Smooth Justice

April 12, 2015:

Members of the New Justice Society track down a Mexican Cartel and stop a shipment of Smooth from hitting the streets of New York.

New York City

A shady warehouse.


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Fade In…

It was a late evening in New York City and Black Canary was presently on the roof of a building waiting for the others she had invited to join her to arrive. Everyone invited except for Audrey has already expressed their interest in being part of the New Justice Society, but having heard of the young woman's particular talents she knew that a bit of action might be a better potential recruitment pitch than sitting in the gym.

When everyone arrives she is notably in costume and she smiles before pulling out a phone and sending everyone some information, "I've been tracking a group of Mexican cartel members, they've stuck mostly to coke until now. They want to move into that new street drug Smooth and I don't think I need to explain how nasty it is. If we can stop them now, we can prevent another source from hitting the street."

"Lux, if you're interested in helping us, I've got a plan put together. This is Constantine, Rain and Robin and I'm Black Canary." She extends a hand to the other woman.

Constantine had arrived using the stairs, the locks disengaging with a light press from his fingers. Smoking like a chimney aflame he moved with a trail of smoke lingering behind his head, and standing slightly apart from the group with a dour expression, his posture is disengaged and without any apparent interest in the general conversation- though, as he's introduced, he acknowledges the others with an uptick of his chin, eyes narrowing minutely as he studies the people he's not met prior.

Well, Rain's costume is clothes because the whole magical girl get up kinda weirds her out and she's probably a bit old for it (Plus, Zee has that on lockdown). Captain tails along behind Rain, his tail flicking, sometimes into a ? shape as cat tails are wont to do. She listens, more than speaks. "I'm Captain," The feline offers in a rich, baritone voice. "Pleased to meet you." Both of them are, at any rate. She scritches her cat and - yup. That's a Rain.

Lux has a profile among the Red Team. But despite the public nature of the team, she's still a relative unknown. And still finding her place. So when the invitation came, she joined the group. Her 'uniform' is nondescript so far, little more than black BDUs that could have come from the mercenary surplus store, her hair pulled back into a braid tucked down the back of her vest.

"I'm always glad to help stop the Smooth problem," she replies with a small smile as the takes Canary's hand, her grip firm, but quick. "A pleasure to meet you all," she nods to each of the others. "Do you mind if I ask what it is you do?" That last comes with a quick quirk of her brow at Canary. "Just. In the interest of operational efficiency."

Black Canary nods briefly in the direction of Constantine, knowing the man wasn't the biggest socializer in crowds. Rather than force everyone to reply, she explains to Lux, "Rain is what you might call a witch and she's also a good healer from what I might understand and a very good investigator. Constantine if you haven't heard of him, I'd be surprised but he's one of the best magicians around, a crack detective and he could probably drink Thor under the table."

Captain was a talking cat, she wasn't really sure how to explain him but she was sure Captain would speak up, "I'm a capable fighter among other things. There might be a few other members of our team arriving to help, expert fighters one of them trained by Batman." She smiles at Lux, hoping the explanations would do for her.

"Lux, I was hoping you would go in with me from the roof while Rain and Constantine used their magic to seal the building and make sure nobody escaped." She sets a knapsack down that was hanging over her shoulder, "Zip-ties, handcuffs, rope. Grab what you need, we'll be taking them down and leaving them for the police."

In the little text thing she sent to everyone, details of the building would be shown.

John nods at Rain. "All right, little hedge witch," he says in an irascible tone that Rain's heard before and likely knows as insincere joshery. "Let's see what you've got, lass. There's a few schools of thought for sealing buildings up. Any suggestions?" he says, the older mage giving her a level look as he abruptly shoves the entire responsibility for developing a plan off onto the junior wizard. There's a keen look in his eye that suggests he's deliberately pushing Rain out of her comfort zone to see how she reacts to planning on the fly.

