudos." Ruby chimes musically. "Careful, Codpiece said one of they're dangerous."

"We shall see than won't we." That sword swipes out and the door handle is sliced off. He kicks it open and jumps in to the hall.

Ruby sighs and opens the door after it slams back inwards. "Morons. Always."
Poison Ivy gives a pained sound as some of those bullets find their way to some of her plants. But that's the thing that makes her get to where she has no intention of being nice. "We can kill these guys rght? Feed my plants?" Already the plants in the greenhouse and Ivy's room are bursting to life. One big vine comes down to curl around all of the squad there to help give them a tight denser cover.
Regan races through her emptied apartment for the kitchen. Trailing dust and plaster, she skids to a stop at a bunch of knives in a butcher-block and rips the biggest one she can find free. She looks up to the ceiling, up to floor six, as she turns the corner so hard her hip leaves a crack in the drywall. "So help me, god, if any of those bullets got into my apartment…" Priorities. Regan has priorities, and a knife…and as she throws open the door she storms into the hallway.

Ten feet away from Kangaroo.

Regan blinks and looks to the man, awkward as can be, then throws her arms out forward and shrieks. "WHAT THE FUCK IS HAPPENING?!?!?! OH MY GAAAH-HELPME ARE THOSE GUNS?!?!" Regan mock-sobs to the man, lurching out to try to cling to him. Because he's a strong man…and she's clearly an irrational, helpless blonde in a half-top.


June presses her hands over the wound in the front. "Oh, shit." She pales, though she's still bleeding out the back. She starts trying to crawl in the direction of the door, leaving a nice gory trail as she goes. Regan's gone already, and she looks over towards Ivy and Taskmaster. "Help…" she calls.
That momentary reload time has Axel studying the structure, making sure no signals are going up yet. He doesn't see any but he is witness to the weirdest thing, a tree house on the roof is spreading giant leaves and vines down in to the floor below? "What the shit? Thats fucking weird." He says out loud to himself before queuing up more Beastie Boys. No signals? More gunfire. The weapon rolls to life and soon ROARS out more heated slivers of death.

Taskmaster with shield in hand is now clambering his way through actual gunfire, June's crawling form has him staring over at her then looking down the hallway, Matador? "The fuck, we have a mariachi band living here?" He ignores the man not taking him seriously and does something out of character, he slides back in to the kitchen, places the shield in front of June and drags her in to his chest behind it, crouched there before assisting her around the wall, "Cmon damnit. Lets get out of cover. If not for Ivy we'd both be dead." It's hard to hear him as things explode around them, glass, wood, cupboards, windows, tvs, everything is just blowing up with penetration and impact.

Kangaroo is striding in full tow-headed glory down the hallway until Regan slams in to his chest, "Oy, watch it girly. I'm walking here." HIs eyes drop to look at her, face, chest, body. "Uh, don't worry babe. Kangaroo has got you." He tries to actually heft her up on to his shoulder, like a sack of potatoes. If she doesn't move or struggle he will.

"Matador, slow down or you're going to get shot." Ruby warns the man who stops, "But I think there is one, on de floor. Look, it a man in a skull mask. Member? Fake deek said dat is one of dem."

"Yes but Axel is still shooting." Ruby brushes him off and slings open the side door, opening it up to step inside and waltz to the window, her head actually forming in to a large glowing hand like one of those foamy ones and begins to wave at Axel below. Within seconds the gunfire starts to cease.

Codpiece meanwhile is riding the elevator up. Air thrusting and punching, "LIke this, you fucking bitch, you want to emasculate me? You fucking bitches, make fun of me like that? I'll show you who is big. LIke this" Shadow box. " ANd this. "Shadow elbow. " A little bit of KAPOW" Hip thrust and laser sounds. Floor 4. Floor 5.

