May 27, 2017:

It's time for a Student Science Competition - and of course, things get a little out of hand in interesting ways.

Proctor Hall, Princeton

This rather Gothic-inspired hall is more like a cathedral complete with buttresses and a massive stained glass window at one end. For about fifteen feet up the wall, coffered oak paneling. Stone stretches up from there, interspersed with massive arched windows, giving the room impressive acoustics that are dampened into warmth by the paneling.

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Proctor Hall is one of those places that looks exactly what it is: one of the fanciest convocation halls at an Ivy League school. High ceilings, lots of polished old wood and chilly stone, massive stained-glass windows. The huge oak banquet tables have been carted out for the day, replaced with slightly less easily-horribly-stained tables set up in rows down the long middle of the room.

This science fair is an annual event at the end of the spring semester: high school and college students who won at their local level have been given the opportunity to come show off here. Given the sorts of research institutions, corporations, graduate schools, and other influential parties that show up at these events, one science fair project can start an entire career of science and engineering.

Every table has an exhibit, and while they are at various levels, there are no baking soda volcanoes here. Among the many exhibits is a piece of wooden siding with multiple colors of paint. For some reason, this is hooked up to a glowing light bulb. Nearby is, puzzlingly, a table with numerous drawings and photographs. At least half of them are birds. There is also a computer monitor and camera there. Another table seems almost entirely bare of anything except a lot of extremely boring text and a vial of something minty green that seems to be doing nothing very much. There's also a larger container of minty green that has been carefully sealed. Perhaps the most striking exhibit is… well, frankly, it looks like the thing Sigourney Weaver killed the alien queen in.

Standing behind the table with the rainbow paint and the light bulb are two kids in their late teens. The lanky Bruno is looking anxiously around, evidently nervous in this large group of people. Kamala, next to him, is a lot more clearly excited. "…absolutely going to get one of the scholarships," she's saying. "This is so freakin' cool."

What is one Jessica Jones doing at a college science fair? Well, fortunately, one does not have to be a private detective like her to figure it out. The black jeans and black t-shirt with the word SECURITY emblazoned upon it in white is hint enough.

Here's the truth. The PI is juggling two complex cases that are growing almost frightening in their complexity and scope, one cold case, and one highly personal case. She's consulting on still another. Most of them, at the moment, are at dead ends until she can arrange to talk to some other people, or until, indeed, other people solve the problem they represent, because Jess can't. Only one of them pays, and she is starting to see her bank account dwindle a little, even as she finds herself in a position of owing various consultants money. All of this culminates into a need to do something simple for awhile, something low-key and lucrative.

And it didn't hurt that she was able to talk herself into this role by pointing out that even at her normal rates, she's worth any 5 security guards. A couple of news stories about her, here and there, allowed her to sell it.

Plus, she is interested in science. She never went to college, but that doesn't mean she killed off her curiosity. She likes to learn new things, and though she doesn't exactly gush over the various exhibits…she does gaze at them from time to time as she works her circuit around the room. She's mobile security, not someone stationed in any one place. Thus, she is currently sneaking peeks at the rainbow paint and light bulb thing, even as she casts watchful gazes around the place. She doesn't expect trouble, but…she is not the type of person who would slack off on doing her job, either.

But deterrance is also about 70% of this job, so she stands with her arms crossed, her stance broad, radiating a 'Fuck with these kids and I fuck with your face' air that anyone with half a brain cell could easily read.

Of course Tony Stark is late. His intern is the one left holding the reins, which isn't all that much of a surprise. In fairness, he could very well be off Avengering or something, but Rusalka Stojespal hasn't heard any explosions lately. So he probably is off in a lab, working on some new invention and pointedly not listening to JARVIS. Who knows, Sally sighs.

But she's here on semi-official business, anyway. Show up and demonstrate Stark Industries' internship program, as one of the interns! Help with a display, meet and greet folks, get the word on the low-down street to see what the latest and greatest minds have to offer. And show the flag - after all, she's a girl, a foreigner, and what's a couple minorities when it comes to Stark Industries? They don't care about that, and Sally is walking proof.

And frankly, it's pretty impressive. Sally's surrendered to the officialdom in a proper deep blue business suit - she'd managed to talk Tony out of the bunnygirl suit; it's not entirely a product demonstration despite her nickname - and a tablet computer. Stopping at most entries, getting a photo and talking to the various attendants, the Sokovian makes her way through most of it.

Okay she's bloody impressed with the industrial-scale powered suit from freaking ALIENS in one side. That's definitely worth Tony's attention, even if it is a bit downgraded from his current hardware. Sally's pretty sure he wasn't building powered suits in his teens, so those kids will definitely be getting a call back. She hopes, anyway.

And then there's this curious experiment. Blue eyes that match the suit's color take in the rather curiously painted wood strip that's… "Powering a lightbulb?" Her voice is curious, though also accented - Sokovian to those who know, Russian to those who don't. 'Bruno' and this other girl, apparently. "What is your presentation?" Smile! Good foot forward.

Hal Jordan has only been working for Starrware Labs for less than a week, as a company dedicated towards progressive technology and solutions for the enviroment of the planet. It's aerospace department is always canvassing for new and innovative discoveries or potential candidates for an enterprising future.

Hal "Highball" Jordan is here because he's been added to Karen Starr's roster as a consultant. He told her he would do his 'damnedest' to make her not regret hiring him on and here he is, a white button up shirt, black slacks, nice pointed toed shoes and even a tie. Hanging from a clip on his chest is a laminated badge that even says Starrware across it boldly with his name underneath. It's the best job offering hes had since returning to Earth months ago and it beats driving an Uber.

He still doesn't understand why he was sent on this particular task but he is up to it especially since his new boss and co-Leaguer promised him by the end of the week he'll have almost full access to her companies planes. Who he he to say no to that?

Oan Power Ring neatly disguising itself as just a plan silverband he looks like total Average Joe Hal, ready to take on… a buncha science nerds. Slowly it begins to dawn on him that this is not his arena, this is more something Barry Allen would have been jazzed for.

Finding herself in a totally different world where no one seems to know her and everyone is somewhat different has been a very strange thing for Gwen to try and adjust. Keeping mostly to herself, she has not done much else, especially after the scare that was being pulled into a limo with the Kingpin. In this dimension he is certainly no patsy, it seems. However, on a few prods that she can't get used to a place without experiencing it, Gwen is doing something she never would have done back home: visit a science fair.

Dressed in a hoodie, jeans and a T-shirt that is apparently a Pokemon - they don't have those on her Earth and she has curiously started to look into them. She still doesn't exactly understand what they are other than needing to 'catch' them, but it's a cute shirt and it's clean. That's important.

The woman cruises through the science experiments until she catches a familiar face in a security jacket. Crap, Nega-Jewel works security here?! Of course she does. Ugh, why does this keep happening to her? Quickly, she ducks behind a large rainbow display before she even realizes there's people behind there. Then, she blinks at Kamala and Bruno and then gives a sheepish smile. "Uh, hi, sorry. Just, super into—-" she looks around the display. "Rainbow lightbulbs?"

"It can power more than that," Kamala begins—and then cuts herself off, nudging Bruno slightly. The gawky nineteen-year-old boy straightens his tie under the collar of a plaid dress shirt and nods. "This is solar paint," he explains. "I've made multiple color formulations. It's for the outside of your house: it's not as efficient as most modern solar panels, but it can charge a home battery and keep the average house pretty well powered in the summer. I have, uh. Charts."

He takes a step back and gestures to them as Kamala leans forward to offer Gwen and Sally black-and-white handouts. She's here for moral support, mostly. She looks a bit surprised when Gwen tries to duck behind their wall, but all she really says is "I love your hair!"

"Solar paint?" Hal hears. Thats definitely something in the checklist Karen gave him. It doesn't read 'Solar Paint' but the eco-friendly sound of it is definitely in her guide of things Jordan should be looking out for. "Jeezus, I hope this stuff is taste tested. " Leave it to him to think firstly on the edible aspect or kids huffing it. Everyday man thinking there though. Not the high-browed intellectuals around him who have already devised about twenty other applications from something like that.

The tall brunette man with the quarterback build's voice does carry even though he isn't near the others. He overheard it. He's sort of just staring and listening, trying to look like he is interested more than he is and if a display has bigger crowds its got to be something extra impressive right?

Something about the blonde's voice tugs briefly at Jessica's memory, but the detail is soon gone. It's been months since she heard that particular voice. This means that Gwen is more than safe from her regard. Indeed, she steps back from the display, looking ready to walk on; a knot of people has happened here, and she has rounds to make. Kamala gets a brief smile for her enthusiasm, and a brief mutter on, "Wonder if I could slap that shit right outside my apartment. Damned electric bill is through the stupid roof."

Debatable, of course, whether or not a brick wall that faces another brick wall in smog-filled NYC could ever get enough sun to power so much as a penlight, but Jess has to entertain the idea for half a second anyway. She does give the quarterback a strange look at his comment about edible paint. "Didn't they teach you not to stick shit in your mouth in kindergarten, bro?" Her comment, in passing.

Nathaniel likes to come to this kind of even to see the clever ideas people develops with the (relatively) limited knowledge of science at this early 21st century. Sometimes he is really impressed.

Dressed in a dark two-piece suit the young man very much looks like a normal college student. Perhaps one that is more formal than most, although he seems quite relaxed in the science/nerd-heavy environment.

The words 'solar paint' draws his attention when he wanders near Bruno's exhibit, and he glances with curiosity. "Did you say the paint collects the energy? What are you using for the energy transmission?" Charts. He likes charts. They are… colorful and classical.

Sally listens as her guess is confirmed, that the paint is powering things. It's a solar-panel array, only…interesting. "So it is the paint itself, then, that is the accumulator? Not merely a tinting over something else?" Of course not, it's wood. You need a lightning bolt to get enough current to flow through wood.

Gwen's appearance gets a bit of a blink, appearing quite out of nowhere like that - but it's the kids' exhibit, so she'll let them…oh god she just thought of them as 'the kids.' She's only eighteen herself! And maybe she's just a little startled, but Kamala jumps in - and Sally grins. Her own hairband almost matches the other girl's exactly, and she gives a reassuring wink as she taps her own. Style is style!

