Impress Me

May 29, 2017:

Hal and Karen go on a date. It is crashed and Hal does one of the 'big nos'


NPCs: Hector Hammond



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Park Ridge, Metropolis
The Airport Cafe

Hal remembers he came here once as a child with his father, a small little hangar-side pub that looks like a stereotypical classic 1950s diners. A lot of red, white and tan. Benches, booths, records, a jukebox. It's a shout out to the older days.

Jordan isn't exactly a guy who is good about romance or that additional fluff. He is set a particular way and doesn't bend outside of it much, a bomber jacket full of flight patches, a t-shirt, jeans and leather boots consists of his outfit today.


A cafe calls for casual. Karen is in just a pair of jeans, ankle boots, and a scoopneck cowl blouse. She enters the place, looking over and taking a look. Old style, but she doesn't mind that. She looks about and then starts over towards Hal.


Hal in the spirit of the diner has already ordered the both of them milkshakes. He also has a beer but thats not what is being showcased. As she enters the diner he strides over and gives her a kiss on the neck before motioning to their booth, "I had take a guess, I went for strawberry for you." Vanilla for him. He's kinda easy like that.
Outside the window they have a perfect view of the small airfield as planes lift off and land. Most of them smaller, private jets. Not large commercial.


"Strawberry works. Chocolate works too." She looks over at the airfield, and smiles at the kiss. She'll return it, though to cheek rather than neck. "Have to admit, first time for an airfield date." Karen moves to sit, sliding into the booth.


"Wouldn't call this much of an airport." Hal says with a chuckle as they get settled in to their seats.

"HEY JORDAN!" A big man in an apron and pointy hat behind the bar's island shouts.

"I wasn't insulting your diner, Reggie. Just the airport, lighten up." A call back from Karen's newest employee.

A thin tanskinned young waitress with vibrant purple hair hops over to the table, a pad and pencil in hand, "Do you twos need anything else? Oh wow! She is way out of your league, Halbabe, much prettier than that last tart you brought in here."

Hal gives their waitress whose nametags says Maya a glare. "Don't be jealous, Maya."


Karen keeps a straight face, but she'll smile. "Oh, by all means. Tell me all about the last tart." She says, amusement in her tone. She does shake her hand to the question, however. "Not yet, at least."


"No we're good. You're dismissed." Hal waves his fingers in that gesture of 'go away, shoo'

Maya actually giggles, "Don't worry I don't wanna ruin your date. Just good job landing this hottie. You're moving up from that fakey Giraffe you were showing off… "

Hal doesn't appear amused, "Yeah, I don't know what you're talking about but your tip is going to be shit."

"You're actually going to tip me this time!?" Maya gasps, "Did you finally find some woik?"

Hal's knees bump Karen's under the table as he shifts, his dark eyes looking to her lighter ones and he mouths an apology. "You can tell they know me here. Probably too well."


Karen is looking pretty amused. "Mmm, do they now. The question is what do they know that I don't?" She doesn't seem to mind the kneebump. She leans back a bit in the booth, enjoying putting Hal to the fire a little, perhaps.


"Not enough to make me sound more like a dirbag than they have?" Hal says with upwards inflection of question. He really hasn't considered that. He has been drunk here a few times. A chug of his beer is taken as it dawns on him. Speed up the process.

Maya laughs some more, "Everything." She drawls out then struts away to get them more beer. She knows Hal, hes not a one drink kind of guy.


Karen won't go after anything alcoholic. Not with a milkshake at hand. "So. What else do we have planned for the evening?" the blonde asks, interested.


"I'm not usually the planning sort of guy." Hal admits to his date, "I figure we meet up, drink, maybe go sky diving, see what happens, maybe a club later then depending on whose house we're closer to.. " A shrug, a grin.

"Is there anything you would like to do? I'm more than happy to spice things up for you. We could always go find some petty crime… " Hal drops his voice lower, "Go smash some badguys in costume if you want. That could be a new one."
"Some idiot somewhere has to be ignoring the 'Dont Touch This Button' sign somewhere."


Karen laughs. "Is that your idea of a hot date?" She asks, taking a pull of her milkshake.
"I never advertised this date as hot. You already showed, that made it hot already. Half my work is done for me." Hal counters, "I thought skydiving was a nice touch too."

Karen takes another long drink of the milkshake. "Skydiving can be fun. Got a friend who's going to take us up?" She asks. It would feel a little cheap if they just flew up.


"Of course, I got all the friends in the world." Hal says, "You wanting to go now or?" Which now doesn't seem to be an issue for him, he is already standing. That extra beer magically in hand. At some point he slammed the other and is now clutching a new one.
Karen grins. "Well, sure." She moves to finish up her milkshake. "Impress me." The blonde moves to stand.

"It's what I do right?" Hal Jordan jokes, "Impress, inspire… "

The waitress clears her throat, "Forget to tip or pay your bill."

A chuckle escapes the pilot, "Oh, right. Seriously I was not trying to short you." He hunts pulls out his wallet and hands over a crisp $20. A laugh escapes the waitress.