Little? She's tall! Though, her personality likely makes her seem a bit small. Rain peers at John, and tilts her head. "There's plenty. It depends on what you want to seal, be it corporeal, incorporeal or … well, what," She remarks. "Sealing something completely is difficult. But doable. What's up?" Rain's powers often rely on will and creativity. She's pretty open, but she seems to want some input. Captain hmms. "Not to mention we'd want to avoid a suffocation hazard." He likes boxes, and if he fits? He sits.

Audrey follows Canary's gaze with each introduction, nodding once to each. "I do illusions," she offers in turn. "Light and shadow. And military action." Which sounds slightly ridiculous coming from a slip of a girl who barely looks eighteen, but there it is. And as she leans over to retrieve some of the zip ties, it's clear she knows what to do with them. And she's armed, in a way that most people of the hero persuasion usually aren't: guns. With plenty of extra ammo. "I can also do invisible."

Canary leaves the two magic-users to figure out their plan for sealing the building up, "Once you've sealed it off, one of you can stay outside and the other should probably come in to offer support." She notices Lux's weaponry and adds, "Remember, go for non-lethal shots, we're not killers."

She gives Rain and Constantine a few more minutes to discuss their plan, standing at the edge of the rooftop ready to head out.

"Nothing's up," John tells Rain, arms flapping against his trenchcoat. "You want to play cricket in the Nationals, you need to take some initiative, lass. Tell me how you want to seal this building up and we'll set to it. Better start working promptly, though- these lovely ladies are ready to storm in and start soon whether you're prepared or not," he says, moving his coat sleeves up from his wrists and flexing his fingers in anticipation.

"But I don't wanna play Cricket in the nationals," Rain looks evenly at John. "… I'm pretty sure those guys gave me wedgies in high school." Captain pauses. "That's sad. You're sad." Owch. Rain sort of eyes her cat. Whose side are you on!? Right, there's an issue at hand. The witch looks a little cross-eyed for a moment and thinks. "Right. We can use a ward to let our people in and out and not allow anyone we don't name out unless needed." She puts a contingency on it. "We can lower it as needed. If someone pushes too hard against it, it'll either put them to sleep or scare them. That, I leave up to you."

"Yes, ma'am," Lux nods once to Canary's warning, stepping over to follow her to the edge of the roof. The magic talk gets a curious look, but it's the sort that comes from wanting to know how everything works. Just in case something goes wrong, so she knows where it broke.

One last thing is pulled out of the backpack and handed off to everyone before they get ready to go, little wireless headsets all tuned to the same frequency; basically bluetooths, "Things will be a lot easier if we can communicate on the fly. In the future, we'll get some more official stuff setup but for now this will do." Laurel puts one of the earpieces into her ear and takes an extra for Robin who had yet to arrive, "Shall we head out then?" A grappling hook is pulled from her belt and she's ready to start going from building to building.

"Now you're thinking," John applauds Rain. "Sleep can be a bit touchy, especially if adrenaline is going. I like scared, personally. Gives them a start when they touch the door. Something primal is best- nothing specific, just a sense that there's something elseside of the door they'd prefer not to see." He nods at Laurel and starts pulling ritual components out of his pockets, kneeling down and marking on the gravel rooftop arcane sigils. "We'll get this ready by the time you're at the building. Go ahead and hop over, luv- they won't be running and they won't be able to get to any of the stairwells or fire escapes if you need to make a quick getaway," he assures them.

"Sure thing," Rain nods. Rain doesn't really need ritual components, but she smiles at Constantine. "Need me to set anything up? Most of my stuff doesn't require anything like it, so this is a learning experience." And she's willing to help. She's pretty polite. She nods again at Constantine's words. It is pretty apparent Rain's used to being a servant/minion. Captain's tail whips as he watches them. "Yeah, I'll keep an eye on these two. Just uh, for quality assurance." Smart ass cat.

"Good luck, guys." Rain offers before she moves to help Constantine where needed.

"Ready when you are, ma'am," Audrey nods sharply to Canary, pulling out her own line and checking it over quickly for any flaws that might cause trouble. The communicator goes neatly into her ear, and she even takes a moment to test it. "Lux, checking in. Do you read me?" She speaks in a low voice, trusting the device to do its job without her having to shout into it. That would defeat the purpose, after all.

