Town Hall: Oa

May 30, 2017:

Kyle and Hal get called into Oa for a general assembly.

Space. Oa.


NPCs: Kol, Kilowog, Tomar Re, Arisia, Appa Ali Apsa

Mentions: Starfire, Power Girl, Guy Gardner, Laira


Mood Music: None.

Fade In…

The call came out at 0400 Manhattan Local Time. Rings coaxed their bearers from sleep or other business to reveal a little, blue Appa Ali Apsa and his shrewd face, awash in green light, hovering an inch above the ring.

LANTERN 2814.1, 2814.2. A general status assembly will take be taking place at the Central Meeting Hall at…

The ring translates the time to 11:30 Manhattan time.

…and your presence is mandatory. Complete your work at hand and see to it that you attend.

Appa Ali Apsa doesn't mince words. Normally, Ganthet is the one to call, with a fondness for Kyle Rayner and having selected Kyle Rayner, personally, but oh, do the little blue men tangle over Earth's Lanterns.

Minutes later, Kyle sends a mind-linked message to Hal, knowing he'll get it. "«I'll have coffee and donuts out by Mars at 11.»"

And…as planned, Kyle sleeps in the rest of the morning and finds himself flying out to a beacon-laid point around Mars ten minutes early, with a foam-hardened drink carrier of hot coffee drinks and an orange and pink box of donuts wrapped in a vaccuum-safe bubble of green light. Floating and biting into a dark, chocolate cake donut, Kyle waits.


«You know I'm a bearclaw guy.» The only response from Hal.

Gracefully late the Interceptor 'soars' in to view. This is not the first, no, the first was destroyed this is a later one inspired by Hal to be recreated and Hal largely blames their little Blue Bosses for having had to scrap the first one and of course feels just a little entitled when they made a new one. THIS new one. You tell a man who inspired in his mind a rebirth he doesn't get the new toys? This is how he acts out. It's his again. The Oans are no happy about it.

"Need a lift?"

"You fully charged I hope?" Hal is talking but hes looking at that pink box and those coffees.


Kyle waves to the cockpit of the interceptor. With a flush of green light, he angles himself to fly through the belly and into the vehicle, bringing his sugary breakfast mulch along for the ride. Hal may be a bearclaw guy, but Kyle is well known to be a 'homemade breakfast smoothie' guy. The sugar might just kill him.

"I was wondering if I was going to get to ride in this thing. Sure, Hal." Kyle floats in and closes the hatch, then floats the box of donuts over to Hal. Green light pops it open. Three bear claws, two chocolate cake donuts. One…protein enhanced meal replacement bar.

"I said my oath to my Lantern before leaving and stowed it safe, so I'm good to go." Kyle takes a seat and salutes Hal with his coffee cup. "Appa is the worst alarm clock isn't he? He's like the angry Sergeant in Lethal Weapon. I wish we could just request Ganthet or Sayd for announcements."


The protean bar is picked up and shook around, "What is this? You bring your girlfriend with you?" Hal teases and tosses it back in grabbing up one of the bearclaws. A bite torn out of the side before they are suddenly a light streak of green racing throught he Milky Way Galaxy. This thing if they flew in a 'straight line' could discover the Source Wall well beyond but they're not doing that.

A "Heh" escapes Hal at talk about the 'Old Timer'

"Could be worse. At least you're not waking up to Guy's balls hanging over your forehead. That sick twisted… " Hal stops, "I mean, he didn't do it to me I watched him do it to a recruit he didn't like from Mazako 19."

A quick subject change, "How is being home again treating you?"


"It's not one of my cheat days." Kyle says, but stops himself, waving away the thought about the protein bar with a shake of his head. The domino mask on his face disappears and he laughs against the lip of his cup, which echoes in Darth Vader ways. "Forget it. Guy gave me the man card speech a few months ago. I would rather run Kilowog's obstacle course until the end of time than to get partnered with Guy or wakeup to his balls in my face."

