May 25, 2017:

Jessica Jones drops by Peggy and Thor's apartment to ask questions about the mysterious red gem that seems to have attracted the Agency's attention. The visit produces more questions than answers.

Thor and Peggy's Manhattan Apartment

The wrong apartment to start talkin' crap about reality television.


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Upper East Side, Manhattan.

It's really tricky to know that this place is occupied by the God of Thunder and the Carter of Agents, but there are ways, particularly for a sleuth. There's the conspiracy theories about weather-control devices stemming from the neighborhood, based off the regular thunder strikes and shifting weather patterns in the area.

There's the videos on Youtube, showing a burly man in a red cape flying in a city that isn't Metropolis. There are the pictures on an Instagram account called @RooftopGoats, showing two goats on a rooftop.

And, you know, having a phone full of people who happen to know exactly where the God of Thunder is staying. Peggy Carter too, if you /know what that name is and how did you get that name and this number—/

Yes, there are ample ways. Right now, night has set in, and the lights are on. People are home. There's a TV on, loud, with a show about a rose ceremony. There's the smell of popcorn permeating out into the hall outside. It's a penthouse suite, which sounds great but this is New York City, so it's definitely palatial in some ways… but it's definitely no Citadel on Asgard.

"This lady is a fool if she believes that Gregory actually cares for her," the accented voice of Thor admonishes, words punctuated with a flurry of popped corn hurled at the screen. "Clearly he is more interested in Miranda and her ample assets."

Thor's gesturing. Likely impossible to see from outside, but there's just, y'know, a sense about it? The roommates are home for their usual weekly night of being gossipy queens.


Peggy Carter is not the type to generally watch TV that is not the news. Or even TV events like this. However, being roommates with Thor has certainly loosened her ideas about television. Especially when it comes with popcorn.

Seated on the couch nearby Thor, Peggy is in a rare 'casual clothes'. It's not exactly sweatpants and t-shirt. It's, instead, a pair of jeans and soft shirt. It's close enough, though, for Peggy to deem it only worn in front of people with which she is comfortable. Her roommate, of course, falls under that category. "Thor!" she chides. "Don't throw popcorn at the screen unless you're willing to be the one to pick it up. "But, you're correct. That man is clearly is only in this for the ratings. Look at his body language. The rise of the back foot, the tilt of his hand forward? This is all theatre. I'm sure the assets come into play, but I think ratings are really the liars here."


Jessica had gotten the memo that Thor and Peggy lived together. From Peggy. So it probably takes even less investigative acumen to locate the apartment than one might suspect…

Buuuuut she did somehow find @RooftopGoats, and had stared at it for about 5 long minutes with the phone held away from her face, her head cocked, and her face twisted up into a 'WTF' look. It was a 'WTF' look as only Jessica can give them, with one brow way up and one drawn way down, with her lip curled in that specific way, with her nose wrinkled.

But eventually, she snapped out of this and came to knock on the door shared by God and Agent. She decided she ought not come empty handed, especially given some various recent events. After some debate she went to a local bakery and picked up a box of assorted cupcakes. They're 5-star rated cupcakes on Google, though she hasn't had the chance to taste them personally yet.

More of those sleuthing skills in action.

She cocks her head at the sound of Thor making his commentary on the television show, her face screwing up in confusion again. For months, even when she was mostly staying at Shadowcrest, she had assumed that for the most part she should leave him be because he was very very lofty and important, especially in comparison to grubby PIs. Hearing him get all worked up about reality television like…like people reorients her paradigm. It's not a bad thing in the least…it actually produces the faintest little smile. And when she hears Peggy join in? She ducks her head and smiles more. Peggy, assessing things as only a spy can.

She's dressed in jeans, a white t-shirt with a V-neck and a canvas green jacket. It's too warm for leather today, but she doesn't feel like running around with her arms bare, either.


And it just goes to show what happens when assumptions are made! Sure, Thor has a bevy of titles, but at the end of the day… well, he's very much a man ruled by his emotions, however base or noble they may be! There was also a more recent spate of Youtube videos of the God of Thunder in Australia, rescuing a whale, and then partying for a solid 5 days on the beach.

Yes, it's very easy for expectations to come down. And be prepared, there's only one way for them to go at this point.

That's why you don't put the Thor on a pedestal!

