New Justice

April 11, 2015:

Several members of the New Justice Society meet and get to know each other a little better.

Gotham City

An Old Dojo/Gym


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Laurel had texted Spearhead and Rain (Who seemed to be a pair) to meet her again at the gym she lived at if they wished, mentioning she wanted to chat but they should also bring their costumes or whatever gear they used.

When they arrive she's eating some pizza inside the dojo and poor old Pedro is sweeping up an already swept corner.

Mikial arrives on a Victory Motorcycle, it looks practically brand new, and probably is. It has room for two, and he has invited Rain to ride with him. He pulls up and parks in the front of the Gym, offering to help Rain off it if she decides to come with him on it.

Captain is a magically enhanced cat, and is sentient by all means. He is his own cat-man and Rain usually lets him come along. The cat will sit behind Rain as she rides up with Mikial, as the two are used to riding on a flying broomstick. She hops off after Spearhead/Mikial, accepting his hand off. "Thanks. Are you sure? I don't want to be overly clingy…" No one likes Overly Attached Girlfriend.

So as it turns out…

There was another superhero in town. The superhero who got the same pitch as a great many others. A superhero of great strength, heart, and mind. Truely a champion for us all. Okay, maybe a champion for just a few people. And maybe she was a little cranky sometimes. And maybe she was more stubborn than anything else.

But at least she had great strength.

That hero was…


So, holding a bagful of sandwiches that she had acquired from the local Subway, Peej ducks her head as she enters the gym proper, dressed with her one-piece, boots, and cape fastened to her shoulder with the golden medallion. She gives a bright grin. "Hey everybody. I brought sandwiches?"

Tre has been hanging out with Laruel for the day, it's one of the ways to get to know a team mate and honestly it's not like he had anything to do. With some training and just hanging out, he's gotten to know Laurel alot better than he had previously. Having gone and showered before people showed up, Tre would be sitting and relaxing while sipping on some Mountain Dew.

When Spearhead and Rain arrives, Laurel gets up to let them in and smiles brightly, "I'm glad the two of you could come. Glad to see you brought your gear to, we've got a potential little mission to undertake when everyone gets here."

Gesturing to the fridge and pizza she says, "Make yourselves at home. Mi Casa Su Casa." She had already started buying Mountain Dew for Tre's sake, she had no doubt that shopping list would expand for the others soon enough; at least she hoped.

"I know we've all met before and I've spoken to Power Girl and Nitro but now it's time for all of us to sit down and chat. I swear, it's not an intervention for Spearhead killing people but we're going to have to work on that if the pair of you accept my offer." Laurel grinned.

Log edit: fridge, pizza and power girls sammiches

"Yeah, I don't mind." Mikial says to Rain with a smile, not a creepy smile, though. He goes to the door of the dojo and opens it, holding it for Rain and captian. Unless, of course, it's locked from the outside, in which case, he /tries/ to open the door, and finding it won't move, knocks.
but then the door is opened by laurel, and he thanks her, waiting for Rain and Captian to enter, then goes into the dojo. "Well, I try to keep my stuff near me… And as long as I'm not in the helmet, call me Mikial." The only thing he might add to the shopping list for now, is some fishing bait, for now, at least.
"Hey! I don't… I mean, this week I only……" he starts counting on his fingers, adn looks at his full hands for a moment, "Yeah, ok…."

Log Edit: Pair = trio in laurel's pose, forgot about Spearhead and only included Captain and Rain!!!

The orange tabby hops down on his own. He's an independant cat who don't need no man. Er. Well, he's a cat. Rain smiles to Mikial, "Alright," She nods. "I just - don't want to interrupt you," She remarks to Spearhead. Rain is really new to this dating business. She rubs the back of her head as they talk about his fighting. Captain nods. He pads on in around the other two, his ringed tail flicking. Tabby tail!

"Pleased to see you again. And thanks for having us," Ooh, sandwiches. Rain is shy, apparently, but she looks around.