"Se ha ido oscuro."

"?Que quiere decir, que se ha ido oscuro?"

"El hijo de puta no se contesta mis malditas llamadas!"

Two of the thugs are arguing with each other in Spanish. There are about ten to fifteen guys in there, perhaps more hiding in the shadows. These two, however, happen to be the bosses. They're the ones with the connection to the incoming trafficker. "!Preparate para el de todos modos. Tenemos que asumir que va a venir."

"Black Canary reads you, over." Canary quickly checks in, "Nitro, do you read?" She glances over at Lux and explains, "He's our speedster, he was running a little late." Could a speedster run late?

Without another word Black Canary is off, swinging over a pair of rooftops before she arrives at the building the cartel members are in. Sneaking in through the top she gets in position, ready to take down a group of thugs on the left.

Since Lux was military trained, she motioned with hand signals for her to take the other group before reporting quietly to Constantine and Rain, "We're ready when you two are."

Robin has received the plan. He's already here, but, as is his wont, he's not made his presence known. Instead, he's made his way quietly into the building, hiding in the shadows and getting a better read on the gang they intend to face. This is what he's good at. One of the things he's good at, anyway. Bats are stealthy, and they excel at detective work.

'He's gone dark.'
'What do you mean, he's gone dark?'
'The bastard didn't answer my damn call!'
'Get ready anyway. We've got to assume it's coming.'

Robin listens on the conversation between the two bosses. Prepare for what coming? He can't help the feeling that this is probably something the others will need to know. He starts to creep toward the roof. Canary's given him the plan — he'll meet them half way.

Constantine grimaces at the bluetooth device, but turns it on and puts it in his ear. "I hate these bloody things," he announces, moving to work with Rain to set the spell up. More familiar with ritual magic than she is, he goes through building up the framework, showing her how it's done while letting her do the 'heavy' lifting, magically speaking. He keeps an eye on the others as they bound over on the attack and focuses his attention on the work at hand, not missing a chance to show Rain how one can do ritual magic in austere conditions.

Rain doesn't seem bothered in the slighest by the device. But she's an engineer. She loves her some gadgets. Rain looks quietly amused by Constantine's reaction. Captain acts as a quiet sentinel (for you see, cats see many worlds that humans do not). She will follow the instructions, nodding and looking at the framework. She's taking mental notes, and happily, Rain does have a pretty good amount of magical oomph. Hers is will working, bending the world and magic with sheer want.

Which is odd. But she goes with it, accepting the lessons on such austere magic and focusing on the matter at hand. Wardin' but good.

Having swung by earlier in the day, Tre was trying to find something for superhero work, he's on a budget damn it, he really needed to find something for superheroring. He is manages to find something. Black long sleeve hoodie with blue scarf over his face and black baggy jeans. He really had to watch the wear and tear on his shoes, he's down to only a few pair. «Yeah I'm here, where you need me?» he calls into his mic, he isn't running form the sounds of it, there is no loud whooshing sound coming into the mic as he speaks.

Audrey swings across in unison with Canary, practiced. When she signals to the other half of the group Lux nods once to acknowledge her, then promptly fades into shadows that…simply weren't there a moment ago. It's not true invisibility - not at the moment - but it might as well be.

"«Head in when we give the signal Nitro, take out one of the big bosses.»" Hopefully Robin is spotted by her or maybe he makes his precence known to Canary as Lux goes invisible and she hands him the earpiece, "I don't speak Spanish, any clue what they're talking about?"

She gets ready to move in; making sure everyone else is in position and ready to go. A pair of throwing darts are held in each hand, a quick way to neutralize the enemy without any issues or noise.

Robin repeats the conversation for Canary in English. "They're expecting something," he says. "Or somebody. I think we better deal with this fast." He tucks the earpiece into his ear and fades back into the shadows. "There's about ten, fifteen of them. Nobody seems to be a major threat. They're armed, I'm sure, but I don't think it's anything that the group can't handle."

