Marvel Team Up! (?)

May 24, 2017:

Spider-Man comes to talk to Tony Stark about the Iron Monger and ends up getting the broken pieces of a smartphone. He couldn't be happier. Yep.

Stark Tower

You know. It's big and has the name STARK on it. Hard to miss.


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Mentions: Silk, Iron Monger, Spider Woman


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Fade In…

Afternoon in Stark Tower is never a typical affair. Oh lunch sometimes happens of course. And things sometimes get done. As usual. However there is always something odd happening. Something atypical. It varries from day to day of course. Sometimes to deal with visitors. Sometimes to deal with construction projects. Sometimes…

…well sometimes the unusual is directed at some specific person.

Possibily a specific spider person.

Which is why on the underside of the landing pad on the Tower(a notorious hang out for spider-people) is a sign.

'If you see this come inside so we can chat.'

Just plastered on the underside of the pad, about where the usual trajectry of a swinging spider person might be.

Tony Stark? Well he's inside. Possiibly he forgot he put the sign there. Who really knows with him. Though he is rocking some killer loud Zepplin while working on…something…

There are a lot of holo displays up thats for sure.

A while ago, Spider-Man made a promise to a certain other spider-person to go talk to Tony Stark about his fat, angry robot twin. He really wasn't looking forward to it, but also kind of was. It's complicated. Regardless, this is about how it went:

There's a loud knock on the window of Stark Towers' 13th floor. One of the employees starts, spins around — and finds a spry young Spider-Man hanging upside-down on a web, waving excitedly.


And up he rises along the webline to the next floor.

Rinse. and. Repeat.

And so it went. Predictably, it turned up nothing, and Spider-Man wandered off, grumbling about how Mister Stark's obviously just too busy making obese robots to talk to him, or something. It's a pretty convenient excuse. He liked it. He'd written off the whole thing until later.

Which is, of course, why Spider-Man is here today, to do the exact same thing he did the day before. He swings in across the New York cityscape, towards the landing pad of Stark Tower to make his webline…

… only for those white lenses to widen when they see the sign.

"'If… you… see this…' Aw come on why can't I be the one to make the cool surprise entrance on him for once?! This is such a — OH GOD BUILDING!"

And this is the story of how Spider-Man, the world's most graceful being in existence, becomes so flustered that he nearly collides face-first with the side of Stark Tower. A quick yank on his web-line, and he goes straight up in the air with a very brave, "AAHHH DON'T WANNA BE SPIDER-SPLATTER" before he hits the surface of the landing pad with a thud, and a roll, going "oof oof oof oof oof" the entire way until he just sort of…

… flattens… against the glass door leading inside.


And, feeling the thrum of old rock music vibrating against his cheek, Spider-Man very slowly lifts up a hand… and knocks. Still gracefully sprawled out.

"Hiiiiiiiiiiii Mister Stark."

"Can we um — never bring this up, like — ever? — Wow, look at all those holo displays!"

"Well kid, thats one way to knock."

Stark's observation comes with a smirk as he catches sight of the red-clad crusader for justice splatted against the glass door. "I mean most people use /just/ one hand, but you just go for the gusto. Use the whole body. Maybe you'll start a trend."

He's talking as he is walking over towards the door. The holoscreens remain in place, filled with pictures of sleek and odd little attack drones. Obviously grainy images from some kind of gun camera. Lines of numbers flash by as they read the stress and speed of flight of the things. JARVIS attempting to dissiemble them digitially to give Stark a better idea.

But he is more worried about parker at the moment. Flattened as he is.

Opening the door he lets the spider in, he can't help but grin. Shaking his head slightly at the enthuastic new superhero. "Come on in, just in the middle of something but I heard though the grapevine that you wanted to have a little chat."

A beatpause.

"That means that Pepper yelled at me for fifteen minuites after the last time you dropped by."

"Har har har. I'm just — y'know — nevermind. All you get is a sarcastic laugh from me right now."

This is the train of thought that takes Spider-Man from disappointingly flattened against the door of Stark Towers to flipping his way back up onto his feet without so much as missing a beat. Stretching (and subtly making sure he didn't damage any part of his precious suit), the red-and-blue vigilante just kind of… squints at Stark for a moment before just sighing and making his way inside, shoulders slumped.

"I had such a cool entrance in mind too…"

He's never going to live this down. But at least it's far from the most embarassing thing he's done.

… which ultimately just makes him feel worse.

Still, he manages to look pretty nonchalant, all things considered, hands locking behind the back of his head as he looks over the holoscreens with what might as well be a curious squint of those white lenses. "Huh. What kinda model of drone is that? That's not, like — one of yours, is it?" He imagines not, just with all the evidence assembled. "They don't really look like something you'd make. Is something going on? Like some Avengers stuff?? D'you need some help???"

