An Unspoken Thing

May 09, 2017:

Peter, Kitty, Rocket and Groot discuss mercenaries, gems and old TV shows.

Shadowcrest Manor


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There has been quite of time that has gone by since Kitty and Peter have talked about the mystical gem that has negated her powers and that bounty hunters attempted to kill them over. While Kitty and Peter have seen each other in the interim, that seems to be a topic that has not exactly been brought up. It's a rarity for the forward and direct Shadowcat to let something like this linger.

However, let it linger she has. It has made her nervous, though, a thing that Lockheed has certainly noticed and given her incredulous looks over. Finally, she goes searching for Peter throughout Shadowcrest, determined to talk about the Bounty Hunters, the Gem, the fact that he doesn't seem to understand anything about the thing he was tasked with protecting by the Asgardians.

"Quill?" she calls out as she wanders the halls of the overly large mansion.


"Oh my god Rocket how can one fracking furrball make so much of a mess!"

Its never really /hard/ to find Peter Quill. If he's not at his bar job, or out with some girl, he's likely arguing with his crewmates. The closest thing to family he's got. Which is kinda scary really. When a bunch of homicidal theives are the people you consider family.

He blames his upbringing.

But right now he's upstairs, wearing some kind of battered t-shirt with a picture of a star ship on it. His normal ravanger red pants. No shoes.

Because socks are better.


The good news is that he is easy to find.

The bad news is that he's never quite where you might expect.

So should Kitty turn a corner looking for the source of the Starlord's voice, she'll find herself nearly face to face with him. Since he was going in the opposite direction at the time.


Kitty does, in fact, follow the sound of Peter Quill's voice. She's climbing the stairs in bare feet, as she hasn't been outside today and doesn't see the need to wear shoes inside Shadowcrest. Though, that might be to her own detriment. One moment she may just step on a magical artifact that will turn her into a rock or something.

It's easy to follow the bellowing and as she does so, she increases her pace. Turning the corner, she comes not exactly face to face to Peter, but her face bumps right at his chest area. She's quite a few inches shorter than him and she was not expecting him to be this close.

"Ack!" she quickly states, hands coming up to push back slightly against the battered t-shirt. Recovering, she looks up at him. "Peter," she says, confused as to his yelling. "What did Rocket do?" For some reason she never thought he'd care about messiness. "Also, we should talk."


Peter rocks back, stumbles really as he comes face-to-face with a X-Woman. His eyes go wide and hands snap out to flail slightly before they latch onto her shoulders to keep himself from going over backwards. He blinks a few times as his brain tries to reassemble itself in some semblence of the right direction.

Then it processes she asked him a question.

"Huh?" Intelligent and articulate as normal. "Er…I meann he just scattered stuff all over his room. I mean most of it is explosive I bet. So its like a minefield. One wrong move and booooom."

…this is how it is on the Milano at least.

"…talk?" A pause. "About what?" A longer pause. "Is this like some kind of unspoken attraction thing you want to talk about, because I can sense that between us. Totally there."

…this is starting off well.


A hand instinctively goes up to stop Peter from falling. She doesn't want him to break something, but she is also completely floored by his brain space. Repeating her earlier thought, she tells him, "You don't seem to be someone who generally cares about cleanliness," she tells Peter. Her eyes glance at the torn shirt he's currently wearing as evidence. Of course, explosives are a different thing. There's a bit of a wince as she thinks about that. "Yeah, let's not let Rocket blow the entire mansion up. That'd be a bit of a problem, I think. I tend to like to wake up alive."

The question about what they want to talk about is met with an incredulous look and then a roll of her eyes. "No. I wanted to maybe figure out more about those Bounty Hunters? And this Gem that's attached to me that people seem to want to kill people about?" She looks up at him with a raised eyebrow. That raises some bells, right? She distinctively says nothing about any sort of attraction. Despite Jessica's annoyed observation, she has not yet even processed what she would say about that, so she focuses on the task at hand. It's the X-Man way, after all.


"You sure its not an unspoken something? I mean I have a sixth sense about these things." Peter persists for at least a few seconds there before he blinks as words once again process their way into his more logical side of his brain.

…look its /there/. Its just not well used all the time.

"Oh yeah, those assholes. They were really hard to kill." Peter gives his opinion in typical Quill fashion before he sighs. "I bet you're gonna lecture me about that. Anyway! Yeah. I thought they were after the /other/ gem. The one we left on Xandar. When I saved the planet." A beatpause. "We. When the Guardians all saved the planet."

Longer pause.

"Rocket always has a chance to be listening."


"What I came to talk to you about is not about an unspoken anything. Other than the fact that there were bounty hunters after a gem I am tied to that you haven't told me about." Kitty gives Peter a look and a frown.

At his assessment, she sighs. "I generally don't think you should kill people, no, if that's what you mean!" She has no idea. It's hard to get into Peter's headspace, to be honest. Trying to wrap her head around what is going on, she blinks for a few moments. "What other gem? You had another gem? Is this just a theme with you, then? Taking random gems without knowing what they do and then giving them to other people?"

Then, she puts her hands on her hips for just a moment. "Why, what unspoken something do you think is happening here?"


"This isn't the same at all as the other time!" Peter protests. "First off, I was given this one. I didn't find in the ruins of a destroyed civilisation. Second off I havn't tried to sell it off. Third off the last one didn't stick me with someone that has no coherent idea about basic television plotlines!"

A glower is angled towards her. Its just then that Peter realises he's still…well…holding onto her shoulders. So he lets go with a sharp and quick gesture that forces him to find something to do with his hands. He settles for just crossing his arms over his chest and rocking back on the balls of his feet.

