A Future Job Ofer

May 20, 2017:

Morien offers Melinda May a job with Umoja International, when her days with SHIELD are done.

A restaurant outside of Grand Central Station and the innocuous-looking brownstone


NPCs: Umoja Security Detail

Mentions: Phil Coulson


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Outside Grand Central Station, there is a small restaurant with an outdoor patio. There are several tables on the patios. Morien is sitting on the patio with a small ear piece in his ear. By the Grand Central Station, there a homeless man asking people for change that for the discernible eye also has an earpiece in his ear. There are other oddities that a trained professional might noticed as they make the way through this area. There is a Lyft driver arguing with a cab driver. Both the Lyft driver and the cab driver have ear pieces with them.

There are two business women and one man are leaving an office together. They are both talking on their cell phones, but the fact they are moving together in military unison gives their training way. There are two more people looking at the streets below from various office buildings. Morien speaks quitely to himself, "We have been through a variety location over the months, and we have failed to made contact with her. I really do not like letting any government agent know that we are looking for them, especially after that business with the DEO. Please, let me know when you have eyes on her.

That level of surveillance is always going to get noticed by one Agent May. One might as well stand on the Grand Central Station steps and yell at all passersby that they want to speak with someone named Melinda. And it's likely for that reason there hasn't been a single hit so far.
It's probably three or four minutes after Morien speaks quietly to himself that there's a note on his table, hand written on a random receipt from the patio restaurant. It lists an address and a time and reads: 'leave the surveillance behind'.

Morien rolls his eyes after seeing this note. He lets out a frustrated sigh and thinks to himself. "I really haven't been happened my security since Aileana went with the others from Umoja to the Justice League. He speaks on his communication system, "Someone got made. I am going to meet her by myself. I have my tracker on me. Can one of you at least have one our Rapid Units ready to respond if the tracer goes dark.
Morien hails a different cab, then heads to the address. Morien arrives at the place and looks at his watch. "I really need to step up the training of my details."

"Yes. You do," May says from almost directly behind the man. "Door's unlocked, after you." She follows him into the innocuous-looking brownstone and closes the door behind them. The interior looks like it is in the process of being painted, several sheet-covered lumps resembling furniture shapes scattered about. May stops in the entryway to what must be a sitting room and crosses her arms.
"Who are you trying to corner, Mr. Washington? Because subtlety is not your middle name."
Morien has to fight the instinct to fight when May speaks up behind him. He pretends to jump in the air, "Come on, you are trying to give someone a heart attack." Morien walks into the brownstone with his right on his heart. "Seriously, put a bell on you or something."

Morien peers down at the feet to make sure he is not stepping on any plastic wrapping. "Well, I guess got a fifty-fifty change of surviving this encounter." Morien starts slowly pacing around the room, "Well, my security detail is supposed to keep people from attacking me. Most people don't attack banks that have security guards standing in front of them. Well, they don't attack banks with competent security guards standing in front of them. I just want more competent security detail.
Morien folds his arms across his chest and stops pacing, "But the end result is the same, I was looking for you." A soft grin comes across his face as he continues to speak, "So what I lose in subtlety, I make up in strategy or maybe I am just really lucky." An associate that I used to hire ran across you a few times. You mistake him the first time for Hawkeye.

May raises an eyebrow while watching the man pace. "Someone I mistook for Hawkeye. Narrow it down a little more for me." He was looking for her, he found her. And clearly, she doesn't seem all too keen on bothering with pleasantries.
Someone with particularly sharp eyes might catch the tiniest sliver of white bandaging around the palms of her hands peeking out past the to-the-knuckle sleeves on the shirt she's wearing despite it being nearly June.