"All right, I've got it from here," John tells Rain, with that same oddly critical expression that seems to be expecting more from her. "You go help out in the building. Make sure you talk to Lau- Canary and the others," he says, magically taking the reins of the ritual spell from the hedge witch. "Don't be careless, and try not to get shot. Bloody quick way to end a promising career in spellcasting," he says with his usual dry British wit.

"Are you sure?" Rain seems uncertain. He's oddly critical and it's enough to make her concerned. "If you're sure," Rain will let him take over. "And yeah, at least I can turn into a bear to deal with it if I have to." She nosewrinkles. "Captain'll stay here. He can channel some magic if I need to." The cat sighs. "No throwing me at war spirits," He remarks.

Rain looks concerned and will go to join the others, letting shadows cover herself. Odd, that. Or she hangs out iwth the Darkness and is stealing one of his tricks.

«Alright» Nitro says as he moves into position, he found a spot which the door wasn't locked at all. He wouldn't go in yet, granted he's proabbly able to get in and find a place to hide before anyone ever knew he was there. But waiting would probably be a good thing. Using some of teh large dumpsters as a hiding place, Nitro keeps quiet and waits.

"Ready when you are, Canary," Lux murmurs into her earpiece, moving through the shadows closer and closer to the targets. There's nothing to see of her, the shadows and the light around her expertly bent until she might as well be completely invisible. Her guns stay in their holsters for the moment. First priority is going to be a good, old-fashioned beat down.

"«3.2.1. Go!>" The signal is given by Black Canary over the communication lines everyone was on, a definite convenience and something that made her feel more in sync with the rest of the team.

She drops from the ceiling towards the group of cartel members she had mentioned she would take, tossing the darts in her hand towards them; a pair of men falling almost instantly.

There is a blur of black in between the men using a variety of martial arts moves to disarm them and bring them down.

One men attempts to flee out the doorway but instead finds himself feeling incredibly terrified, he cries out loudly, "We're surrounded, they're everywhere!!!!!" He was having flashbacks to the movie Aliens, he was so high that he thought he was a Colonial Marine and he began to fire his gun up at the ceiling.

Almost immediately, the situation turned to utter chaos as bullets began flying recklessly throughout the room.

One of the bosses pulled a desert eagle out of his jacket and took aim at Canary, smiling, "Puta." He fired at the woman and she was completely unaware of the high caliber bullet headed towards the back of her head.

The other boss moves over to a crate and picks up a pair of automatic shotguns and puffs at his cigar, looking for a target.

As John is sitting on the rooftop doing his magic, him and Captain notice a suspicious looking transport truck heading towards the building the rest of the team was in.

"Canary! Down!" shouts Robin even as he slams into the gunman from behind. He is otherwise silent, moving fluidly and using the skills he's learned from Batman, Nightwing, and all the rest of his allies and teachers. "Somebody get the guy with the shotguns," he adds with less volume, jerking the boss's arm back behind him as hard as possible and forcing him to drop his gun. "Hijo de puta," he murmurs in Spanish. "Usted no va a ganar hoy."

John's eyes, lidded in focus, almost miss the truck, but a murmur from Captain gets his attentions. Keeping the quiet litany of magic going from his mouth, he moves to the edge of the building, looking down with astute, focused eyes.

"Truck pulling up," John says between words, his fingers plying the very weft of magical forces surrounding him. "Could be bad. Be careful," he says, before closing off his communication channel to focus on the spellcasting.

Rain thinks Captain will be just fine with John. The two both have 'tude, although Captain is orange. Rain herself lets herself stay cloaked in shadows. The dude freaking out makes Rain wince. She doesn't like noise. Well, she'll sneak around to the guy with the shotguns. « Remake the beast. » And then there's a giant freaking white furred Siberian Godbear behind shotgun guy. "Surprise." The bear beams. A large paw is brought down to try to knock the guy out.

