The Dark Spiral (pt.1)

May 23, 2017:

Nate confronts Amanda Waller about Rose Wilsons involvement with the Suicide Squad. Things go dark.

Hub City


NPCs: Amanda Waller



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Amanda Waller's day has been filled with meeting after meeting. She doesn't live at Belle Reve it is just one outpost of operations, travel is expected. Travel has to be a thing and being the normal government appearing and working woman that 'The Wall' is, she is en route between a meeting with NOC Agent for Roxxxon to a lead on an extraterrestrial power source, one a senator is very interested in. In the game of favors and diplomacy, she owes it to this individual to at least inspect it.

The head of Task Force X does not travel alone, she can never travel unguarded, she is a national security risk to anyone who could get their hands on her or even harm her.
She anticipates and expects adversity from all walks of imaginable life, even extradimensional. She seen too much in her life time not to expect the unexpected.

"Pull over here. You know the routine, give me exactly 45 minutes with Mr. Rombeaux." Stepping out of the black nondescript sedan a briefcase clutched in one hand, the typical 'plum' power suit many see her in. The short stout, once very fit woman strides with muscled calves to the inside of the hotel then in to the elevator itself. Floor 13. That is the destination.

What Nate Grey could have discovered about Waller? Even with his raw and impressive psychic powers he is still pushing against an entire division of Psi-Op agents that work for the DEO and previously Stormwatch. They blanket their high priority officers in constant fields of awareness while active. Amanda Waller is also a very disciplined and wilful woman, even the specialist watchers and readers of government psi-divisions do not bother with trying to delve in to her mind. Though, for them, it is also illegal and they would lose their jobs if not more.

Communications run through Waller's earpiece, "We have you on floor 8 now. Over."

No response, none required. This is standard security detail operations for the Suicide Squads most fearsome member.


Nate is not subtle enough to get past telepathic bodyguards if they are protecting Waller all the time, so he is forced to hunt down for tidbits of information from lesser minions. A game he has not patience to play for long. Not when the woman he loves is still imprisoned, enslaved, or whatever. So maybe he is acting too soon. Wouldn't be the first time.

He will know soon. This interview with Mr. Rombeaux is his chance. Poor Mr. Rombeaux… well, Nate didn't hurt him. But he will wake up with a headache because he put a pretty strong telepathic command on him.

While Waller's elevator climbs, he is touching the minds of the bodyguards. Just a mild command to well, not noticing anything odd. Waller is the main problem, as controlling her could tough, she seems strong-willed. But he is not really too worried about it.

No, no more delays. A psychic illusion is directed to Waller is sent so he doesn't notice him until she is in the room alone.


Commclick: "All clear, Miss Waller."

The door to room F303 opens and the short heavyset woman in the plum suit stares. Something is not right. Instinct perhaps, an uncanny sense for survival, experience, whatever the case Amanda unclips the Walther from inside her jacket, nestled harnessed at her blouse. "I do not like to play games. Mr. Rombeaux." A firm strong warning. Also an open one. A tap of her thumb on the briefcase handle and she says quietly, "This room is very plain."

Silence over her comms.


"I won't play games with you then," replies Nate, appearing from nothing. 'Room is very plain' is obviously a code, so that is not what her bodyguard thinks he heard. All is normal, folks. "Not in the mood of games anyway." No, he looks a rather angry young man, just short of snarling. "Do not move; if you do anything suspicious I will start breaking bones and the move this conversation several miles over the city. Do you know who I am?"


The silence on the comms isn't saying that Nate has convinced the men of anything nor that a message went to any of them.

"You are actually playing a game right now. A very dangerous game." Waller warns, the gun is slid away. She is aware enough to know who he is. She won't indulge him in that because she doesn't care, it is not necessary, not net. "You are unimportant is what you are and interfering in something that is none of your business. Make it quick, we are on the clock. What do you want, mutant?"

An sms message goes from one department to another, an actual skeleton in a suit places his cigarette between teeth, blue flaming smoke curls upwards as it reads the text. Boney fingers tap a response and the phone gets put back down.

Back in the Hub City, the Hotel Aces.
Room Floor 13. Room F303.

Amanda Waller's cellphone vibrates with an incoming text. Once. Twice and then a Third time.

"Well?" The Task Force X director insists of Nate.


"You sent a message. Your chances to escape alive just went down a lot, Waller," growls Nate, stepping close. "You think I am unim… nah, you are just goading me," he starts mind-reading her, and he is not nice about it. He is also trying to take control over her movements, paralyzing her. "You have betrayed, imprisoned and tortured my girlfriend. Now think a second who I am and what is going to happen to you. You think you can touch me? You are wrong. In a second I can pulls you into parallel Earth. Well way out of your friend's reach and jurisdiction. And in a second I can turn you in a vegetable forever. I am not into making idle threats because I am too angry for that shit. I am this world most powerful mutant, and I have no reason to play at all."