"Bout time." She says before she is leaving the couple alone.

"Right this way." Hal pushes open the door from the little diner to the parking lot and runway beyond.

There is a sound, almost like a large lawnmower. Carol already heard it a ways off and a plane is incoming landing with a couple bounces in front of them.

"A Fokker Dr.I." Hal says proudly, "You heard of the Red Baron? Thats things based off his. A 'dreidecker' or triplane. I know the guy who owns it he likes to claim it's an original but it's a repilca, things got a Continental radial engine not an authentic rotary."

"Manfred von Richtofen, top scoring ace of World War I. My father was obsessed with the guy. I think I remember just about every story there is about him and some that are made up but hey, I wasn't about to tell my father hes exaggerating… "


Karen smiles at the waitress' demeanor, before she finally comes out to move with Hal. She looks at the plane, surprised. "That…is an old plane. Never seen anything like it except in the movies." Karen looks at the Fokker. "I'm /assuming/ that's not what we're going up in? Can't picture how we'd dive out of that."


"Well, antique but this ones new. Just yeah… don't feed in to this guys bullshit." A smile is worn as Hal watches Karen, trying to see just how interested she is in this. He wouldn't blame her for boredom, not everyone loves planes like he does. Its family tradition. "Nah, I wouldn't ride you up in that. Not today at least. You'd probably fall asleep… you're uh… you. Oh, by the way I met Caitlin Fairchild the other day."


Karen doesn't have the love for it that Hal does…but few would. But she does seem interested. After all, she /does/ run a tech company. "Oh? Get a chance to talk to her about any projects? And what /are/ we going up in?"


"Just a jump plane." Hal replies, "A Russian tail dragger, the Turbo Finist. They run it up the most. I actually had the guys job for a little while but it was so god awful boring so I spruced things up a bit. The passengers and my boss didn't like that and they ended up firing me." Hows that for making her eager to have hired him on, "Talk to her about any projects? Like what? I mean, she only mentioned at some point needing a lift. Big gal can pack away some grub. I mean, I think she ate a buffet by herself."


Actually…it's good. She likes the notion that he's got some initiative and energy. "Don't know. Caitlyn's usually got half a dozen things on the hopper. And yeah, her powers give her a high metabolism. I tend to junk-food sometimes, because I can."


They're walking across the airstrip and talking Hal is carrying on about planes, different types and likely the sort of thing Karen is drowning out. It's like listening to someone talk too much about ESPN after a certain point, he is super enthusiastic and doesn't realize she may not be in to it half as much.

Hal does not notice it but several of the security personnel are walking towards them guns already in hand. They take aim and fire.


They are not shooting at her but at her companion.


Karen hadn't honestly noticed ahead of time either…mostly because she was paying attention, at least to a degree. But as they take aim, she goes into superspeed. The blonde spins around and puts herself in the path of the bullets. After all, she's the bulletproof one.

[Hal Jordan rolls 10 on 1d20.]


The bullets bounce off Power Girl, flattening, ricocheting and in general just riddling the area around her harmlessly. Fortunately for Hal his auto-shields come up in time to keep him safe as well just in case.

"What the hell!?!" He was mid-chatter why are they being shot at. He is standing behind Karen over her shoulder as cause their damage.

No words from the two guards, they are just taking aim again. Something about them seems off…


Karen will X-Ray the two guards, quickly rushing their direction. She'll try to grab and yank the guns away from the guards.


Easy enough for Power Girl, the X-Ray reveals nothing but the snatch of both weapons has them suddenly standing still. Not moving.

"Pod people… " Hal Jordan comments, "Let me ask this more clearly, what is going on?"

One of the guards cranes his head to the side, grinning wide at Hal, "Who is she, Hal?" The voice doesn't move with the lips. It sounds more like its in their minds. "Shall I pry in to her head and find out? She is very delicious looking."

"HECTOR!" Hal growls.

The guard that was just speaking topples falling to the ground with a groan.

The other guard still standing there, wobbling in place mouth agape. His connection to Hammond is still present. "I was only saying hello Green Lantern. I witnessed your return to Earth but was at that time incapacitated… I am not anymore." The guard reaches up and grabs the sides of his own head and starts to tug left and right violently. As if he is trying to break his own neck.

"Karen! Stop him!"
Hal knows he isn't fast enough.


Karen, on the other hand, is. She'll move with her superspeed, and will grab the guy's wrists, to hold them immobile. She's no mentalist, so she can't do anything about THAT, but she can stop this guy from being forced to kill himself.


The guard struggles with little display of success.

"Hector isn't as powerful as he thinks he is. Just hold him a moment longer and he'll lose his control over him. Just.. becareful."

The man Power Girl is clutching stops moving, then locks eyes on her. She gets the sensation that some FORCE or EGO is trying to force it's will over her own. Trying to take control of her own actions and thoughts, "Kill Hal Jordan. Kill Hal Jordan." A command, a continued chanting demand is being thrust her way.
[Hal Jordan rolls 1 on 1d20.]