"Well. I shoulda come in civvie clothes," remarks Power Girl, a wry little grin passing her lips. "And a mission to undertake? Nice - what kinda mission is it gonna be?" she asks, pulling the topmost sandwich off of the top. Karen got the big ones, and she had a roast beast sorta thing on the very top.

She already begins to eat - waving the sandwich at Tre.

Chomp chomp. And then Peej pushes the food to one side of her mouth. "Want one, Tre?" she asks, punctuating that offer with a shake of the plastic bag. "I'll take some mountain dew, too! If you're still offering," she says. "And Mikial? Nice to meet you," says Peej with a bit of a wink. "You hungry too? Before… I dunno," Peej takes another bite of sandwich.

"… uh… … there's some pizza over there too. These sandwiches are pretty good though," she says. Monkey ogres needed a lot of food, after all. Finally, the bag was kinda shaken at Rain. Apparently, sandwich-sense was one of Karen's powers. "Help yourself!"

"Hey guys." he says as he looks to everyone as they enter. He grins and nods at Peej, "Yeah please." he says as he gets up and goes into teh kitchen and grabs drinks for everyone and Mountain Dew for Power Girl. He gets Laurel a beer knowing what she drinks and he guessed on Rain and Spearhead. "Well I don't have anything but what I have. But a mission, could be fun."

The mission could wait a few, they still had time.

Once everyone has their food and drinks, Laurel accepts the beer from Tre with a smile and sits down on one of the old chairs in the area, "Captain, Rain and Spearhead." She makes a note to distinguish Captain as his own individual, he was more than a talking cat! He was a friend.

"I've been speaking to others, like us, people who go out and try to do the right thing when so many others just want to ignore the problems surrounding them."

She looks over to the wall and the posters of the old Justice Society, "You three are good people, I already know that from working with you and I would like you to be part of the New Justice Society with all of us here." She smiles at the trio, "Will you accept? We'd be honoured to have you."

Tre just sits down between Laruel and Power Girl, he relaxes in his seat as he looks to Captain, Rain and Spearhead as Laruel asks them to join their team. It would be good to have a good team of people to work with and gives him others he can learn from and not be the only rookie around here which he knows he is.

Rain will accept a sandwich and a drink. "Thanks," She'll give a bit of meat to Captain, who snarfs it as cats are wont to do. he doesn't have hands to hold his food, but paws curl a bit and suffice. Rain is quiet for a moment and tilts her head. "What do you do exactly? Like, I dig fighting crime and being on call and all. I work as an occult detective and itenerant healer but…" She pauses. "I would probably splatter fighting half the stuff that would challenge you."

"It's not just about clobbering bad guys, you have no idea how valuable your healing talents alone are going to be to the rest of us who are getting splatted by the big bads. Plus your investigative skills and magical knowledge is something most of us lack, you'd be an invaluable asset Rain, don't kid yourself." Canary reaches over to pat the other woman gently on the shoulder, "Plus then you can keep an eye on Spearhead, he doesn't have a choice. I need to make it up to him for the whole nutcracker incident."

"Sure," says Peej. "I'm not sure I want to join the Justice League for…" A pause then, and a bite of sandwich. "… reasons," she says, giving her chin a flick, her short hair pulling out of her face. Shrimp reasons. Another bite of sandwich, and she takes a few chomps, letting Tre at the bag after Rain takes her choice of sandwich.

There were like sandwiches for all seasons, in there. "Thanks," she says, taking a mountain dew, and opening it up with a thumb. Glug glug. Rain was speaking, and Peej looks to her - "Are you talking to me?" she asks. "Me myself? I'm just… well, I fly around and punch things mostly. That's my power.

Mikial has been quiet and still, listening intently to the convorsation untill now, "Well… I Do believe I could work alot better with a group. And thankyou, I suppose I could try using rubber bullets, when it's apropriate…" There are times when even normal FMJ's justwon't cut it…. "It is what I was trained to do. Work with a squad."
Mikial nodds to Karen, "Sure I'll have a bite…" He'll take whatever's on the top. "Powers, huh? I just have training and guns…. thats about it…" He says plainly. When Rain says that she'd not sure she'll be helpfull being a healer, he coughs, and when he settles down, he says, "Rain, if anyone gets injured as much as I do, I think you might just be MVP!"