Shrugging back into his seat, Kyle's eyes go thoughtful, which they have a tendency to do. SensitivityLantern, Guy called him once.

"Other than making sure I'm not crowding your turf?" Kyle looks over to Hal with a lifted brow. "It's not bad. I've made a few friends and Batman and his crew don't chase me out of Gotham when I drop in to leave flowers for mom and Alex. Laira still sends me messages that she thinks requesting 2814 was a mistake. Me? I'm not so sure."

Plenty, including Appa, Tomar Re, and others had advised against Kyle taking up a post so soon after the murder of Kyle's ex two years ago, and his mother, one year ago. Too soon. Too personal.


"Yeah, Guys a prick." A loveable one but a prick. Hal doesn't say that other part. A slight turn and they're creating a zig zag like pattern through an asteroid field then a gate opens, they warp through it to the otherside. They're close to destination.

"They still want this back, you know that right? They throw all this shit away. I make a new one. They get impressed they break my old one and then make a new one of their own and don't see fit to give it to /me/? Not right and thats why we're leaving her hidden up here. You rat me out on this Kyle and I will make damned well sure you're partnered with Guy for the next year." Don't mess with Hal and his planes.

A slow barrel roll and they're coming to a stop. Hal climbs free in to the vaccuum of space, green auto-aura around him as he points at the interceptor allowing it to go stealthed.

"You're not crowding my turf. It's your home too. You're just nosing in on me for the Guardians and thats where I get irritated. But I can fly with it."

A pause as he retracts his ring from stealthing the Interceptor.
"Only friends? Man, I was hoping for some actual good stories. Just friends and family is boring. Am I pulling more tail than you, Kyle?" Hal teases with a grin under that domino mask. Guy talk. This is how it goes.


"I'm not spying on you, for the record." Kyle replies quickly, pushing up from his chair to drift out into the void after Hal. "You know how it is. Some of them want details, some of them want me to watch your back, but I'm not going to rat on you about this or anything unless it's an emergency. Appa hates you. I don't." Kyle points to his elder Lantern, marking his point down.

Kyle takes point, angling his fist to the space ahead of them. Green light shoots out from it and space begins to warp in, sucking in motes of dust in the darkness to form a warp point.

"Oh, man, come on you know when it comes to stuff like that I keep it private. The moment you know, everyone knows." Kyle's sudden smile is too hard to hide as he looks back to Hal. Kyle lifts a shoulder and turns his smile into a snarl, then snaps his fingers and points Hal to the warp point. "I've been spending a lot of time with Koriand'r. Is that enough detail for you, TMZ?"


"Sad I always thought Appa loved me." Hal responds dryly. "They will get over it. Especially when I show up to save their asses from something stupid and ultimately their fault. Its better this way right now, Earth needs a Lantern. With what is happening there maybe even two of us."

Hal drifts after Kyle as that warp appears

"Hey, it's cool. Wait, Koriand'r the Tamaranean? Oh Kyle, you spacedog. You go all the way home away from space and the first girl you hook up with is an alien." A laugh escapes the older Lantern, "Actually shit, I guess Power Girl is an alien too… " FWOOSH he is through the gate and to the other side.


"Hey, I've been dating girls from outer space for y-" Kyle retorts, but stops at the mention of Power Girl. Brows shoot up high and Kyle motions to his chest, waving palm around it in a circle. "You mean the girl with the window?" But, FWOOOOSH and Hal's through the warp. "Damn it, Jordan!" Kyle yells through the warp, then punches his way into it.

Streaks of greena nd white light rush past at speeds humans never thought possible, and within seconds, Kyle shoots out the other side like a green comet, decelerating as, in the distance, the massive planet wreathed in green energy and teeming with cityscape, Oa, presents itself.

"Yes, Koriand'r the Tamaranean," Kyle flies towards Oa, head twisting around to get a bead on where Hal went to. "She's a great girl, man, and she gets the job." Kyle adds. "Hard to find a girl to date who doesn't get it when you gotta fly off to the edge of the sector to stop a stray comet or space pirates, right?"


