The Dark Spiral (pt.2)

May 23, 2017:

A confrontation follows between the Suicide Squad and Nate Grey.


NPCs: Amanda Waller



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((Continued from Dark Spiral pt.1 ;

"I have been risking my life since I was fourteen, your Kingwatch is pretty tame compared with most of my enemies, Waller," replies Nate with a cocky smirk. "You need to die, lady. You know, in my homeworld I killed brigands, rapists, murderers… there was no justice system. When I crossed over, wow. Justice! America justice! Laws. Lawyers. Trials. It was wonderful, I could fall in love. Imperfect, but awesome. Criminals went to jail, they served a time and sometimes they were redeemed. You have no idea what that meant for me."

He goes serious again. "But some criminals are above the law. Too powerful, too well-connected, too many dirt on politicians. Those still need to die. You are one of those, Waller. You have perverted America's justice for your ends. And you work for even greater assholes - which I might find after I deal with you."

Hmm, slowpokes. Knightwatch is left behind. "I do not fear death. At all. I lost my fear when I realized I would die fighting young. Because I made the conscious decision to fight against those so-called supervillains, and so very few of us live long. It is amazing I made it to 22. Threatening me with death is dumb. Stop being dumb if you want to live a little longer. And admittedly your mind is impressive for a normal human," again a touch of reluctant respect. "But if I really want I can crack you in a few minutes and get out -all- your secrets in mere hours. Then I can go to the press… hmm, maybe that will worry you more than just a death threat?"


"That makes two of us. Go on then." Waller says, her chin lifting up. "Be a cold blooded killer some more, end me, end yourself and anyone else who is attached to my operations if you fail to listen to reason. It will be a mistake and you will regret it. That is not a threat, that is just the ugly reality of things. This entire situation is a clusterfuck and you are spiraling through it blindly. So please, stop wasting my time, release me, kill me or rip my mind to shreds, X-Man. Show me what sort of creature you are." Cradling her swollen broken hand she waits, she is prepared for the end. She is a soldier. She knows what her life's path could end up as.
Currently flying at breakneck speeds through the air just outside of Hub City Nate Grey has abducted Amanda Waller, holding her hostage against the assembled DEO and Knightwatch forces. When they mobilize certain protocols are ran through, step A through step C-D-E-F and beyond. They are well past Stage E and now in to Stage F.
Amanda Waller is compromised and Director Bones has authorized use of the Suicide Squad on American soil. The message of "bring wings" must have meant because they are flying by unnatural methods.



"Hold up! Hold up!" Taskmaster snaps suddenly. Taskmaster's phone slinging up in gloved and he stares at it. "We're activated. They want the Enchantress, we have Class 5 threat and need to be in Hub City fifteen minutes ago. Apparently 'bring wings'. What the fuck does that mean? None of us fly."
A look from one Squad members face to the next. "The Sheba maybe or… fuck, she means the Witch?"


June looks over at Taskmaster's comment, horrified. "Oh, god." She knows that she's supposed to be the big heavy hitter when things go down, but this is it, huh? She steels herself, closes her eyes, and calls "Enchantress."

Shadows wreathe the doctor, wrapping around her, the shadowy presence of the ancient being forming behind her, and twisting around her. Clad in chains and headdress and in black, the Enchantress steps forth. «So. Now she calls.» She takes a look to the others. "Be prepared." And she throws her arms wide. Shadows fill the room, which begins to shake and tremble as if there were an earthquake. And then, each of the Squad there feels a /strange/ sensation, as if they are torn into ash and shadow, the world streaking by at speed unimaginable.

Dark clouds form in Hub City, swirling about, as if a vast storm is forming. Upon the ground below, a chunk of earth is torn from the land, streaking upwards to meet the spiraling arrival of ash and cinder, as the Suicide Squad appears atop the floating terrain.

Waller said she was the secret weapon. This is why, as she easily puts to shame in this one action anything the Squad has seen her do until now.


"-not prepared!" Two minute's warning is a bitch. Regan hasn't dressed so quickly in her life. In fact, when she's on scene, she's still trying to get last night's mane of sleepy hair out of her eyes while buckling her gunbelt across her hips. Half-buttoned purple leathers line her hips down to her boots, sheathed with knives, and the leather vest she wears has three straps unbuckled, tight enough about her ribcage to hold. She coughs her words out, disoriented. "Oh my god, this is-" Amazing. Regan tugs the last glove on with her teeth and adjusts her sunglasses, looking ever more like an operative with each mission. She hops, getting the last two buttons on her pants into place, then turns her eyes in the direction the wind is coming from. She's a streamer of golden hair. She curls her earpiece onto her ear, then rips her pistols out of their holsters. «"Lady Mastermind, online."»