At GO!, Nitro is already in teh building, with his speed things are going in slow motion. He still can't get over the way this feels and how he feels as if he has all the time he needs. But when the gun shots come through Nitro turns his head and sees the bullet heading for Canary. Nitro makes it in time and plucks the bullet from the air and moves it so that it embeds itself in the wall. With that same speed and rams his fist into the cartel man with the desert eagle. He hears Robins call, «Got it» Almost before Robin can finish, the men with teh shotguns are already hitting the ground and plastic tied to railings hanging at their wrist. A black, blue blur moves as if siliver lighting is streakign from im.

With a thought, the shadows around the Audrey fly out as she closes in, wrapping themselves around the eyes of their opponents. She doesn't give them a moment to react, either, darting in toward her assigned group. She moves quickly, sharp and fluid at the same time, with very little regard for delicacy. If anyone's watching, they may recognize a form of krav maga, though it's not quite pure. With him blinded, though, her limbs move in a flurry, knees, elbows, hands and feet striking in quick succession. A twist of an arm here, a vicious kick to the knee there, and she's leaving a pile of men on the floor.

Canary doesn't even have time to respond to Robin's warning when Nitro plucks the deadly bullet aside and changes it's trajectory; it might have been fatal if she was working alone.

"«Thanks for the save. We've got these guys, you take care of the truck Constantine mentioned Nitro!» She knew it would be a chance for the young man to shine.

The gang leader Robin has disarmed is about to reply some vulgarity when he takes a fist to the face from a speedster named Nitro and falls to the ground unconscious. A group of shotgun armed thugs including a terrified gang banger who cries, "Game over man! Game over!" Nitro shuts him up.

A pair of automatic shotguns are about to be fired just as the Siberian godbear smashes the man with a paw, knocking out the other crew leader as Lux is taking down her group of men.

There was only a handful of thugs left in the room, most of them terrified because they had tried to flee. Gunfire is sent wildly around the room, but aside from the five thugs which would easily be dispatched; there wasn't much left to do.

"«Good work, let's mop-up and gift wrap these guys.»" Canary smiled as she kicked one of the thugs near her in the crown jewels.

The boss Robin dropped is quickly zip-tied and brought to the floor. Robin drops a handful of zip-ties for the others, in case they need them, and then he's out, vanishing back the way they came — back to the roof so he can assist Nitro with the incoming vehicle if need be. The job seems to be more or less done inside, after all.

Holy shit, a giant bear! Rain is anything but stealthy, an immense violet-eyed bear. She's bopping gangers over the head like little bunnies. And really, a giant bear is pretty scary in and of herself. She'll drag the couple near her over to get zip tied.

Nitro nods his head and is gone out of the building, the truck is a good distance away from them and Nitro grins letting the truck get a bit further out and than he starts to jog after it and on his fourth step, he lowers his head and teh sound of thunder can be heard, not a sonic boom, he can't hit those speeds just yet, but the sound of thunder wtih that crackle of lighting cna be heard as Nitro chases down the truck.
With the bad guys thinking they are getting away, the drivers side door opens up and the man goes rolling, than the passanger side door opens and the passenger goes rolling. Nitro attempts to do a drift parkig, but all he manages to do is skid the van to a stop. He than runs back to the two men and as he runs around them rapidly, taking their clothes and weaposn off them and he has one man bent on his knees and his parnter behind him in a very provocative pose, both hae boxers on, but when the cops get there, it's going to be hysitercal.
Nitro does take a picture and he runs back to the truck to open it and see whats inside, «Stopped teh truck and the guys aren't going anywhere, how are things back where you guys are.»

Once the men are down, Audrey leans down to use the zip ties. Granted, some of the men have dislocated joints that would make running uncomfortable for them in general, but better safe than sorry. She clearly knows how to use them, though. The blur that's Robin moving back out gets a brief look, some admiration in her features, before she looks back to Canary. "Where to next, ma'am?"

As the last of the thugs are dealt with Canary puts in a quick phone call to the police using a burner cell letting them know that a very wanted Mexican cartel the DEA had been trying to bust for years was waiting and gift wrapped for them.

"«Let's see what was in the truck.»" It's a quick reply to Lux and Nitro all in one.