"Window what?" Hal asks as he stares at Oa. He doesn't seem all that eager to visit it. "Oh her, yeah, we were kind of dating and then I accidentally called her Carol the other day." The pilot says it all so casually.

Turning in a light circle to face Kyle, "Shes dedicated. Shes been teamed with me in the League a few times. I just thought she was with uh Ollie's kid. That archery punk. Good pull though, Rayner and yeah, I get that. You know I was joking about your family right? I'm just busting on you a bit. I don't mind hearing about all that if you want someone to talk about. This other shit, its just getting it out of the way." He is being honest but he is also stalling.


"Oh, damn." Kyle hisses, lips twisting with the burn. He shakes his head and cringes. "You're lucky you're still alive after that. Normal girls dump. Girls with super powers throw you through windows. Be careful, Hal." Kyle replies, lining to fly twenty feet to Hal's side, on course for Oa.

"I try not to pry in Kori's private life, but we like hanging out. That's all people ever get anyway, isn't it? I don't know. We're like two displaced people." Kyle segues directly into a downshift in tone. His tongue wets his lips and he looks across his shoulder to Hal, pointedly.

"I know, Hal. I just…don't have any family left to visit. I got a dad down there somewhere I haven't seen since I was a kid, but…off the record?" Kyle pauses. "If you get a call about Major Force breaking out of wherever they hid him and he's on the loose?" A beat. "Remember me, okay?"

And…thus…Laira's warnings about Kyle's requested placement in 2814 become apparent.


"Oh she hit me. A couple times. Very very hard." Hal says, not that she had any control of herself, he thinks at least, that was largely Hector Hammonds fault there but thats just another side of an interesting story they don't have time for right now.

"Wiser man than me I suppose. At least in this."

"Remember you? Of course. Who could forget your whiny voice after all." A grin from Hal and he finally quits stalling and makes for the glowing planet.


"Girls team up, Hal." Kyle laughs and extends his fists, following him down through Oa's atmosphere. "As a friend, it's my duty to inform you that you don't want the women of the Justice League all giving you the stink eye. That's a lot of lassos and eye-lasers."

Kyle goes quiet upon reentry to Oa, as a dozen other streaks of green light all seem to be converging on the Central Meeting Hall, the massive building with green light streaking high into the sky. Off in the distance, an insectoid Lantern flies next to an oversized squirrel-shaped Lantern, into the meeting hall, where others are already beginning to gather.

Kyle cuts the private life chatter off once the coworkers are in sight, and the donuts and coffee are dumped into a receptacle at the door.

Fourteen lanterns in all from different sectors, mill about, where the Guardians have yet to make their appearance. Kyle lands to the deck next to Hal and lets out a quiet breath.

"Just like high school."


"They already do. Where have you been? I already had Wonder Woman giving me the devil glare when I was teasing Aquaman's wife." Hal grins sailing past a departing lantern, a wave exchanged from both in passing. Despite Hal's bad rep he also has a good one. He's known to be fearless, take charge, heroic and ultimately risky. The risk factor is the true concern.

The meeting hall is strode in to with a purpose, that proud Jordan walk next to Kyle. "Was some damn fine coffee, Kyle. Damn fine." He offers with a grin as they come to a stop. "High school was never this fun."


"What? Really?" Kyle blins and looks over to Hal, speaking in low tones. He lifts a hand to the squirrel-Lantern in the distance when a tail is shaken in a wave to him. "Seriously, I wish I could follow you around with a camera. If I ever get old enough to retire, I'd have everything I need to teach diplomacy to rookies here on Oa." Kyle drops his hand and loops his arms behind his back to rest them there, comfortably.

Kyle looks over to Hal.

"Hey, do you think Power Girl and Starfire would wanna-"

A shadow looms, suddenly, above, as both Hal and Kyle are assaulted by two large, pinkish arms that wrap about each of their heads in a half-headlock, half-hug, that crushes their skulls against a black-clad ribcage.