Poison Ivy just met the team and just got oen hell of a show, mostly in seeing June's 'magic trick' and hearing that already they are being called in. Then she got to move through the earth, through so many old and ancient roots. Ivy wanted to coax them to life again but there are more pressing matters it seems. She's in her leaves and has what supplies she had on her, but maybe not as ready as she wishes. She doesn't speak yet, no she's readying out seeing what she has at her disposale should she have to really go wild, because she doesn't fully trust Enchantress. She doesn't trust ANYONE.


Ironic they both knew about their deaths. Ack… and she is being sincere, his empathy tells him so. "Fucking crazy bitch," he growls. Cold-blooded killing is hard, particularly when the target is helpless. "You are not giving me any reason not to. You are as resolute as ruthless, and I won't let you drag Rose into… your clusterfucks. She has enough with her own."

He holds Waller at his level, because the least he can do is looking into her eyes. "You are so fucking wrong. But at least you are brave, goodbye."

And just then there is a crowd of witnesses… Knightwatch he presumes. He didn't want to hurt anyone else and did his best to avoid them, but now… wait! "Rose?" He barely restraints himself in time, his telekinetic strike would have shattered Enchantress' flying platform into a million pieces. He grunts, as the energy flows around him gold and bright, reshaping the strike into a shield around Waller and himself.


The mattress on the Red Hook apartment floor is occupied, no frame, surrounded by wrappers, bags…bottles.

One leg here, another there… Face down, ass up… The rigging, the swords, the sheathes…. Still worn despite unhinged from pulley system.

Platinum is fanned over half her face, veilng the scarred socket that is in rest for once in days it seems after the mission for SKWAD, and then her own last night that had hr
Free Falling…

Air whips and rips hair from her face as a mattress is removed from beneath her, she is scattered to ash and re-aligned mid-flight in atmosphere while a comm line hooked into half-done tac-belt is being suddenly scrambed for by shaking fingers stll split at knuckles… Not even the residue of her pistol s cleaned off…

"I need beauty sleep more then…" Regan. June… Ivy… T…. Waller (FUCK Y—)

Free falling? Levitated?

… Please tell her this is a nightmare…

"No… nono! Stop! STOP!!!!!" A scramble of motions and Rose is trying to refit the mechanism of her system within fingers and hands, alinging one arm as the other reaches out in gesture to emphasise her final word her head bowing against the empowerment that is blasting around them is a war zone she is awakened to…

Her eyes do not close.


"I know right? I'm not exactly keen on it either." Taskmaster fires back at June before she goes all Enchantress on the Suicide Squad. Magic. Magic is a horrible horrible thing. Fortunately for the mercenary hes always got weapons on him and is almost always prepared for this sort of thing. A gun in one hand, that signature T shield in the other he steadies himself on the flying platform, that alone is a balancing act while it is in motion. "So I am guessing the guy with Waller is the Class 5 threat."
A forced distorted chuckle rolls free of his skullmask, "Well shit, lets have some fun with it."


Enchantress looks back calmly. She isn't inclined to take any initiative to preserve Waller; she's here because of the hold that Waller has on them. She keeps the platform hovering there…and waits.


"I have given you more than enough reasons to kill me or leave me alive. You are just failing to look beyond what is directly ahead of you. You are rather blind for being the self proclaimed most powerful mutant alive." Amanda Waller continues to clutch her broken and shattered hand, that plum power suit rumpled in places with the activites but she is otherwise unhurt and very much unarmed. Not one has she broken eye contact. Its not her way. She is a woman who will stare down Gods if forced to.
"They arrive. You are running out of time. Make your move, Mr. Grey. Show us all what sort of creature you are. Show the world what an X-Man is capable of."

Waller has become visibly more straightened in her posture even though she floats not of her own accord. The arrival of the Suicide Squad has empowered her.

"Or are we done here and we give you a headstart?"

