Training Montage

April 08, 2015:

Following the events of Cry of the Canary #7, a group of heroes gather with Black Canary and an offer of training is given.


An old gym/dojo


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Not long after the battle with ninjas at Gotham Harbour, a group of disparate heroes and vigilantes makes their way to an old run-down Dojo in the slums of Gotham. The building is rather large having once been an abandoned warehouse.

Black Canary parks her bike around the side of the building, whether Tre had accepted the ride or raced her was up to him. No doubt Peej and Agent Venom along with Misfit had no trouble following her.

Spearhead had been invited earlier and had likely been waiting for some time, luckily the old janitor who lived there Pedro had let him and Rain inside.

Pedro himself was a very short Hispanic man with a bulky build, clearly he had been a fighter at some point.

As soon as everyone arrives Canary directs them inside and the gym itself is like something out of an old movie. Various training mats and stations are setup and posters of fighters from days long-gone are on the wall.

One section seems to have famous heroes from the Justice Society of America including Black Canary, Steel Panther, White Knight and many other well known heroes (Both OC and Canon). One of the posters, a hero known as the 'Luchador' seems to look a lot like the elderly Pedro who worked as a janitor here

Once inside Canary takes off her jacket and tosses it over a stool before saying, "Good work back there. Those Ninjas weren't exactly amateurs." Looks like Spearhead and Rain had missed out on fighting Ninjas.

"Nitro, huh?" says Power Girl. "Nice name, I like it!" A beat.

"So what were you guys doing out here? I was just kinda… in the area," she says. It was about that time that her bicep was grabbed (monkey ogre bicep as some might call it), the woman rather sturdy as he clambers aboard, so to speak. "I am a Kryptonian, but…" A pause then.
"I'm a bit different from the others you might have met."
Peej might feel his Spider Grip, but… she could take it. Promise. Anyone sneaking about out there (looking at YOU misfit) is going undetected for the time being, Karen more or less concerned with kinda gently floating away. (and not going power mach 10 so she doesn't lose flash SPIDER GRIP or no). "By the way. I've kinda been meaning to tell you something…" says Karen, sounding slightly sheepish. "What's that in your head?" she asks, looking up to Eugene as she floats along.

All the way to the gym. Landing lightly upon her feet, Karen kinda bops her knuckles against one of the punching bags as she passes, her eyes drifting towards the photos and posters. "You like superheroes, huh?" she asks, glancing back over her shoulder towards Black Canary.

Spearhead stands up as the other group arrives, waiting untill everyone is inside before introducing himself to any new faces, then turning to Black Canary, "So, what are we doing?" He has his usuall military gear on, various handguns strapped to the vest, along with grenades and an assortment of clips of ammo for different guns and calibres, and various blade weapons, and one or two blunt force, all strapped to usefull and easy to grab places on him.

Along the way to the gym, Flash answers Peej's question after a rather decently long pause. "X-Ray vision, huh?" He's not hugely forthcoming, at least at first. It's a few moments longer before he figures that someone probably knows all sorts of things about him just by looking at him. So he answers, "It's bad news is what it is."
For a moment Flash seems unlikely to continue, but then he checks one of the devices on his combat harness, nods to himself to make sure they're not being listened in on by the people who could trigger the bomb in his head. So he tells her, "I work for the Army. They did an experiment on me. In case it went bad they put a bomb in my head. Learned about it yesterday. So yeah, I'm still… dealing with it."
Luckily by then they reach the dojo and amongst mixed company that precludes going on at length about the craziness in his brain. He follows along, trailing after the Kryptonian and perhaps not being to terribly obvious about his presence.

And politely, Rain will follow Spearhead. She's probably concerned and/or curious. There's an orange tabby cat in a tan trenchcoat. "Man, we better not make him sneeze or he might put something out," He comments wryly about Spearhead. Rain is - quite quiet, though, aware she may not necessarily have been invited. She does trust Spearhead, though. She's just worried about him being kicked hard enough that he could secure employment singing soprano on YouTube.

What she hears, she says nothing about. Rain is a veritable bucket of secrets.