Poison Ivy looks to June and Taskmaster as he sees them huddle together. "Get her to the plant. It will keep her from dying. It's a through and through, she'll live. I'll cover you with my vines." Ivy is looking for an ideal target. "I'll cover us from the ground fire. Make them come to us, but I want at least one of them." She pours her power into the plants from the green house as more and more cover to keep them safer. She is wetting her lips and her skin slowly darkening. "I think someone deserves a kiss goodnight."
Regan face-thuds into Kangaroo's chest, sobbing, though no tears come. She beats a weak wrist against his chest. "I was mois-tur-i-zing…and then bullets…and then…GAD!" Regan eyerolls as she's hefted, forearm batting the side of Kangaroo's face in pointing towards the stairs that will lead to her room. "Fuck…all…this…I wanna move to Aus-tralia." Regan flops across his back and sticks her tongue out, getting to work. She brandishes the knife and pats his ribs.

The sweet spot. The abdominal aorta.
Left of the spine, fourth lumbar down

Thanks Riddick!

Regan bides her time until Kangaroo helps her back to the sixth floor before she grips the knife with both hands and tries to plunge it into the sweet spot.


To her credit, and thanks at least to the training, June isn't losing her shit. She looks to Taskmaster, and looks him right in the…well, eyeholes. "How fucked are we? Be honest." The archaeologist asks, pale and shivering a bit.


"I'll get her to safety. Then I am killing some fucks." Taskmaster looks at June, "A scale of one to Enchantress? I'd say almost there. This cover fire is nasty and we don't know what we're up against. Lets determine that first before… " His hand comes down and he will apply pressure on her stomach. "Fuck it. Lets get you to a plant like she said, we don't need you bleeding out or calling the Witch. At least not just yet."

Taskmaster will aid June in a covered walk to safety as best as he can, fortunately for them the gunfire is dying down. Whoever is outside no longer firing on them like a bad war movie.

Kangaroo is distracted by Regan but Ruby Thursday is now waltzing down the hallway of the 6th floor. Matador beside her who is enthusiastically kicking open doors. "Why are many of these rooms so empty? This is terrible for business. Look at this one? Someone broke all the walls."

Ruby stops and sighs a long release, "Matador, dear. You are like a hummingbird. Just please, stop talking and go down the hall and flush them out for me.

"As you wish." Matador responds before racing towards the kitchen, jsut as Task is now leading June out of it, "You there! Stop so that I may have a word… a very sharp and deadly word." SWISHSWISH the sword… again.

The elevator dings and the doors slide open. Codpiece ceases is shadow fighting and what ifs to yell, "IM FUCKING HERE AND I WANT MY GUN BACK!! CODPIECE IS BACK! YOU THOUGHT YOU STOPPED ME YOU THOUGHT YOU COULD THROW ME OUT IN THE DESERT WELL IM BACK AND IM GOING TO FUCK ALL OF YOU!"

Axel outside boredly starts to toggle through different radio channels. Leaned against his Big Wheel of doom. An elderly man walking by stops to stare at him, "Get lost you old shitbird."
The elderly fellow scurries away quickly.
While enroute to the kitchen Matador is also slicing the oddly overgrowing foliage on this floor. "These people never hear of weedkiller? Come on, all of this is a safe haven for bugs and pests." SWISHSWISH or SNIPSNIP.

Ivy snarls at the chopping of her plants. This is not going to end well for Matador. She comes charging out of the kitchen even as small little bumps hidden on her forearm grow and burst into a cloud of pollen and the like for her to blow a kiss into his face. Hitting him with some of her strongest will breaking spores to make him fall totally in love with her. "Stop doing that, and be a dear and go chop them up instead," a finger pointing at Ruby. "If you do then I'll give you a big deep kiss and lead you to my bedroom."


There's a heavy thump in the stairwell. A kangaroo-sized thump.

When the door to the stairwell rips open, Regan storms through, smeared with blood and carrying a gore-dripped knife. Skirt torn to the knee, she hustles up and around the corner to the room they were in to sk-sk-sk-sk…

Regan stops, spitting a curse, which only turns into a seething, high-pitched grunt at the sight of Taskmaster helping June along. Nevermind that she just ran past the invading army of idiots covered in their friend's blood.

