Cafe Chat

May 19, 2017:

Rogue and Morien bump into each other at a cafe in NY.


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Morien has seemed to escape his security detail this evening, because they are no where in sight. He is sitting at a small table in the back of the center of the room. There is a trumpet case that is placed on the opposite chair across him, but he is not focusing on the case, but on the book that he is currently ready. There is also a bottle of Merlot present on the table.

Rogue just so happened to wander into this cafe today. Wearing a light grey longcoat and a dark green thin scarf wrapped around her neck, she stepped in and looked around the interior of the area, not yet noticing that Morien was here… It had been a little while since they'd talked at Harry's Pub in westchester and with the troubled mind she has, its hard to keep almost any memories straight inside of it.

Rogue walked iwth the air of someoen who wasn't entirely sure of where she was, this was her first time here and she was moving around slowly and looking the place over. Her brown and white hair were brushed straight, laying down her back with the white bangs framing her face like snow-covered slopes gliding down the length of her form.

Hands in her pockets, Rogue approached the counter… curious to order a drink.

"I am going to climb up there to the moon. I must be exiled. I will be reunited with Socrates and Gailleo. Morien closes his eyes, no longer reading for the book that he has read a thousand times. "Philosopher…physicist…poet…swordsman..musician…sky voyager..great debater….lover, too not for own good. Here lies Hercules Savinien de Cyrano de Bergerac. " Morien opens his eyes and reaches, "Such beautiful words…"

Before his left hand touches the wine, his eyes happened to peer on the Rogue, because even in this atmosphere she is hard to missed. Morien waves offer a server and ask him to ask her to join him, and put whatever she wants to drink on his tab. He moves his trumpet on the floor beside him to make room for her. He closes the book neatly in front. He takes a look at his watch for a moment, and realizes he has pretty of time to make open mic nights at the clubs.

Rogue had seemed confused at first when the server had approached her and gave her that message, but she'd looked over at Morien and after only a moment she remembered him, smiled and turned to walk toward him. She reached his table and looked down at him. "Well… heya strange'ah." She said in that huskied southern way that was all her own.

A moment later and Rogue adjusted the long coat she had on and went to sit down across from Morien. She noted his instrument case and then smiled at him. "You playin' somewhere t'day?" She asked then. "Been awhile… Nice t'see a familar face here amidst the masses."

A server brought Rogue her drin, she'd ordered a sweat tea with a lemon, accepted it in her black gloved hands and lifted it up to her lips for a sip.

"Yes, I am afraid I don't get to the upper areas of New York as much as I would like, but I was thinking about purchasing some land there one of these days." Morien smiles and peers around the room. "I just have always preferred New York City." His mind drifts briefly to the first he saw the city in the 1920s. A slight grin appears on his face at the thought, but quickly shakes his head a few time to focus on the here and now.

"Yes, I sometimes go clubbing and do a few open mic nights at various places around the city. I think most people think I am just a poser, but I have always enjoyed playing the trumpet. I just try to keep a low profile. I don't think my board would appreciate me spending my nights playing trumpet." Morien laughs, "Or maybe I don't want to see as another attention seeking multi-billionaire. I like to come here before I go out. They have a good bookstoke below here. I read a book, drink something, and then I go out and play. It is not the most exciting Friday night, but you still haven't told me when we are going to Paris together" Morien laughs. "Enough about boring me, what brings you here?"

Rogue showed smiles and grins at everything he said, sweeping between the expressions throughout. She then glanced around the cafe before sipping from her drink again and shaking her head at his last question. "I'm just here t'see some friends who cancelled on me once I got inta town. So I was just gonna grab a drink then go do some shoppin' and probably head back home."

Rogue showed a soft smile then and her head shook. "I don't know about Paris, sure sounds nice though… but as a multi-hundredaire I don't really eve'ah put all that much thought inta actually headin' that way any time soon." She sat her cup down on the coaster in front of her ontop the table.

"Well, Their mistake is my gain. I really enjoyed talking to you. You remind me a southern girl I met long ago. She was kind girl, when she was little girl. She had the curliest hair you can ever imagine, but she changed when she got older." Morien bites his teeth and says, "It was sad to see that change. Truly sad, but I digress.. %R
He peers down as his book, then back at Rogue. "Have you ever read Cyrano de Bergerac? It kind of reminds me of you in a way." Morien chuckles softly and changes his voice to produce a southern draw. "Except your nose iz cuter than litty bitty rabbit." Morien winks and changes back to his usual dialect, "You are isolated from the world, unable to feel physical love. I can understand your dilemma. Do you know what my favorite part of this book?"