His telekinesis reaches to Waller and he tries to slam her against the wall. "You have nothing. You can't even threaten me with killing Rose because she is better off dead than with you. You kidnapped a brave, strong warrior and are turning her into a killer, making her bond with murderers and psychopaths than are only going to hurt her more, destroying her for your own benefit."


So much at once. Not only is the young man trying to pry forcibly in to Waller's mind he is also trying to gain control over her motor functions. A powerful and rapid fire barrage.

Without FOCUSING on just mind-reading Waller the woman's considerable will and training in preparation for torture and even psychic assault comes to the front, a serial number? A song? A horrible old lyric that is vaguely racist? Its just cycling through the surface of her thoughts.

With her determination being settled on not having her inner secrets read, secrets not hers alone to protect but the United States of America the Director of the Southeastern regions DEO finds herself paralyzed in place. Unable to move her limbs, legs or even mouth for a moment and then she is LIFTED from her feet and thrown in to the hotel's wall. A pained grunt escaping her. This pain does not reach her eyes, only anger, cold hard anger.

While paralyzed she cannot exactly speak and she is unwilling to give up her thoughts to be read. Unless Nate wants to really try to force himself on her mind he is without luck there. This is a woman who is prepared to sacrifice her life to even very soul for her country even when its at it's darkest points, a true patriot.

The cellphone buzzes again. Vibrations only no sound. Another sequence, one, two. Pause. One, two. Pause.


Nate snarls in frustration. How does she dare to have any redeeming traits? Strong will and genuine patriotism? For fuck sakes! He would… oh hell, he is blocking her voice too. The pressure lessens a bit, she can talk. "Mind full of secrets, fine. You can keep them. For now. You could actually stall me a minute or two," he adds reluctantly. He won't congratulate her because his hatred and anger is nearly blinding. He does press on about Rose, though. Some things won't be denied even if he is to shatter her mind. "Whoever you have called," he says with some reluctance, "they are likely to get badly hurt, and that is on your head too."


Wallers face contorts as she regains control of her mouth. That frigid stare does not relent.
"You presume far too much, Mr. Grey." Director Waller says, her voice hoarse as it regains muscle control, "For starters, you are not in control here. The moment you decided to pit yourself against me you lost ALL control. I want you to be firmly aware of that." She looks around at herself suspended in the air by telekinesis, "Release me now and we can converse like grown adults, civilized human to civilized mutant. That is what your little school and it's clandestine team of mutants in Westchester preaches, right? Or are you a hypocrite with no values in addition to being a fool?"

"Release me. Now."

She makes no mention on any sort of cavalry.


Nate smirks, "what clandestine school? The school is public now, and I am not staff or anything there. Nor do I believe in all it is taught there." With a gesture, the whole wall collapses inwards, and he drags a floating Waller out. "I am not civilized and you are even less civilized. What the hell are you talking about? I was raised in a post-nuclear hellhole and grew up blowing up trains and helping slaves flee genocide. You are a psychopath bureaucrat with delusions of grandeur that thinks can make a difference by enslaving people to follow her agenda. You have no idea what civilization is." He points outside, "if the people there knew what you have done, your fellow Americans would demand your imprisonment for life. If they know what the world could become if people like me falters in their watch, they would live in terror the rest of their lives."

He said he would and he does try. Flying up with Waller until they are a mile into the sky. It is cold here, but not too bad. The view is great, and the fall something to worry about. "Now. Speaking as an angry, uncivilized mutant, who is maybe not in control but still quite able and willing to kill you. I want my girlfriend back, and your scumbag operation gone."


"I am pleased to see you acknowledge what a threat you are. Not only to yourself but the rest of /MY/ world. I will assume your people are likewise aware and due to harboring someone like you should all be considered for further evaluation, Agent Cooper hasn't been doing her work. Clearly. " Waller says as she reaches a hand up rubbing her throat and then wrists.
"Psychopath, I have been called worse. Bureaucrat? That is fairly low and I would take personally if you knew anything about me at all, Mr. Grey." Amanda doesn't reach for her phone but the telepathic aspect of Nate will know shes openly thinking about it. Why is another question.

"Let me get this straight, you are here assaulting a government official because you want your girlfriend back?" A laugh, a derisive short thing that is almost more of a snort escapes Waller and then she is flying. Lifted free of the hotel and soaring above the world. The whites of her eyes are only visible for a heartbeat.

"I am not sure what you think you are accomplishing here, you do realize your girlfriend is a Wilson. Do you know anything about the Wilsons? They're all killers and before she joined me of her own FREE WILL she carried around a file as thick as your empty skull of work for Stormwatch. Being the primitive savage you claim to be I will presume you know nothing of that either though, hrm?" She is testing him. Challenging him and having to yell over the wind now.

