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April 10, 2015:

Black Canary approaches Constantine about joining the New Justice Society


An Old Gym/Dojo


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It had been a long time since The Black Canary and John Constantine had crossed paths; but reunions existed for a reason.

It was why John had received a phone call, text or message (whichever was most appropriate) after painstaking research to track him down; or maybe she had just checked the local watering holes and asked around.

Regardless of the method, it was an invitation to come visit her at an old dojo in Gotham; a building that for all intents and purposes seemed abandoned.

If John searched it for magical wards or traps he found none. The only two people around were an elderly old janitor who was sweeping the sidewalks and a blonde haired woman he knew as the Canary presently training inside.

Dojos? John hadn't bothered to learn a lick of the arts martial. If he had reached the point where hitting someone in the face was necessary, he reckoned things had already gone so far to shit that punching wouldn't do much good.

But, the text had been friendly enough, and so he'd donned his stained old trenchcoat and with a quick teleport, slogged his way from the nearest waypoint and headed to the gym.

Once inside he took a look around, eyes narrowed in his circumspect evaluation of the area, and walked to the lean blonde girl exercising. "Nothing like a lass working up a sweat," John says, his tone saved from being leerful by the subtle teasing expression in his eyes.

"It's been a long time, I see you still haven't washed that coat." Canary teased right back at him, "How have you been John?" Constantine would have known her as Laurel, since she wasn't overly stingy with her identity when it came to allies, especially ones as easy to identify as John.

She walks away from the punching bag and puts a towel around her neck before heading to a fridge and counter area that had a few bottles of empty beer, pizza boxes and other junk strewn across it.

"Took a sabbatical," John says. "It was like paradise." He digs a cigarette wallet out of his pocket and lights up, puffing steadily to get the cherry tip to flame to life, following Laurel's walk across the gym to what looks like party central. He fishes through the beers and, finally finding one unopened, touches his fingers to it. A fine bead of frost coats the glass and he pops the top off with his thumb and takes a few quick swigs.

Laurel had been reaching into the fridge to get John a cold one but he seems to handle it himself, "Well, I was going to give you one from the fridge but, whatever floats your boat." She leans against the counter, studying the slightly older man, her youthful features subtly disguising the years of experience she had.

"Sorry about the mess, there's been a lot of company in and out of here lately." The cap on her beer is popped off and she takes a swig before asking, "So what have you been up to recently?"

"The usual, luv," John says, kicking a few pizza boxes off of a worn leather chair with stuffing coming out of the back. He flops into it with boneless unconcern, looking at Laurel over his beer bottle. "Saving the world. Negotiating truces with faeries. The bloody thankless dirty work no one wants to do to keep this dirty blue marble spinning."

Laurel smiled brightly, a soft laugh escaping her lips as she moved to take a seat on one of the old chairs near John, "Sounds like a lot of work for one man, no wonder you look so much older!" She winks after the comment, "Just kidding."

Pulling her legs up onto the chair she continues to smile looking into John's brown eyes, "Saving the world is a lot easier with a dedicated group of allies at your back. It's sort of why I asked you here."

"I should have guessed this would be a sales pitch," John says wryly. "Pretty blonde girl asks me to visit her and offers me a drink? She wants something," he nods decisively. "I don't know anyone who'd offer me a drink out of hand, you know."

"Of course there's always a catch John." Laurel sets the beer down on the edge of her chair and motions towards the wall where the old pictures of the Justice Society members were, "How would you like to become part of a New Justice Society? A family and network of heroes that can support each other and work together for the greater good."

She reaches over to pat Constantine gently on the arm, "We could really use someone like you."

"You mean a dour old arse to sit around and drive you all nutters?" John lets loose a harsh laugh. "I've been on teams before, luv, and every time it ends up with bad blood after it's done. Having a crusty old wizard sounds like a brilliant plan until you get stuck with me in a planar prison for a week. Next thing you know, 'Thanks mate, but we think you're not a good fit for our team'," he mimes, his tone sour and self deprecating.

"Your planar prison would be our planar prison John, it sounds like the teams you've worked with before were full of assholes." Laurel gave John's arm a soft squeeze, "Trust me, I've been on teams full of them before." Team 7, the ultimate team full of assholes including Deathstroke; it didn't get much worse than that.

"It wouldn't be like that, besides, I've never been in a planar prison and it sounds like it could be fun."

*KNOCK, KNOCK* then the door opens up to the dojo and in walks Tre who is wearing a pair of black shorts and red shirt. He yawns as he places his messenger bag where he was told to leave his things. "HEy Laural I'm here." he says as he puts his phone and anything else he had in his pockets back into his bag. He stretches out as he comes around and notices Constantine and Laurual. "Yo, what up?" he asks as he walks to the fridge and takes out some mountain dew.