"It is less fun if you bring your eye for body language into things," Thor says with a scowl directed at his roomie, rising from the sofa a moment after the door is knocked upon. "Are we expecting anyone?" he questions in turn, meaty hands collecting empty glasses from the coffee table. The popcorn remains on the ground.

So it is that the door opens, revealing Thor, Son of Asgard, clad in a pair of dark leather pants. They're his comfiest pair, made of a soft, supple animal from another Realm entirely. That's it. The rest of him is blonde hair, tan skin, and muscles upon muscles.

His blue gaze squints down at the relatively tiny woman at the door. His lips quirk into a faint grin, and he looks over his shoulder towards the other occupant of the flat for just a moment. Or is it the TV that's attempting to draw him back? Then he leans against the door juuust slightly. "Why hello there…"

The grin turns sheepish. His lips puff out a touch. He clearly doesn't remember the name, but there's the recognition of the face. The gaze dips down, past the v-neck - ok, momentary linger - to the box that Jessica's holding. "I see you have brought the necessary gift!" He sweeps an arm out, gesturing for Jessica to enter. No, he's not going to admit he's forgotten a name, that would be… not right!


"I think it's more fun," Peggy tells Thor magnanimously. "That helps us know the choices and if they are made by those on high or of themselves!" She refuses to apologize for her way of watching the reality show they throw popcorn at and drink during. It's an unwinding opportunity for the both of them.

The door is knocked upon and Thor is up to answer it. Jessica is there with cupcakes and the Agent of SHIELD is immediately straightening. "Jessica!" She greets with a smile. "Welcome. We were just watching a reality show. They're strangely addicting. I can tell they're entirely staged, but that doesn't make it any less compelling somehow. Please, come in! There are things to discuss."

Immediately helping a breach of Asgardian etiquette, she introduces, "Thor, this is my good friend Jessica Jones. She's a private detective. Jessica, this is Thor, Prince of Asgard and my roommate. Can we get you a glass of water or a bowl of popcorn?"


Many women have observed the fact that Thor is rather dreamy. And while Jessica does get a little antsy and nervous around men she does not know well, unless she happens to be really drunk, and while she certainly has lost her heart to someone else, against all advisability…

Well, she's also not dead. She is a healthy, red blooded woman.

And so at first, there's a wholly appreciative and wholly unbidden smirk, followed by a sudden cut of her eyes away from Thor and a quick step back out of his personal space as he leans in the door like Mr. July. She holds up the cupcakes, face flaming. As if to demonstrate that yes, yes, she brought gifts.

She tries to offer words that don't sound strangled. She mostly succeeds.

"Hi Peggy, thanks." she says. "It's nice to see you again, Thor."

If she's offended that she was not remembered, it doesn't at all show.

To Peggy: "He actually saved my— " Normally she would say 'ass', but…there are SO MANY REASONS why she is not doing that right now…

"Life. Once. But I'm sure that's just another Tuesday and it's been months. Water would be great, thank you." And with that, she steps inside, where her eyes sort of continue to fly around to stare at anything but Thor's Abs of Justice.

"I love your apartment, Peggy, this is really cool."


Yes, it's important to unwind for Thor, because he spends an awful lot of time not doing much on Earth as he attempts to live upon this Realm just a wee bit longer! "Ah," the God sounds as the name is given to him. It makes his grin turn from sheepish to simply cheeky.

"Lady Jessica, it is incredibly generous of you to bring us these refreshing tiny cakes," he says as he takes the offering, peering into the contents. "They look most decadent."

Those abs and pecs are out of Jessica's sight soon enough as the Detective enters, and the door is shut behind her. "It was not that long ago, and I was glad to be of assistance. And please, as you mortals are so fond of saying, take a seat. I am not sure where you will take it but I am told it is polite. I shall fetch the refreshment. We have harder options available, if your tongue desires more than water. Peggy, did you want more of the same or do you need your wits about you? And is our dear guest able to handle the mead?"

Very important questions! Thor will head for the kitchen area of the flat, and bartend momentarily. He'll shortly return to the living area, abs still on display, with the cupcakes plated and whatever else is called for, in addition to a big wooden mug that's frothing at the top. That one's for him.


Can she handle her mead?

