First Light, Last Laugh

May 11, 2017:

Scott wakes up Jean they talk business and share a moment


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Fade In…

First light and the rising sun is already breaking through the blinds of Jean and Scott's room in the mansion. One of the structure's master chambers. The X-Men known as Cyclops is almost always up with the morning, he is never one to sleep in. It is a rarity unless for a good reason. Unlike Jean and Storm he has very little to do with the school itself so never has to be concerned with paperwork, criteria or schedules. The only hitch he has had all week is the N'Garai encounter with Scarlet Witch but that has since been passed off to Illyana, she should have it in hand. Hopefully

"Are you up?" He asks quietly, his deep smooth voice carries even when hes trying to be silent. It's just one of those trained things as a leader. A fingertip reaching over to give Jean's hip a prod. An almost playful gesture. Also a side no one ever sees except for Jean Grey.

"I wanted to get an early start on comparing the irregularities we can still map. We haven't been able to do much after Steel City. Now is a good time." Rambling already, apparently the man has had his first cup of coffee. He was however kind enough to bring her up some. It sits on the nightstand.

Jean stirs beside Scott. Truthfully, she's rarely able to sleep in much past 7am, anyway. So the 6am sunrise isn't a great inconvenience. And, honestly, she always 'hears' him move, even in her sleep. It's just part of who she is.

Her head rolls toward him and she gives a wry smile, cracking open one eye partially. "I am, now," she says in response to his question, a hint of humour in her sleepy tone. It doesn't take much for her to force herself awake, really. She reaches up a hand to rake it through her long hair and sit up partially. "That's not a bad idea, really," she agrees, pulling herself up into a seated position and taking the offered cup. "What have you got, so far?" She takes a sip of the dark liquid and lets out that soft sigh universal to the first sip of good joe.

Scott's world of red doesn't seem to matter when he is watching Jean. A perk of waking her up early is to see her being natural. His fingers walk like a small person along her hip before settling and he leans forward giving her throat where it meets jaw a kiss. A small warm one that only lasts briefly before he stands upright and drags the high backed chair by the window closer to the bed seating himself in it.

"Beats the alternative. I had the urge to jump up and down on the bed." Scott Summers acting like a kid? Unheard of beyond these walls.

"Obviously we were all present for Steel City. I've checked the news for the rest of the world it has 'rewritten' it doesn't show up anywhere, I don't think anyone beyond the immediate event is aware it was ever destroyed. That kid, he brought those people back to life or rewound time or something. Could you even do that as the Phoenix?" Scott has been awake a bit, long enough to put on sports pants and a tanktop. He had to to go fetch them some coffee.

"Other locations too, this one here… " He turns his tablet around and shows it to her, "South of Metropolis. It might as well be a another world, its a very exact and squared miniature ecosystem but its booming with life. A forest over roads. Like Chernobyl looks now. I bet you the animals there are massive." If they could remember the location they would know it was for a brief time known as the Deadzone. "There is more, everywhere, all over the world. Those are just two."

Jean tilts her head slightly at the kiss, smiling softly. But, then chuckles. "Mm. That probably wouldn't have been the wisest choice, no." She'd likely have pinned him to the ceiling… and gone back to sleep. She swings her legs over the side of the bed, now, dragging a throw from the foot of the bed across her knees.

She considers his question. "As Phoenix? Possibly… But not by 'rewinding time', per se. More likely by simply recreating everything." She's actually glad she doesn't have that power, any more. It was too much. Everything about the Phoenix Force is just too much. "That kid was… I'm not sure… He wasn't a 'creative' force like the Phoenix can be." They both know how destructive the Phoenix can be, too. She still carries the guilt of that, but she is good at pushing it a way. "There were timestreams there. We passed by them and through them. I think he's a timebender of some sort. So, it'd make sense that people don't remember anything if they were outside the central nexus. For them, all the changes would be what always has been. On some level… we're now the anomalies."

The connection Scott has to Jean at times gives him impressions or thoughts not always his own. It isn't a telepathic communication it is just a bond that makes it easier for them to operate. A spiritual and mental link up. The imagery of being suspended in place to a ceiling while watching her slumber comes to mind; it isn't an idea he had. One dark brow arches up over his shades, "Seriously?"

The barrage of retaliations his mind comes up with are a myriad but he doesn't act on them, he has amazing self control. "Timestreams, dimensions… are we? The anomalies because we witnessed it and are outside of the direct affliction. I suppose that makes sense. I am not entirely sure how I feel about that though. "It is good to have a method to track this just in case it ever happens again. Trick is where to start. I also suggested to Nate that he speaks with you, he seems to be out of sync and having issues with our reality know, he claims nothing is the same and it is all wrong. Others might also be suffering this… disorientation. You and the Professor are best equipped to deal with them."

Managing to peel his eyes off of her Scott begins to thumb through his tablet. "I have ears and feelers out for Lash and his followers as well, Reader has been insistent the man is bad news. We best keep tabs on him as well, I'll update Cerbero's files on what I find."

Jean gives Scott a small, smug smile as he catches the image of his suspension. She doesn't answer otherwise, however. Instead, she listens to his thought process as he works through her ideas and adds his own. She nods to his suggestion to speak to Nate. "I'll see what I can do," she promises. "It may simply be the best way to help them is to explain what we experienced, however. He's right, after all. Things have changed." She takes another long sip of her coffee, considering the situation. "It's a shame there's no way Cerebro can track InHumans… or time anomalies, for that matter. I'll talk with Nate about it, though; he may have some ideas from some of the other streams he's visited."

She frowns faintly. "I agree, though. Lash is bad news. And if he's going to start hunting NuHumans or InHumans he deems 'unworthy'," — He did say that to them, after all — "Then, perhaps what we need to do is start tracking reports of meta attacks outside of the mutant community." To be fair, most of the efforts have been focused on the mutant communities, after all.

"We can expand our sphere of focus. We can help relocate them as well, the Nest still has room, Nirvana or whatever they're calling it in Chicago has offered us help in the past. We can find these people homes and safe locations." Scott at least hopes those are still options and the locations were not wiped. "I wonder if any of them have been… reversed? I imagine he has that power."

Scott doesn't add more to the concerns about Nate. The young man does his own thing, his independence streak is long and Jean will have a tough time getting him to open to her but if any on can do it, it is her.

Scott lifts his own cup of coffee up draining the last of it to set it on the nightstand. "If only we could contact Forge or Beast. It would be easier to modify Cerebro or find something to work with."

"Yeah," Jean can't argue with that. It'd be so much easier if one of their 'trusted' engineers were present. "Barring that though, I suppose we'll have to resort to old fashioned leg work." She chuckles ruefully, because, well, what else is new? "I wonder if the Morlocks have heard anything; we should ask Storm to find out." She sips more of her coffee and leans back slightly on one hand. "I can also connect with some of the physicists I know through the university network. Someone must have noticed the temporal shifts at least as a small blip on the radar. Maybe there's technology out there we can get in other ways."

"Morlocks? Good call." Scott says thoughtfully, not one he had considered but Morlocks are always a great information source if they will speak. The tablet is panned through a little more then set aside, put next to his coffee cup. "Also a good call."
"Now, this thing about TK roping me up and carrying on with sleep… " Scott smiles a very daring smile.

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