"I mean. Come on. Havn't you ever seen Cheers?" A beatpause. "The unspoken thing! When there are two characters that obviously like each other but never say it to each other because then the writes would have to figure out some other way to break them up because thats how you keep raitings!"


There's a sigh and Kitty closes her eyes for a moment while she processes everything Peter just said. She decides, going with the X-Men approach, that she should start at the beginning and work her way down. "Yes, I'm generally against killing people and those guys seemed to be pretty messed up." She frowns, thinking back to what happened. "I don't think everything that's going on there is what we think it is." If he's thought about it much at all, she realizes as she's talking.

That gives her another pause and she sighs. The arms on her hips remain there, but one hand reaches into her pocket and she pulls out the gem she keeps there almost all the time. "They put a bounty on you, Peter. And they're pretty serious about cashing it in. They really want this gem and it sounded like they were willing to go through just about anyone to get it." And that's not even mentioning the fact that she's pretty well linked to the thing. Where ever it goes, so does she until they can figure out a way to sever her from it.

The hands quickly release her shoulders and she looks back up at him with something akin to an amused smirk. "Reruns my parents watched, sure. I don't think I've ever actually watched a full episode, though I know the basic gist. The Sam and Dianne thing." There's a deliberate pause before she adds, "So, what you're saying that you like me?"


"No no no, see I can't say if I do or don't or it'll ruin the mystique of things. Man don't you know how this goes?" Peter just shakes his head, as if she's ruining one of the great mysteries of the universe. "Its gotta remain a mystery." He slowly sage nods towards her before his face takes on a slightly more sour expression.

"Yeah. I guess those guys are pretty annoying. I mean its not like they got either of us this time." Peter doesn't seem much bothered by the bounty. "I mean if they want my head the'll have to get in line though. I've got a list!" He seems oddly proud of that. "…though I should tell Rocket and Groot that there are /more/ people after us. But this time its not my fault. Its…totally Asgard's fault." Yup. Thats his story.

A beatpause.

"Maybe they actually know something about those jokers anyway. Like you said, something is going on here thats really odd and I don't like it." A beatpause. "Yeah I actually agreed with you, try not to let it go to your head."


The smirk remains and she shakes her head. "Nope, you admitted you liked me, the gig is up now. I know your secret." After all the teasing he's done to her, she's definitely going to give as good as she was given. "Maybe the mystery is about whether I actually like you or not. I think that's what will give any sort of 'will they won't they.'"

There's a snort. "Yeah, shouldn't they have known about this when they put you in charge of this gem? What about your parole officer? Thor? Blonde hair, incredible muscles, looks good in cape and tight clothing? He didn't mention anything about this when this all started?" As for Rocket and Groot knowing, she's pretty sure they should, yes and she sighs. "Probably, just to make sure they don't prematurely blow something up that they shouldn't." Who knows what that is, but with the two of them she's sure it's possible.

"Right, they tried to pick up a bounty on you before, right? That's how you met? Maybe these guys are well known in the bounty circle." There's a frown and a study. "Just how many people want your head? I mean, I can't blame them, you seem to piss a lot of people off, there's a long list?"


The front doors slam open, typical behavior of a certain pair who act like they own the place. Of course they know this isn't true, which is why they'd bought and assembled a large outdoor storage shed outside in an unassuming corner of Zatanna's sprawling lawn. Groot had picked out something that looked like a miniature cottage and decorated it with vines and flowers. Rocket thought it was an eyesore, but it effectively camouflaged it so that people didn't think twice about seeing a tiny house in the shadow of the large manor.

Incidentally, that's where they'd moved Groot's couch.

"Eh, just put it down out there. I know we got some extra cables somewhere, just gotta grab them and hope no one's moved them. People are always moving stuff in here! I hate it when people touch my stuff!" Rocket grumbles as he steps inside, tossing his backpack aside, and with more care, setting down his rifle. It seems to have gotten more things added to it since the last time anyone's checked, but then again who ever looks at the thing? That'll prove their mistake, or a great blessing. It all depends on the situation that comes up, really.

The raccoon that claims not to be a raccoon's ears twitch, catching the voices of two familiar humans. Uh-oh, is he interrupting a moment? His fuzzy brow furrows, and he redirects his path of intent to stomp towards the hallway. It's…not all that impressive when you have soft feets.

"Well, he can scratch one less off his list," Rocket informs them, folding his arms as he leans against the wall by the hall's entryway. "Me, Groot and Atli took care'a this guy that turned into some crazy monster thing, shouting bloody murder for Peter Quill. But that wan't anything new." He pauses. "Oh yeah, we ran into a bunch of Sakaarans too, but they shouldn't be a problem anymore either."


Outside of those doors, somewhere across the large piece of land that shouldn't even be a lawn, a faint, echoey "I am Groot!" is heard. Moving everything is tough, but it gives the alien tree something to do in between bursts of whatever activity he and Rocket partake in. As he stands feet away from the cottage, Groot gingerly sets the pieces of furniture down, unwrapping his arms from the IKEA-claimed couch and the flat screen television they've been using ever since they have first moved in. The screen now leans against the couch, forming an angle that withstands the force of gravity.

With an approving grunt, he nods, dusting off his hands in minor accomplishment. He has done his job.

He takes his sweet time returning to the mansion, arms swaying as he lumbers through the doors, craning his neck to make sure he doesn't scrape the top of the doorframe again. Following the dulcet notes of the raccoon's voice carrying on down the hall, Groot peers in, his wooden brow lifting as he enters the conversation. A smile crosses his features as he waves at Kitty and Quill.