This does cause a smirk, and a memory that Quill had been willing to lay bets that she could drink an Asgardian under the table. But…

She is literally 1 day away from regaining her 30-day AA token, and she is feeling mostly emotionally stable. No need to fall off the wagon again just to assauge her pride.

Jessica takes a seat and says, "My tongue is happy with water, thank you uh, Lord Thor." Well, he's calling her 'Lady' Jessica.

She looks mildly impressed by Thor's domestic skills though; he's plating and hosting like a boss. A Chip-n-Dales boss, but still a boss.

Once these various food and drink concerns are dealt with, she leans forward and says, "Thor— uh, Lord, Thor… I'm here working on an investigation— one Peggy and I have both been working on. I needed to ask you about the red gem that you entrusted to Peter Quill as part of his probation. Do you know much about it?"

Jessica Jones has limited Socializing Abilities. Eventually, she's always going to get right back to business. Even when she's interviewing a shirtless god.


And so water it is! With that all set away, Thor opts to get one thing out of the way real quick. With a kind smile, he lifts a hand. "Please, just Thor. I hold no titles in this Realm, not in this day and age." And then there's ~business~ to deal with, which proves quite interesting.

Interesting, in the sense that it brings those blonde brows down, a slight furrow marring his perfect face as the gem is brought up. "Yes, that very gem that was used as a focus for your return to this Realm," he recalls, a hand that isn't holding a mug lifting to rub at his healthy scruff. "I know some of it, at least how we acquired it. Odin - my father, the All-Father - thought it best to use it as a means of tracking that vagrant Quill. It is quite like him to know more than he lets on."

Taking a healthy swig, he gestures across to Jessica. "What have you two discovered concerning it, and through what means? More divinations of magic?"

Sure, he didn't really elaborate on that 'how did we get the gem' part, but!

"And do you enjoy these reality shows that Peggy insists on ruining?"

Leaning forward, he seizes a cupcake, and shoves the whole bloody thing into his mouth. Icing cakes his lips, a bit of it dropping onto his burly chest. He wipes that up with a finger. Yes, very god-like, indeed!


Jessica drinks her water and frowns thoughtfully. "We've discovered little and speculated much," she says.

Now, how to avoid drowning Thor in confusing information when she is literally trying to pluck the right facts out of literally months of confusing, chaotic, and complex events. "I am asking," she says slowly, "Because in the course of investigating our case we have come across a group of killers from another dimension. They are suffused with red energy— red, just like the gem— and they are after the gem. Quill showed up with the gem right around the time some major and significant events began happening on this case."

And, perhaps proving that Jessica Jones will charge in where angels fear to tread, she asks, "Is there a way to get an audience with the All-Father so that I might ask him, if he's the better one to know? Or perhaps you could ask him, and tell me what he says? There are a lot of bodies hitting the ground, and there are people stealing dangerous technology to build even more dangerous technology. We'd dearly love to stop this."


Now that's one way to get the mirth to subside. The licking of his fingers - because of course he got some icing there too - ceases right about the mention of mounting death totals. Sobering news, indeed. The God of Thunder's looks away from the questioning investigator, looking out towards one of the flat's windows. A moment later, he seizes the remote and pauses the television. It seems the two roommates are behind on episodes and were utilizing the recording option.

"I will tell you what I have been told, and I expect that even were I to beseech him that we would hear no more. The All-Father is fond of all of his children, be their God or mortal, finding their own way." His hands spread, but his face indicates he is not apologizing for his father's decisions.

"I shall keep the tale short, for my brother is the one who weaves words and I am the one who hits things that need hitting." The God of Thunder leans forward. "There was once a species known as the Jaamiehia, the Ice Hunters in your tongue, who we thought extinct thousands of years ago. Their world had been turned to ice, their time amongst the Realms and the Galaxy ended with a deafening crack heard even in Asgard as their planet broke under its icy weight."

His meaty hands gesture, like a bundle of figs snapping in half. "It was not so long ago however that this broken world of theirs was revisited by what may well have been some surviving group of the Jaamiehia, and others. Perhaps these glowing men you have mentioned. We do not have phones to take pictures." A touch wry, that. "They were attempting to bring their world back to life with a weapon, and this gem was feeding it. The problem is that the weapon was drawing the heat from another world entirely, which is why Asgard intervened."