Rain is standing near Mikial, quiet. She smiles politely at Tre. She scritches Captain and laughs softly at Mikial. "I worry about you," She admits. "And sure, I can always help." She'll follow Mikial for now, then. And mmm, sandwich. Rain likes sandwiches. "I turn into a bear, too." She pauses. "I'll try not to newt your targets," She promises Mikial.

Two other parties invited tonight had yet to show up, but one of those was perhaps because Laurel had /forgotten/ to send the text to the person in question and while Spearhead and Rain reply to her question she quickly does that. If he showed, he showed.

She had also gone through some great trouble to get a message out to the woman known as 'The Wasp', hoping to extend her an invitation to be part of the group. If even half of what she heard about her was true, she would be a great asset to the team.

Hopefully, Ms. Janet van Dyne would be arriving at the address that had been passed on to her at any time.

In the meantime, Laurel stood up from her chair and raised her drink into the air, "To the New Justice Society of America then!" Maybe Janet was arriving just as they were toasting!

Janet, aka the Wasp, is certainly present. But she is very, very small right now. She is tucked up in the rafters sitting on the edge of a beam, barely half an inch tall, as she watches the gathering below. Taking it all in and gathering intelligence on this group and the somewhat unusual invitation to show up at an address in Gotham like this. There is a chance that Peej might hear her when she takes off next, but, how would one tell a Wasp from The Wasp really. Not like it is a talking Wasp right now. For the moment she is waiting until after the toasts.

Tre looks to everyone, "Power Girl, we could use you here." he says as he looks over at her. He smiles at Rain and Spearhead, but he looks back to Power Girl. "I don't know you all that welel, just from what I've seen on t.v. and read in the papers, but you could be a great friend and team mate with us." he offers hoping to help get Power Girl to throw in with them. Tre doesn't know of this Janet lady, but if she does come that would be pretty awesome.

Mikial takes a beer, and toasts, "To the New Justice Society of America." He toasts. He looks at those gathered around, except for Janet, he was just human, and could hardly notice a wasp in the rafters. He leans against the wall, possibly with Rain.

Peej did hear a buzzing. But… a buzzing of insects is pretty much… always kinda in the back of Peej's mind. So long as the Wasp didn't land on her shoulder or anything. Ewbugs. Anyways. Peej was drinking her dew and eating her sammich (it was good, and she nearly finished the footlong thing).

Mikail of course gets all the sammich he can handle. It was probably great, who knows.

"To the Justice Society of America!" enthuses Peej, lifting her soda pop high. Taking a long swig of that afterwards, she casts a smile towards Tre afterwards. "I already joined up, don't worry," she says, nudging the man in the side with her elbow. "I think I've been going at it alone a while now - and I'm glad you're a part of it too. Have you been superheroing very long?" she asks the young man. A beat. "How about the rest of you? Long time crimefighters?"

"… to the New Justice Society of America," Rain joins in. Her voice is softer, and she's working on keeping up. Captain's tail flick a bit, as he sits. Cats. So mysterious. But he's gonna be getting bits of meat from Rain's sandwich, so that might be why he's quiet. Ohmf nomf nomf. Cats are pretty silly eaters sometimes.

Rain certainly doesn't see a wasp up above, and it might freak her out because wasps are nature's terrifying assassins. ARSE DAGGERS. She smiles at Tre in turn, looking thoughtful.

Tre shakes his head a little bit, "I've not really done much heroing, I've been working on learning how to control my powers." he says to Peej. He does offer up a cheer with the others. "TO the Justice Society." he says in unison with the others.

There is that buzz again and Wasp spirals down from the rafters. Of course only Power Girl and maybe Captain probably hear the insect. She starts lands near the sodas but away from the group. Arms reach and all and grows from half an inch before landing .. all the way to her a bit over five foot height. She loses the wings somehow at the four foot mark though. "So, heroes and crime fighters huh. What sort of heroes?"