"I am Groot?"

Obviously he needs to catch up on everything that's just been said.


"What! Thats not how this works!" Peter protests as Kitty changes the rules on him. "You have no understanding of traditional sitcom values!" He calls as he glowers towards her, head tilted slightly down at the smaller figure. Brows coming together as he attempts to look entirely serious as he says it.

He fails. Mostly because it takes a lot for Peter to look serious about anything.

"Look," The stormclouds vanish as fast as they appeared. "When you're a handsome, dashing, successful, space rogue like I am. You make enemies. Thats just a fact of life is all. I mean seriously, its a burden I must bare for the sake of the Galaxy. Such a heavy burden. And I make it look so good." A wink towards Kitty at that before suddenly…


And plant.

"Wait what? Crazy monster thing? I totally havn't pissed off any crazy monster thing since I've been on Terra! I mean. Not ones that are still alive or anything." A flick of a glance towards Kitty. "Monsters! Not people. Monsters." A beatpause as Rocket mentions the Sakaarans. "…those don't count as people either."

Then back to Rocket and Groot. "Wait, when did you find a bunch of Sakararans?" And his gaze flickers towards Groot. "You were supposed to keep an eye on him! …you two didn't blow up /too/ much did you?"


"Maybe I do, maybe I don't," Kitty tells Peter with a grin as he attempts to glower at her. "All I know is that you think we have a mutual attraction, so that generally means there's something on your end." Then, she gives a good-natured roll of her eyes. "And are all handsome, dashing space rogues on space parole under the watch of an Asgardian God and on the run from crazy bounty hunters? Or is that just you?"
The lumbering sound of Rocket and Groot's entrance is hard to miss. While she watches Peter with both a worried and amused expression on her face, the arms on her hips fall to her sides and she turns so that she can watch the tree and the raccoon enter the room. Despite herself, there's a warm smile for both Rocket and Groot in greeting. "Hey guys," she greets, used to their idiosyncrasies. Immediately, she turns tattle tale, pointing at Peter and telling Rocket, "Peter was touching your stuff." She beams at the Star-Lord at that and then focuses on the TV and the couch that Groot is attempting to move.

"Uh, I'm not sure the TV will work outside without power, Groot," she tells him, trying to let him down kindly. Glancing between the others and the tree, she explains, "Peter and I were just talking about how there are some bounty hunters after him and now me because of that gem he was sent here to guard. We were actually wondering if either you might know of them. A woman who can teleport around, someone with wings…they're scary powerful and very focused on this thing."

Rocket's answer is met with a few blinks and what Peter already knows is going to be a frown. "You killed someone? Wait, a monster? What was it like? There was one of those crazy monster things yelling about a heart and tried to kill me and Peter a few months ago. Was it all shadowy?"


"I sure hope that ain't true, because Peter Quill of all people knows I /hate/ when my stuff gets moved. Besides, sometimes it's dangerous to a person's health." Rocket fixes Pete with a /look/ at that. Then he waves almost dismissively.

"Killed someone? Naw, we didn't kill no one- well…okay, I can't speak for the Sakaarans but I'm pretty sure some of them were still breathing. Just unconscious. And probably in a world of pain. …. Oh yeah, also, I borrowed one of their necroship things to blast the monster." He holds up a finger- not /that/ finger, but the one that magically stills people from interjecting because he knows they'll do that. "-and yeah, he was totally a people!" he laughs. "The Sakaarans were actually chasing him, and then we beat them up. And then he turned into a giant monster yelling something about him being his own wife and 'kill Quill.'" Shrug. "So we figured he was talkin' about you."

If he was supposed to be offering reassurance of some kind, apparently he didn't get the memo. Fixing Quill with another look as though he's been asking crazy questions, Rocket snorts. "Well I woulda blown up more but Groot grabbed the wrong gun. Oh. And for the record, the burning silo was /not/ my fault." And it really wasn't, not that they'll believe it.

Kitty gets his attention next, brow arching as she describes their newest stalkers. "Mmmnah, can't say I know 'em. We're trying to find Loki, I think. Apparently he's the one that gave that guy the charm thing we found that turned him into monstertown."


Groot shrugs at Peter Quill. "I am Groot." Oh, but he was keeping an eye on him! While he was busy fighting Sakaarans. It's sort of like multi-tasking? And he knows his little friend needs to be who he is. He doesn't want to step on his tail there. He knows better. The mention of grabbing the wrong gun receives a brief eyeroll and another "I am Groot!" because mistakes happen! It's not his fault the watergun was sitting right next to all of Rocket's other guns. Besides, the paint job is pretty convincing from far away.

Looking back over at Kitty, he nods knowingly. "I am Groot," he says, because that is all he can say. Still, he gets that power is needed to get the TV running. He points at Rocket for that part, gesturing long lines in the air that can either mean cables or fresh, hand-made noodles. "I am Groot."


"They have extension cords, its fine. And I'm pretty sure Rocket can rig up a generator." Peter replies before he glances back towards Rocket. "And I was /not/ touching his stuff thank you Miss Tattle Tail!" He wrinkles his nose at Kitty and makes a face. "I was just saying its everywhere in that room! Like a freeking minefield." A pause. "…its actually a minefield isn't it?" This towards Rocket.