Laurel knows John's weakness- pretty girls. "That's not exactly playing cricket, luv," John mutters, his arm shifting a bit under Laurel's hand but not moving out from under it. He downs about two-thirds of his beer in a few chugs, belches, then exhales and slumps a few inches into the seat.

"I'm not committing to anything, but- who else have you fooled into signing on board with this little endeavour?" He lifts his chin slightly to stare at Tre, his eyes flat with the challenging sort of stare of a man who might have spent a little time in prison.

Tre leans against the counter as Laural and Constantine are talking, he doesn't know the guy but when he gets a challenging look directed at him from Constantine, he smirks and looks back at the guy. "What?" he asks as he sips his soda, yes, he sips his soda like a BOSS! So what it's not beer, or any other alcohol, got a problem? Tre looks to Larual and wonders if this is another person she is wanting to bring in on things here. He doesn't have much to say she is heaidng this off and he will not contridict her.

"Constantine." Laurel gestures to the newly arrived Tre and doesn't use the man's first name since it was up to them to reveal identities and stuff, "This is Nitro, an up and coming young hero with badass speedster powers." She was sure someone as infamous or famous as Constantine needed no further introduction, the old trench-coated man had to be a living legend. (Or fossil).

Introductions out of the way she shrugs, "Power Girl is onboard.." Yep she had to play to John's weakness further, "..also Nitro, plus quite a few others I need to confirm things with. It's not really a commitment thing, like marriage though."

Tre grins and he looks at Laural as she introduces him, "I really need to get a costume or something, becuase like this, aint much to a screct Identity." he laughs. He rubs the back of his head a little and focuses on Laural. "I think I've heard of him." he says as he looks to Constantine. "Nice meeting ya." he asys to the older man. He shrugs and grins when he hears that Power Girl is joining, "Awesome, we will need to figure out other things and such, but I'm pretty phsyced about this. "Laural thanks for letting me join up wit'cha." he says to her.

John moans and rolls his eyes expressively. "Blimey, we're taking just anyone, aren't we? At least we aren't the ruddy Avengers. Should call them the Continentals, for what they involve themselves with American politics."

"I'm not convinced yet," he tells Laurel, "but at least it's not a bunch of tossers. Some fresh blood never hurt anything and at least we've got some fairly competent blokes and lasses rounding out the roster."

"That's one of the other purposes of the team, to avoid government oversight. The original Justice Society disbanded when the government tried to make them reveal their identities to them. Out on our own, we're just targets, together we can be something more."

Laurel smirked a little at the remark about tossers, "There should be more than enough experienced heroes to make up for you John." Wink wink, more teasing, "It's not like you have anything to lose, no strings attached. If you decide you don't like us all when we've gotten together, you can run but I might chase you and try to drag you back to give things a second chance."

Tre doesn't say much for the moment, Laural knows him better so he isn't going to interrupt. But when it's said about tossers he is able to figure that one out. Still he drinks his soda and stretches out as he walks over to the floor and sits down into front splits easily. He yawns a little and stretches out on the floor by laying face first with his legs fully outstretched on either side of him.
After a moment or two he sits up and he looks over to them, "If he leaves, he leaves Larual. You've been working hard on getting people together, I'm sure you can find others instead of chasing after just one person to give them a second chance." he tells her as he looks over at both of them. "If he doesn't like the team, bringing him bakc isn't going to change his mind." he shrugs, "Just being honest."

"That's what's nice about being old and bitter, boyo," Constantine says, smirking at Nitro. He drains his beer and rises. "No one expects you to do /anything/, so if you show up and contribute at all, it's a good thing." He winks at Laurel and pats her cheek once, rising. "I'll think about it. Maybe see how things gel out. You be good, luv. I'll be in touch." With that, he adjusts his coat and tucks his hands into his pockets, then heads out the dojo door.

Laurel shoots Tre a look and says, "Sometimes, second chances are the ones people need. First impressions shouldn't always count for everything." She stands up to show Constantine out, "It was nice to see you John, I'm looking forward to hearing from you and I really do hope you will say yes. Enjoy your night." A little kiss is given to the old man on his cheek.

Tre shrugs, if second chances were given maybe things would be different for him than too. But still he isn't trying to piss Laural off so he leaves it alone and waves to Constantine as he leaves. "Lata man." he says and moves so that he can get back to stretching out. Tre doesn't really pay much attention to the two as they speak for the moment, but when Laural comes back he's already on his feet.

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