With a slash of smoke >Pinkurple> Misfit appears behind Rain and peeks past her at the gathered. "So… a dojo… who is this crew of peopl and why were they mopping up Ninjas on a boat?" that was to Rain. Then she gets a better look at Canary "Oh hey you again." that is said very brightly. She does recognize Canary. Misfit is currently in her full on crime fighting gear.

Tre did with with Black Canary, he didn'tk now they were going to be meeting afterwards and they probably would take too long for him to get to where they needed to go. So yeah he rode on the bike. Once they get to where they were going to be, he follows the group into the large building. WHen greeted by Power Girl, he smiles, "Thanks. I didn't want to copy The Flash, so I did what I could." he grins.

"As for what I was doing out there, I was just delivering a package from Metropolis to Gotham, just as simple as that." he tells her. "I didn't know I was going to be getting jumped. Hell if I paid more attention I wouldn't have allowed them to corner me like they did." he looks a bit agitated about that fact. He looks to SPearhead and Rain as they make their entrances and Misfit too, "What is this place Black Canary?" he asks.

Black Canary smiled a little sadly at Power Girl when the comment was made, "I've never redecorated but, yes I do. Most of the people you see on that wall were members of the Justice Society of America, an oft overlooked part of history." She didn't add most of them had died, some of them gruesome deaths which had been at times related to her.

Clearly, she wasn't the same Black Canary on the wall but it was obvious where the inspiration came from.

In fact, it seemed Black Canary herself didn't do much to hide her identity, pointing towards a fridge she says, "Welcome to my home. As it's been pointed out before, you can pretty much google who owns this place and identify me. I'm going to work on that, so as a sign of trust you can call me Laurel if you like."

She removes a few cold beers offering them out, "I don't expect anyone else to reveal their identity in the company of strangers, if you want to, go ahead."

Gesturing to the equipment, she smiles, "I've got a lot more years of experience that you might think looking at me. You're all pretty good fighters, but maybe you could benefit from some formal training."

Despite how young she looked, she had almost as much experience 'fighting' as the room combined.

"Heeeeeey," Peej says, bringing up a hand to kinda give Spearhead a cheeky salute. "Power Girl, how are you doin'?" she asks him.

But what Flash says makes her brow furrow in concern. Clicking her tongue against the roof of her mouth, she looks back towards him, her lips twisted in concern. "So… do you need a surgeon or something?" she asks, her attention drawn back towards Rain then. Giving her a wide grin (a little bit goofy of one), Peej turns her eyes away. Letting her eyes draw along the posters again, Peej purses her lips. "Well - it looks like there's a lot of history here…" she says, her own tone a little wistful.

Spearhead nods, "Thanks Laurel, Not a bad place, better than the place I /was/ staying at, before I moved." He Keeps his Helmet on, and introduces himself as 'Spearhead'. He shakes his hand in a way to politely refuse the beer, as he has no way of drinking it right now. "Thanks, maybe another day…"
Spearhead cocks his head to the side, "Did you bring us here to teach us some martial arts?" he asks, curious and intrigued.

As for Flash he's not exactly taken in at the moment by the surroundings. When Power Girl asks him that question he holds up a gauntleted hand, as if to say 'ehn', but then perhaps is loathe to go into it what with all the lookie loos. So for now he remains mostly silent, stepping out to take up a place leaning against the boxing ring, arms folded over his chest. He looks at Dinah in main, then considers the others around.
Finally he does say something, and it's little more than a simple, "Hnh."

Rain smiles back at Peej. She even waves. She looks quietly concerned as Powergirl looks away, tilting her head, perhaps. The witch is pretty shy, and uses a codename because her REAL name is dorky^n. "Thank you. I go by Rain," She offers. "I'm Captain," The orange tabby walking alongside Rain in his charming tan trenchcoat offers. "… I'm okay with being pet." He has a deep, rich baritone voice tinged by a Gotham accent.

She seems shy, deciding against talking to exploding head guy or - well, she's an audience, really.