A blown out sigh. "And yeah. Thats just me, babe. I'm one of a kind." A roguish grin just before he does a bit of a double take and peers at Rocket. "…wait some kinda monster that turned into a people that was shouting about him being a wife and he wanted to kill me?" He thinks about this a moment. "Terra is /crazy/. Maybe it was some other Quill. I mean…I don't remember any wife, monster, people." A beatpause. "I've been busy lately! Doing…gem…stuff. And planning…stuff."

That sounds convincing.

"Wait you set a silo on fire?!"


True or not, Kitty can't help but stir the pot a little on that. Instead, she focuses on the task at hand and the information she's been given at all of this. "Wait, so a guy was being chased by the Sakaarans and then turned into a monster and you took him out? But, he wasn't actually a monster, he was given a pendant by Loki? Isn't that Thor's brother?" There's a lot of threads here that she is attempting to follow, but this conversation is a little like a stream of consciousness for the mutant.

As Groot explains his TV hooking up ideas, she frowns and looks between him and Rocket. "Putting an extension cord between the house and the yard is not a great idea. One good rain and everything'll short circuit." She's sure that Rocket has some ideas about building a generator, but she's also worried that he'll forget what he's building halfway through and make a generated grenade. She wouldn't be surprised, honestly.

Kitty rolls her eyes at Peter's quip about being one of a kind, then raises an eyebrow. "So, you have a wife? Interesting. A monster wife. She's going to be pretty pissed when she realizes you didn't remember your anniversary."

It's a testament to the rapid fire pace of this conversation that Peter asks about them setting a Silo on fire before Kitty does. The fact that she double takes between the conversation participants seems to show that. "Wait, what silo? What fire? What?"


"I'm no amateur! Don't worry, we've already got power. Nothin' to worry about." Rocket breezes through that bit of conversation because clearly it's not important and no he's not inviting guests into their bunker yet.

Although it might not be very comforting when he just gives this knowing grin in Quill's direction. Minefield? What minefield?

"I said I didn't do it!" he snaps, quick and right back to the silo. He knew they were going to focus on the silo, /why/ oh why did he mention it. "The monster was the guy yelling about a wife. But he's not really a monster, well, not anymore. I think we overloaded the necklace thingy when I shot at him with the necrocraft. -and just before you say that was going overboard, it totally wasn't because he was flinging Groot and Atli left and right."


At least the tree is kept entertained by his friends juggling each topic off of each other a mile a minute. He can't help but laugh a low, bushy laugh of amusement.

"I am Groot," Groot then confirms Rocket's explanation of the fight with the monster. Not too much of a fun time, that, but he got some alfalfa sprouts out of it.


"I don't have a wife! Monster or otherwise!" Peter protests as he glares at the trio arrayed against him. "Wait. So he was yelling about his wife and wanting to kill me?" A pause. "Alright I can see that. The first couple weeks on Terra were pretty boring since I had to go find Rocket and Groot." Apparently people trying to kill him because of wives/sisters/moms/girlfriends is pretty normal.

"Not that I've had a chance for any of that lately with all the planning and stuff I've been doing!" He adds quickly enough as he lets his imperious gaze sweep the three. Well. He tries to make it imperious. Its not /that/ great. He tries though.

He opens his mouth again to say something but then Rocket mentions the fact that he was throwing Groot and Atli around. A pause before he nods. "No no, I think shooting him with anti-ship weapons was the way to go in that case. I mean come on. Sometimes you gotta be sure."

A beatpause.

"Ugh, I just agreed with Rocket. I think I need a drink now."


"Is this power going to blow up or drain the entire block, though, Rocket?" Kitty asks the space raccoon very seriously. That's either a testament to his genius or a worry for what he might do without regard to the consequences. Either way, it's a legitimate question.

Groot's response is met with a confused look. She's generally getting his Groot speak, but this one has completely eluded her. Apparently alfalfa sprouts it not in her Groot to English dictionary just yet.

Snickering, Kitty is about to continue on with teasing Peter about his perhaps non-existent wife and his multiple agreements with both herself and Rocket. "It sounds like you're becoming a 'yes man', Peter," she tells him with a bit of a chuckle. Then, she pauses, stopping for a moment to think. Jewelry. Something turned this man into the monster he was. This gem, it's something from Asgard and that she is tied to. Could she turn into some form of monster? The wheels turn very quickly and the hand that is holding the gem quickly shoves it back into her pocket.

Very directly, she looks at Rocket, trying to keep some sembelence of the atmosphere going. "So, this jewelry? Just some random gold thing that looked Asgardian, right?" Is the gem she's carrying around with her going to turn her into a monster? The thought suddenly grows in her mind. "And, you know, you didn't have to kill that guy to stop him? Right? You just knocked him out."


Quill just gets this 'uh-huh. Yeah. Exactly' sort of look from the smallest Guardian. Then he grins because they've come to an understanding regarding giant monster things that won't stop or die without the help of some heavy artillery.

"Yeah, see? Even Groot agrees." That really means nothing, Rocket. "Oh, Atli's the one that identified it as Loki's symbol. I'd figure if anyone knows Asgardian crap, she does."

He rolls his eyes, turning his head towards Kitty. "Look! I'm pretty sure he was alive still, otherwise the goat would'a eaten him instead of licked him."


Getting the complexities within the 'I am Groot' phrase can be trying, but Kitty's reaction is one he's used to getting on a regular basis. Maybe the longer they hang out, the more she'll get what he's saying.

Or maybe not, who knows. All depends on the person, after all.

Starlord's realization of agreeing with Rocket earns him another grin. But speaking of drinks, Groot is starting to feel a little dry. Refreshment sounds great right about now to him, and he just goes wandering off to the kitchen as Rocket continues on about the weird piece of jewelry and the goat almost eating someone alive.