Rogue heard that initial part and it made her frown. "Life does that t'some'a us. The shit that happens around us can warp our personalities and turn us inta… bad places, set in… bad directions." She said quietly before he moved on to the book topic.

"I… haven't read it." She said to him. "Though, I know what book you're talkin' about." Because she had absorbed someone a long time ago who HAD read the book, but she only had fuzzy memories left of it now. "Thats the one about the guy with the big nose, who fell in love with the woman but was too afraid t'talk to her, so he sent… like someone else t'talk to her instead… or something.' She said that, grinned at his southern voice and shook her head. "Ya might wanna refine that accent a bit." She teased him.

"Well, I guess it is more of the Southern draw that I have heard the most. I haven't been to the South for a long period of time for years. The last time I was there, people were just bit too civil for my liking." Morien smiles for a moment from his own inside joke, and goes back to talking about the boot. "Yes, something like that. The woman had already confessed her love for another, and the other man wanted her too. He was isolated from professing his love to her, by his own self-doubt and her confession of love for another."

A childish grin of comes upon his face as there is more than a hint of joy in his voice as he continues speaking about his book, "The moment that I like besides the death speech. The moment I like the best is that when he thought she was in love with him, he fights off 100 attackers that was sent against his friend. That is beyond noble."

Morien narrows his eyes a bit a he goes for his drink again. "What I have learn is that people are just who they are. It is really just the world that changes around you to make people see a person better. The world will always reveal a person's true character sooner or latter.

Rogue sat there across from him with her elbows on the table and her hands around the base of the cup with her tea in it. She smiled broadly at the story about the book and she shook her head. "I ain't neve'ah had a problem expression myself and my feelins' toward othe'ahs though. At least not verbally… Physically… well, now there I can see your point about some similarities." She showed a grin and lifted her drink up for another sip from it.

"I don't know though, I think the world changes us. I mean, look at soldiers who go off t'war and then came back… 'shell shocked' and such. The experiences they went through… it was like a tornado crashin' through some small town. Tore it up to teeny bits, left nothin' but sadness. That town was good, and nice before, then the event around it… poof, shambles."

Morien shakes his head, "I have met very few soldiers that went to battle against people that were just and pure. They did not seem as a human being with a different ideology, different religion, or just being in the different point of time. Now, there have been some cultures worthy of death in history, but you be amazed on the grand scale of who are really the villains of history, but I digress. Morien holds the glass in his left hand and passes it back to his right hand. "Now, a soldier who goes to battle kills a person has to deal with the fact that he or she killed another human, and the reasons he dit. He or she has to deal with every thing he or she did in the name of whatever cause she was fighting for. I know the world is filled with electronic shooter games, and commercials professing that "Everyone is A Soldier" if they can battle in video game, but it is rue. Very few people in the world can kill another person without it harming them. War just reveals that fact.&

Morien puts the glass down, "Like I said the world reveals a person. There is a reason in ancient times that being a soldier was linked to a person's entire life and role in society. The modern world does not have it. It is not that people are weaker, but you are more connected to your humanity. Well, most of you."

Rogue listened to this and it made her smile very faintly, she would eventually just shrug her shoulders and glance down to her cup of tea in front of her for a brief moment before looking back up. "Who am I t'say anyhow?" She said then. "I'm no philosopher or psychologist, or anything of the sort. People is the way they is, thats about all I know on the subject." She flashed him a small grin then and went to lift her drink up toward her lips for a sip, but paused first. "So am I invited t'listen t'ya play?" She asked. "Gonna need some details on how t'get there'n all."

She sipped the tea and then shook her head softly. "One thing I do know, is that I'm a big fan'a music. Wish I were bette'ah at it, so I could play it professionally myself. But I guess thats just one more thing that ain't for me."

Morien rises and grabs his trumpet. "There is a club in Harlem that saves a spot for me." Morien goes to pay his tab, I will meet you outside, and if you want to learn I have the time to teach you, Morien turns to look at her and winks, "Trust me."


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