And then there are charts! "This is impressive work. How much color variation can you get?" Yes, the engineer in her is piqued - and more than the simple things of coloration questions, there's a lot running in her mind. "I'd like to take a closer look at the charts, this is definitely something interesting. If you don't mind," the foreign girl says. At least her accent's not too thick; she'd studied before moving here!

Jessica's comment, meanwhile, gets a bit of a glare - granted, she'd not disagree with the prices of things in New York City if she weren't in a dorm herself, but swearing in front of kids is hardly a way to be a good role model!

Annnnd of course it's her luck that her hiding place just turns into the next place of interest. Gwen gives a smile at Kamala's compliment. "Uhh, thank you! I like your bracelets." It's only polite to exchange compliments, right?

And of course Jessica is now coming this way and giving her a bit of a look…and she just wants to kind of sink into the very nicely maintained wooden planks. But, she's trapped here for the time being now. Quickly trying to get away might just gather more attention to herself than waiting it out. Unfortunately, she has nothing smart to add. She was good at science in high school, but she never actually did anything as intense as this. "So, uh, the different paints have different energy…things?" Yup, she's doing real good at sounding like she's supposed to be here.

"Yeah, around the same time they taught me manners. What's your excuse, /brah/?" Hal fires back at Jessica Jones. Either to be comical or make emphasis Hal actually puts two hands around the nearest youngster ears, covering them.

The young man's mother standing just next to them swats him with a purse. A heavy one with far too much tassles. "Excuse me, don't touch my son."

"Shit sorry kid, sorry lady. OUCH What is in that? A brick… gah." /Shit!/ Hal's cheeks darken red and he ducks away quickly from that group - rubbing his elbow on the way. Way to set an example. Striding to the opposite side of Proctor Hall to check out moss. At least he thinks it's moss.

Bruno is actually looking both astonished and, gradually, more comfortable as he gets into explaining. "Any surface that gets good solid sunlight has some potential to work well for this. This wall is actually being powered by that window over there." He points to the opposite wall: apparently he successfully got a table that would be right in the path of the sun. It also successfully didn't rain on this nice spring day.

To Sally, he goes on: "These are the colors I've formulated so far. The solar-capturing part is a particulate in the paint itself. Titanium dioxide, specifically. I got the idea from other attempts at making this stuff; their biggest problem was that the color was basically fluorescent yellow, which mostly people don't want to paint their homes with. I managed to create tints for the paint that don't degrade its solar-catching ability."

"And we haven't… tasted it," Kamala puts in, giving Hal a bit of the Colbert eyebrow. "I'm betting it probably tastes like paint and sunscreen."

Meanwhile, the power armor seems to be having a fine time. People are actually being allowed to crawl inside and pick up a box. Someone must have had a heck of a budget to make something like that. Mint-green vial kid, a skinny boy in somewhat shabby clothes, is rocking back and forth on his heels and glancing back at his exhibit. Maybe he should have used more color. Or any color.

"What?" Jessica asks Sally, suddenly stopped by Ferocious Starktern Glaring. Crap, is this some kid that recognizes her from her blown cover at Stark Towers? Some of the employees there have been giving her a bit of shit now that she's showing up more and more often as Jessica Jones. Nobody likes being deceived. The fact that she seems to have total access to…everything…there hasn't endeared her to people who have worked for years to get their clearance, either. Jessica doesn't care.

She also seems to have no earthly idea what it is that she's done wrong here, her features absolutely baffled. But hey, Hal's more verbal.

And puts his hands over the ears. And starts swearing himself while he manhandles children. And then he goes to check moss.

She slow tilts her head, her face taking on a WTF expression as only Jessica Jones can manage them, with her lip slightly curled and her eyebrows slightly tilted. It's a look she turns back on Sally, waiting on an explanation for the what…she apparently hasn't made the connection that Sally, too, is concerned about the virgin ears of the young scientists.

Getting more into the groove, Bruno looks to Nathaniel and nods: "You start with a metallic primer. You'd need to either go in through a window or drill into the wall or something like that; I'm not that kind of engineer. What I currently have is a regular primer, then a conductive primer, then the solar paint itself. The solar paint charges the conductive primer, but instead of getting super hot, it transmits the energy through these wires here, powering the light bulb. Or the apartment, or, uh, whatever. All the colors have about the same conductivity, but the yellow is the best. I currently have a rate of about 5%, but I think I could get it to a commercial scale with some more work. This is just a proof of concept, basically."

Phew, Jessica seems to be engaged with Sally. That's good. Giving Kamala and Bruce a sheepish smile, she says, "This all looks very smart and sciency. Good job! We're all proud of you." Who is 'we'? Gwen, stop talking. "I'm, uh, going over there." They don't care Gwen!

While Jessica's attention is very much engaged with another person and Hal Jordan goes off to take a look at some moss, she slips to the side. Hey, why not look at the alien exhibit. They have Alien on Earth-65. She notices the shabby clothes, the rocking back and forth and she gives the kid a grin. "Hey. So, this stuff like mint ice cream? Or is it gonna burst out of my stomach? You know, Alien style? They have Alien here, right? I mean, you're old enough to have seen Alien?" What's the right sort of thing to say.

Hal makes the point Sally's glare would have, but the Stark Industries badge on her suit probably disguises all her meanings unintentionally. Oh well, she'll just settle with giving the security goon-lady one last moderately-aristocratic glance and then turn her attention back to the kids at the booth. They're what she's really here for, though Rusalka's not what they're here for.

Well, she'll just have to arrange a chance for Tony to autograph people's stuff, to make up for missing things.

Meanwhile, to Bruno she nods - "I see, yes. That in suspension would provide a suitable collection medium…" And Nathaniel brings up power transmission, which is the second part she was curious about. She gives the other man a nod and smile in thanks for asking her question. How DOES he get the energy from the paint into the battery, or into his housing and such? "Ah hah. So it is a, ah, a sandwich design, then, and conductive as well. A paint-on sort of wiring, as it were."

Sally chews her lower lip a moment, thinking - only five percent, but this is proof of concept. The lightbulb certainly proves that. And the applications? "How difficult is this to produce, ah, if you were to consider this a 'final' version? Not counting improvements, merely as it is now?" For the amount of sun falling on the paint, a single light is impressive. "There are many places in the world," she adds, in a bit quieter voice, "that would change dramatically with just a light bulb."

The scrawny boy with the minty stuff looks up at Gwen with some kind of bafflement. "Don't eat it," he begins. "It, I mean. It could actually maybe burst out of your stomach like Alien. This is nanofoam." He taps the vial itself. The contents appear to be some sort of sand-like particles.

"When it's open," he continues, "it takes a little bit, but it gradually builds on itself using airborne particulates and creates a solid matrix like's in here." He taps the larger container, which looks like it's filled with mint green foam insulation.

Bruno's actually starting to blush a little, his mouth quirking up at the corner. "I know," he says. "And it doesn't require a lot of maintenance. No more so than regular paint, anyway. The titanium dioxide is the most expensive part; really, the tints aren't much harder or more expensive to make than standard paint dyes. I haven't tried mass producing it because… well, I don't have a factory. It requires some care, and it's more expensive than standard house paint, but it's not much more expensive than those whiteboard paints or chalkboard paints or magnet paints."

Meanwhile, one of the tables does seem to have some kind of problem. A dark-haired girl, hands on her hips, is arguing with two large and broad-shouldered men wearing hats and coats. She's standing behind a bed of beautifully-flourishing plants that seem to be a point of contention as well as her science fair exhibit.

Jessica Jones rolls her eyes at the unexplained side-eye, and then moves on, going about her rounds. She moves in the opposite direction both of Kamala's table and Gwen's refuge beside the Alien stuff. She is gooning! Like a goonie goon!

Besides, there seems to be a problem; arguing is her cue to go intervene. She draws near to the dark-haired girl and fixes the hat-and-coat men with a dark glower. Her voice is sharp and dire as she addresses it, first, with words. "We got a problem here? What's going on?"

Usually best to figure out what's going on before acting, after all. But her bet is on the men being the problem, not the young woman with the Man in the Moon Marigolds.

"Got it. No eating." Gwen nods seriously as she studies the vial filled with the mint sand particles. Leaning forward, she glances at the larger vial and nods, though she really isn't understanding much about what he's saying other than 'bursting out of stomach' and 'gradually builds itself up'.

"So, they're like tiny auto-Legos?" She asks, unsure if that's really what it would be like or not. "Nano-Legos. Nano's a thing, right?" She can do this! She can talk with a kid about his mint alien bursting technology. "That's pretty cool. What're you hoping it will do?"

"…no idea what you're talking about, and you need to back the hell up," the plant girl is saying. The men are getting more and more agitated, clearly, and one of them actually starts reaching for the girl before Jessica steps in. When she gets close, she'll definitely see that the men are definitely Weird. They've hidden most of their skin, but what can be seen is blueish and oddly textured, and their eyes are red and vicious.

Pointing to the girl instead of grabbing her, one of the men grates out: "She is a thief."

The other one next to him, his voice similarly gravelly, adds: "She has stolen our sunshine."

The mint-Lego boy, meanwhile, nods rapidly. "Sure, yeah. You can pour it into any kind of shaped vessel and it'll take on that shape. It's flexible, but it snaps back to its original state, so, you know. Like foam. You could fill a swimming pool with it and make a trampoline," he adds, warming to his subject, "if you put a topper on it when it's as big as you want. You could also make a mold, any shape, any size, and shake the stuff inside and then close it real fast. After it sets, it'll hold that shape. So I guess you could…" He scuffs a foot across the floor. "You could make stuff with it." Even more quietly, he adds: "I made action figures."

Bruno's explanation and nervousness gets a grin back for his trouble. "It's alright. It's quite cool, actually, I can think of many places this would come in immensely useful." She considers things, then steps back a moment, expensive shoes clacking on the hard floor. A quick snapshot with the tablet, taking in the whole booth as well as the people behind it. It's a Stark-grade camera, it's got enough detail that Tony should be able to see the entire thing in one giant image.