"I was wonderin' if you two Poozers was gonna get called into this thing." Kilowog, showing affection in his monster-pig way, squeezes their heads. "Jordan. Rayner."


"Why you want to teach them how not to do things?" Hal grins another of those propaganda worthy poster grins. "Probably best if I don't get filmed around the women of the League. I swear I looked out of the corner of my eye the other day and Wonder Woman was this close to backhanding me. Man, it would have been ON but talk about a workout."

"Would want to what, Kyle?" Hal asks.

"ARGH! I know this smell anywhere!" Hal actually grips down on one arm and punches the inside of it, if there wasn't a violent response it wouldn't go respected. Plus Kilowog won't even feel a normal one. "Get your smelly Bolovaxian pits off of us."
A chuckle escapes after a moment of the brief roughousing. "I almost didn't show but they told me your mom was in town."


Kyle chokes in a series of syllables as he's caught, and without using his ring, he's hopeless. He turns his head into the headlock, as trained, but the repeated jabs of his fist into Kilowog's stomach go entirely unnoticed by the large, pink-snouted Lantern.

Tomar Re stops before the three, staring down his beak with shrewd intellect and logic at them. Kyle reaches out for Tomar Re, the two rumored to be friends.

"Tomar Re, h-"

Tomar Re turns around and walks off.

Kilowog laughs at the sight of it.

"You couldn't handle my mother, Jordan, but had I known you was bringin' a date to this thing I'd'a brought one of your old girlfriends." With a final squeeze, Kilowog lets up on the headlocks and SLAMS his palms down on their shoulders. "Alright, nuff of that. I know how you humans git' about your weird hair. How you two poozers doin, cleanin up after that Super Guy I heard 'bout?"


"You sure about that, big man? Tell her I said hi next time you see her." Hal says while rubbing his shoulder after the heavy handed backpat. Always a plaesure that.
"Tomar." Hal offers as well then looks at Kyle, "Whats his problem? What did you do Rayner?"
A bump to the side and Hal looks down at the source, a hunched over alien lizard man stands there, lips in a grin. "Hey Kol. You get that thing I sent you?"

"I got it. Only grown on Earth, glad you don't forget friends." The Lizardkon teases in the spirit of these men.

"Only on tuesdays." Hal admits. "Anyone know why we're all here?"


"Tomar Re." Kyle grits his teeth and rubs at the bruise that'll soon form on his shoulder. "He hates two things. People calling him Tomar, and people jackassing around. I didn't do anything!" Kyle muses. "He's just not gonna dogpile into Tons'of'Fun here for play." Kyle adds, elbowing Kilowog in the ribs.

Kilowog lifts a massive, meaty fist to Kol in hello and then steps back to triangulate position with the two Earthlings. Kyle straightens and fixes his hair, brushing it back into place, while looking to Kilowog for answer to Hal's question.

"Yea, Kilowog." Kyle adds questions to the pile. "You're the one who works here. What's the deal?"

"Aaaahh like they tell me stuff." Kilowog folds his arms across his chest and sticks his tusks out down to the two. "But rumor says this is just a checkin'. Stuff to watch out in the corners of your sectors, a few changes in sector assignments, that kind of thing. Standard business, nothing's on fire. Not an all-hands situation."


"That is what I said, Tomar Re." Hal counters, he didn't say the man's full name. They all know that.

"That was the urgency? Man, Appa Ali Apsa is a little jerkwad. I thought maybe we had an actual issue like Manhunters or something not just… " A break in his speech, "Wait, are they considered because of a recent 'shift' in things, like… just things are off and the explanations just won't sort it. Guardians would know right? There is no way that weird kid mussed things up THIS far out is there?"


Kyle looks over to Hal, brows harnessed into a rail, but he lets it go. Everyone, even Kilowog, knows Hal doesn't always say 'Tomar Re'.

"Oh, you know, that could be it. The Guardians have been in and out of the science types all month." Kilowog straightens, tapping at a tusk with his fingertip. "That would make sense, they been meeting all the time."