Regan Wyngarde, Lady Mastermind, shoves one of her pistols away and reaches for her cell phone. Her heeled boots clap on the earth she's riding upon as she reaches out with her psychic energy. One Regan steps out into two. Two to four. Four to Eight. Before long, sixteen Regans are standing about the platform with one arm in a bend, cell phone in hand, at least, to those who don't block the psychic projection she sends around the assembled. One such 'duplicate' remains in front of Enchantress. She looks to Rose, eyes narrowing behind her glasses, then sucks in a breath.

"Hey asshole!" All of the Regans yell across the roaring wind. "Two hits! You hit her, then we hit Westchester!" Regan yells out with a snorted laugh. "Well, more like four million hits on YouTube and mutant teens in paddywagons thanks to Why-Oh-You, but I'm sure we'd take a few down in the fallout, ourselves." Sellout, so says the fellow X-gene mutant, Regan is.


Poison Ivy doesn't know quiet what is going on and really has no desire to get involved if she doesn't have to. She is almost tempted to ask why she is here. She doesn't know who this guy is or if he works like people. But one thing she does know, everyone is way too excited. So lets a few seeds catch the winds with a casual shake of her hair. Letting them land where they will and starts to grow them and let the soporific affects beging subtly and slowly. A plant based 'chill pill' if you will.

"Not all X-Men are killers, but some are, if given enough reasons," Nate is barely paying attention to Waller, though. She still hovers there, but his grip on her is weaker than ever before. No, Nate's eyes are on his white-haired girlfriend. "I told you, Rose, I would kill for you and I will always protect you. Are these your friends?"

His eyes roam over the Suicide Squad. He barely remembers Taskmaster. Was he a good guy? "Funny she called you, I guess calling Justice League would have been risking more than her life, like some unpleasant shit being revealed. Are you sure you want to save her? I could move you all to another dimension and you could work in getting those bombs out." A glance to Waller, a nasty one. "We could bring her with us, too." After all they probably have even better reasons to kill her than he does. And he doesn't have to do the cold-blooded killing. Win-win.

Regan, the real Regan, gets a semi-friendly smirk. «Your telepathic-fu is weak, blondie. Don't bother» He sends into her mind.
"Bombs? Someones been talking too much." Taskmaster looks at Rose, who is clearly distraut. He'll grief her about that later. "This guy apparently knows more about us then we do him, even Satan, thats very uncool."

Rather proud of Lady Masterminds thinking outside the box he takes aim on Nate, "Give her to us and like the lady said, we'll give you a running start."
He has no clue why Ivy is throwing seeds in the air but imagines it has something to do with her super botany powers.

"Enchantress, now is the time to do something freaky, do you need me to clap and say I believe? I'm not sure how this magical stuff works but… "
Enchantress looks out at Waller, then to Nate…and finally to Taskmaster. Her lips curl up in a smile. "I think she may be lacking a…certain something." Like her heart. Enchantress looks to the standoff, and finally to Nate. "Let her go. If your goal is to protect Rose, there are too many killers here who would hurt her if this battle begins."
Poison Ivy figures now it is time to speak, "I rather not be sent to a new dimension. I don't have a bomb in me." She dials up the pollen of her plant based soporific. She sits on their floating platform and crosses her legs to watch what isgoing on. "So this is all over a lover's spat or something?"
"Enough of you X-Men are yes and the scum always floats to the surface. I should know. I already told you that is my area of expertise. But, what Lady Mastermind is threatning you with is absolute exposure to something very damaging to a place and people who practice, preach and live behind ideals of peace, unity and harmony." Waller looks over at the Suicide Squad on the hovering platform, "Enchantress let me remind you I may not have your heart on me but it is still in my possession, I am not my only hands." Maybe Agent Danvers has it back at the hotel. Really, who knows? Actually Enchantress knows. Enchantress should be aware that someone is in close proximity of her heart. One of the many agents that work for the DEO if it isn't Alex. She is pleased to see Ivy has found the rest of the Squad.

"You interrupted my 45 minute meeting with Mr. Rombeaux. Be aware of this, Mister Grey."

Waller crushes her fingers down in to her forearm to distract from the pain in other locations, her hand is entirely destroyed. Reconstruction is going to be very expensive if it is even possible.

On the horizon Knightwatch and DEO vehicles are seen closing the distance. The black Sheba as well. Cavalry will be here for a third time in this encounter.