Then her hand goes out to both Bruno and Kamala. "I'm Sally. Sally Stojespal," she adds, pronouncing the odd name. Strange name for a Russian girl. "I'm actually part of Mr. Stark's intern program, I'm a first-year at Columbia, in the engineering program…currently working for Mr. Stark over the summer. He wanted to see new ideas, and this…" She nods, impressed, resting fingertips lightly on the paint. "This is more than new. This is good. This can do good."

Blue eyes track back and stare them both down. "I can't promise anything…other than this - I vow I will bring this to his attention and recommend you. After all, you took something that was right under our noses," she adds with a shrug, "and figured out a way to make it much more than useful. I'm really impressed, pravda." Truth. "Of course, if he does manage to arrive," Sally adds in a slightly aggrieved voice, "I'll make sure to send him over. Ah, right, my card - and yours please." Information is exchanged - and she gives them both a big smile.

The blonde girl seems to have vanished, ah well. Hopefully she's a little more comfortable where she is; something's got her skittish. And then the Goon Squadette is hard at work, and Rusalka leans back a little to catch the interruption. What is going on over there, she wonders…

Nathaniel nods, checking the charts again and trying to estimate the surface/receptor ration. Looks like there would have to drill many holes, but this is just a first prototype, the ideas behind it are very promising. Maybe he should point Stark towards this kid. "Good thinking," he mentions Bruno. Then he sees Stark's company already has a representative in the fair and she is making questions. Good for them.

The incident with Hal and the purse lady provide a loud distraction and the young man looks around the people now paying attention to the exhibit. Gwen weird words on 'Alien' make him narrow his eyes. That is an odd way to express herself.

Maybe he is getting paranoid, but he has learned to pay attention to his instincts. And it is not much effort to scan Gwen for anomalous energy readings. A string of faint gibberish symbols flashes over his sleeve briefly, and he gives the blonde a pointed glance.

Must be due to what she is babbling.

"You're shitting me, right?" Jessica mutters. Not so much because of what she's hearing— she totally believes that they think this kid stole their sunshine, and may even be aliens, but that aliens have showed up to menace college kids at what was supposed to be her simple day off job.

She pat pats the air. "Okay. You think she stole your sunshine. The way we deal with that is not to grab kids at their science fairs or cause chaos or whatever you're trying to do. We use our fucking words."

Sorry, language police.

She looks at the girl. "You steal their sunshine, kid?"

Look. She doesn't even fucking know anymore. It's entirely within the realm of her possibles that yes. This kid is some sort of minature Raven, stealing people's suns so she can win science fairs.

Spidey-senses remain dormant for the time being, so Gwen has no idea that there is an altercation happening between the girl and some other people. However, her eyes track Jessica for a moment and with that, the argument is put on her radar. It's not escalating to the point where Spider-Woman might be necessary, which is just fine by her. She's kicking it with her new buddy, the kid who invented nano-legos.

A big smile crosses her face when she hears his soft addition of what he made with this invention. "That's amazing. I'd love some action figures. I lost all mine a little bit ago." She didn't really have many action figures, but she did lose all her D&D Minis, since they're all on Earth-65 and she spent a lot of time collecting and painting those. "This is a really great invention. What's your name?"

The fact that Nathaniel seems to be cottoning on to the fact the Gwen is not actually from this universe is also an unknown factor to her. Instead, she catches the pointed glance and just gives him a, 'what?!' look back.

Holy crap. The Russian-maybe-maybe-not lady is from Stark Industries. Kamala's eyes widen in amazement, and Bruno actually goes thoroughly red. He hands over his card to Sally, trying to not stammer as he says "II really appreciate it. I mean, I didn't think" He glances at his little painted wall, then looks back to Sally. "Thank you. Thanks very much, Sally."

Kamala actually comes out from behind the table, wringing her hands in obvious excitement. "You got this, Bruno," she says. "I'm gonna see some of the other exhibits, all right? And if I see any other big-time engineers around, I'll send them your way." She dives in for a quick and impulsive hug, withdrawing again and stepping around to peek at the other exhibits.

Plant Girl, meanwhile, is leaning over her table a little more bravely now that she has security backup. "I didn't steal anything from anyone and I don't know what they're talking about. This is a new fertilizer. Keeps plants growing in wintertime despite the temperature and the lack of sun—"

"Because it's stealing OURS," one of the big guys snaps. "I know not what you have done, small woman, but we have traced the drain from our sun to this place. You will cease this immediately, and we will take whatever this fertilizer is you have made."

"Out of my cold dead hands," the girl mutters.

"If you insist."

Meanwhile, Gordonthe nanoLegos boy is Gordonreaches under his table and pulls out a battered shoebox. Inside he has multiple action figures and wargame minis, all made from nanolegos, all very very painstakingly painted. Not with great skill, but with great care.

"Simmer down, god damn it, all three of you," growls one Jessica Jones, trying to step between all three and shove them aside. "So help me, I will snap all of your legs if you keep this up. I said we were using our WORDS. There are kids here trying to pursue their fucking dreams, and all three of you are being assholes. Let's not screw up their days. Kay? Look at them. Bright. Shiny, happy science faces everywhere. Don't fuck it up for them. Okay? Aliens. I get you're desperate, but I just told you we were gonna work this out. Just settle the fuck down."

She points at the girl. "In English, how does your fertilizer allow for the growth of plants in wintertime? Can you be absolutely sure you didn't accidentally tap into the solar source of an entirely different planet, universe, dimension, magical realm, Saturday morning cartoon or Lilliputian whateverthefuck? Is there anything like a non-zero chance of that? Be honest. You don't seem like the type of kid who wants to commit genocide or anything; people tend to die without their suns, so let's…just…think it through."

Nathaniel offers a supposedly disarming smile at Gwen. Which probably made her Spider-Sense tingle, as his brain works in odd ways and he is pretty much planning several ways to murder her if necessary. Sorry! (not sorry).

But he is not going to armor-up in the middle of a science exhibit. He might be mugged if he does. Instead he looks at the ongoing incident with the… sunshine stealing? Seriously. It sounds too amusing to miss.

"I mean—" The girl grits her teeth, but she pauses to give the question some actual thought. "It's an application of string theory. Every particle in the universe is affected by every other particle in the universe. Basically, I mean, it's always summer somewhere."

That's right. She's using quantum entanglement to grow bigger tomatoes. Kids these days.

One of the huge blue guys is trying, apparently, to keep his cool. "Our sun is weak. It is summer in our world, but our lands freeze."

"But I'm hardly drawing off anything just with these plant beds," the girl protests. "It's not supposed to be pulling it from your sun, anyway. It's supposed to be — well, it was kind of untargeted, but…"

"Irresponsible!" the other one booms, clenching his fist and slamming it against the table. It doesn't break, but it definitely bends.

Jessica Jones actually knows about string theory. And quantum entanglement. In general terms. She reads. She hangs out with Jane Foster. She looks like she's actually following the explanation— which is why she was apparently the right goon for today's fair.

"So that's a lot more than a non-zero chance," she says patiently. "Listen, kid, you're talented as fuck, but you made a mistake. Just admit it. Give these guys the tomatoes so they can go on their way peacefully, okay? You won't win the fair, but you'll be doing the right thing, and that's more important. And if you do, I'll personally introduce you to Tony Stark, ok? We're buds. Scout's honor we are."

She's not normally one for name dropping, but she's gotta have a carrot to go with this stick. "He'll put your ass to work so fast your head will spin, and you won't give a shit about a trophy anymore. And you'll, you know. Be able to sleep at night."

She glowers at the Alien. And growls: "I said simmer, Tank."

That Nathaniel knows Stark is something Rusalka's unaware of. She's not met him before, but that should be the case with 99.999 of Tony Stark's acquaintances. One does not send the junior coffee girl out on meet-and-greet tours, after all. But he does know his stuff, and for that at least he gets a nod of greeting from Sally.

Meanwhile Bruno gets a hand raised. "Please! Don't be nervous. Four weeks ago I was in your position, really. I'm just the new girl around, but Mr. Stark wanted to get a look around…so I'm here, until he is. And, privately, I mean it. There are some places," she adds, thinking back to some of the more rural parts of Sokovia, "that really could use something like this. And the colors are important. More than most folks would think. I will let you know."

And then Bruno is squished momentarily as Kamala sneaks off to go check out the rest of the show…something she should as well too. Mr. Stark would be mad if she was spending all her time at one spot! Hm, she might be able to catch the ones with that exoskeleton loader…

In a sudden screech of mental brakes she hears the Goon Squad namedrop her boss - and that gets an intrigued Sokovian heiress's attention. Claiming to be Stark's? Maybe that's why she was nervous around Sally - or maybe she's bluffing. Either way, Rusalka is trying to catch the last bits of their conversation. At the same time, she gives Jessica another cool glance, this one with an eyebrow raised as if to ask if she's serious.

Well, there is that whole Stark Industries badge she's wearing, right next to her family coat-of-arms pin.

Plant Girl looks highly dubious as she peers at Jessica Jones. The security lady knows Tony Stark? On a scale of zero to ten, the likelihood of this is not terribly high. But the guttermouthed lady has a point, and she shifts uncomfortably where she stands.

"I didn't mean to cause trouble," she mutters. "I don't know what—I've been working so hard on this. For so long. I wanted to make it so people all over the world could grow crops all year long. I was trying to do a good thing." She gnaws at her lower lip.

"Take them," she says at last. "Just. Fine. Take them. I still have my research. Maybe I can target the draw a little better; I mean, what are the odds that I'd even be pulling from a sun with inhabited planets?"

"Children," Tank mutters under his breath, but he is silenced by his colleague. The more polite of the two giants inclines his head to Jessica. "You are a curious sort of peacemaker," he says. "But an effective one, it seems. Your intervention was timely."

Caitlin Fairchild exhales a little in relief when Jessica Jones talks down the entourage of hulking aliens. It's an interesting little conundrum, and sympathy winces across her face when the presenter is told to pack her experiment up for the greater good.

The tall redhead's wearing business attire— a plum-colored suit with a knee-length skirt and matching blazer, and a periwinkle shirt underneath it, with sensible, low heels. Even with her flamingly orange hair pulled back into a neat ponytail, she stands out, both as clearly a Professional Representative (with a Starr Labs nametag on her lapel), and the fact she's at least seven inches over six feet tall.