Canary sits back down on her chair and finishes her drink, "We've got a few more members including Constantine and Gotham's very own Robin. I hope we can all sit down and get to know each other a bit better in the future and once I've gone through my list of prospects, we'll all vote on membership in the future along with anything else."

She picks up her phone looking for word from her contact and sighs, "Looks like the potential mission is a no go to. Shame that Arrow or the Wasp didn't show up, it would have been nice to try and get them onbo—-"

Laurel stops mid-sentence as Wasp appears before them, "Oh, hey! Not sure how much you heard but people of all talents and skills. I'm not sure how many of us you know but.."

She starts to introduce them in turn, "This is Nitro, he's a speedster. Rain, a healer and occultist. Spearhead, an ex-commando and all-around badass. Captain, who happens to be a talking cat and um .. Power Girl! I mean, she's Power Girl do I really need to introduce her further?" She winked at Peej, she was going to love having someone as POWERful as her around, "Mostly, we're looking to put together a group of heroes looking to make a difference and support each other like a family without any pesky government oversight."

When she was mentioned, POWER GIRL does give a brilliant smile (after swallowing the last of sandwich), bringing up a hand to give a cheeky salute to the room at large. "I'm happy to be aboard - it's nice to meet you all, huh?" says Peej at that.

It was about that time that Wasp shows up, Peej kinda jumping in place. Snapping her fingers, she points at the woman. "Was that you flying around?" she asks, her smile wider. A beat, and she gives Dinah a wink in return. "Trust me. The government can be pretty pesky a lot of times," says Karen. "But we make do."

"A speedster? Neat." Rain can only go so fast and turn into a bear. And do witch stuff. Rain blinks as Wasp appears, but she soon smiles. "Hi there." She is not one to judge waspy peeps. She is more listening at this point, looking quietly amused at the description of Spearhead. Captain laughs softly, his voice a deep, rich baritone. "Just as long as he doesn't shove me outta my spot by the fireplace." Nothing can stop the wrath of a cat.

"I imagine a lot of folks here aren't registered or fans of paperwork," Rain notes. "I was living illegally by virtue of being homeless for a couple of years," She shrugs.

Mikial glances over at the wasp/woman morphing, simply raising an eyebrow, "Hello." He doesn't seem too phased by her sudden appearence. It's not that he knew she was there, he simply is getting used to this random type of thing happening.
He chuckles as he's introduced as Spearhead, Ex-commando and 'All-around badass', "Well, as long as I'm not in my mask, just call me Mikial."
Paper work, he deals with this in his day job in the GCPD, "Well, I am kinda on the record, but I have my way around that…."

Janet reaches down and picks up a soda and pops it open looking everyone over as they are mentioned. "Well.. helping people is good. I imagine we all do this to make the world better. It depends though what kind of difference and what your .. scope or purview is going to be though." she looks to Rain. "I was telling Columbia the same thing a couple of months ago. The government oversight and such makes me nervous. Though I am told that the JL:A is not controlled by SHIELD of the government, not overseen as it were, but they have an understanding."

Canary nods as she listens to Wasp speak, she wasn't entirely sure on the situation with the JL:A so she couldn't comment first-hand but based on personal experience, it seemed like SHIELD was everywhere regardless, "Right now, I think our scope would be on the tri-cities area and the personal problems of the members of the team whatever they might be, we've all got our demons and ghosts or nemesis' that need to be dealt with from time to time. If something extends outside of that, we can still act hopefully. Groups like the JLA get their funding from the government, we'll need to find our own sources. Hopefully, at least a few of us on the team are also secretly wealthy in addition to being crime fighters."

Rain pauses. "I am not wealthy. I have a home, but it was… acquired by accident," The witch offers. "I make a living with my work, though." She gets by, in other words. "People are okay to visit." She keeps Spearhead there, too. Rain nods at Janet. She seems uneasy, but her perspective is skewed. She looks to Mikial. She believes him. Captain is going to watch, tail flicking.

Peej could think of one… ok, she didn't really have any nemesis. Just a weirdish kid sister like thing going down. Nudging Tre with her elbow again, Karen pulls another sandwich out of her bag of mischief, and starts taking another bite, giving her chin a flick. At least, until Canary talks about people being secretely wealthy.