"OOOoooohhhhh I get it, now." Regan giggles and taps the heel of her gun-hand against her temple. She continues to record, but keeps moving about the doubles that, at least, others that aren't Nate can see. "So you kidnapped her because she hurt your snuffykins, but you didn't check it over with your snuffykins ahead of time to figure out what would happen to the people she's spending time with when you aren't around?" Regan calls out, tsk'ing from her side of the phone, lip curling into a broad grin. "You missed some great parties. Your name never came up. But answer yourself this, shitbird."

Regan pauses, hip dipping in a curtsy as she shakes off the mental poke he's sent her way.

"You drop that woman…don't you think her prime rib eating bosses don't have her deputy lined up? Or another after her? From THUNDARRRBOLT Ross to Bolivar Trask, that lady's a dime a dozen. You drop her? She dies. Mutants get fucked. You'll laugh over your aching heart right into the end of mutant civil rights and I'll probably still be hooking up with her when you aren't around." Regan giggles. "So, whatever, man. Introduce me to my next boss or not, but you didn't think this one through. Now set the lady down on this platform and skeet and I'll put in a good word for you with the Minister of Mutant Affairs, cuz you know my ass is gonna be eating Gordon Ramsay while they thank me for helping save the life of a sworn American Hero."


Waller hovers

Rose is reaching out, and in her grp that Rhino flashes to light and into grips!

Upon knees, upon the griund Enchantress fabricated, whle Nate hovers there with Waller in his telekinetic grasp she is moving in a scooched circle that would push any and all away if they dared to come close.
// Get up off your knees, girl!//

"They are my friends," A glance to some, and then to others…
"And the family I told you about…" A look to others.

Secret is secret, and she kept it such… Save the friends and family roles…

…and what she would risk for them… Or not risk due to them…

A spin upon knees and those guns rotate with her ballet-pirouette to any and all, the ashen magical ground splintering and rising in black feathers around her in the bend.

Stand face to face with your GOD…

Enchantress' words have Rose lifting a brow, right with a corner of lips, and a single massive pistol that taps upon Rose's lips, kissing the cold steel.

… and find out what you are!!

"Bitch…" Rose states to Enchantress, but the smile is Cheshire.

A final push back, one leg unfolds from that kneel and she is peeling waves through ash towards Waller with guns risen to rise just before Waller, a single hand serpentine around the womans shoulders to rest the weapon across Waller's breastbone while the other slowly descends from her own lips…

There's a flicker of a plea to Nate, the weapon pivoted back in along the rig and her hand extends to him.

"Take us back? Let them alone…" A beat. "I went against Apocalypse, I've lost limb and soul…"

A rest of chin on Waller's shoulder, a press of temples alinged, while the Rhino rises from breastbone to point along adjoined "soft-spots".
One dies, they both go.

Trust? (Who's your (Daddy?) new Flagg?? )

"I never doubted you, but you should listen to me…" Steps back are being taken towards the edge of magical platform with Waller in tow.

"Don't. You. Them…"


"It is the second time Waller does the bomb…" no, nevermind. Probably not even Waller remembers that one. Technically it never happened! Maybe it wasn't even Waller three years ago. Memories get blurry when he shifts worlds and realities, and maddening. "She is not even original in her blackmailing," he adds. "I am a telepath, everyone tells me things."

Enchantress gets a careful glance. She is certainly the one that makes Nate's psychic senses tingle. Powerful. Alien. "Some friends you are. Why are you protecting her?" Thumb to Waller. He looks at her again. "Go ahead, make your kill crew fully visible, want to start a war of revealing secrets against half a dozen telepaths?" Why is he bothering? Just a minimal effort and an aneurysm will do the trick, painless and clean. Next director the higher ups appoint is unlikely to be half as bad, and he can deal with the fallout. Pff, being labeled 'mutant terrorist' is small potatoes.

But cold-blooded killing is not easy. And Rose is here.

Rose comes and he lets her into his shield, as always. He didn't even have to think about it. "Are you sure? It would be easy," he looks at Waller. "So very easy, I don't even have to be in the same continent. The psychic walls around your jail -will- melt at my will. No human technology can protect you. I talked to you and you said nothing true, Waller. And. I. Will. Watch."

He drops the older woman, which is a bit anti-climactic since she was only about half a foot over Enchantress platform. "Don't fuck with me, petty tyrant. I have nothing to lose crushing you, and I usually have bigger monsters to hunt."

He offers a hand to Rose, if she takes it, they are gone in a second.

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