You came here for a reason Peter, remember, you're not here to gush and then get made fun of, focus!!

"Err. Uh. Right. So, like, yeah, okay, sorry about that, but it's superhero business so she shouldn't be that mad, right-" oh Peter, you're so naive sometimes "-and anyway that's not the point!" And here, Spider-Man jabs an accusing finger Tony's way.

"What's up with the Fantastic Fat Iron Man trying to hunt me down like it's spider season?! That's not even — like — a thing!"

"You'll get your cool entrence one day," Stark replies with shake of his head. "Just don't try it again when you're hurling for my building as roughly the speed of sound." The rapid fire questions though draw his attentions to the monitors. "Huh." A pause. "You probably shouldn't have seen that. But no, its not mine. I'm looking up for some friends. So not official Avengers stuff per-sae. Since I don't even know what they are yet help is kinda difficult and you might need to speak russin. I think the drones are some kind of machine/human hybrid interface—you know none of that is really the point!"

He leans against a bench to fix Peter with a curious look. "So whose the other spider gir—-" A beatpause as suddenly he's the one with a finger being jabbed in his direction.

"Fantastic Fat Iron—oh hell. He already started after you? I guess you've met him then…JARVIS, if you would."

"Of course sir, and good afternoon to you as well Mister Parker." The propper as always voice of JARVIS tones as the sounds of Zepplin fade as the volume is adjusted. "Or do you prefer Spider-Man?"

Always polite that Jarvis.

A new holoscreen flickers into existance. This one holding the massive vissage of Iron Monger learing down at whoever held the camera. "I'm going to guess this is the 'Fantastic Fat Iron Man'?" A pause. "Yeah. Not one of mine."

"What? I shouldn't have seen it? Why?" Those white lenses whirr into a squint, less suspicious and more — frustrated, maybe, if the way Spider-Man's hands fall on his hips is any indication. "I can help too, y'know! I'm not like — I've got skills! And I'm smart!" He thinks back to exactly one minute ago. "Ignore the door thing, I am!" There. "And I… don't know how to speak Russian I went through the public school system I barely know Spanish but — look, that's not the — machine/human hybrid interface? Like, some kinda technopathy? From Russia? So it's not like, a local thing, not something you think came from New York or… elsewhere… you know what nevermind that."

It doesn't -look- like one of Six's, either, so he'll just table those concerns for now, too.

This long, winding spiel is brought to a resounding end at the beginning of Tony's question, and his (probably a little too swift) accusations. "It's not — he hasn't run into me -yet- but he's -looking for me-. Why's he — oh hey JARVIS, could you just — y'know — Spider-Man please, I'm really trying hard to keep this whole secret identity thing going you know? I have enough problems with people randomly finding it out without recorded evidence and — just… Spider-Man."

All this winding, stream-of-conscious narration takes Peter to staring at that big, imposing screenful of Iron Monger. Spider-Man scratches the side of his head. Squints. "Yep. That's him. That's… the whole Fat Albert War Machine of him." He's really stuck on that. "Look, he didn't — he found Silk, looking for me, right? And he… hurt her… looking for me." The hesitation in his voice makes it clear — he's putting that entirely on his shoulders.

"And she showed me the footage on her Stark Phone — which, why don't I have one of those, I have to bum a smartphone off Red Robin, which is really kinda humiliating to borrow things from a guy named after a — look. The point is… I don't know who this guy is, but he's like — obviously horning in on your brand, right? I mean, some of that stuff looks awfully Stark Tech-y to me. And we've got this whole…"

Vague hand gesture here.

"… mentor-student-but-I'm-doing-my-own-thing-and-I'm-not-your-sidekick-before-you-even-think-of-saying-it… thing… going on…"

Very succinct.

"… so just… do you know who this guy is? Why he's after me? Like… me. I don't want him hurting anyone else like he did with Silk, or…"

There's that poignant worry Peter can't express: what if he -knows-? About Peter? About Aunt May?

"Yeah I know you're smart," Stark replies with a smirk. "Else I wouldn't be helping you. But none of this happened on this side of the world. They already put one person I know in the hospital, and I'd rather not give them a round two. So—-" Then the way he says something causes Stark to pause. Raise on eyebrow. "…do you /know/ any technopathy experts in New York?" Because that was totally a leading stream of thoughts.

But then he's off on a different subject and Stark is left to ponder just what he ment with part of his mind while the rest concentrates on a much more closer to home threat.

"Of course, sir." JARVIS replies cheerfully. "I know I am used to Mister Stark's more…open…views on the subject but I shall keep to your wishes and not speak of your idenity."