"June! H-!" Regan's voice calls out from down the hall, screeching as Regan slices her arm carefully in a few places, then kicks the drywall beside her. She reaches out to June's mind, creating a quick audio-hallucination of sounds of Regan in serious trouble. Screams, kicks, shrieks, cursing.

"Come on…" Regan whispers, peeking around the corner, twisting the knife around in an underhanded grip. "Make a hole…" Regan whispers, waiting for a chance to slip out and strike.


June was willing to take Taskmaster's advice on the whole situation; after all, he's the expert in War Things (TM). Except then Regan pulls her sneaky trick. When she hears the sound in her head of her bestie on the Squad in deep trouble, that's enough to prompt her to action. "…Enchantress."

It's no doubt a weird feeling for someone holding her, as June's skin seems to almost rotate, the outside rolling in, the inside rolling out. And then the Witch is there. She hisses once, and there's a wave of her hand, as she speaks something in her ancient tongue. The wound vanishes, leaving unmarred skin behind.
"All right… and that is also cool." Taskmaster says in a hushed tone as his hands lift off of Enchantress' arms, that gross feel of motion underneath skin just on the side of revolting. "Welcome to the party, scary bitch." He offers her in an oh so reverent tone.

Matador with sword in hand is closing the distance with Ivy, "Very sorry to kill you as you are extremely beautiful but… ut… mi amor." He mouths, Mi amor the things I would do for you. These things are small to… " Turning around, away from Ivy he starts to walk towards Ruby, "I am the Matador and you seek to kill my love? Prepare to die."

"Oh for fuck sakes, you moron. Absolute moron. They are messing with your mind… " Ruby backs up. She is backing up and Regan is on their floor as is the bellowing Codpiece. All visible. "I suppose if you will not listen to reason… " Ruby's head transforms, turning in to an octopi with tentacles, one of them lashing out to grip Matador by the skull, a suction sound is followed by a *pop* as his skull is crushed. "Oh well." She sighs.

Codpiece's nostrils flare under his mask, chest rising and falling. Hes excited. He sees Ruby kill Matador, "What the hell?" But his attention slides to Regan and then Ivy and back to Regan, "YOU, you were the one on the bed. You're the one they took pictures of with my gun on you… who were they? Who the fuck are you?" He takes aim at her, something being loaded on to his lap. A fist? Then he fires. An object sales across the room and PUNCHES Regan right in the face. Enough impact to knock a grown man on his ass. Yes. She just got punched by a man's dick-gun. A fist shaped projectile rolls around on the floor near her. "THATS JUST THE BEGINNING WHORE!" He yells in his rage. Triumphant rage.


Poison Ivy glances down to the hall as she feels something shift in the air, the witch is out now. Sono need to worry about June or Taskmaster down there. Her new toy just got lost also and her plants still need vengence. Thing is, everyone knows men are her playthings but really men and women are not that different. She walks up to Ruby with that odd head and comments, "You should have run when you had a chance." Her hips sway her vines move to frame and protect her. "You may have eight extra limbs, but I have hundreds." And just like that they all lunge at her. THe vines going to grab at Ruby's arms, legs, body, twisting them til fingers are crushed, and bringing Ivy's prey closer. "Beg for death, and I'll snap your neck. Feed you to my children next to your friend."


Regan fake limps out into the hallway, grinning ear to ear as the Enchantress makes her entrance. "YOU!" Regan points back at Codpiece with the knife, turning on one bootheel in a stylized swivel, the Mastermind unveiling her plan, covered in blood, some of it her own. She laughs and waggles the knife to point to the Enchantress and Taskmaster. "Are…so…royally fucked now! And—how many pictures are we talking here? Because I only saw the thr-" Regan waves her hand, getting back to the point.

He's loading something into his codpiece gun and Regan is laughing and pointing at his crotch, snickering demeaningly.