"Oh hell she still had those goats with her? I saw one eating a car!" Peter exclaims as he leans against the wall. "Like seriously. Just chewing on a car. Staring right at me like it could see though my soul. Freeking Asgardians." A shake of his head again before he draws a deep breath. "…anyway. I'm sure he didn't kill him. I mean magic was involved and that makes things all…" And he waves his hand in a general sort of way. "…odd."

A pause again. "Hey Groot! Bring me something that'll gimme a buzz if you're going into the kitchen!" He calls out before he glances between Kitty and Rocket.

A pause.

"Right then. I guess I only have one question." Beatpause. "…whats a Loki?"


"Who is Atli?" Kitty asks, tilting her head curiously at Rocket. That's someone she has yet to hear about. "And what goat? Eating what?" That's a disturbing image to say the least.

Moving a bit closer to Groot, she smiles at him. Then, he starts to wander toward the kitchen and Star-Lord is yelling for him to grab him something to drink. "Me too…if you wouldn't mind? Please and thank you?" she asks after the tree. She's not sure what the tree might consider drinkable and give a buzz, but she's curious. Cats and curiosity always turn out well, right?

Looking between Peter and Rocket, now, she frowns. "But, this gem came from Asgard, didn't it? Is it something that Loki had his hands on?" she asks, the worry coming through her voice a little. It evaporates as she gives an exasperated sigh. "Loki, the trickster God," she tells Peter. "Didn't you study any Norse mythology in school? He and Thor are considered blood brothers. Thor is the God of Thunder, Loki the God of Mischief. Since Thor seems to be pretty thundery, I'm assuming Loki is pretty mischievous, too."


"/One/ goat," Rocket corrects, holding up a finger. "Name was Meatgrinder or something. Anyway, it's like her roommate, if she had a room. She's kind of a hobo. I found her in a junkyard of all places! So don't be surprised if she's around on the roof or the lawn around here."

Groot doesn't even get spared a glance. Rocket doesn't worry about the big wooden lug, he knows his way around the house. For all he knows, Groot's off to try finding those power cables. Except when Peter calls after him for a drink, with Kitty riding on that request with one of her own, the not-raccoon shouts after with an, "-an' gimmee one of those burrito things! We should have a bunch of them shoved in the freezer."

He looks at Kitty, snorting lightly. "Think you met her at Drink-Lord's work that one night," he says. "From what I understood of her story, she's from some other time-Asgard and screwed up against some Butcher of Worlds or something so now she's stuck here. Supposedly because of Loki's fault. But you've talked to her Quill, you know how weird these Asgardians talk."

Glancing between the two humans, he fixes his eyes on Peter. "Wow, you don't know that? I read that in that book that was here when Darce' was over. At least, some parts of it. Got boring pretty fast."


"I am Groot!" And now Groot's the drink-getter. Which isn't a problem with him. Getting drinks is one of the things he can do while the others continue to do a rundown of current activity. Glancing from Peter and giving a small smile to Kitty, he meanders off with Rocket's burrito request in tow.

The kitchen is a wonderful place — a place he knows his way around. One too many kitchen raids can do that to a tree. (And there is nothing wrong with having that knowledge.) Bending down to open the refrigerator door, he rummages through the shelves, gently nudging things aside, reaching for what looks like a beer. Or maybe it's a juice bottle. The other thing he runs his hand over is the milk, so that's no good—

Ooh, wait. Milk.

If there's milk, there's cookies.

Cookies sound good to Groot.

It's just too bad the cookies are still in a package and not baked. Frowning, Groot mulls over the problem, grabbing everything, closing one door and opening another to take out a burrito. Frozen burrito needs to be hot and melty. Cookies need to be baked and chewy.

…So why not kill two birds with one stone? Why not decide to put both the burrito and the cookies (plucked apart and on a sheet of foil)…into the microwave oven?

Groot likes this idea. It's brilliant.

So brilliant that in a few minutes, there may be smoke, fire, and a small explosion.


"Hey! Some of us didn't have fancy schmancy super-secret-Mutant-School-education!" Peter defends his ignorance right up until Rocket stabs him in the back by admitting he knew it too. "Fine! I just don't read are you both happy now?!" Quill grumbles as he crosses his arms over his chest. "Anyway yeah. Atli is some Asgardian, related to Thor or something? She didn't really explain it well. Something about time travel? I don't even know and didn't care to twist my brain into knots trying to find out. That goat was one of Thor's though. So…like…it flies. And is huge. And can eat people. And cars."

Asgardians right?

"Anyway, why would Loki wanna give some random guy that I had nothing to do with a toy to turn him into some butt ugly monster." A pause. "I'm assuming it was butt ugly." He looks towards Rocket for confirmation of this just before the raccoon asks the tree for a burrito.

"Anyway, the gem you and I are stuck with? It came from Asgard…but its not Asgardian. They took it from some other dead world. Said it was Midguardian business. Stuck me with it."

A thought strikes him though and his head slowly turns towards Rocket. "…does Groot know how to use a microwave?"

This is followed seconds later by an explosion from the kitchen.



"Hey! My fancy schmancy School education is also a fancy-schmancy secret, Quill!" Kitty pokes Peter in the chest with a finger as he says that, eyes narrowed at him. Once Rocket confirms it's only Peter that hasn't heard of Loki, there's a smirk. "I don't think anyone is surprised you don't read that much," she tells him, the hand now reaching out to pat him on the shoulder in a condescending manner.