"Wilsons are not good people "and I specialize in putting bad people to effective work, work that is to the benefit of the greater good."

Below Nate can see blocks around Hub City black out. An actual black out of lights, signs, everything. Armored Cars and low flying helicopters are even moving in and a vehicle that looks like a futuristic dropship. The Knightwatch. It would appear, an executive action has been declared. They're far below though and likely do not even realize Waller and Nate Grey are no longer inside of Aces Hotel or room F303.


"I am a killer, too. A few killers are needed to keep this world running, Waller. As you should know. You can call them killers, or soldiers, or warriors. But we kill." growls Nate, still trying to pry into her mind. "But I am not a murderer, and neither is Rose. Oh, you think assaulting is something I would worry about? I worry about things like alien invasions and lunatics that try to destroy the world and actually could do it. And about Rose. Because we have been together since we were teens and through several parallel Earths. And you don't know her at all! Assholes that kidnap people and put bombs on them, I don't care if they are super-villains, corporate lords, billionaires or government. They get this kind of trip; or not even that before I send them to jail or destroy them when they are too well connected to go to jail."

He looks down. "There go your friends. Wonder if that high-tech toy can go hypersonic. But… looks we have time, they seem a bit clueless yet."


"Give it time." Waller says in regards to the Knightwatch unit not yet finding them. They will within the next 30 seconds when they trace her cell.

Even held aloft not of her own free will Amanda Waller looks contentedly smug, pissed, but smug. "It sounds more to me that you need couples counseling not a criminal record for attacking government officials. You are a menace, killer, murderer, hero, whatever you wish to call yourself you fit outside the laws and standards of ORDER. Normally when a criminal falls from grace I offer them a helping hand, I give them an opportunity to reform, when those individuals choose to act outside the designated line, I put a leash on them. I am their best hope at ever fitting in to society again and they know it. Your Rose knows it. Even her father knows it. Who are you to involve yourself and say otherwise?"

Amanda looks down at the specks of DEO operatives below, the helicopters and the carrier ship are beginning to ascend, lifting towards them.

"Now. Put me back in the hotel, let me continue my business and you can skulk away before I get really mad. I was going to ignore your presence as a courtesy to Miss Wilson but this. This is unacceptable. You are a wild animal and wild animals get dealt with sooner or later."


"I am the man that holds her when she cries at night," replies Nate looking serious. "No, you die now and I will deal with the next bureaucrat they put in charge of this dirty operation. I bet he will be more willing to make deals. All your arrogance, but you are completely replaceable, Waller." He crushes her cellphone with a glance, trying to crush her hand too, shattering the bones pretty badly. "Rose had her hand crushed when you tortured her," he states blankly. "I am not cruel enough to make it really hurt, but a few moments… I think I am vengeful enough."


A strangled cry of pain escapes Waller, her hand crushed but that is all he gets. She actually smiles, "You are clueless. Not once has your precious Rose been tortured. You absolutely know nothing and are only aiding me in my convictions. You seriously need to re-evaluate who and what you are, Mr. Grey."

The Knightwatch and helicopters are now on their level, surrounding them in a horseshoe formation. A loudspeaker calls out, "Metahuman, lower yourself to the ground, release your hostage and surrender. By authority of the United States of America and the Department of Extranormal Affairs you are now under arrest. I repeat. Stand down." Weapons prime around them.

"Also, let me fill you in on a secret, X-Man, if you kill me those unfortunates you think you're helping all die. One by one their implants will go off."
Nate just flies away when the knightwatch comes closer. The fast transport might keep up, the helicopters certainly won't. He never hears the warning, he goes supersonic and draws Waller with him.


"Not tortured? Show me that memory," Nate offers. Not killing her yet, it seems. She made him doubt, damn bitch. "But I don't believe you. Your government won't waste assets when you are eminently replaceable. Want to tell me again how you will integrate killers into society by sending them to do dirty work again, too?"


"You are going to get us both killed now." Amanda Waller says sternly as his powers protect her from the supersonic speeds they leave behind the Knightwatch and DEO assault force, "If I become a liability they will kill me without a second thought."
"Be smarter than that, mutant, I cannot open my mind to you or anyone else. I am full of secrets NOBODY has the right to know. You will simply have to take my word for it. They are scum, they are trash, they are degenerates but they are MINE. My assets. You can break an egg to make an omelette but it still has to be edible, do you understand? What purpose would torture serve. That is for amateurs."

She swallows, trying to maintain her composure and choke down her own rising anxiety, the woman is steel but even it bends, a glare from Waller, "Now. What is the next play?"


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