The Boy Wonder

April 10, 2015:

Black Canary approaches Robin about the New Justice Society.


An Old Dojo/Gym


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Robin had been reached by Canary through whatever means was most appropriate, asking if he would be interested in meeting her.

Black Canary was presently waiting on the top of a building Robin may have known as an old dojo that had been abandoned for many years. There was no sign of a trap or any foul play, the other vigilante who kept mostly to Gotham had wanted to chat with Batman's young apprentice.

Robin may be something of a stick-in-the-mud compared to some of his allies on the Titans, but he's positively a socialite compared to Batman himself. He arrives at the dojo, though he takes a moment to survey his surroundings before making his presence known. He practically fades in from the shadows, but at least he does it in front of Canary, rather than shocking her by sneaking up from behind. He knows full well how people hate when Batman does that. "You wanted to meet me, Canary?"

"Hello Robin." The older woman smiled at the handsome young man who served as Batman's sidekick, some days; Canary thought Robin was more of a visible presence in Gotham than Batman though, "It's nice to meet you in person even if I was expecting someone far younger." A hand is extended to Robin, her smile brightening, "Hopefully my invitation wasn't too sudden, I wasn't sure how to reach you." That was part of the problem she had hoped to address though.

Robin's expression darkens a touch at the mention of a younger variant. He takes her hand, though, shakes. "The younger one died. And came back. And now he's working with the League of Assassins," he says. "We aren't on particularly good terms, I'm afraid." However, the dour expression fades almost as quickly as it appeared. "'gro.snatit|niborder#gro.snatit|niborder' usually works, if the message isn't TOO urgent. It's nice to meet you, too."

"I'll keep that in mind, I've got the gmail app on my phone but no fancy email address like that." Canary ironically had moc.liamg|3284yranackcalB#moc.liamg|3284yranackcalB since some fanboy or fangirl had taken moc.liamg|yranackcalb#moc.liamg|yranackcalb, calling gmail tech support wouldn't help get her the email she deserved.

"I know you work with Batman and the Titans a bit but, there's a group of us looking at forming together something a little more tight-knit. A group of heroes who can work together and support each other, someone like you would serve as a great example to some of the younger heroes. You're practically as well-known as Batman himself." She leaned against a broken AC unit on top of the building, arms crossing over her chest, "I know we don't know each other too well, but I couldn't help but think how great it would be to have you around working with all of us."

A slightly amused look comes across Robin's face. "I think I'm rather better known than Batman. He doesn't let anybody get to know him," he says. "But I take your point. And I might be interested. Mind you, I'm a member of the Titans. And I have a day job. As it were. But tell me more about what you have in mind?"

Canary smirked a little, "It sounds like you lead a busy life, I'm amazed you have the time for a day job, not that I want to pry." Glancing over the skyline she continued, "The Old Justice Society was once a place for heroes to feel safe, where they could rely on their peers to support them in their times of need and work together for the greater good. There are a lot of us out there; who I think could use something like that in our lives."

She laughs, "So I suppose, I want to form a New Justice Society of America and I would like you to be one of the people that helps lay the foundations."

Behind the opaque lenses of his mask, Robin's eyes go to the skyline in turn. Gotham has an impressive one, if you like gothic architecture with the occasional ridiculously modern skyscraper. He's kind of gotten used to it. "I'm not sure what I'd do with myself if I had anything resembling free time," Robin observes.

"I like the way you describe the old Justice Society. And I agree — there are definitely a lot of heroes who could use more support than they get. But what sort of membership are you looking at here? If it's a place for heroes to feel safe… that sort of sounds like it's open to just about anybody. Not a complaint, but something I feel we should put out on the table. Because the more people involved, the riskier it becomes."

"I have a list of people I've approached or plan to approach for various reasons, but no, I don't want to make a superhero clubhouse that anyone can wander in off the street and join."