"You're compensating!" Regan laughs before the shot rings out. "I'M LADY MASTERMIND, FUCKE-"


Regan gets punched in the face by a fist fired from a cock-gun and falls to the floor, unconscious.

When Regan said she could take a punch?
She lied.

As is expected.


Enchantress looks to Taskmaster, and gives him a single nod. "You are the master of guns. Deal with the guns below." Mr. Big Wheel. "The man here is mine." Thus far, Enchantress really hasn't done a whole lot on the Squad. She's postured, she's been spooky, she's teleported, and she did a single healing spell on Rose and Regan.

That time is over.

Enchantress snaps her arms out at an angle to her body, and a nasty-looking obsidian sword appears in each hand. Her body explodes into a cloud of dark smoke, with red glowing ash in it. The cloud reforms right in front of Codpiece, arms crossed in front of her, sword-points up.

The growl that comes from her lips belongs more to a creature than a human. She brings down both blades in a fast cross, with superhuman strength backing sorcerous blades, the two crossing just in front of Codpiece. Just below the waist.

He's likely going to need more than just a replacement gun this time.

Ruby is uplifted by the tentacles and that octopi head reaches out to Ivy, as if to grasp and flail or squeeze her in return, "I…see this." She says quietly, held aloft right now and being pulled in opposing directions.
As Ivy begins to draw Ruby in closer the assault of sea squid ceases and the amorphous 'head' transforms in to a kitten with large eyes. "Please do not kill me. I am doing this only as a favor. I'm only a little in… ouch… invested." A feminine grunt escapes Ruby as Ivy's vines tug at her, soon she is close to the other woman. Those cutesy cat eyes trying to even simulate water wavers over them to add to it.

"HAHAHAHAh hah FUCK YOU!" Codpiece shouts as Regan goes down, "Where is the clown bitch and the other blond? The skullfucker too? That twiggy brunette?" Then Enchantress is right in front of him and his mouth drops, his eyes going wide behind the mask. "You, you're not one of them… I have no issue with you… " Then both swords come down, a shrill high pitched scream escapes Codpiece and a clunk sound is heard as his 'weapon' clatters to the ground. She even severs through the fabric underneath causing his boxers with little footballs on them to end up exposed. He is fortunately a very small man so remains in one 'piece'. "HOLY FUCK… you… I felt that on my skin. You were this close." He holds up a two fingers. They all now see what the others seen before, the reason this man 'compensates' with giant phallic weaponry. There is a reason he is the man he is, even his doctor he thought was mocking him. Codpiece is definitely not a full sized carrot. More like one of those tiny ones they sell in the packages. Hands quickly clamp down to cover himself.
"I… surrender?"

Ruby's cat face suddenly vanishes and turns in to an angry smiley face, "YOU WHAT!? You flaming asshole… " She struggles against Ivy's vines. "Maybe, we can work something out? This really seems like somethinG I shouldn't have gotten involved in now." Her head turning in to a peace symbol.

"Right, the wheel guy" Taskmaster says, walking over to look out the window at the man taking on the phone sitting in a big warmachine. "This is ridiculous, these fuckers are rank amateurs. How many did they bring?" Hes talking and hasn't realized how Regan went down. He wasn't in the room but he sees her over there face down ass up in a pool of her own drool, a fist shaped object laid out on the floor next to her. "Uh, what shot that out of it?"


Poison Ivy is not swayed by cute kittens or silly head symbols. She keeps the vines wrapped up and says, "You wanna live, get a normal face and breath deep." Slowly coating Ruby in her mind affecting pollen. Her vines are already dragging Matadore away, if he is alive at all he'll get tossed into the heainng plant. If not, he'll be fed to the healing plant. He's doomed to be dead so no matter what. It is just if he gets experimented on or not. She makes sure to keep out of 'reach' from any face tendrels. "We clear outside, Task?"