The information about car eating goats is met with a raise of her eyebrows and a mental note to never mess with those goats. Even if she had met Atli before, that doesn't means she wants to be on the bad side of metal eating animals. "If she doesn't have a room, we should find her a place to stay, though," she says sincerely. Asgardian or not, car eating goat or not, everyone needs a place to stay.

"For the tricks?" She offers as to why Loki would give someone a medallion that turns them into a monster. Her mouth opens to offer more advice when it is made abundantly clear that Groot cannot microwave anything. "Oh God, he's going to catch himself on fire!" Kitty's immediately worried for the large tree entity and goes running toward the kitchen and toward Groot. "You okay, Groot?" she yells.


"Didn't catch the part about bein' related to Thor, actually," Rocket says, but he totally agrees with Peter when it comes to confusion about Asgardians. He does give the man a nod. "Oh hell yeah, that sucker was disgusting. I wasn't sorry at all for shooting it in the face."

He blinks then, about to give an off-handed 'oh yeah, sure! 'course he knows how to use a microwave!' Instead, as his mouth is opening, the unmistakeable sound of an explosion comes from the kitchen.

"AW NO! THE FOOD!" he shouts, dashing off after Kitty.



The silence yields to a gruff coughing noise.

"…I am Groot!"

Vainly waving away the smoke from the now-opened microwave door, Groot makes a face at the mess he's made.

And maybe he's a little on fire himself, but that's not a big deal. Really.


"I said it was a secret didn't I! Rocket and Groot are good for it!" A glance at Rocket as he rubs where he was just assaulted by a Kitty finger. "I think she's calling you a big mouth, Rocket. Rude isn't it?" The pilot mutters as he looks out of the side of his eyes towards her. "…but I mean really. The school is pretty huge for someplace thats supposed to be secret. Just sayin."

Then a pause. "…and she's Asgardian, arn't they all related or something?"

Like he pays attention.

But then there is smoke and running. And the pilot takes off after. "I'm more worried about the booze!"

Fire and booze make terrible dangerous things together.

But he rounds the corner to see…Groot on just a little bit of fire.

"Well thats not too bad." Really. For his crew? Its not.

Then he's going for the fire extinguisher. To try to put him out. I mean. Once he finds it.


Priorities indeed! Kitty runs into the kitchen and her thoughts immediately are on the slightly alight Groot. "Groot!" she gasps, grabbing a towel, tossing it into the sink and turning on the tap. "Yes, we know!" Without turning it off, she quickly tosses it onto the wooden giant that doesn't know how to use a microwave. This may or may not be before Peter decides to fire extinguisher them.


Rocket promptly leaps up Groot and onto the counter, waving away the smoke so he can better ascertain the damage done. He coughs, peering at the blackened edges of the microwave. Groot's been on fire before so he's not terribly concerned. Besides, Peter's right- this is pretty tame for them.

"Well, that might be it for this thing," he mutters, waving his hand around to try clearing out the smoke. Does this place have smoke alarms? Then again it's a /magic/ house. Why need smoke alarms?

The small Guardian leaps down from the counter, absently reaching over to pat out a smoldering spot on Groot's leg. "What the heck did you stick in there anyway?? Was the burrito expired?"


Compared to the nonchalance Groot and his guardian buddies show in regards to his being on fire, Kitty's panic is understandable. Fire shouldn't be spreading anywhere else. Heck, fire shouldn't even be on him, but he can't help it if he's flammable!

"I am Groot," he explains to Rocket, pointing out the burnt, half-melted lumps sitting on the blackened sheet of aluminum foil stuck to the bottom of the microwave. He takes Kitty's help in stride, moving his limbs so she can put out whatever is closest to her. "I am— "

He doesn't make it any further once Quill gets back in with a fire extinguisher. He'll probably have a mouthful of foam. That tastes nothing like cookies.


"Where did they put that thing…" Quill is banging around. I mean after the last time they had those kitchen adventures he made sure to get an extinguisher. The problem is the fact that even if he got it, he didn't read how to use it.

…look sometimes he thinks ahead…but not that far ahead…

So he pulls out the bright red equipment and spins back towards the fire and the little group.

He waves it in the general direction of the flaming tree guy.

Well really more smouldering.

But regardless it's aimed and…nothing happens.

"…how do you make these dang Terran things work!" He mutters a she grabs hold of the ring and the trigger and starts to shake. Prod. Poke.

…which means when it goes off its a surprise to /everyone/.

Including him.

White foam jets out as he wiggles the safety free, spraying across the kitchen in a arc that's reminiscent of Christmas, but with a horrible chemical aftertaste.

"WOAH!" Shouts the pilot as he keeps the wild thing aimed in general towards Groot. Trying not to get it over any of the other appliances.

…of course Kitty and Rocket are /also/ in the direction of Groot.

A few seconds of fwooshing foam before the thing starts to sputter to a stop and Peter is quiet as the silence of the dripping nozzle is the only thing heard for a second.

"…well." He breaks the dangerous silence. "Fires out."


"You shouldn't put tin foil in a microwave, Groot!" Kitty tells the tree as she coughs and attempts to put said tree out from his current position. "I don't care if Rocket wanted a burrito!" She doesn't need to speak perfect Groot to understand some of these thought processes."There's more than the microwave! Groot is on fire!" she scolds Rocket.

Then, of course, there is Peter Quill attempting to 'help' with the fire extinguisher. Foam coats her for a moment before she phases, allowing the gem to protrude onto the fire retardant material and she keeps herself from getting even more engrossed into the well-meaning(?) actions of Peter.