His dark eyes wash over for a quick moment as he begins to pace again, "He is called, Ozymandias. It is not important. My company no longer works with him, but I did read all his reports on you." Morien unfolds his arms, "You have probably ten or perhaps fifteen years before you have to retire from your current job." Morien eyes catch the white bandages, "And you seem like a person who will never slow down, so I was wondering when you finally leave your current job, you come to work for Umoja International. The job will be yours whenever you retire"
Morien taps his left foot a few times, "I know what you are thinking. What do I want in return? Am I trying to recruit you for some nefarious means?" Morien says, "The answer to all of your question is nothing, and no."
Well, gee, thanks for tossing a girl a compliment. Not that so much as a flicker of her reaction crosses her face. "Why approach me now, instead of when I'm choosing to retire?"
Because as she is ever the pragmatist, May is fairly certain she's not leaving SHIELD with a nice pension plan. With your shield or on it was the way the Spartans phrased it, and she's always expected that the former was not in the cards for her.
"I am person that thinks long term." A sly grin comes across his face as he quickly holds his hands up in the air, "I know what my company seems to make quick decisions, and is known for striking when the fires are still hopes when they make acquisitions of companies, but we are also more into long term investments when looking for people to join our company.

Morien says. "We seek people that are honorable, like a person who would helped some kidnapped mutant children, and even battle a being with super-strength. Morien raises his arms in casual shrugs, "Seriously, you truly are honorable person, of have some sort of death wish. I believe in the former. Also, I like to form relationships with people I am going to hire too. I could fruitless try to keep an eye out on your activities until you retire, wasting a lot of money and manpower, or just know that you will want to join me after you leave your previous job.
Morien puts down his hand, "Again, I don't want any favors. If for some reason SHIELD investigates me, I will not ask for you to go easy on me. I am sure you will tell your people I offered a job to you, and my board and my lawyers know I offered a job to you too."

There's still something fishy about this man's sales pitch, even if he thinks he is being entirely sincere. And she knows exactly how can ferret out the real truth with this guy. She's going to sic Coulson on him, and totally plans to be there to see for herself exactly how many coals Phil rakes this guy over. It'll be fun. Maybe even requiring popcorn.
"I want to consult with someone. And talk with you again."

Morien raises his right eyebrow slightly at her remark. "Well, I am simple person. I am on the approved government contractors list. I helped bail out of the government, when Roxxon Oil tried to blackmail them." Morien smiles, "I am sure there are many people in the government that will speak on my behalf. They might be a bit sore on my recent purchase of my last company, but they were really getting involved in something that they shouldn't have, and my lawyers proved that I was right. I love having a great team of lawyers at my disposal.
Morien extends his arms and looks at his fingernails. "I would highly suggest that you research me in ways that do not require me using lawyers. I have just recently beating the government that had some help from with the DEO, and I found that affair a bit silly. I am not a person who lacks a lot of drama. It is why you don't do business in Gotham, or try to act like some super hero. I am just your average multi-billionaire." Morien taps his left foot again and says, "I hope you consider my offer, and do your research. You will see that my company and businesses are clean."

"Oh, I'm not going to be looking into the legal climate or corruption of your company, that I already know." So clearly, May had not walked into this blind. "There are … other concerns I want to address." Namely, why the hell this guy has the audacity to try and stalk her, and what he thinks he'd gain by hiring her. And, of course, any other fun little factoids that Coulson can glean.
"Other concerns? All right, just remember that I trusted you enough to follow you to location without my security detail. You are trained to probably kill someone with your pinky, and yet I am here." Morien walks towards the door and says, "I hope you reciprocate the same level of trust, and do nothing to shake my belief that you are an honorable person. It really wound me to think that a person that risk their life to save children was dishonest. Morien taps his left foot and says, "It was a pleasure to finally meet you.

Stepping aside to let Morien walk back to the door, May doesn't so much as lift a pinky finger to stop him. And really, that she's just letting him walk away completely unharmed should be proof enough that she has chosen to give him the benefit of the doubt. "We'll talk again, Mr. Washington."
And that's probably about as much of a farewell as she can offer.
After the man leaves and May is well sure that he's gone, she pulls a cellphone from a pocket and places a call. "Phil. We need to talk."

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