Well the first thing everyone will notice is that Tre isn't in no costume or anything, just street clothes. "Ummm….." he says at first. "I'm Tre." he says to them all. "You all see me, nothing special, no costume and I work as a couriror." he states. There is no hiding that fact from the others as he looks to them. Tre than starts to look along the walls, there are many posters, and he studies Black Canary seeing that she is different but it's good that she is inspired by the previous one. He walks around the room just checking things out and listening to Black Canary. "No need to do that." he says to her. "Thanks for inviting us to your home." he smiles at her and he looks around at the others, and upon hearing Laurels name, he doesn't react, he didn't want to say anything for now. Looking out at the others, Tre grins a bit.

Misfit gives Rain a poke right in the back for ignoring her, but well what can a Misfit do. Still she steps away from her teammate and looks around the gym studying it. "Wow you are like ridiculously trusting Ms. Canary….. I mean that is like the exact opposite of everyone I've met that does this…." she trails off, disappearing >pinkurple> and reappearing by Tre now. "Hey Tre, I'm Misfit." she looks to the others and indicates herself "Misfit, not Batgirl." sometimes it is a problem, not if they have met Batgirl mind you. Damn she is scary.

Rain looks to Misfit, "Hi. I have no idea," She smiles at the pinkurple one. "I followed Spearhead," She admits.

"Let's face it Misfit, I don't wear much of a disguise. We're all friends in theory." Canary looks over the group of assembled heroes, "Not exactly Spearhead. I came here to offer you training, in martial arts among other things if any of you are willing and not at this exact second."

She looks at the unopened bottle, "I've been around the block a few times. I've made mistakes like anyone else but what I could teach you might help you avoid that. Hand to hand, weapons, espionage, investigation, you name it and I can probably help you." She winks at Rain, "Unless it's magic, I don't really do magic."

Black Canary definitely wasn't implying anyone here /lacked/ training, just that she was a damn good teacher and she had a lot to offer anyone willing to learn.

"Not at this exact second is right," says Peej. "Because - I hear a cry for help, or something like that," says the woman, tapping the side of her head as she gives the assembled a wide grin. "But it was great to meet you all - this seems like a fun sort of place," says the woman.

Another moment.

"Thanks, Canary," she says, tapping a hand to her forehead in a bit of a salute. "I'll see you around, yeah?" she adds, striding towards the door in an… unhurried but kinda hurried manner. Sounded like a pretty large fire somewhere in town. If Kara didn't get there first!

Spearhead nods to Tre, saying simply, "Nice to meet you."
Spearhead hasn't met Batgirl, "Ah, Hello Misfit, Nice to meet you." Spearhead turns to Laurel, "Ok, yeah, I could use some good training…"
Then something on his helmet beeps, o"Sorry, One moment…" he taps a button on the side of the helmet, and answers, "What is it?" No noise from the other side of the comunication. "What?!?….. Ok, I'll be there, hang tight…" He taps the same button again, "Sorry I have to go…" and he walks out, starting into a run as soon as he's out.

Pushing off of the boxing ring, Flash looks at the other people. He cocks a somewhat wary eyebrow, perhaps not entirely liking the look of the mass of folks. Especially that one with the talking cat. Can't trust magic people. He takes a few steps and tilts his head towards Dinah to tell her calmly. "Maybe down the line…"
There's a pause as he rubs the back of his neck almost pained in expression. "But next time, please don't do that scream thing. I'm gonna have a headache for a week." That having been said he starts to walk towards one of the doors.

Rain smiles politely. "It's okay. My only form of martial arts is turning into a bear," She admits. There's a sympathetic look at mention of the scream thing. "Er, well. I'll have to look after him," Rain murmurs. "Yeah, we don't want him losing more cars," Captain quips wryly. She looks to Misfit. "I'm glad to see you all." That's in general, but Rain is well mannered.

Charlie watches people filtering out on emergancies and taps her goggles lightly, she checks all the pending 911 calls "hmm these aren't that serious…" she mutters to herself then looks to Rain "Wait you can turn into a bear… like for real… rawr… hey boo boo?" she blinks at her friend.

"A Siberian Godbear, but yeah." Rain smiles at Charlie, nodding. "I just have to be careful of floor weight allowances," She admits. "But I'm going to keep an eye out for Spearhead. Be well." Sneaksneak off with her cat.

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