Phasing back to solid form she just looks at Peter. "Yeah. Think so." Then, she scoops up some of the foam and runs forward to smear it all over him.


"You put the burrito in. With cookies. …okay, yeah, I'm not surprised. Still- that shouldn't make it explode!" Pausing, he looks at Kitty before making an 'oh' shape with his mouth. Yeah, that explains things. "Pff, you call that a fire? That's not on fire. Tell 'er, Groot," Rocket says almost dismissively.


Rocket glances over as Peter Quill comes back with the fire extinguisher. "What're you even d-" Everything goes white for a moment. White and wet. It's a terrible feeling, especially when you've got fur. Unlike Kitty, who can phase through the stuff, Rocket takes the flame-retardant foam full-force. He wasn't even on fire!!

Oh, that's dangerous silence all right. A shudder goes through the raccoon, and then his tail bushes out shaking as he starts to cough and sputter, wiping off the foam from his face. "Yeuuuch!! What the flark is this crap?!"


At least things are now under control, nothing or nobody on fire anymore. And whiter, thanks to the flame retardant. Groot blinks. Slowly, he tries wiping the excess off of his face and his shoulders, staring at its wet fluffiness. Whatever foam is in his mouth gets thoughtfully chewed.

He comes to two conclusions: the foam tastes icky, but its texture makes for a good beard.

The tree ends up busying himself with forming the most impressive of foam beards, scraping off whatever he can find on his person to add to it. "HO ho ho!"


"I was helping!!" Is Peter's protest as he sees that look on the face of Kitty and Rocket. "And I don't know! Its what ever passes for fire-foam in this damn planet!" But then Kitty is coming for him and he drops the empty thing with a clang.

Or at least he thought it was empty.

Now its just loose and skittering across the floor while blasting streams of foam like some kind of demented firehose.

"THIS IS YOUR FAULT!" He calls towards Kitty as he tries to backpedel and finds…

…a wall.

"…oh flark."

FOAMED. All over his face.


There's a lot of things that are happening in the kitchen. There is fire, fire extinguishers and Guardians of the Galaxy. She feels a little badly that she phases through the worst of the Quill's attempt to put Groot out.

As Groot puts more foam onto his beard and Kitty attempts to add to the beard she's putting on Peter, she grins. "How is this my fault? You're the one who wanted a drink. You're also the one with the fire extinguisher. I think this all on you, Star-Buddy." Extenuating that, she keeps pushing foam onto his face. "Rocket, Groot? Don't you think Quill look food with a foam bigger foam beard?"


The slow look that Rocket gives his pal is typical whenever Groot does something…Grooty. "…ay." He just…isn't going to ask. So instead he goes back to glaring at Peter. "Yeah, you show 'im, Kitty," he grins. And then *CLANG* goes the extinguisher, sending up another gout of foam, but Rocket's ready this time. He ducks, and his grin grows into something borderline feral as he sees that the thing hasn't run out of juice after all.

The raccoon dives, rolls and leaps until he's landed upon the feisty fire extinguisher, wrestling it in his grip as he gets his footing despite a few slips. At Kitty's suggestion, he only says two words: "Oh. Yeah."

He swings his newfound weapon up, facing the extinguisher's nozzle at Peter. And consequently Kitty unless she phases through again. Eh well. Too late. Rocket's already shooting off whatever bit of foam's left in that thing.


"I am Groot?" His fascination with the foam beard is sidetracked by Kitty's suggestion, tilting his head slightly in her direction. He then looks at Quill, who now sports some more foam on his person. The tree strokes his foam-beard chin thoughtfully, accidentally ripping off a chunk of it as he does so.

Of course, his decision is easily overshadowed by Rocket's, the latter going in to lay claim on the loose fire extinguisher in an instant. But hey, look! More foam!

Groot grins, then grimaces, tromping over to scoop up Rocket as he fires. He knows this won't end well, so he's doing the next best thing: RETREAT. "I AM GROOOT~ !" he yells, spinning about before heading off down the hall again with raccoon in tow.


Rocket's too busy cackling as he madly squeezes off the remainder of foam. He's on a roll here! "HAHAHAHAHA-yurk?!" His hands slip from the extinguisher as he's suddenly grabbed, the empty canister clanging on the kitchen floor as he's tucked under an arm. "What th- Groot?! No we aren't! That was- hey! Where we going?!!" is all that's heard as the tree man bolts out with him.


Peter's eyes widen as he looks towards the gleful face of the furry firepower enthuiast. Well at this point there is only one thing to do.

Pray this works.

"I'd say I'm sorry but you know better." He says in a rapid fire clip of words before he just wraps his arms around Kitty. Hug. Big hug. Foam squishing between them hug.

Hug that might offer him some kind of protection from the blazing stream of foam directed their way.

…or maybe she'll just phase. Or maybe the both will phase. WHO KNOWS.

…really he's lacking options at this point.


As Kitty continues her liberal application of foam beard to Peter, she laughs. This is quite a bit of fun now that the fire is out. "Yes! The beard is very handsome on you, Groot," she tells the tree over her shoulder with a beaming smile. That is how she sees Rocket preparing for his blast of fire extinguishing foam and her eyes widen. "Rocket! NO!" she shouts at him, but it's far too late at that. The gunslinging raccoon will do what he wills.