"Well," Kyle looks in. SensitivityLantern wets his lips and looks to the side, in deep thought. "Technically, even if the temporal event was just at Earth, how many people who aren't from Earth's sector were there when it happened?" Kyle looks to their faces. "Starfire's crew's missing, she came out different. Even I got in the bubble, but I don't remember anything differently, but if someone visiting the planet was changed, and their timeline changed, then…who knows how far the ripple could have gone out."

Kilowog snorts and turns his face down to Kyle, lording above him like a temple dog.

"Nerd." Kilowog grunts. "And who is Starfire?"


"Right right. Super Guy you mentioned is a geezer now too as just an example. A lot of things went down in our sector. I don't want to admit it but it might be the epicenter of it all." Doesn't want to admit it because it happened under his and Kyle's watch. "Just weird readings, even the ring was confused for a while."

A frown from Hal and he looks at everyone gathered making sure they are what he remembers. Would he know differently though. "Starfire, that's Kyle's new flavor of the month." A joke. Kyle's better with relationships than he is. Speaking of. Hal ducks around to the otherside of Kilowog using the big man as shade and obscurity as a familiar face is drifting by in that lazy wait of the Lanterns.


"Superman's old now?" Kyle blinks, late to the arrival of that news. "My ring freaked out when it happened but I think we lucked out. Kori told me that for a few seconds she saw that I got turned into a chick or something." Kyle shudders and turns to stand alongside them, as more Lanterns begin to file in.

"That woulda been bad for you, kid. Jordan woulda tried to break the third law." Kilowog belly-laughs a single kick and claps a hand on Kyle's other shoulder, which sends him stumbling forward a step. "Good to see ya' goin after the girls kid. We was wonderin' about ya."

"Wondering what?" Kyle blinks and turns around, eyes shooting to their faces before he coughs and turns forward once more, trying to spot who Hal is hiding from.

"No." Kyle clarifies lowly. "No need to wonder in that department. I'm not into Askavaari, like you, Kilowog."


Arisia and a large redhead. Too large. Hulk built in body and size only with some vaguely female options. They are who Hal is avoiding. He has never felt so close to Kilowog outside of violence. "Just don't move. Seriously, brocode you CANNOT move." He warn the big man.

"The third law with Lady Rayner? No way. He wouldn't be able to keep up. But I agree, I was worried there too, you need to get out while you're still young even… " Hal doesn't add to it. He knows what happened to Kyle's ex. A tragic thing. "Oh look, the nerds are fussing." Hal points at the center. The meeting doesn't seem to directly require them. It's ceremony. Always ceremony.


With over 7000 Lanterns and millions of ways to die in space, rings come and go. When the death reports come in, everyone checks, but it isn't every day that new Lanterns are assigned sectors, much less the ones who survive Kilowog's punishing training regiment. In the center, so much is clear. A young female that looks like a skeleton worn outside of her skin is being given a sector, just like being assigned a House at Hogwarts.

"Hal J-
"-ordan, you space-"

Kyle and Kilowog say in unison, with BRO-CODE invoked, Kyle steps in closer to Kilowog, forming a visual wall. Kyle folds his arms against his chest and taps his foot, chin tilting down to whisper towards his armpit while Kyle hides.

"Hal, she's like ten feet taller than you and three times your age." Kyle whispers.

"Oh, I bet he got rag-dolled around the room." Kilowog chuffs.

"I bet it looked like watching you eat, Kilowog." Kyle replies.

Both devolve into snickers through closed mouths, trying to not give away Hal's position to Arisia and the large, red woman.


"Hey. Just shuddup okay. Those two should not be talking, like, ever, they're assgned to separate sectors far the hell away from eachother… " A sigh from Hal, "Shes not /that/ big." Yeah she is. Shes pretty sizable of a woman. "I mean, I was drinking a lot that night, it was a good day, we beat the snot out of some Thanagarians raiders. Just… just, shuddup all of you."

A scowl and hes folding his arms over his chest. Still being kept beyond a wall of his pals though. Its just for the best right now.

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