Karen kinda chokes a bit on her bite of sandwich.

Not that her company was… rolling in the dough like Waynetech, or… Stark labs. Okay. Sometimes it barely stayed afloat. But it was probably a bit more than most here had. Maybe. "I think I might have a friend or two that could… help us out a little?" asks the part-time CEO, and full-time Power Girl.

Tre sat there eating, and when nudged by Power Girl, he nudges her back and nods his head for another sandwhich. He was getting full now and all the extra turned into energy, "Yeah I'm a speedster, sorry mind kinda wandered." he says to Rain. "It does that, things were moving too slow and…" he eats, "Sorry, there is no excuse. I'm fine with what we are doing, and teh scope of what we are doing is fine with me. The less teh government is involved the better." he says to Laruel. He looks around for a long moment, "I think this team is going to be good, but we will need help and some of us who hasn't explored our abilities fully will need some way to do so. I know I will and I was already thinking of visiting Star Labs to see if they could help."

Janet smirks a little bit, the thing is well Peej would recognize her. It isn't like she has a mask on or anything. Also honestly Peej is pretty recognizable if you know what you are looking for or are one of the best deductive detectives out there. She shakes her head and sips her soda while Peej chokes on her sandwhich "Careful. Chew." she looks to Black Canary. "I need to know a bit more about everyone and the full of the goals really."

Laurel nods at Tre, "We'll figure something out, that's part of the point of this group to help each other with powers, training and what else." Looking around the room, she smiles at Wasp, "Well, everyone here can probably tell you a little bit about themselves and we can meet up to chat a little more about the group if you like."

Whatever else

Mikial chuckles, "Well, I suppose if we stole from thiefs, like mob bosses or something….." He is /NOT/ wealthy, the only reason he seems to be well equipt is through blackmail on the blackmarket, the Kindness of others (Rain) and the money that he may get from knocked out (or dead) criminals. What he got working for GCPD was simply enough to pay the bills, really.
he also had his fair share of people wanting him dead, and he has a personal problem, his Brother, who managed to get his Family killed through pissing off the wrong people in his own gang, adn with Mikial and his family being the closest, was hit, unfortunatly, Mikial was deployed….

Rain and Captain will linger quietly near Mikial, looking quite concerned and thoughtful.

Nudged back by the man she was sitting with, Peej gives Tre a bit of a grin. Unless he chose to root around in the Subway bag, the one on top was a ham and cheese on wheat sort of thing. It was okay. When Janet admonishes her, Karen gives her a bit of a wry smile. No doubt Janet would notice her as well, unless the crazy powers of her updo was enough to hide her identity.

"And I think… I need to find more soda. You guys talk it out - I'm probably okay with whatever," she says, rising off of the sofa and running a hand through her hair, munching on the tuna fish as she goes. Mikhail and friends were given a nod of the head and a bright smile too. "Glad so many people are onboard. This might be fun."

Tre grins at Power Girl, he grabs a sub and he begins eating and honestly it goes fast. "Sorry I'm full." he says. "No more food." he says as he looks at his soda and finishes it off. Tre looks to Power Girl as she goes to get more soda. "So what else is on the agenda Laurel?"

Janet looks after Peej and then looks to the others slowly then looks to Black Canary. "Right. So how much do you think it costs to fund a superhero team anyhow?"

Laurel smiles in response to the request of Janet and grins, "Well, let me tell you all about it." Within moments, Laurel has a whole spreadsheet presentation thing out on a laptop with tons of numbers, figures, budget stuff and all kinds of other things. It's impressive, clearly she had business sense.

Mikial Hmms, "You know…. I could prolly turn up some heat on some of my 'contacts' and find some good Mob boss's we could hit, and Times when their doing a big money transfer or something, and we take out some big crime bosses and grab a good amount of cash…. But it'd be a bit dirty……"

Laurel gives Spearhead a look, "This is why you need training and mentorship, we're not bandits…." She would have a lot of work to do with that one but in the end, it would be worth it.

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