Iron Canary

April 15, 2015:

Black Canary meets with Iron Fist to learn more about the prior Iron Fist & any possible connection.

New York



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Well it was a dark and stormy night! Okay it wasn't really, it was actually a rather nice night in Harlem for a change. Iron Fist was doing his normal rounds in the area, but well took a moment to stop and look at his dojo. Looking at some of the lights being on he knows that means there are some kids staying the night now, and of course he debates stopping in to see if they are okay.

Of course at this point he isn't staying hidden or anything. He is just hanging out on top of the rooftops. Wearing his standard outfit, and that includes the awesome yellow booties. He has decided to contemplate some things while up here. Hey it's a quiet night so a perfect time to think about things.

Having heard The Iron Fist frequented this area, the Black Canary had been prowling the rooftops in Harlem hoping to run into the Iron Fist again.

Unfortunately, it was a terribly quiet night and the worst she runs into is a purse snatcher who actually turned out to be filming part of a student movie at a local high school. She really hoped she wouldn't regret letting the kids keep the footage, they had insisted it would definitely assure them an A++.

Spotting the yellow booties almost from a distance, she makes her way towards the man; naturally stealthy before asking, "Do the yellow boots change colors when you're trying to hide?"

The man recognizes the voice of the lady that was trying to tell him of a previous Iron Fist, the one who never earned his title. "No they stay the same color. I am just that good at hiding when I want to." Hey they trained him in Ninjitsu in K'un-Lun you know, he can totally be stealthy when he wants to. "What can I do for you? I don't get many visitor's in Harlem, since well it is kinda my turf." Hey Daredevil has Hell's Kitchen, Danny has Harlem, sure he shares it with Luke, but that's okay!

"If this is about what you were telling me the other day, I still haven't thought that much about it yet." Plus you know he has no way to confirm if that guy really was an Iron Fist. Since K'un Lun is only supposed to appear on Earth every 10 years or so, and well it's only been 7 since Danny left there. "Or are you here to appreciate the sites? Cause most people go to Times Square for that one, or the empire state building."

Canary smiled at the explanation of the booties, "I guess if you're that good, you may as well go with what's stylish!" No, she was not wearing a fishnet showgirl outfit, so in the style department it looked like Iron Fist still had her!

"As to my offer, I figure if you're interested you'll come see me and the spot will be open. I actually wanted to find out more about this whole Iron Fist thing and offer a hand in figuring out what the deal may have been with the other Iron Fist I mentioned." She glances over the relatively quiet neighbourhood for now, "If you're interested in sharing of course and have the time…"

He smirks when she starts talking, "What do you want to know about it? Really not much to stay. Studied Martial Arts, won a tournament, became Iron Fist." Sure he'll let her pry before he tells the rest of the story, ancient mystical city, killing the dragon and all of that stuff will come out later. "The title is ceremonial. As far as I know, I am the one who completed the trials since the first one." Heck even his own father never completed the trials, he chickend out before facing the dragon.

"Also the booties are part of the ceremonial outfit. Since I changed some of it, decided I needed to keep it." Plus they look awesome, they really do!

"It sounds like a strong tradition with a lot of history behind it." Canary considers the other man, "It's that simple then? You win a tournament, get powers and become the Iron Fist? Do you have to be chosen to enter the tournament? And what are the trials?" As a Martial Arts Master herself, she definitely was interested in this since it was all brand new to her.

"Well the tournament is among every male over the age of 18 that wish to participate. And well this is a city in which every male has studied Martial arts, so all want to join when they are able to do so." He pauses after that, letting it sink in for a moment. "The tournament was a big deal in the city, so everyone showed up to watch who would earn the right to become The Iron Fist." Once again there is a pause.

"Oh I forgot to mention, I grew up in a city where all the males studied martial arts. It only connects to Earth once every 10 years. I was lost on a trip with my family when I was kid, and ended up stuck there. They took me in and trained me like they would any male that wanted it."

Canary's eyebrows raise skyward at that, "Only males? That's a little sexist, maybe it's good this city only connects to earth every ten years." That seemed to annoy her if only a little, "So what about these trials? What do they entail? Having to prove you're a man?" She was half-teasing, half-serious.

"That is the rule of K'un-Lun and has been for years sadly. Women are not allowed to learn martial arts. I do not know why, no one has ever spoken of the reasoning. Nor does anyone ever question it, as much as some would like it to be changed." Of course some have learned in secret, but well they ere eventually found out.

"I am getting to the rest of the trials. After the tournament there is a night of rest for the victor. The very next day they are given the right to face Shou-Lao. Upon beating the Dragon, the victor will plunge their hands into his molten heart, taking the Chi for themselves." After that he takes another pause, yes he said Dragon, has to let that one sink into the lady.

Canary was tempted to tell Iron Fist something about the reason but she decided to keep it to herself, her opinion didn't really matter in bearing to the story, "The Dragon? Is that another title or an /actual/ dragon?" She stared, awaiting the reply.

"It's an actual Dragon." Comes the very simple reply to that one, "He nearly killed me when I fought him, it took me some time to realize his weakness. Once I did so I was left with his mark on my chest." He points to his shirt, with the same mark in yellow on it. "This mark, the shirt also has it. But well it's there all the time."

"After that there are other trails to face, to prove you are worthy of the title you just earned. One the Yu-Ti, that is the leader of K'un-Lun, sends out the terror priests. You face any amount of them, which is up to the Yu-Ti himself, as the Trial of Many. Then comes the Trial of One. With that it was one opponent, a very large opponent, that turned out to be a mix of Science and Magic. A very strong opponent to anyone. After that, if you are living, then you have earned the title of Iron Fist and are allowed to pick your path. Stay in K'un-Lun and take the immortality of the city, or leave for the world when the city has joined with Earth once again."

"I can see why someone else using the name was a surprise, it definitely doesn't seem like an honorific to be taken lightly. It's something that must be earned." She pondered it for a moment before asking, "By take the immortality of the city, I assume you mean stay and be an immortal, not literally; take away the immortality? Sorry if it seems like an obvious sort of question, but in the line of work we're all in you never really know." Canary regarded the man again, choosing to return to Earth over immortality must have been quite the decision; either way she was impressed by what she had learned.

"When staying in K'un-Lun one is ageless. Nor do the succumb to disease, the only way for one to die is in battle." One must wonder why a person would choose to leave the life of being immortal and instead go to like New York or something, "So yes K'un-Lun stays the same, even if I stay there. I am just given the option to live forever, or go out to the world and see what it's like."

"I'll do what I can to see if any of my old contacts are in touch with or know anything about the prior man known as Iron Fist. Maybe we can find out why he chose the name, he could have even been inspired by hearing a story about this city of K'un-Lun. It should be interesting to hear, if he's still alive and we can find him." Canary smiles before preparing to head off, "Thank you for sharing with me, I'm honoured you would tell me your story. The next time we meet, feel free to ask me anything you like and I'll do the same.

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