A text vibrates her phone on her clipboard, and she blinks at it. Another Starr Labs employee is in the area? She gets on her tiptoes and looks around, trying to find her counterpart now that the situation with the aliens has been resolved.

As Sally withdraws, Bruno waves to her. He can't get the little smile off his face now. Apparently this science fair was actually worth it.

"Thanks," Kamala says softly, falling in next to Sally. "I mean, he really IS completely brilliant. I wish I was half as bright; I'm a biology major, but I'm not doing anything on the scale of the stuff here. Bruno could really use the break; this could change his life. But you know that. What's it like, being an intern at Stark Industries?"

She actually catches her breath when she sees Caitlin. It's half-delight, half-anxiety. Will Caitlin recognize her outside the costume? Will she call her out? She knows the answer to the second question: Caitlin understands about secret identities. But it's hard to subtly wave to someone in a crowd. She tries it anyway the next time Caitlin's eyes move her way.

Some heroes and capes go quiet when out on the town. Some dress down. Baseball caps and t-shirts to hide their identies. Some change glasses or keep their real faces a closely guarded secret. They do this for a varity of reasons, worry, protection, plausible denialibility. It varries…

…but then some people…


The scream of a high preformance engine heralds the arrival of a late comer. Well not entirely late. She the party doesn't really get started until he gets there of course. As heads turn towards the noise, the doors open to reveal the slow step of a red and gold suit of powered armor. It stands there, framed dramaticly in the doorway for a long moment. The light just so behind it. Visor scanning the room before that suit steps to the side and…well…


Cycles really, the armor plates peeling back by layers with mechanical whirrs and clicks. The mechanism reveals…well…just about what one would think it would. The man himself.

Tony Stark.

Out he steps, dressed in his jeans and black t-shirt(Its got a little chibi-Alien on it going 'rar'). On his chest pinned hand made medal that says 'Totally Unoffical Judge' on it. A big grin is on his face as he looks around, toothpick hanging out of one corner of his mouth and eyes hidden behind dark shades.

"So!" And he slips his hands into his pockets. "What I miss?"

Jessica inclines her head back to the giant. She digs out a card. "Jessica Jones. Though I hope you will never face a problem like this again, next time, visit Alias Investigations in New York City. I'll see if I can't help."

Because look. When you're in business for yourself, ABC, Always Be Closing, applies. Nevermind that she took this job because weird cases were starting to really get her down…apparently she's going to sign right up for more someday. Oh well.

The truth is, she feels kind of good. Did she just save a planet? KICK ASS. She might be riding that high for awhile, actually. It will be something she can pull out on the nights she feels like a total, worthless, waste of space, and that's like 2 out of every 3.

And then there's the whole…they might need allies real soon thing that's brewing on two fronts. She'll take giant alien allies if she can make them, yes indeed. She'd better do a little more curious diplomacy. "Please convey our deepest apologies to the people of your realm for the misunderstanding, and make sure they understand this was the experiment of a talented young person, not an act of war."

She sees the skeptical look of both Plant Kid and Intern Kid. But rather than address it right away, she turns to Plant Kid. Her voice turns gentle. "I know you were. And you will. Remember Edison. 1000 ways not to do something just means 1 step closer to doing it. Now you know to target uninhabited planets. So, in a way, this was kind of a breakthrough."

And then Tony makes his entrance. And both these kids are still glowering at her like she's a liar.

Clad in black jeans and a black t-shirt with the word SECURITY on it in white, one Jessica Jones smirks and gives Tony a wave. She calls, "Hey, totally unofficial judge. Come meet the kid who is about to solve world hunger."

Nathaniel shakes his head in disbelief at the conversation with the alien guys and shifts his attention to other exhibits, but not finding anything as creative as Bruno's the solar paint. Boring.

Tony Stark's arrival, however, is likely to make things much more interesting. He doesn't go to greet his teammate and childhood hero right away, though. The older man is likely to get swamped right away, and he can wait.

Bruno is off in dreamland, but it's worth it. He deserves it. And then Sally finds herself with a conversation partner, and - ah hah. "No need to thank me. I'm really impressed," she says. "I think Mr. Stark will be too, though…augh, biology. I could never," she adds with a shudder. "I'm in mechanical engineering, myself…engines, cars, especially." She grins, then nods at Kamala's question.

And then puffs out a long sigh as her employer and mentor arrives in show-stopping style. "Well…like that," she adds, expression mildly exasperated and hand waving at the billionaire genius playboy philanthropist superhero. "All the time. Just…don't mention Supernanny." Really don't mention Supernanny, says her expression. And then she has an idea. "Want to do something cool?"

Those cobalt-blue eyes are twinkling in amusement. "Get your friend." And as soon as the boy's by her side, Sally's just going to march him right up to Tony Stark aaaannnndd….wait for him to notice his juniorest junior intern. Because that's how Sally rolls in this pecking order.

There's no mistaking the entrance of Tony Stark. All eyes go his way — that was definitely intentional, and it's one of those times where Tony's intentions actually match with the outcome. There's a fair smattering of applause and chuckles, and a lot of eyes remain on him — both those of the kids at the exhibits and the people who came around to see what those kids have been getting up to.

The girl with the plants — her nametag, appropriately enough, says Holly — stares at Tony with wide eyes when Jessica calls him over. "I. I. …Hi. I made fertilizer." She reaches out to pluck one of the tomatoes from one of the plants in the tubs being picked up by the two rather clearly alien fellows. The one Jessica called Tank is stepping out only to return with what looks like a hover-dolly to load the planters onto. Holly watches this a bit sheepishly, tongue-tied.

"Oh wow," Kamala mutters. "Sure. One second." She makes a break for Bruno's solar paint exhibit, whispering feverishly to him.

Rusalka glances back - Jessica Jones, Goon Diplomat Extraordinare? A respectful nod; clearly whatever trouble was brewing between the two American football linemen and the plant girl was neatly handled. And she is someone Stark knows after all. An apologetic expression, as well - she doesn't mean to distrust people, but well…you never know. She should be a little more accepting, though; her best friend is a fishgirl. Who needs a proper visit to Stark Labs as well. Knowing Tony's musical tastes, he and Sloane would it off from the get-go.

"Hey Jess! Do they actually pay you for this gig?" Tony calls out to the detective with a smirk as he starts to amble over. There is a pause as he notes the aliens and one eyebrow quirks up. "So." A heartbeat of a pause. "Not from around here I take it."

Then a grin flashes to the fore again. "I /love/ science fairs! Never a dull moment." He glances towards the botinist with a smirk. Reads the nametag. "Holly, so cure world hunger? Or contact alien species? Or both? Did you build a translator?"

His attntion is a finite thing though and movement gets his attention. Glancing to his left he spies someone else familiar. "Bunny! How did I know you would be here?" A pause. "I told you to be here didn't I? Yeah. I bet I did."

The smile Nathaniel gives her is met with a narrowed look of confusion and suspicion. The spidey-senses are a little out of kilter on this Earth for whatever reason, but she doesn't need them to find a stranger grinning at her creepy. Instead, she focuses on Gordon. The box is met with a look of compassion and smile. "Those are beautiful. You're really good at that painting." She reaches for the box, though pauses, not wanting to take them from him without his permission.

The entrance of Tony Stark is met with a bit of a look. "The Starkbucks guy?" she raises an eyebrow, confused as to why he's here at a science festival. Oh, right, he's a science guy here, right? Huh. Wonders will never cease.

Gordon nods to Gwen when she reaches for the figures. He's not great at the eye contact, staring mostly at the table or over Gwen's shoulder, but he's clearly Doing His Best. There are people rushing to catch a moment or two with Stark, and as he offers his figures out to Gwen, the table gets jostled and his vial gets knocked off its little stand. He catches it just in time, eyes wide, and clutches it close.

Kamala locks a hand around Bruno's wrist and starts dragging him to the exhibits because, darn it, she's not a super science genius girl but she IS a great leader and a loving friend.

"I. Kind of both. Oops." Holly rakes a hand through her hair and tries to come to some kind of sensible sentence. "Quantum entanglement fertilizer," she explains. "With some… unexpected side effects. The theory is that since every piece of matter in the universe is affected by every other piece of matter, everything isperhaps distantlyconnected to summertime. I just. Maybe. Need to aim a little better."

She takes a breath to protest - and then knows it's pointless. It's a nickname Sally's stuck with. "Da, Mr. Stark. You did." Well if anyone had a question about whether Tony cares about where you're from, that just drove a stake through it. "I have seen quite a bit. More than a few things you might like," she adds, flipping the tablet around to send her information to JARVIS. He'll be able to sort things quickly and tell Tony what's most important.

And boy is she glad she managed to talk him out of the bunnysuit for a proper Iron Man presentation. If that idea had taken root, she'd have been sitting around waiting in the corner the whole time!

Once she's closer to Tony, Bruno and Kamala in tow, she'll wait for a moment of the manic energy to bounce their way. "This young man in particular, Bruno Carrelli and his assistant, Kamala Kahn. They've invented something quite impressive in its usefulness and simplicity, sir." And with that the duo are front and center for as long as they can stand it - udachi, Sally whispers. Good luck.

"Yeah," Jess says sheepishly. "I just needed to do something simple today."

Because for all she knows him, she is taking a break from his case to do this gig.

Still, she's made the introduction and people are mobbing Tony, the people he is actually here to see, and she wants them to see him.

Dreams, right?

She smiles, salutes a little, and withdraws, giving the others a chance to get in there. Besides, she actually does want to look at some of the other exhibits. Man. Jane would have loved this. But with Tony here? She actually ramps up her security attentiveness and stops paying attention to the exhibits at all.

"Huh, quantum entanglement of physical matter across spacetime? Love it." Tony replies with a grin. A glance up towards the Alien. "…when its aimed right. Right?" Back to Holly. "Right. Tell ya what, I know this lady that works with me. Doctor Foster, she's ok. Her boyfriend is annoying, always sneaking into my building, she kinda falls asleep on microscopes too which is sort of adoreable." A beatpause. "Not pertenant to the point though. Anyway! She's the best at this sort of thing. I'll get you a referal that should help with the aiming."

He says this all while signing things that are thrust at him. Posing for pictures and in general hamming it up enough to make Jessica's life and security job /very/ intresting. "Simple is good some days! Not most days but some days! Its a sometimes food. Like dates! Totally sometimes food."

