Apologies and Optimism... What?

May 20, 2017:

Illyana, Nate and Scott have a chat. Meet the X-Men of the all new uncanny realverse.


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Ever since Nate announced that the world had changed and she hadn't noticed, Illyana hasn't been much in evidence. Getting a second opinion on that frankly ridiculous statement didn't take long, but after being told that Nate was RIGHT, Illyana had some important matters of her own to attend to.

Like making sure Limbo was still where she left it, that none of her demons have taken it into their thick and spiteful heads to challenge her dominion over it and, most importantly, that this brave new world doesn't include Belasco climbing back out of the depths of hell to make trouble for her.

Ruling your own private dimension is a lot more work than it sounds.

With all that done, Illyana really had no excuse not to return and break the 'good' news to Nate. Which is why she's presently seated on her throne, legs crossed, chin in her hands, trying to come up with an excuse not to do just that. Finally heaving a put-upon sigh, she unfolds herself and wanders across to her scrying pool, calling up an image of where Nate is currently to be found, and looks at it for a few seconds before shrugging. "Might as well get it over with." She says, with the air of someone facing their own execution, and calls a stepping disc to transport her back to Earth.

Appearing from the circle of light, dressed in a black tank top that declares in white letters 'I HATE PEOPLE', a pair of artfully shredded jeans and heavy boots, Illyana announces, "Nate? Good news. Just this once, you're NOT crazy."

There. She said it.

Nate is (almost) never crazy. And currently engaged in his least favorite activity: reading old mission reports. Actually he is just reviewing the ones from the last three or four years, to see what has changed in them. Still, tedious, boring stuff for him.

Flash of light. Which should be cause of alarm, but he is getting used to Illyana dropping on him at the least expected moments. This time he is not in the shower, at least. In fact, interruptions are welcomed. Maybe she has something amusing to… bzzz, cognitive dissonance. "Wait, did you just say something nice about me?"

The War Room, likely the best spot for anyone to gather old mission intel. Monitors and consoles a plenty with 3D image-projection devices. It allows for ease of access and affordable comfort.

Scott Summers is several rooms away, the Danger Room to be exact repairing damaged sensory tiles. Illyana's sudden arrival sets off one of the micro alarms the first ping the alert, the second accompanied with a flash of color coded light; a friendly.

Declaring he needed a break Scott is returning to the War Room where he knows Nate is in study. Not something Cyclops will fault in the least, it's iniative, every X-Men team member should memorize these files like he himself has. At least that is what he believes not that they do. The *hiss* of automatic doors, "Oh, Illyana, good to see you. Cute shirt." A wry smile etched across the stoic Summer's features.

She'll arrive, get her not-quite-apology out of the way, and move on. It'll be like ripping off a band-aid, a moment's pain that's quickly forgotten. Except band-aids don't make you relive the experience afterwards.

Illyana grimaces when Nate reacts more quickly than she'd expected. He can't be getting used to her turning up unannounced, can he? "Don't sound so surprised." She replies, in a slightly disgruntled tone. "I'm sure it's happened before." At least she can still lie convincingly. Perching nearby, Illyana takes a look at what Nate's been up to. "You're studying?" She says, in a faintly disbelieving tone. "This IS a different world."

The sound of the doors sliding open causes her to look up. "Hi Scott." She replies, smirking a little at the compliment. "Thanks. I'm giving honesty a try. I'll let you know how it works out." She glances at Nate again, since this is all his fault, then turns to Scott once more.

"Good news and bad news." She reports. "Nate isn't actually crazy. I have it on good authority the world did change and we didn't notice."

Nate pushes the table away from him as it was something vaguely disgusting. "Researching," he corrects. It is not the same as studying, it is like… not so bad. Or something. "Look, Scott was in Steel City when this Omega guy changed reality, he would know already." No comments about Illy's outfit. At least there are no skulls on it this time.

A dark brow arches behind golden rimmed crimson visors, "Insanity is the better defense." A teasing reply that comes out flat in it's delivery.

"Yes. We've come to that conclusion as well, while, its alarming we're also just trying to keep it on the DL until we find out if it's threatening or not. So far it has been not. Every change O'Meagan has influenced is actually helpful to everyone." Cyclops finds it odd to hear himself vouching for a forced reality 'fix' one that has to a point even affected him. Still is in effect actually. "Who is your authority? Maybe we can compare notes. We're still doing our best to map this out but really, its science none of us are capable of understanding." None of them currently, perhaps if there was others in the mix it would be possible but those present and actively working as X-Men, not qualified to that extent.