He's a good AI.

The rest though causes Tony to frown as he snaps a finger at the holocam and a new page appears. This one of a full schematic of the Iron Monger suit with the words 'Mk I' at the top. Side by side with a bigger version of the thing with the 'Mk II' writ large over it.

"This one is my fault, kid." He says with a sigh. "Iron Monger, thats what I'm calling him though I do like 'Fat Suit' too, he came after me once before. I took him out, but someone upgraded the thing. Someone with a major hate on for me." He starts to move, to pace. A familiar energy building up inside him. He can't sit still for long at moments like this. Its not exactly nervous energy, its just…the desire to create. To build. To /do/ something.

"He's also a coward, so he won't come after me directly. But he's going after anyone I helped." A glance towards Peter. "That seems to include hospitals, charities, and people. He shot a implosion missile at a childrens hospital just to distract me last time I chased him down."

A pause.

"He's dangerous, really dangerous. And he doesn't care about property damage like you or I might. You have a good eye, cause most of that is stolen Stark Tech. Old designs. But still.." A gesture. "…and for your peace of mind, none of your personal information was on the servers hit. Just the fact that I gave you some equipment. So names and addresses I'm done my damnedest to protect. I can count the number of people with access to that on one hand."

'… do you /know/ any technopathy—'

"Nnnnope nope nope nope nope nope."

… And that's the end of that.

It's something that Peter keeps in the back of his mind, though, chewing over even as they go over the more immediate threat to his and his friends' safety. If Six -could- help with Tony's weird Russian situation, shouldn't he see? But he also shouldn't talk about her. And he also doesn't want Tony getting on his case about (-reverse-!!-)robbing a train, even if he did it for a just cause.

Deeply troubling thoughts all around, which more or less manifest themselves in the form of Spider-Man scratching the side of his nose through his mask as he stares at the two versions of the Iron Monger suit.

"… I kinda prefer the tinier, weaker-looking version. Can't we just like, go back to that one? Maybe convince them to de-iterate? That's a thing, right?"

Jokes help. They help him focus, and sometimes they help him forget how nervous he feels. He's not really sure which one it is in this case, as he stares at the schematic of the Iron Monger suit, committing it to memory — for all the good it does, with a new one out there. "Easy! So we just gotta find someone who hates you, right?" he asks, snapping his fingers, as if he solved the problem. Then awareness dawns of exactly what he said, and who exactly he's talking to.

A second of stark silence passes.

"… Oh. Right. Uh. Nevermind that, that's not, like — … efficient."

At least he tries to soften the blow.

Still — those lenses narrow into tiny white slits as Tony goes on. Arms crossing over his chest, he feels an impulsive need to lash out over all of this — but for once, he manages to stow it. Because he knows what it's like, to be responsible for terrible mistakes.

So instead, he just releases a soft exhale of relief at Tony's assurances, looking down. "That's — good. Thanks, Mister Stark. I just-" Well. Tony knows better than most the kinds of concerns Peter might have been having.

"So like… how do we find this guy, then? Do I just websling around making fat jokes about his armor until he gets mad and tries to punch me in the face, and then — oh, oh — you show up, and we have a total, like, marvelous team up or something! Like, a total World's Finest situation! Spider-Man and Iron-Man, joining forces at last!!"

He might be letting his imagination get away with himself here.

And he definitely put himself first in that line up.

"Uh huh…"

This is Tony Stark's disbelieving face. That is totally what Peter is seeing right now. That quirked eyebrow. The slight twitch of what could be a smile at the corner of his mouth. The entire posture of 'nice try, kid' that seems to radiate from him as he just watches Peter scratch his nose and stare at the suit.

"I'll ask him next time I see him. I mean never hurts to ask right?" He finally moves on before pressing the issue. Though he does snort. "I'm pretty sure I could throw a rock out a window and hit someone that hates me. Not really easy to do that. No its not hate, this is someone that really has it in for me. This is all methodical and planned. Don't know of its revenge or what…but…"

He draws a deep breath.

"And for how to find him, you let me handle that. I got drones over half the city, and am retooling some satalite systems to work with it." Though he hasn't found anything, and the fustration of that makes his mouth press into a thin line. His eyes narrow as he glares towards the holoscreen.

He pauses a moment then to look up towards the ceiling. "He's good at hiding, but he can't stay that way forever. And when we find him…" A glance towards Peter. "…you do realise that he is shooting things that are designed to hurt /my/ suit. Right? JARVIS. Weapons specs on the Mk II."

Again the schemetics pop up, but this time they come with the missiles. The repulsor beams, output reaching into anti-vehicle levels. Chainguns in shoulder and wrist mounts.

Its kinda terrifing.