This is why Happy went with guarding Pepper.

Then Sally is talking and the inventor turns on her with a quirked brow. "Uh huh." A smirk as he pulls his glasses down just slightly to look at Kamala and Bruno over the rims of his sunglasses. The reflection of a dizzying array of information systems glinting slightly off his irises, projected from the interior of the glasses.

"Alright kiddos, lay it on me."

Holly looks a lot like a little kid meeting Santa Claus for the first time. The look she gives Jessica is now one of gratitude and astonishment, but it's briefer than the stare she gives Tony. "That. That would be amazing, Mister Stark. Thank you. Thank you, very very much."

"When you do this," the more eloquent of the two giant aliens adds, "we will speak with you again, Holly Greene. It would be a proper weregild for the havoc you have caused if you bring our farms this summer season, too." As the last planter is loaded onto the hover-dolly, he inclines his head to Jessica and Tony and departs with his companion.

Bruno Carrelli, meanwhile, doesn't look like he can actually speak. Talking to Sally wasn't easy. Talking to Tony Stark is maybe impossible. "Maybe this isn't such a good idea," he hisses to Kamala. She grips his shoulder briefly before stepping forward, unable to wipe the grin off her face as she looks up at Tony.

"This is Bruno Carrelli. He's going to Hudson County Community College right now, but he's made some amazing strides in conductive paint. With his primer and the paint itself, he's getting about 5% solar efficiency from a treated surface. He's also able to produce the paint in multiple colors without reducing efficiency. With the right resources and the opportunity to work on it, I think he can raise the efficiency level to a commercial standard."

Science communication. Sometimes it's harder than science.

Smiling, Gwen takes the figures gently and looks through them with a very delicate hand of someone who knows how much these must mean to the boy. When she sees that he's not giving her a lot of eye contact, she keeps her focus on the box and not on him. As the vial is knocked off the table, she reaches to snatch it, too, with a very fast reflexes. But, he's faster and she gives him a grin. "You've got some good reflexes, Gordon."

Bruno and Kamala don't need her help - he may have the jitters something fierce, but he's got someone to jump in and explain for him. Good! It's more than she had when she'd first met Tony, and the kinds of engineering questions had been insanely tough. She's still mad at herself for not completely solving everything. And it seems Kamala's got that handled for Bruno.

It gives her a few seconds of a break to figure out the whirlwind she'd gotten into. Sally can't help but think back - two months ago? She was rolling through her first semester at Columbia and had just reunited with her best friend, who'd gone missing a few months before. Life was predictable. Now? Stalking science fairs for her replacement, dabbling in spy business with SHIELD, best friends with an Inhuman, and on a track that's left her wondering when she got on the Crazy Train.

But…not wanting to get off. Sally steps back behind Tony as he does his thing; she's just a Stark Industries flunky now and can take a deep breath. She wasn't kidding, either, when she'd answered Kamala's question. Like this, every day. You catch your breath when you can, before it's off into another whirlwind of invention.

On that note, she needs to get back to work on Tony's car project. It'll be good to get her hands dirty for a while, especially with everything going on.

Tony is trying to make life interesting for Jessica; but he always is. She doesn't mind. She doesn't mind a bit.

But there are other problems to smooth out as well, problems which are going to show an entirely different side of the caustic PI. She spots a little kid, no more than 3 or 4, crying and apparently short one set of parents. The parents have gotten caught up in the oohing and ahhing at the celebrity entrance and the crush of crowd traffic which have swept them away from the child.

She kneels down and very gently starts speaking to the little girl, smiling and promising to find her parents, reaching out to shake her little hand, introducing herself. There's not a swear word to be found in any of this at all. She's infinitely gentle as she scoops the little girl up, standing on her tip-toes to see if she can't locate the ones who belong to her.

The little girl clings to Jessica. Apparently she knows that this is a safe person. Dogs and small children can sense evil.

"I have to have good reflexes around this stuff," Gordon mumbles. "It's dangerous stuff if you're not careful. You really can't use it outside a closed container, or it'll just get all over the place. It sets in a few minutes, but until then, it grows. Logarithmically."

Tony glances from Kamala to Bruno. "So!" The cheerful tone never leaving. "Inventor and translator slash assistant?" He looks between them. "Totally understand. Sometimes using words is hard. Gotta have someone good at it. I mean its not hard for me, I'm Tony Stark, but I know how it is." Humble as ever he is.

Though the invention itself causes him to pause. "Uh huh…so you can connect the actual paint job of something to its internal power source and run it off the ambient solar without actually needing a pannel? What do you think the efficiency could be if you coated something the size of a building in it? Or a car?"

Asking technical questions to technical people seems to usually get them talking, and Tony just rattles off that as he goes.

A smirk as he looks back towards Kamala. There is amausement in his gaze, as if he knows something that she doesn't. But in a blink its gone. "You go to the same College then?" There is no judgement on the fact that its a community college in his tone at all, just curiousity.

"Bruno's the genius," Kamala agrees. "I hold things. I can definitely attest that the application of the primer and the paint is super easy; I'm the one who did that part." Marked it off with painter's tape and everything. She's got the rock-hard confidence that Bruno doesn't.

"The efficiency's a result of the formulation of the paint," Bruno explains. "Titanium dioxide particles in the paint itself. I think with a different formulation I could get better efficiency; there's a lot of things I haven't been able to test out. I just don't have the resources. The school's doing everything they can. The only other real limitation is power storage, the same as with any solar-powered material, but I know that's being developed somewehre."

"We went to school together before college," Kamala adds. "I've known Bruno forever. I'm taking some classes there but I'm… also taking some here," she continues, looking almost sheepish for admitting that she got into freakin' Princeton.

In time, Jessica Jones does spot the frantic parents. She ruffles the kid's hair, shares a little joke with her, and passes the child on. She ends up circling back near the Lego exhibit after that, but really only because it's a convenient spot to watch things go down. She doesn't even send a glance in the poor, nervous Gwen's direction. She folds her arms again, once again doing the 'deterrence' part of her security.

But surely aliens who wanted their sun back will be the sum total of the Unusual Crap that goes down today.

"I'm late," she murmurs. "I'm late, I'm late, I'm late—"

And then she steps through the doors and — wonders where the floating candles and the starry night sky are. Sloane L. Albright, college student on sabbatical, Inhuman, friend to almost all fish, and a walking water fountain pauses as she starts to scan the crowd, looking for familiar faces, a familiar project— something that will tip her off to the location of one Rusalka Stojespal. She wanders ahead, approaching all the science, and …

… looks really, really confused by some of it.

Honestly, it's pretty easy to pick Sloane out of a crowd: The faded black t-shirt with a 1988 concert tour for Iron Maiden, the lightweight jacket over her arm, light and close-cut pants, and feet pulled into comfortable sneakers, a SHIELD baseball cap set on her head and coppery orange ponytail pulled through the space in the back. Despite the aviator shades sitting on her nose, she's pretty easy to see in a crowd:

She looks confused. She looks a little out of place. She has long, pointed ears and swaths of her skin are covered in irridescent blue scales. Quickly pulling out her phone, she starts thumbing out a text:

'near entrance wtf is half this stuff'

Sally, meanwhile, can't help but grin at Tony. Hey, she said it was a good thing! And it seems the inventor-demigod agrees, so she's slipping off - after having gotten her breath, it's right back to work. And spotting Jessica Jones' act of generosity, she stops for a moment near the security woman.

Her voice is soft, accented but still easy enough to understand. "Sorry about earlier. I mean…many people claim to know Mr. Stark, but…I wasn't sure. My apologies for any insult, Miss…? Ah, Sally Stojespal." She'll extend a hand in friendship and in atonement. "I have more to do, but I just…I wanted to let you know I was not unaware. Thank you."

She'll linger for a few moments, if the Security Diplomat says anything, but there's more to do still. This time she's got to wrangle the one…ah, there they are. The group that made the giant yellow exoskeleton. She had a chance to stop by earlier, but the team was running the machine at the time and couldn't talk. Once Tony's finished up with the current kids, she'll give him a wave - sure his glasses will pick up on the gesture.

Though she's sure she won't need it, with the eight foot tall giant yellow robot behind her.

Ping, says her phone - a text message, one that perks the eighteen year old engineer up quite a bit. There's no direct reply to Sloane, not by phone anyway - but as soon as she can, Sally breaks free of the crowd in front of the loader. Her presence, of course, is announced to the Inhuman by a pair of arms thrown around her shoulders from the side, as Sally wraps her friend up in a hug. "You made it!"

Jessica blinks as Intern Kid comes to introduce herself, but she takes the hand and shakes it. "Jones. Jessica Jones. And sure, I'd have thought it was bullshit too, no big." But apparently she's not at all insulted. It's not that she's not prickly as all get out when there's cause to be, but…there are certain things that get a pass. And really, Sally is still in the age group that Jess has a giant soft-spot for anyway, anyone who is just not quite an adult yet in her eyes, all the way down to the actual kids.

She apparently still hasn't gotten the memo that her swearing might be a problem in all this mixed company, though.

Still, she doesn't seek to hold the aristocratic teen with work to do; she simply nods her on her way when she bustles off again.

"Applying paint is never super easy. Stuff gets everywhere. Thats why I just make robots to do it for me." Tony replies towards Kamala wiht a laugh before glancing back at Bruno. "Huh. Would take a lot of doing to get a suspension of titanium dioxide in the right mix to actually work how you're saying. But the theory is sound, more than the theory if you have gotten some kind of responce from it."

He looks between the two again before nodding half to himself.

"Alright. Come by Stark Tower, I'll get you an interview with Pepper. If you can impress her, then you two will be golden and I'll get Sally to show ya around."

A glance up again as Sally wonders off. "Hear that Bunny! You won't be lowest on the totem pole anymore if these two get in! I see your neferious plot now!" But Sally is…hugging a…fish person?

…huh. Isn't that odd.

His gaze crans around to notice Jess and her little passanger and there is a smirk on his face at that. He just mouthes 'Daaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwr' at her. Very obviously.

Because he's like that.