Enchantress snaps out an arm, sword vanishing, to grab at Codpiece. She speaks again, a short chant in her ancient tongue, then looks to Codpiece. "If you return again, you will be a man no more." It's a bluff. Not that she couldn't do it, but that she doesn't need to. Then she'll toss him out the nearest window. There are bushes down there. And if he breaks a few things…oh, well.


Ruby's face does transform to resemble what she looked like in life. Just it's all red, the eyes, the mouth, the teeth, the lips. She was pretty once. "Oh. Sorry sweetie are you trying to do something to my body?" Ruby's hands rise up and smooth down over her own curve form, even causing her breasts to bounce a little with the action, "I'm sort of not human anymore. This is all organic circuitry, I'd explain it all to you but you might not understand me and that would be very rude." Her face morphs again, this time in to a gun, one that is poking it's barrel at Ivy's own face. "So… can we get along? I really don't care at this point I just want away from all of you, far away."

Taskmaster squints out the window, lifts up his hand and takes aim. A single gunshot is heard before the man in the stupid giant wheel flops out of it. Dead. "Yeah, we're good." He responds to Poison Ivy.

Codpiece, "yeah, yeah, no more promise you won't see me agaaaaii—— " The window was somehow intact after all the earlier hellfire but it explodes out now, glass in all directions as he rolls, tumbles and lands below with a bone crunching sound. The plants that should have softened is fall having moved away like a flame blown by strong winds.

Matador's body vanishes in a weave of vines, stolen away by Ivy to be used to her own ends. Alive or not? Who can tell.


Poison Ivy responds immediately to a 'gun' aimed at her. Ruby wants to be difficult, fine, Ivy's plans slam the girl into the wall, the ceiling, the floor. Banging her all around. "Learn from this lesson, know who you are going after, and if it's us next time. Don't." She won't kill Ruby but she'll do her best to put the insulting stupid woman into traction. "Go join your friend." Flinging her outside to try and land atop Codpiece.


Enchantress vanishes into smoke again, returning back near Taskmaster and Ivy. "They are gone." she states, matter of factly.


Ruby ends up looking like Loki vs the Hulk a squawk of alarm escapes her and soon she is being battered around, up, down, to the side, she lies still. "Okay, ouch, okay. I'm gone… holy fuck. I am so gone." Ruby practically crawls away from Ivy or tries as she ends up screaming (though not as horribly as Codpiece) in ascent and soon descent, hurled by Ivy out of Floor 6.

Taskmaster kneels down to check Regan, the fist did its damage but shes alive. "Hah… guess we should have ordered that mask sooner. Anywhere see where Ravager went?" Below, buried, probably also extremely pissed. His talking ceases as he sees Enchantress, he gives her a slight nod, "They are, thanks… "

Poison Ivy shakes her head. "No idea where she is. I can put Regan into the pod to heal her." She takes priority over possible toys. She will have her vines come to gently lift and carry off Regan, "Just to be sure she's okay and calm til we let hre out." She then turns to the witch. "Are you all healed up, is June healed also?" Looking at the witch's torso where une was shot. "We're going to have to call the contractors sooner instead of later."
"We are healed." The witch replies. Her tone is a little disgusted…mostly because she let him live. Shadows burst up around her, and then June is there, pale and shaking still.
"I don't think she needs a pod. Just an icepack." Taskmaster interferes, "Let her deal with that one on her own. It'll be a lesson for her, one she was wanting anyways." Some small pleasure is held by the man, he is walking around poking at broken stuff now. "Yeah, call your friend ASAP." He invites, his eyes drift to June, "How are you holding up, Doc?"


Poison Ivy goes to seeing bout cleaning everything up. Pulling her plants back in and seeing what she can salvage. "You take care of June and Regan. I'll call my contact and get a rush call in. She may want a few G's for a down payment. I can easily get my hands on…" she pauses and thinks "We'll use the car out front as collateral. Let these assholes pay for what they did. June, you did good. We'll get you cookies, soon as the kitchen works. And maybe some chocolate milk too."


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