He leans back. "If I were the type of God to make assumptions, it would seem they wish to finish the task they started. Have any of the ones you faced summoned a demon made of ice?"


If Jess is upset by being told she'll have to find her own way, she gives no sign.

It's kind of her M.O. anyway.

She takes out a pad of paper and a pencil and begins scribbling away as he speaks, her face falling into a tense frown as yet another otherworldly species and faction steps in to enter what is surely the strangest and most complex case she's ever taken on.

He asks if anyone has summoned a demon made of ice, and Jessica gives a slow shake of her head. "No," she says, quick glancing at Peggy. Maybe Peggy can find incidents like that in SHIELD's database. "No, this is all new. I appreciate you taking the time to tell me though."

It creates way more questions than answers. But…she realizes that she's been building a map of mystic incidents in New York, herself. If any of them had anything to do with ice, that's something she can go and check out. "It's also possible the perpetrators Peggy and I are chasing simply know that thing is a great power source for weapons and want it for themselves."

The PI exhales, then she smiles. "Thanks, Thor. Here."

She digs out one of her cards and slides it across the coffee table towards the god. "In case you think of anything else. And…in case…well. I can't imagine that you come across much that you can't handle for yourself, but…If I can ever help you in some way, you just let me know. It's not everyone who will jump into another dimension on behalf of a woman he's never even met."


"The summoning will let you know if it is the Hunters that you are dealing with. Your suspicions concerning these others may be correct." Thor doesn't seem to want to lay into the possibilities too much however, no doubt preferring to smash things with his hammer instead.

Leaning forward yet again as the card slides across the table, the Thunderer gives it an appraising look. Something flashes across his eyes, some thought within those meaty brains of his, but he does not shift the topic just yet. "If this matter requires the intervention of Asgard, then I would suggest someone pray to me and I shall likely appear. It is nearly as quick as calling me." Realizing that, he makes a slight face. "I suppose you could just call me, too.

"I would make the jump again, too. Thank you for your offer — I may take you up on it shortly. I wish to know where my brother is located, but he can be a man, a woman, a bird, a bear, just about anything in truth, save for his habit of rubbing it in people's faces by keeping his eyes green and there being some kind of feathering involved."

Thor's wry once more as he discusses Loki. "I am not sure where to begin with such a task save the use of magic, and I would not recommend it with him. Perhaps we can talk of that later.

"But for now," he adds, the wry giving way to grave. "If the gem must be removed from this Realm for the safety of the mortals, then I shall take it and do just that. Quill has more balls than brains, so I would leave the decision to the two of you to make. We can simply borrow one of those metal anklets I have seen on the television to ensure that vagrant stays in Midgard."

Thor nods at that, proud of what he's learned from watching a bit too much TV.


"Really?" Jessica asks, doing a double take. "Like, literally, I can just pray to you? Holy crap." That will be a good one to remember, too, the next time someone or something is trying to kill her and she can't reach any of her panic buttons. She has a feeling that's a situation that will arise anywhere from 2 to 22 times within the next six months, too.

Yeah, that's a heck of a revelation, even with her weird encounters with Itzpapalotl. But Itzpapalotl floats around in some weird spirit dimension until she shows up to cause problems. Thor…lounges shirtless in Peggy's apartment and watches reality television.

The world is just truly weird AF, and it…really doesn't get any less weird when Thor starts talking about his own potential case. A missing brother who can be…just…about anyone or anything with green eyes and feathers. He suggests magic may be involved, and she smiles wryly. "I'm no wizard, but I do know some," she says. Wizards who recently, in a single series of texts received before her arrival, have given her such a huge new dose of unexpected faith in people that she hardly knows what to do about it, but that is something to process later.

Quill having more balls than brains produces a twitch of Jessica's lips. "Doesn't sound like the worst idea I've ever heard," she says. What is she forgetting about that?

Oh, yeah. A factoid from one of the worst nights ever. "I think he and Kitty have been playing with it. So there's that."

And with that, she stands. "I'll leave you two to get back to it, as I am not, in fact, at all a fan of reality television." She did remember him asking that.

She pauses to smile at the attentive and quiet Peggy, a smile with real warmth. Then? She slips out, so that Thor and Peggy might indeed get to learn what happens with Miranda and her ample assets.

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