When everyone inside is dealt with Black Canary heads outside and checks out the truck with the others.

Inside of the back of the truck is a large shipment of Smooth, if the fledgling team of heroes had not been here working together this would have all hit the streets.

She snags some of the smooth and explains, "We should see about getting some of this analyzed by Starrware labs or something, see if we can't come up with a cure to help people kick this drug. I'm not sure what you've all heard but this Smooth stuff is nasty, nastier than meth, crack or heroine."

A near-by rooftop is motioned to and she smirks at what Tre has done to the driver and the passenger of the truck, "We should keep an eye out just in case until the police arrive and if you're interested Lux, maybe you'd like to work with us more in the future as a member of the New Justice Society?"

Robin watches from afar until Canary gestures at another roof. Then he swings himself over to that spot on his batline, and secrets himself in the shadows. Stealthy, stealthy bat creatures.

The bear isn't quite going to fit out the door, so Rain lets herself shrink down. She makes her way to the others, surprised by their prowess. "I've heard it's nothing good," Rain admits. She pauses. Sometimes, Rain wonders if the Bat family just really like shadows and dramatic fog. But she's never thought to ask. It seems rude, much like they'd probably ask her about the newts, talking cat and broomstick.

Speaking of talking cats, Captain seems to be hanging out with Constantine still.

Nitro keeps where the van is and when the others finally get their slow butts upto where he is, he watches as Canary shows them whats being stored. He shakes his head and has heard a little about this crap. He rubs his head a little bit, and as he does he nods, "Well hopefully they will find the cure pretty quickly." he says. "But we should get our asses out of here." he calls into his mic.

"I'd have to talk to the team," Audrey smiles faintly to Canary, though the smile fades as she looks more closely at the Smooth. "And I'll need to talk to them about this anyhow. This stuff is…really bad in the community, you know? But. I think I might like that." For the first time, she sees a team that's organized, coordinated. One that isn't killing, but doesn't seem to be afraid of violence. One that's together enough for her not to feel like they're using her.

Canary makes her way up to the rooftop, hearing the police sirens wailing in the distance before she sees them. When Audrey is up top she continues the conversation, smiling, "Well, you've met a good portion of the team. Power Girl and Spearhead are the only two members who weren't here tonight. There are a few other potentials I've been researching including you." It wouldn't be a coincidence that Canary had invited Audrey of course.

"Anyways, it's not like a formal sign your life away marriage commitment if you join. Just a chance to help each other out and work together for the greater good." She seems very pleased as she looks at the others here tonight, "Great work again everyone, I can't imagine this having gone any /smoother/."

No. Robin can't either, and that worries him. These dealers were too dumb. There's something more going on out there. "We need to find their source," he says from the shadows. "Canary, we need to get the bosses separated, get a chance to interview them ourselves." Interview is something of a euphemism here. What he really means is 'scare them into revealing everything we want to know.' "And as soon as possible."

Rain was a bit shocked herself, but bears are terribly convincing. Captain catjogs on over to Rain, hopping onto her shoulder to get pets. Rain smiles a little at Audrey/Lux. "I'm no good at interviews, so unless you need me to stand there as a bear…" Handwave. Captain laughs, "Yeah. Or we're interrogating ramen noodles." Rain: Scourge to ramen. "You guys were great."

"If we want to try that, now's the time," Audrey says quietly to Robin's talk of private interviews, looking between the others and the men on the floor. "But I doubt they're going to want to talk. This Smooth thing is huge. The police came down on the people using it. There've been attacks around the city with people trying to get it. It's way bigger than just some drug. Someone, somewhere, has some sort of dangerous connections. And I'm betting they'll be more scared of whoever that is than of us."

"Nitro will grab them and we can get whatever information we need from them before handing them over to the authorities." Canary nods to Audrey, "I look forward to hearing whatever else you know about the smooth thing, we'll get everyone together soon." The police could be seen arriving on the scene now, at least they could nab the thugs; the bosses could be interrogated later and handed over.

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