Karen feels the presence in her head. She closes her eyes. "Careful! He's trying to get into my head!" She tenses up, trying to keep him out. SO far, she's managing. Barely.


One final attempt on Karen before the guard collapses to the ground like his companion.

"Carol?" Hal asks, "Fight it if he is in your mind. You're stronger than him. A lot stronger. Don't let him in. " Willpower, it's one of Hal's things. "Hes already lost control of these two which means hes losing his touch, hes too far away. You got this." Encouraging words from the Green Lantern but hes not put himself off the defensive. His green body shield is still on. Just incase…

[Hal Jordan rolls 20 on 1d20.]
[Power Girl rolls 13 on 1d20.]

Nope. She tries. But Kryptonians really have two banes. Telepaths and magic. And he gets in. Karen's eyes open, and she turns, looking at Hal, right before twin searing red beams lance out from her eyes at Hal's chest.


"Oh. No.' Hal whispers, "Seriously babe, thats a new not as lovely shade for your eyes." Those beams of crimson collide in to a green protective orb around him. The green surge of will and Lantern energy forcing the bubble outwards. "Okay, just… shake him loose, Karen! Remember who you are and who I am."

==Ring Energy 77%==
==Ring Energy 76%==
==Ring Energy 75%==

So the super intense heat of a Kryptonian eye beam is rather draining on his Ring's energy surplus he is learning.
Hammond continues to seed himself in to Karen's mind. The fact that Hal messed up and called her, Carol is likely on the side of damning for the man. "Really Hal Jordan? What kind of jackass calls his new girlfriend by his old girlfriends name? You Jordan. You are that sort of simple minded insufferable jackass. Egomaniacal pompous waste!"
[Hal Jordan rolls 17 on 1d20.]


Karen sees that the heat vision isn't directly working, and she launches herself at Hal. She does a (literally) flying tackle, as she launches herself at him, to plow into the bubble at top speed.


The airport runway explodes in a cloud of debris at Power Girl's flying tackle - she just planted Hal in to the ground. Hal Jordan's clothes vanish to be replaced with his green and black uniform, its probably for the best. They are not going overlooked now. On impact with the bubble it *pops* and the Green Lantern is lifting his arms up in a block at any incoming blows. The thin green aura of an auto-shield still present.


"Come on, Karen! Snap out of it."
[Power Girl rolls 14 on 1d20.]

Nope. Not yet, at least. Karen's not used to having mental effects on herself, and right now, she'll go for a good old-fashioned butt-kicking. Since Hal's arms are up, she feints a punch…and will then snap off a kick at him.


Hal is more preoccupied with trying to remain defensive and keep her from destroying the world around them. The feint actually works and hits him in the side, like a pinwheel the Green Lantern is skidding across the airstrip to smash through a hangar. Smoke and explosion and racket comes from within. "Okay, that one hurt."

==Ring Power Levels at 70%==

Hector is laughing, Karen Starr can actually hear it in her own mind but the images overlaying Hal are violent, horrible ones in her mind and he is still trying to exert his will. "Yes! YES! You are so powerful. Powerful enough to kill him, be my new weapon. After Hal Jordan we'll make wonderful things happen. Hurry, kill him!" He can feel his grip on her loosen as time goes by but each time her will gives in he latches on a little more.

"Karen. You don't want to do this." Hal can be heard shouting as he starts to fly upwards, he isn't sure how long he can keep up against her. All of his focus is on defense just to stay alive. Can he take on a Kryptonian? He isn't sure honestly and doesn't want the first one he tries to take out to be Karen Starr… for several good reasons.
[Hal Jordan rolls 1 on 1d20.]


She flies after him for the follow-up, her fist pulled back for a big punch…and she FINALLY manages to snap out of it just before landing a haymaker. She holds the punch back, and finally manages to shake it out of her head. "Get. OUT."


Hal's a decent boxer. He has faith in his skills to block this but what about the force behind it? Will he end up in Ohio or the center of the Earth? Whats the estimated power drain on that too? Yep. Here goes…

… it doesn't land. She stops herself and he exhales taking a glance at those blue eyes making sure they're not glowing heat vision red. "Whew, geezus Karen. Had me worried for a minute."

Hector Hammonds rage is tangible to her and then he is gone. Like a candle being blown out she tosses him from her mind but shes made a new enemy.


Karen shudders a moment. "I hate telepaths." She takes a deep breath. "Are you okay?" There's concern to her voice, but she's also a bit shaken.


Hovering mid-air a few feet from her Green Lantern nods, "Yeah, I'm fine. What about you?" He floats forward and puts a gloved hand on Power Girl's shoulder. Genuine concern for her mental state right now.


"I just need some time to shake it off." Karen shakes her head. "I'm going to get clear, just in case he tries something again. But I'll be in touch soon."


Hal nods, "Thats cool. Take what time you need… " A stare after her as she departs and the Green Lantern soars up in an emerald streak the opposite direction. So much for that first date!
"Shit did I actually call her Carol? Ugh." Classic Jordan.

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