Fist of Iron

April 09, 2015:

Iron Fist, Black Canary and Nitro meet. Canary extends an offer to Iron Fist to be part of a 'New Justice Society'.


An old Gym/Dojo.





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When Tre had arrived at the gym earlier, the elderly janitor Pedro had let Tre in.

The gym itself is like something out of an old movie and has not surprisingly changed since Tre's visit here a few days ago.

Various training mats and stations are setup and posters of fighters from days long-gone are on the wall.

One section seems to have famous heroes from the Justice Society of America including Black Canary, Steel Panther, White Knight and many other well known heroes (Both OC and Canon). One of the posters, a hero known as the 'Luchador' seems to look a lot like the elderly Pedro who worked as a janitor here!

As soon as Tre had arrived, Canary had begun putting him through the paces; the pair of them sparring on one of the large training mats where she had instructed him, "Your goal isn't to take me down, it's to utilize this space and only this space. Finer control of your powers, will give you an advantage in a fight. Just cause you're a speedster, doesn't mean every fight has to take place on a highway."

Iron Fist had been given a discreet invitation through various street level contacts and networks to come to a Dojo in Gotham where the Black Canary had hoped to meet him. The address, may have been all too familiar.

Well the word got out to Iron Fist that there was someone that wanted to meet. And hey he knew the location that they wanted to meet him at. He hasn't been to this place is around 18 years though, not since his family left for K'un-L'un. So that got his interest up enough to at least probe around. It's not like it can be a trap, no one really knows of Danny's connection to this place. But that doesn't stop him from being careful. He decides to look around first before he enters the place. Of course he doesn't enter from the door, that's for the silly people. He finds his way into the place from a window of course!

Iron Fist finds no traps or anything nefarious on his inspection, arriving just as Black Canary and Tre are finishing up a training session; the young man being sent to go clean up while she starts putting the equipment back in place.

Even though the place was relatively undefended, Laurel knew every inch of the Dojo; she had lived here for years and it was the closest thing to a home she still had.

The particular window Danny had entered from had a distinct creak, an un-oiled hinge that she knew the tone of fairly well since it was the window she used to use to sneak out of this very building.

If she was aware that Iron Fist was lurking above, she made no note of it and instead went to the fridge taking out a couple ice cold bottles of water.

Once he's sure the place isn't a trap, Iron Fist drops down from where he was watching what was going on. "You wanted to meet me. Here I am." He says that one rather simply, since well hey you know what else can he say to the invitation. "Interesting place you have here. It brings back some old memories."

Having taken a break, Tre comes back into the dojo becuase well he needed a break. He doesn't know that Iron Fist is hiding above them, but still Tre comes back to the training area, "So why did you call for me again. You and I both are skilled in martial arts, but I feel there is more." he says to her.

Iron Fist might recognize Black Canary as the same teenage girl who used to live at this Dojo, despite being into her early thirties she looked like she was still in her early twenties; a youthful and fresh faced look still kept by her despite the hardships she had been through in her 33 years of life.

"Old memories? The original Iron Fist was a member of the Justice Society, it's kind of why I called you here." She looks over at Tre and winked, she had caught the young man staring at the posters before.

"The original Justice Society is gone, but maybe it's time there was a new one." She smiled at the pair of men, "A group of heroes who could work together like a family and help each other out without worrying about big brother or anyone else watching them. A place where new and old heroes alike can come and feel safe and wanted."

Eyes narrow at the lady when she says that, "I don't know who you are talking about. Whoever was associated with this group of yours has nothing to do with me." He glances around at the Dojo, "There are trials and rules associated with earning the title of Iron Fist. I have been the only one to go through all those trials in a while." He learned his Dad did them later, but well his Dad never faced Shou-Lao the Undying in the last trial. And well the Steel Serpent never earned the right to face the Undying one, but still tried and failed of course. "So whoever that guy was, he had no right to a name that he didn't earn." Unless of course Danny has been lied to about there not being an Iron Fist in many years…

Having been caught staring, he smiles at Laural, he has studied the pictures and it was hard to believe how young she really looks, but he didn't mind looking at Larual. He walks over to where the other two were and looks to Iron Fist, "Calm down man, look at the picture." he says as he points to one that had Iron Fist in it. Tre stretches out but lets Larual handle this, he did't mind being here nor did he mind being picked for this group, he was pretty stoked about it.

Canary continued to smile at Iron Fist, "Maybe it's just a mistake or someone liking the name. I've heard a lot about you, like how you faced down those Atlanteans in Metropolis, you saved a lot of lives." She picks up one of the bottles of water and offers it in Danny's direction, "If you didn't know, I go by Black Canary and this is Nitro." She gestures towards the young man there with them, "My friends call me Laurel though and I hope we can be friends." A hand is extended in Danny's direction.

Danny shakes his head at the offer of water, "No thanks." He says to that one, when he looks at the kid who just offered his two cents, "There is a high cost to become the Iron Fist. One risks their own life for the honor. For someone to just take the name, without having earned it, is a great insult to those that have." You gotta kill the dragon, and then pay the Troll Toll or something like that you know. "Iron Fist is good for now, or Iron if you want." Hey he doesn't know these people yet, though the Laurel person does seem oddly familiar.

Laurel listens to the explanation of how one becomes Iron Fist with raised eyebrows, "It sounds like quite the journey, you must have experienced quite a bit to take that mantle on." Whether or not the young Speedster is still in the room, she offers, "There's a lot of young heroes who could benefit from the kind of discipline that you possess."

"It was very interesting when it was happening." he answers to what she said. "I could do that. I have helped a few younger heroes already. Mostly they just wanted some training in case something ever happened to their powers."

The Black Canary seemed pleased by the response, "Sorry again about the Iron Fist confusion, if you're interested we can chat a little more another time when it's more convenient for you." She extends her hands graciously to the dojo, "Feel free to drop in any time, window or door, your choice."

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