Canary smiled at Robin before stepping towards the edge of the building to stare at a pair of stray cats fighting, "Even though I'm choosing the initial members, once we get together, I want it to be a group where we all have a say and that would include deciding who would become a member. Kind of like the knights of the round table, except we would all have an equal say."

She pauses a moment and grins, "Since, some of the people I'm asking to join are going to need some help, training and maybe guidance to get them on the right track. If we can help them, we can certainly help other heroes." A few of the heroes she had invited, were definitely fixer-uppers but that was the point; to give them support and help.

"My first responsibility will always be to Gotham," Robin points out. "But yes, if you're putting this group together… it's better to have new heroes getting the training they need than going out and getting themselves killed." He pauses a moment, brows furrowing slightly. "I assume you're not planning to base the group in Gotham?"

"Gotham is definitely one of the cities that needs the most help. I hope to at least talk to batman and get his 'blessing' to operate in the city." Canary is clearly just paying the whole rumors of batman being King of Gotham lip-service, "But this city needs help and it's home for many of us. I have the dojo here in Gotham and we would probably have access to something in New York depending. It's not like we would be restricting ourselves to any one location, it's more like.. if you needed help with something in Gotham you could call on your fellow members in the society to come give you a hand. If one of them needed help in New York, he might give you a call."

"I'm more concerned with the idea of untrained heroes acting in Gotham. MORE untrained heroes acting in Gotham," Robin corrects himself. "We already have a fair number. I am strongly in favor of getting new heroes the support they need, but Gotham is home to some of the deadliest villains around. And I can't support letting new kids wander around getting themselves in trouble with the Joker and Mr. Zsasz."

"This is why the Justice Society will be important, to keep people like you just mentioned from getting themselves killed. Together, we can make sure we're all prepared for the threats a city like Gotham or anywhere else might throw at us. That way, even if we're not together, we'll still have the benefit of that shared experience." Canary shook her head at the stray cats, thinking of her own fight with Joker and Harley Quinn, "I definitely don't condone kids wandering around Gotham trying to fight crime but you probably know yourself well enough, there are enough of them out there doing it already and with our help, they might survive. If they're on their own, people like Spearhead are just going to end up another casualty on the Joker's list."

Robin pauses a moment. He knows of Spearhead. He was involved in that whole pirate thing. Robin was sort of busy with other things. "I understand what you're trying to do," he says. "I'm just saying, while the group may come to Gotham for one purpose or another, it's best to have our main focus elsewhere. There are villains everywhere, but it's really only in Gotham that the driving goal of so many seems to be death."

Canary winked at Robin, "I understand that all too well. I grew up in this city and I really don't want to see anyone else I care about die here." She had seen too many losses to Gotham and she knew in her heart, that more were yet to come, "I've had my eye on a nice brownstone building in Manhattan that would be perfect for our main meeting place anyways. Nice and discreet and not in Gotham."

"That sounds like a good plan," Robin agrees. "And there's plenty of action in New York without, in general, needing to contend with would-be world conquerors and homicidal madmen." He flashes a fraction of a smile. "I'll come work with you, Canary."5r

Canary brightens immensely at that, "I'm honoured Robin and I can't wait to get everyone together and introduced. I know we're going to all be a good team and I look forward to getting to know you better." Her hand is extended again to the young man, "Welcome to the Society." She didn't want to keep him too long, she knew he no doubt had crime to fight!

Robin takes the hand and shakes. "Thank you. Let me know when you need me." He pauses a moment, then retrieves a notepad from one of the pouches on his belt, quickly writes down a phone number. "You can reach me through Oracle if you have her number. But if not… you can get through to me there."

Canary accepts the number on the piece of paper and clutches it tightly, "I'll get in touch with you if I need you and in the meantime, if you need me you can reach me here. The number listed is my cell." When Robin departs she heads back down into the Dojo feeling very happy to have Robin as a member of the newly forming team. It was shaping up to be a great week.

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