Bruno's finally managed to start talking to Tony. It's coming more easily to him now that he can actually science-nerd with one of the biggest science nerds in the world. Kamala withdrawsthis isn't about herand peers at the retreating aliens with interest before her eye is caught by someone else who looks super-fascinating. Her eyes widen when she looks at Sloane. She looks like a DRAGON. A water dragon, maybe. She grins a little, despite herself, and watches her for a moment before realizing how incredibly rude that is.

Meanwhile, the power loader is getting a bit more attention from the people around. Security people who aren't Jessica are keeping a particularly close eye on it.

Also meanwhile, Gordon is carefully putting the vial back on its stand when a couple of kids about his same age come sprinting along the aisle. It happens really fast. The table gets jostled just enough that it hits Gordon in the belly and knocks him forward. The vial goes spinning out of his hands and onto the floor with a sharp CLINK.

"Oh, no," he groans.

Nothing else happens. Yet.

Tony gives Jess some crap for her deeply buried maternal instinct, and she flushes. She splutters a little bit. People aren't supposed to see that! But in the end her reply is good natured.

There's a smirk.

She mouths the word 'Ass,' back at him, but in this very clearly affectionate way. They have an understanding; this isn't name calling. This is ribbing between friends, and if anyone were to look they'd see that Jess regards Tony really very warmly. There's a humor in those brown eyes, a softening of her face.

It also speaks to someone who really will do a number on anyone threatening him.

And yes, she's happy to leave the Power Loader to others. She might be able to talk about string theory in rather general terms, and take alien visitors in stride, and accept that fertilizer could kill someone's sun.

But she has no idea what the fuck that thing is over there, and she'd rather not touch it. And kids dropping shit? Sounds like kids to her. It gathers zero attention from the private investigator. Because nothing happens (yet).

Fish people are people, too, Mr. Stark.

Sloane can lift 2000 pounds. Her scales are practically bulletproof. She can control the tides and make water from the air itself. She's learning how to kick the crap out of people, a fact that she has, in fact, proudly boasted about to her best friend. However, getting blindsided by the slightly taller Sokovian elicits a most un-badass "wah-!!" as she's forced to stumble and catch her balance a moment later.

Nudging the sunglasses back up into position, Sloane grins. "I told you I'd make it. Totally classy fashionably late arrival that's — holy crap is that a giant robot over there?"

She doesn't catch sight of Jessica or her maternal instincts, either, but somewhere, someone definitely appreciates all of those instincts of her badass not-really-her-aunt-but-damn-she's-rad.

And she is the most rad water dragon. Ever.

"Okay, so you have to start showing me stuff. Like that, and that, and that and that, and that." And that last 'that' points straight at Kamala and Bruno's Excellent Scienceventure.

"Thank you," she adds to Jessica. Jessica Jones. A strong woman, definitely - and smart. Someone Stark knows and trusts. Certainly someone she'll probably see again, especially with the teasing between them. But for now, Sally is appreciably distracted. It's a good thing she didn't realize that the two guys hauling off the plantlife were aliens after all…she's still getting used to this 'big universe' thing.

Hugging a fish-person, sure. Something like that. The redheaded bluescaled teenager has her attention, but she still manages enough to glance in Stark's direction - and stick her tongue out at him. Just as planned! Or something. But she's glad that Stark approves; hopefully there's something that they can do to really work this idea.

Sally matches the grin from Sloane. "And I believed in you. You just had to be even more fashionably late than my boss, didn't you." Poke. Grin. "And yes, it is. Remember that movie with the bug monsters that get in your chest? They decided to build the real thing." She leans in a little closer. "They were driving it earlier, it really works. I'll show you in a minute, buuuut first…"

The last that points straight at Kamala and Bruno. And their new friend. "I promised you I'd introduce you to my boss so let's do this." With that she grabs Sloane's hand and practically dances over to Tony and the rest. "Mr. Stark. I'd like to introduce you to someone as well, and well…Kamala, Bruno, as well. I take it good things are happening?" And then, letting the blue suit shift as she tugs the raddest water-dragon in the world in, "Sloane Albright, my best friend." Who is wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. Tony will dig instantly, she's sure.

Yup. You know it Jess. Tony Stark is pretty much an ass.

At least he owns it. You always have to own it.

Thats just how things run.

"Bunny," This towards Sally as she strolls back over. "You've only been in this country for a few months. How do you know everyone already?" The man grins towards her as he turns his attention from Bruno and Kamala for a moment and towards Sloane. Though both Bruno and Kamala get thin cards. They feel more metalic than plastic.

The logo of Stark Interprises sits on the cover and a date and time area that have yet to be filled in.

He peers towards Sloane then and quirks an eyebrow. "Nice shirt." He brings his hand up to tap a finger against his jaw. "Not judgey enough to be an X-Man. Not scared enough to be a runner. Not superiour enough to be one of those jerks that run around with Magneto and all them. Soooo…gonna guess none of the above and hit up not-a-tradiational-mutant." A beatpause. "So. Inhuman?"

Again that pause before he blinks. Holds out his hand. "Oh yeah. I'm Tony Stark."

'Inhuman'. That catches Kamala's attention. she's doing her best not to obviously listen or obviously stretch her ear toward that conversation, but she's nevertheless listening as hard as she can. She's toying with her card, meanwhile. She might frame it when she gets home. After putting the number into her phone of course under TONY STARK OMG OMG OMG

Gordon is on his hands and knees hunting for the vial. It's a bit difficult in the throng, but he does finally find it. The good news? It's not broken. The bad news? The stopper's come off and it's empty. As he crouches on the floor, his eye catches a mint-green smear on the bottom of someone's shoe.

"Oh, NO," he says, pushing his way through the crowd and trying to stop that person. And grab their shoe.

"Oh man, that is awesome, but—"

'Meet my boss.'

Sloane goes right along with Sally through the crowd, led on by the hand until she makes it to Kamala and Bruno's booth to stand before Tony-freaking-Stark himself. It takes a second for her to actually register what's going on. She's not a scientist, nor an engineer, and her mouth hangs open just a little bit. It's that young fan-enthusiasm, star(k?)-struck as she looks up at one of those people she'd call 'hero.' Even if Tony … stretches the definition a bit.

"Uh— I. Um. Thanks. I play a lot. I" X-Man? Runners? Jerks and Magneto, and mutant? No— he eventually makes it there. "I— Yes. Inhuman. I am." Staring at the outstretched hand for a second, she takes grip of it, carefully enough to /not/ break bone with her enhanced strength. "Tony Stark," she murmurs under her breath. Her voice picks up. "That's you— I mean!!"

"Sloane Albright. Like she said," the ginger-haired Inhuman replies, hooking her free hand to gesture to Sally. She tugs off her sunglasses— rather than classic blue or green, her eyes are fiery orange, pupils given a slight angular slit. Notably, the scales that line the back of her hands and most of her fingers feel distinctly cool to the touch, and remarkably smooth. "Hi. Sorry, I didn't think I'd get to meet, like. Tony-freakin'-Stark."

She turns her head to look at Kamala and Bruno, smiling big, lifting her free hand to wave. Hints of sharpened incisors flash. "Hi. I'm Sloane. … That's Tony Stark."

And then a sudden squint. "… Bunny?"

Nearby Gordon, Gwen is a little distracted by everything else that's happening them. However she quickly snaps back into attention once she notices Gordon starting to scramble on the ground. "What is it?" she asks him. But, then she sees: the vial is empty. Following his attention, she narrows in on the shoe rather than the person. "Get that vial ready," she tells him. "I'm about to do something really stupid." And then, she lunges herself forward. She has incredibly reflexes due to her Spider-mutation and quite a bit of strength. "STOP! You've got important science on your shoe!!!" she bellows as she does this in an attempt to ensure that whoever she's tackling know she's not doing this out of malice, but for science! That matters, right?

Sally gives a sedate, slightly smug grin, and curtseys ever so slightly to her mentor. "Stojespal family secret, Mr. Stark. We of old ways must nyet tell such things for the outsider." The accent thickens at the end of that, before she can't help grinning again. "Sloane is someone I met at Columbia, and is a fantastic musician. Especially the guitar."

Her smile loses a little of its luster at the word 'Inhuman' - yes, it's an acceptable term, and one a lot of them have taken on themselves. But it still rankles Rusalka's sense of propriety and honor, because she has other meanings of the word. Very bad meanings, from very bad times in the family. It comes from a family line that would have joined Captain America in battle…were they not on the far side of Europe at the time.

But those stories are elsewhere, those family secrets she doesn't speak of. Instead she sticks that grin right back on - just long enough, it seems, to catch Kamala's amazement at the opportunity. And a little personal pride, at betting correctly, on these two kids.

Hah! Maybe there's a little bit of teasing cruelty but it's almost hilariously cute how star(k)-struck Sloane is. And then things spiral quickly - one moment she's wishing she'd thought ahead to record this meeting. For…posterity. And blackmail. Damn. The next moment, she's grinning as she steps to the side, letting Sloane meet-and-greet the up-and-coming.

And the moment after that she's promptly going ass-over-teakettle, blurting something unkind and very very old in Sokovian-dialect Ukrainian. Fortunately only Tony Stark knows those words, but unfortunately he's right in front of her. Oh hello ground, as she crumples to the floor - one leg tangled up in someone's hands as they grab at her shoe for some utterly insane reason.

Somewhere, a certain demigoddess laughs in amusement as schadenfreude loops back on its wisher…

Dafuq is an inhuman? That sounds like a vaguely bigoted term. Jessica pulls a face at it. Sure, the kid has scales, but…

A few moments later she realizes it's got to be an official term. She might tease Tony about being an ass. But she doesn't really think he's the kind of dick who would drop casual bigotry on a kid…

Someone has important science on their shoe. Again the feminine voice yelling STOP tugs at the memory of one Jessica Jones. She whirls about, looking at the source of the trouble.

She has good instincts. Her instincts tell her that something important is about to go down thanks to Shoe Science.

She's not one to advertise her powers, but neither is she one to hide. She leaps, straight up into the air, and crouches on the rafters so she can keep a good view of the entire hall. Brown eyes narrow. Hopefully? It's just going to be a smudge, but her 'Fuck My Life' senses are going off now, and she wants to be sure she can get to the right place if those senses aren't failing her.