"I can fit most of this on one of my suits, but I don't. Since the colateral damamge potentional is insane." A glance at Peter again. "…stay away from him."

Then a beatpause.

"And since I'm sure you're not going to listen to me, don't fight him in the city. Get him outside it, or to somewhere that he can't hurt civilians fast as you can." He adds after a moment with a sigh. Because he's pretty sure Peter is totally not going to listen to him.

A pause again as he glances back down at the computer.

"JARVIS. Parker's files."

Wait what? What is he going to do? Is this going to be some kind of blackmail plot?! Is he going to use this kind of leverage to keep a good Spider-man down?!

Out pops a tiny little black portible drive. Stark grabs it and tosses it up and down in his hand before lobbing it over towards the red-and-blue bug wonder.

"Here. Everything I got. If they had access to my servers before, they might get them again and I'm not risking anyone else. I'll deleate my copies. So…I'm trusting you, Peter."

He is just turning away before his head snaps back around. "Wait. You don't have a /smartphone/?"

He'll handle it. He has things that can hurt -Tony's- suit. Stay away from him.

All of these things are just further ratcheting up the 'PETER PARKER NEEDS TO DO THIS HIMSELF, SCREW YOU OLD MAN' meter.

"All those drones, and you still can't find him, like — seriously? I'm telling you, Mister Stark. Just get me out there, and I do my best, 'Heeeey heeey heey! It's Fat Iron Man!' bit," he even does the voice too, all deep and rotund, "Maybe spray paint 'IRON DONGER' on a few walls… he'll come out of hiding. Like, totally. This has never once failed me."

It sure has hurt some times, though.

But then Tony drops the weapons loadout. And even as he does, Peter knows where he's going with this. Frowning beneath his mask, the young vigilante looks over all of those schematics again, the weapons that could pancake buildings and missiles that could blow up the pancaked buildings. He just frowns more.

"I'm not a kid, you know," says the teenaged vigilante, "I'm like — I've been doing this for a while, you know that right? Even before you popped into my life all 'oh I'm an eccentric billion-zillionaire hello Aunt May would you like to fly in my private spaceship to the planet that I own,'" Spider-Man's mask scrunches up in a way that makes it completely obvious he's making a 'yuck' kind of face behind it.

"I've got these powers for a reason, I'm not gonna… not do something. Besides, you're like as limber as a geriatric 90 year old in that suit - no offense Mister Stark - and I've got like, you know, Spider-Senses - it's a thing, shut up - so I can handle myself, and what're you doing now, Parker Files? — oh come on Mister Stark don't that's totally not cool I'm gonna get so mad if you try to-"

That long-winded rambling comes to an abrupt end as a flicker of black enters Spider-Man's field of vision. He snatches it out of the air entirely by instinct before looking down at the small, black drive nestled against his palm. White lenses shutter in a blink.

I'm trusting you, Peter.

There's a long moment of silence then, as the webbed vigilante wraps his fingers around that device.

"I, uh… um. Yeah.

"… Thanks, Mister Stark."

He just kind of stands there, dumbfounded and suppressing the urge to squeal in delight at ACKNOWLEDGEMENT!! when—

"Look, I don't — I don't have to answer that question! You're just — so — argh! Some of us don't have the money to buy galaxies, let alone a Samsung Galaxy!!" he's pretty proud of that one "So — look — I -build- my stuff, I don't — just — ugh! No! I don't have a smartphone! I borrow one from Red Freaking Robin! Alright?! So just — ugh!!"

Not his proudest moment overall, though.

"He's got some seriously good stealth tech and access to specs for my sensor drones. So…I'm having to invent new sensor drones just to keep up." Stark explains before he just lets Peter ramble on for awhile. He thought that little drive would cause him to pause though.

Then he's off again. About the Smartphones of all things and Tony just has to smile.

"Oh, you build your stuff huh?"

He turns towards a side table with a box of…well…parts on it. He shakes it a moment, peers into it, then dumps even more bits and bobs into it before he nods.

Picking up the box again he strolls back towards Spider-man before he hands it over. Its indeed filled with smashed parts.

"Dummy rolled over a new Starkphone prototype yesterday. He does that. Accent…or maybe he was just jealous of the new tech…I never know. Anyway. There are bits of a phone in here…so…build you one."

The look on his face turns serious.

"Because no one. No one. Should ever have to barrow a phone from someone named Red Robin. I mean seriously. Plush he's from Gotham and the Bat has always annoyed me. All that gravely voice and 'ooooh Gotham is miiiine get out' thing he does." He steps back then, smirking slightly.

"So go on then, get out of here. And take care of yourself, kid. Try not to do anything too crazy. Alright?"

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