Illyana tilts her blonde head to one side and fixes Nate with a look when he corrects her. "That's a longer word for the same thing." She tells him. There might be the faintest hint of a teasing smile as she says it, but it could be a trick of the light.

Switching to what, for her, amounts to a more businesslike demeanor, Illyana nods in agreement with Scott. "Alarming is a good word for it." She says, her voice a touch surly. "Finding out I'm apparently not who I used to be was… unsettling." Scott's question stops her brooding, and belatedly reminds her of something. "Doctor Strange." She says lightly, trying for 'we compare magical notes' rather than 'I'm his apprentice' in her delivery. "And it wasn't helpful to everyone. It's given Stephen a lot of work to do. I'll let you know if anything's likely to affect us."

"It was good for Steel City. I'm not sure it was good for the X-Men," points out Nate. "For one, we lost Emma Frost. She was staff here, y'know? Now she might be an enemy, I am not sure yet. Also, Rose got her memory mixed up with her native counterpart, as if she needed more mental hangups." He taps the tablet. "We are missing people, and a couple students."

Scott could almost grin at Illyana's response but doesn't like her it's hard to tell there is any humor being trafficked.

"I don't think I ever met any other Illyanas so I'll be blunt in saying I prefer you to any alternatives. At least I know what to expect… for the most part. I've had my fill of alternates, clones, duplicates, dopplegangers, remnants… " Scott can almost be heard groaning at this. If they only knew. If he only knew…

"Doctor Strange? Ah." Nothing further there. Not necessary or Scott just isn't revealing how much he knows or doesn't in regards to the world's Sorcerer Supreme.

"Nate, how do you know any of this? No one else has any solid recollections. Jean and I are working on getting Emma in to the school proper. If she is worth it. We're still feeling her out." He has his doubts about the woman, they both do but shes a mutant and Professor X is heavy on second chances, unity, the dream. Scott adheres.

"How are we missing anyone?"

"Scott, you say the nicest things… but now I'll just have to try harder to surprise you." Illyana seems genuinely pleased, but also not quite like she's joking.

Listening to Nate talk as if she should know everything - including her - is wrong is more than a little weird. Maybe if she'd taken Doctor Strange up on his offer to restore her memories of 'before' she'd feel differently, but she had her own reasons to refuse.

"Nate, we're only missing people if this isn't how the world is supposed to be." Illyana offers after a moment's thought. "Was the old me so much better that you want her back?" The teasing tone is back in her voice, but it doesn't quite reach her eyes.

"I was pushed off Earth by whatever that guy did," comments Nate. But then it dawns to him maybe his memories were jumbled too before it, and he can't trust them. Arrrrgh… better not to think about it. That way of thinking leads to madness. "Nevermind. Just I remember stuff, so I went to talk with Emma."

Was it before better or worse? No idea yet. Definitely, from a purely utilitarian point of view getting a whole city back is great. But the devil is in the details. What if Apocalypse was not defeated? What if Sentinels are more numerous and advanced now? Hence, reading mission reports. "Dunno. But I will find out," he grumbles.

"I don't surprise easy but I welcome the challenge. " A level unreadable counter to Illyana.

"Hrm." Scott manages, "Go ahead, seek Emma out and speak to her but be careful with what you reveal and press on her, if we thought you were losing your mind imagine what a stranger might think of you if… " A shrug of broad shoulders has Cyclops dismissing it as well, Nate is a grown man and not a child he has to be overly-concerned about. Not that Scott would even know where to begin.

"…and then I'll have to find her and tell her that you're not crazy, too?" Illyana asks Nate. "I'm going to have to do that a lot if you keep telling people they're not living the lives they're supposed to be." She says it flippantly, but there's a bit of friendly warning in her voice, too. Be careful tilting at windmills, Nate.

Illyana slips down from her perch. If Nate wants to carry on researching, at least she won't be in his way any more. "While you're doing that, I'm going to deal with problems that I /do/ remember." She turns to Scott. "If anyone needs me, I'll be out hunting demons." She shrugs, adding, "I got distracted." As a not-quite excuse.

"Already did," notes Nate to Scott. But maybe he should be more careful with what he says, true. Although with the school going public there is not as much need for secrecy as before. "Good hunting Illy, call if you want company, I am dead bored here."

"Rather a big deal to get distracted from." Scott remarks as Illyana makes her departure. Demons and devils for anyone but Illyana Rasputin are probably a very big deal.

"Dead bored? We can always find things for you to do. Danger Room is great for curbing boredom we also have a ton of yardwork we can knock out. Day isn't entirely horrible." Mundane things. Very human for them.

"Already did? Tell me about it while we go get unbored."

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