It's a volatile substance, nanofoam. Not that it's actually exploding. Not yet. At the moment, it just looks like Sally stepped in some green gum. But the green gum is rapidly expanding across the bottom of her shoe, like a pastel green version of Louboutins. It's getting visibly thicker by the moment; not only is it expanding, it's expanding faster and faster and fASTER AND FASTER and Gwen might not want to keep holding that shoe.

"Too late," Gordon groans, patting himself down and running back to his table. "Gotta contain it. Gotta make it stop. Gotta fix it…"

Kamala blinks at the sudden tackle. But from her vantage point, she can start putting things together; she steps back into the crowd and ducks under the nearest unattended table she can see.

"Yup thats me. Tony Stark." Tony just loves hearing his name. Just like he loves hearing his voice. The inventor just grins as he reaches into a coat pocket and pulls out a small back of dried strawberries. Omnomnom. He chews on them happily for a moment and nods. "Right then! I'm glad that you two met, its been awhile since I met someone like you that—" Suddenly he pauses, his head tilts to one side.

"Hold on." He deadpans. "I think someone its about to do something really stupid."

Annnnnnnnd then Sally and Gwen go flying and he nods. Still munching strawberries. At least for the moment before he turns to stroll over to the tangle of arms and limbs. "So what kind of science gone wrong is here today?" This seems to be old hat for him. It…pretty much is. His whole world is a science fair to be honest.

"Huh. Some kind of self-replicating nanofoam…" He comments as it starts to consume Sally's shoe. "…I wouldn't touch it if I were you." Munch munch. "So!" A glance around to figure out who designed this one. Oh that one has to be it as he notes Gordan shouting something about containment. "JARVIS gimme a scan, what do we need to fix this." He calls as a tiny little sensor on the side of his sunglasses opens up to shine light on the quickly growing foam-shoe. "…did ya make a retarding agent to go with the ravanous slime mold?" He calls towards Gordan.

But Gordan is running away.

"Thats a bad sign." A pause. "Hey kid! Will vaporizing this stuff work or just make it grow faster?"

Rusalka starts talking up her talents to Tony. The girl gives a big closed-mouth grin, brows and cheeks lifting as she continues to enjoy the moment. She asked— she asked about 'Bunny.' She looks a little confused. And then… /and then/, suddenly, there's a loud cry about science /on your shoe/.

She doesn't even get to turn her head all the way before suddenly Sally is on the floor under Gwen, jerking back a step for the impact. Sloane reaches down to grab Gwen's shoulder, "HEY—"

There's something going on with a shoe. There's weird green stuff on the shoe, and it's starting to expand. Sloane's fiery orange eyes go wide. "What in the f—"

Sloane's trying to get Sally back up to her feet, backing away a step while staring at the rapidly-expanding mass on the shoe. "I can soak it with water or something?"

Gordon pauses in his sprint to consider this question. "Spreading the particulate will just make it spread EVERYWHERE ALL AT ONCE. I can stop it growing! I have a retardant!" Cue sprinting again and sliding into his booth.

A moment later, MS. MARVEL (complete with domino mask and blue and red costume) emerges from underneath one of those tables! "It needs to be contained?" she calls, striding up. "I should be able to help!" She reaches out, trying to encompass the foam in her hands— "Wait, don't let it touch you?!"

The shoe, meanwhile, is now COVERED in foam. And now being filled with the foam. And now getting really really big really really fast. It makes a weird sort of styrofoamy sound as it expands, kind of like how styrofoam would sound if it could be blown up by a balloon.

Black pumps. Low heel, patent black leather, perfectly sized and rather expensive. Not quite Louboutins, but she is walking around a lot in them. Sally's not typically one for really fancy outfits, OR heels, but this is sort of official business for Tony Stark. And now it's being consumed by a Mint Monster. Not that she can see it; Sally's still facedown on the ground with one leg in the air waving her stockinged foot around. At the moment, gathering her wits that spilled all over the floor.

The good news is, she doesn't have to explain 'Bunny' yet. The bad news is, it's not going to go away, is it.

Between help from the others, she's able to climb back to her feet - foot. She's hopping on one, wondering - "What the hell was that for? Wha-" And then she sees the first all-consuming blob growing around the heel, starting to spill over into the shoe itself. Right where her foot would have been a few seconds ago. OH. It's the skittish blonde girl with the hairband, who'd apparently saved her from a fate worse than…well, she has no idea. It's SCIENCE. "Spasibo…"

Unfortunately, with everyone's attention on Gwen and the rapidly expanding ball of goo in Ms. Marvel's hands, noone's noticed the second soft crackling sound spreading on the shoe's mate…

"You really stepped in it!" Gwen tells Rusalka. It's quite a good pun, but she is saying it completely seriously. "Can you take off your shoe?" She asks, but it already seems as if it might be too late. Then, Ms. Marvel has it in her hands. "Sure thing," she tells Sally with wide eyes. "Gordon!" she yells out to get the guys help. "You got this!"

See. FML-sense is never wrong. It's those finely honed detective instincts.

Jessica spots trouble from above. She leaps down and grabs Rusalka, reaching down to fling shoe and foam back towards its mate with super strength; towards Ms. Marvel, who apparently wants to deal with that. "You're up, kid," she says, even as she sort of…bounces off the floor with Rusalka to sort of…well. Tuck her up there with her on the rafters, where she promptly inspects the Slovokian for more goo, paying special attention to any socks or stockings or anything she might be wearing, because if it gets up here too that's going to be bad.

No doubt 'flying' all wrong, to Gwen's eyes.

Hearing the shouts and the distressed sounds, for the second time in the course of a few hours, Caitlin Fairchild steps quickly over to the 'fun side' of the science fair. When did science fairs have fun sides?! Normally it's nothing more serious than someone bringing slightly radioactive ions out of containment, or a pet volcano project running amok.

"Excuse me. Excuse me. Excuse me," Caitlin says, trying to move through the crowd expeditiously as possible. At one point she just picks someone up and physically moves them out of her way rather than wait for them to shift their feet.

She ends up next to Tony Stark, skidding to a halt and managing to break the heel off one shoe. With a grumble of irritation, Caitlin kicks the pumps out to the side, which brings her down to a much more sensible 6'5" tall, and frowns mightily at the expanding foam.

"Water bad," she agrees, with the general consensus being offered. "Do- do we know what kind of nanofoam it is?" she inquires of whomever's nearby. "We can fry them with electricity if they're robots but we'll need a specialized compound if they're organic," she says, fretting at her lower lip in thought.

Hey, there's Miss Marvel! Caitlin waves at her new friend, beaming at her in a friendly manner despite the severity of the situation at hand.

"CAIT HI HOW YOU DOING THIS STUFF IS WEIRD." Ms. Marvel is holding onto the foam with a great deal of anxiety. The good part is, it doesn't seem to be eating her hands. The bad news is that it's leaking out between her fingers. She's trying to squoosh her hands into something that nothing can leak out of, but it's proving to be kind of difficult.

One of the kids from a nearby science table rushes forward. "I can try frying it!" he says, using some kind of goo to glue a wire between the positive and negative ends of a battery and chucking it into the rapidly-expanding foam.

Apparently it's not nanorobots. Or if it is, they REALLY LOVE BEING FRIED. It starts growing bigger even faster and is bigger now than the rest of Ms. Marvel herself.

Gordon is running toward them, but he's having trouble shoving his way through the crowd. He has some kind of metallic can in his hands.

Jessica Jones considers options.

She could leap down there and then leap Gordon to the right spot, but if she does he might drop his thing. He seems skittish. And clumsy. And since the only stab at a super-hero name anyone other than her sister has ever tried to give her was 'Scary Lady?' She has a feeling she'll freak him out.

She could go try to punch the shit out of some foam, but she thinks that might just…spread it.

And so she calls upon the power of being a crusty, caustic woman with a nasty temper and a set of lungs to match.


Look. It has already been observed that she's an unconventional diplomat. She's also an unconventional…everything.

She's starting to get used to the looks and the stares and the casual racism that Jessica was worried about, but sometimes something happens that makes Sloane just stop and stare /really hard/. Like a growing green glob of ch-ch-chia foam starting to eat one of Sally's shoes.

Things just keep /happening/. Offering what little help she can right now— this is /so/ not her forte— she frowns a little when she's being yelled to that particulate spreading is bad. And then someone else walks up to inform them that water is most definitely bad. Sloane looks a bit concerned.

Sloane just keeps looking up, and up, and holy crap Caitlin Fairchild is /freaking tall/. The Inhuman is reminded of her own height— just a couple inches shorter than Rusalka— in that brief moment. And there's a Ms. Marvel! And her hands are /weird/ and then that Gordon kid is trying to run through the crowd while batteries become involved in the whole thing. Jessica Jones yells in a way that could part the sea with nothing but sass and salt.

"Please hurry, because I am apparently SO THE WORST PERSON to help with this—"

"Miss Marvel and Cait, today is my lucky day!" Tony says as he stares at the foam. "Yeah. Wouldn't touch it. Might take anything it has contact with as…" And then Miss Marvel is touching it. "Huh. Well that theory busted." Someone runs up to fry it and that….makes it worse. "Right second theory busted!"

"You, redheaded dragon girl. You can do the water thing right? Summon and create?" He asks as he throws the bag of food behind him.

And now its too big to contain. "Douse it that isn't Marvel's hands in water. I think there was a super-cooling system that was nice and big….Cait could you get that and freeze that. If its organic that'll slow it down long enough for the kid to get over here with the…" And then Jessica is yelling.

"Thats right Jess you are the brute squad you tell em!" He shouts back. "And if Bunny has any more of the stuff on her other shoe throw it at the bigger mass! Contain it in one place!"

A beatpause. "If she actually has it on her don't throw her though! Pepper gets mad when I loose interns!"

"It's okay," Caitlin tells Sloane, as reassuringly as possible. She flashes a quick, dimpled smile at the smaller woman. "We'll get this sorted out."

Then, Tony's speaking to her. "I— I don't think Miss Marvel can take superchilled air!" Caitlin tells Stark— but she's moving quickly towards one of the tables. With a total disregard for the supercooling coils, she rips out the copper loops and picks up the container so it doesn't spill the sensitive solution.

She starts spraying down the foam on the ground, and with a surprising care, as if she were putting out an oil fire— she starts at the outside edge and works inwards in a spiralling fashion, being VERY careful not to spread any more of it.

She touches her ear with one hand, effortlessly supporting the heavy condensor in the other. "JLA emergency override, Fairchild," she remarks, speaking quickly. "Patch me through to the fusion center for city emergency services!" she tells the Watchtower— and in moments, she's ordered up a small army of hazmat teams to rally and descend on the college. "We can't let anyone leave the area until we're sure none of this stuff has spread," she says, trying to herd Kamala and Bunny towards their own personal isolation circle.

"I'm sorry Miss Marvel," Caitlin tells her friend, as comfortingly as she can. "But you can't touch ANYTHING until we get a decon team in here… or find the neutralizing agent."

At least it's easy to tell when some has gotten somewhere. It goes CRAZY. At least one of Sally's shoes isn't in Ms. Marvel's hands, so it can get treated while she contains the other one. Her hands are expanding like a balloon and morphing over the stuff. It looks a bit gross, honestly, but there are worse things.

The cold doesn't seem to particularly affect the foam growing over Sally's second shoe. It does seem to slow things down, thank goodness, but it doesn't stop it entirely.

Jessica's crowd-shouting does the trick. The people freeze in astonishment and then part ways for the skinny boy to sprint toward the accident, can in hand. "This!" he shouts, offering it to Gwen.

It's a can of Aquanet.

All Sally can do is stare at Gwen. The pun is just…too accurate, and she cringes a little in utter horror. Then she has a moment or two to take in just what's happening…

…before getting rescued all over again from all-consuming-crud-covered footwear by Jessica Jones, finding herself up in the rafters before she even knows what's going on. At least Jessica's inspection will find nothing ELSE; the pile of it she'd stepped in hadn't been that deep. Her feet, stockings, pants, all clear fortunately.

So were her ears, and when Jessica starts bellowing it's in a voice to overwhelm conversations down below and across the hall. Sally's right next to her, and claps her hands over her ears - and realizes what she's doing. There's a glance given the investigator, and a laugh - just a little while ago Sally was chiding her for language. Now? She's glad for it.

When bidden, Sally tosses the other shoe at the pile - and has words for her boss. "I would be rather put out myself, Tony Stark!" And all she can do is watch - worried as hell as Ms Marvel does her thing with expanding hands and Sloane's down there in the middle of it all and the day has been completely shot to hell. Even if that foam's pretty functionally interesting, at that…she has time to appreciate its nature. Maybe she'll have to talk to Tony about it. Meanwhile?

Yeah, she's taking the afternoon off.

"Yeah, I can. Kind of— but it's—"

But water was supposed to be bad, wasn't it? And while Ms. Marvel continues to struggle with her great prey, concern is raised if whether or not the hometown heroine will be able to hold back the expanding nano-foam /and/ deal with the extreme cold associated with it. Sloane starts to focus, her hands about shoulder-width apart, focusing on that space between her hands. Water starts to form, a few drops at a time before it starts to swirl and churn and grow from about the size of a marble to a baseball, and eventually to a little smaller than a basketball.

Sloane doesn't move her hands— focusing really hard to keep it steady— instead holding the sphere steady in case hands need to be plunged into water. She's looking over her shoulder for Gordon, to follow Sally's position intently, and worrying incredibly hard that she's out of her depth right now.

And their savior arrives with his mighty weapon: A can of hairspray.

Sloane looks from the can to Gwen, then Gwen to the can, then the can to Gordon.

"Are you serious?"

"Thats the ticket there, ice it up." Tony nods as Cait and Sloane work together to give the foam a hard candy shell. "I don't think we'll need a whole tac team here." He asides towards Cait. "Just a science project gone wrong. And Sally is still in the rafters so she's pretty much isolated right now."

The inventor is watching the foam expand along with Kamala's hands with a quirked eyebrow. Huh. Thats pretty impressive.

But then Gordon comes up with…a spray can of…

"I should have known." Stark replies with a shake of his head. "JARVIS. Synth the cem comp into the suit incase we need more."

Then he'll just reach out to grab the can and start spraying. All around Miss Marvel's hands as he tries to get whever the foam is adhereing too. The other shoe. He'll wait for the ice to crack and as soon as it does get that bit too…

"Yup. Just one more day at the science fair. Nothing much to see here…"

Caitlin nods at Sloane gratefully, and quickly finds a rhythm to work along with the water bender. They get the foam slowed down until Gordon shows up with the isolating agent, wincing as Stark starts spraying Kamala down too.

"I'm sorry Mister Stark, but we can't be too careful," Caitlin tells Tony, politely but firmly putting her (heavy) foot down. "The League has some strict protocols when it comes to uncontrolled nanotech with self-replication protocols. Everyone's gonna need to get decon'd and the area will need to be sanitized."

Ice might just do it, but yeah—it's not the best solution when it's touching a person. The spray renders Sally's first shoe inert, and when Kamala slowly withdraws her hands and lets Tony spray down the rest of the massive glob, it too stops growing.

Gordon, panting, clasps and unclasps his hands. "I'm really sorry," he groans. "It was supposed to be safe. I didn't mean to." The teenaged Bronx boy looks like he's about to cry.

"It's not your fault," Ms. Marvel says, her hands finally returning to their normal size. "It was an accident. We all know that. You weren't careless or malicious; things happen sometimes." She's still keeping her hands at her sides, though. Just in case. She doesn't want to wash her hands for fear that any of that nanoparticulate will get down the sink.

Now Jessica just chills in the rafters with Sally, content that really, things are going pretty okay down there. There is no more need for her intervention at the moment.

And it still all actually qualified as basically simple and painless. Quick wins. A good 'vacation' day, insofar as Jessica ever takes a vacation.

She props her knee up and puts her chin on it and says conversationally to Sally, "Which Cell Phone Provider Sucks Least in New York. That was my 9th Grade Science project. As a minus, it was a terrible science project, though I still got a B- on it."

She points downward. "As a plus, it neither killed anyone's crops nor tried to eat the exhibition hall, nor did it result in me having to spend part of my afternoon being decontaminated… so…I'm thinkin'…not as embarrassed by that project as I used to be. Just saying."

"Urgh, see this is why I don't join you guys. So many rules and regulations and blah blah. But then if I refuse you'll just send Batman or Superman to put me to sleep with some kind of long winded lecture about something or other I won't be listening. At least with Superman I don't have to run him though a gravely voice translator." Tony just can't keep him mouth shut, even as he is spraying down the last of the green goop.

He might grouce and groan, but well. He doesn't try to leave at least. So Cait doesn't have to wressle him.

A wave of his hand towards Gordon. "Don't worry about it kid, just think of some kind of insta-containment system to keep with you at all times next time. This is totally a learning experiance. I mean if I gave up every time one of projects exploded, or became sentiant, or tried to kill me, I wouldn't have built that guy…"

And he hooks his thumb at the suit in the corner.

"See. Ya did fine kid." This towards Sloane and Miss Marvel before he tilts his head up to look into the rafters. "Having a good day off Jess?" A beatpause. "And good!" A longer pause. "I'll get you some new shoes later!"

He's totally helping.

Sally watches the mess down below, and can't help but feel sorry for poor Gordon. SHE'S the one who went stomping through the stuff without noticing, even if he did make it. And break it. And - oh, the hell with it. A wave to Sloane, and a grin - she's fine, just…is going to not enjoy destroying her stockings to get home. Maybe she can bill Tony for the shoes…nah. It doesn't matter; she can afford them.

The description of Jessica's project gets a laugh. "Now that is one I would be very interested in learning the results of!" The Sokovian girl's accent mixes well with the laugh, and then shrugs. "Eh, there is science. Radio reception, reflection, jamming. Things like that. Congratulations on a good grade, though. And…"

She thinks back to secondary school overseas. Nothing quite so impressive, herself. Nor quite as long ago as Jessica's, but she's diplomatic enough to avoid mentioning that. "Mine was a variable transmission system, trying to make a diesel engine better. It worked…in the small scale. It wasn't strong enough for the real thing." Shrug. "I suppose it could have been worse, at least."

Ugh, decontamination. She knows the protocols for that - it's part of the safety briefings at Stark Industries. Fishing out her phone, she decides to pass the time with a friend. And for Tony Stark? Sally heard his offer. "Absolutely you will get new ones!"

sry for trouble. was still fun! awesome with the ice! dinner l8r?

All of that fancy training at the Triskelion is starting to pay off.

The girl in the SHIELD baseball cap holds the water steady enough to allow the ice to form, to help out— even a bit— and eventually help get everything sorted. Getting those weird feelings in her chest about doing something to help out, Sloane steps back, nervous and hands tucking into her back pockets as she rocks on her heels and looks a little proud of herself.

Oh god, decontamination. Hopefully this does not mean she's going back to her apartment covered in Aquanet.

Sloane looks around— Caitlin, Mr. Stark, even up to Jessica and Sally. Ms. Marvel and Bruno, too. /Holy crap/ she met another superhero today, too. It's been a really good day so far. Right down to — the buzz buzz.

The two word reply: 'yas pls'

Decontamination isn't fun, for anyone. For the most part, people are able to get their personal effects back, but after a trip through a mobile shower unit, scans by special sensor gear, and other precautions, most everyone ends up leaving the decon tents with their wallets and cell phones in a plastic bag, and wearing clean, plain medical scrubs in place of their previous attire.

Caitlin's clearly an old hand at this, because she's wearing her League leotard under her clothing, and as the last of the people start to filter out of the tents, she's pulled on yoga pants and a loose, thin hoodies over her issued gear.

"Well, nothing like a decon shower to dehydrate your hair," the redhead mutters, pulling her thick mane back into a frizzy, barely managed ponytail behind her.

Well, in all fairness Rusalka had wanted Tony Stark to see the giant exoskeleton in action. As the decontamination team arrives, the big yellow industrial monster has managed to walk over to the boulder, collect it in those large pincers, and even show off a little of the moves. Maybe it wasn't quite what she had in mind, but Sally figures one successful demonstration is as good as any other. That this one helps solve the problem by loading it into the containment unit? Super-plus. Hopefully he's as impressed as she was.

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