Quickly, she turns her face away so she won't get a mouthful of toxic material. Then, Peter quickly wraps her up in a big hug. The foam squishes between them and she wrinkles her nose a bit at that. "Peter!!" she yells at him, too. "I can't! The gem!" She reminds him. While she can phase parts of her body, trying to do that while holding Peter are just out of the question. Instead, the pair of them get drenched in foam.

"ROCKET!!" she shouts even as the pair smartly retreat from the room in a gallop.


"I know!" Which means this was part of the plan as he burries his face in her shoulder to miss most of the nasty chemicals that drench them both. One eye cracks open as he notes the slowly receeding volume of the racoon's words and the heavy tread of Groot.

The other eye opens as he slowly realises that he is still holding Kitty.

Slowly he raises his head as drips of foam snake down his face and drip off the tip of his nose.

"…well. That escalated quickly."


Unfortunately for Peter, most of the foam is snaking down Kitty's back as well as Peter's face. He used her as a shield! Blinking, the phasing mutant, whose powers are a little more locked down than usual, smears even more of the foam over his face. "You did that on purpose! You used me as a shield! And they say chivalry is dead. Huh!"

While Peter's arms remain around Kitty, she doesn't exactly pull away so much as attempt to smear him with more foam. That's only right due to how things worked out. "You know I can't phase entirely because of that gem!"


And he gets smeared. Though he is smirking as he gets it. He knows he deserved that one. "It was an experiment! I wasn't sure just hoe well you could phase! I was helping!" He protests as he glances down at himself. Who is now also drenched.

"…not that it helped much." A longer pause. "I was trying to put the fire out in the first place anyway!" He adds as he runs his hand though his messed up hair to gather up more of the foam before he just adds a dollop to the end of Kitty's nose.

"There. Perfect."

As if he's an artist creating a masterpiece.

"…this stuff isn't supposed to be slick is it? Cause if it is chasing those two down is going to be hard…"


"This was not an experiment! It was a way for you to hide behind me and hope that I would phase," Kitty tells Peter quite definitively. She knows a little about how he operates by now - or at least she thinks she does. "I didn't even phase." The tone is a little softer at that.

As the foam is gathered from his hair and then dolloped onto her nose, she wrinkles it and gives the man in front of her a very annoyed look. A hand retracts from Peter's side to rub at her nose, as it starts to feel itchy. She has to rid the foam! It's an affront!

"No! Not perfect!" she tells him even after the foam is gone. "It's a little itchy. God, I hope this is not toxic. We're totally screwed if that's the case." As for whether this is slick or not, she looks about them. "Oh, yeah, there is no way we're going to be chasing after them without falling two or three times. Just as a general rule. This stuff is meant to suffocate fires! It's slippery."


"…so why didn't you phase?" He pushes the question before flashing that smirky little grin towards her. Made even a touch more durpy due to the streamers of fire foam that drip down his hair and face. And the bits of foam bears that he still wears.

"This is one of those unspoken things isn't it? I bet it is." His tone definitive as he keeps right on holding her. Well one hand against her at least. "Oh relax, I'm sure its not toxic. I mean why would they put /toxic/ stuff in a kitchen. It doesn't make any sense." He brushes off her concerns as he starts to slide one foot carefully to the side. To scoot across the kitchen. Oh yeah. Thats slick.

…a pause. A smirk.

"Ha, this is almost gonna be like dancing if we don't end up on the floor…"


Eyebrows raise at Peter's question. "I told you!" Kitty tells him with an exasperated tone. "The gem! I can't really phase properly when I'm wearing it and I always have to wear it or it gets left behind and I get tugged back to it." She sighs and rolls her eyes. It's clear Peter has no idea what he's talking about any more.

An eyebrow is raised. "Yeah, fire extinguishers are kept in kitchens! They can also be toxic! They're just there to stop a fire, not to cook with!" She shakes her head. "This has nothing to do with anything unspoken."

It's made clear that Peter means to cross this floor despite the slick that crosses the tile. "We're going to fall," she tells Peter as a warning. But, she doesn't seem to be stopping him from his attempt to cross. Gently, she stretches her foot out to match his. "Well, you're lucky that I took a lot of ice skating lessons."


Peter always has an idea what he's talking about. Mostly. Well sometimes he's just going with his gut and not thinking about it very hard. Strangely he usually is most successful when that happens. He doesn't think about why.

"Uh huh." His smirk remains even as he drops one hand to her hip. To help balance. Totally just to help balance.

He slides his other foot slowly to join the first, trying to get away from that point where balance becomes entirely unstable. "…huh. Ice skating lessons? Never got to had any of those. Too busy trying not to get eaten."


As Peter puts a hand around her waist, Kitty smirks. "I grew up in Illinois, of course I had ice skating lessons. It gets cold as hell up there." Yup, just for balance, she believes that for sure. "Here," she tells him with a smile. "I'll lead. Don't let your feet up. Just glide them. That'll make it easier and less likely that you'll fall. Didn't you ever see the Winter Olympics as a spaceman?" It's a help, right?

Grinning, she holds Peter's hand almost like they're about to slow dance across the kitchen floor, but instead, she's going to glide him through the fire retardant foam on the floor. "Do the have ice on Mars? I thought you are a Martian."


"Oh my god I'm not a Martian! There are no martians! Wait…" Peter pauses. "…are there?" A longer pause. "Look I have no idea if there are or not, and no I don't see the Winter Olympics. I didn't get cable that well on the other side of the galaxy." A beatpause. "Well not /that/ Winter Olympics. I think the ones I saw were years out of date. Anyway!"

His foot starts to slide one more time, this time in tandem with hers.

…unfortunately though…it finds a plate. One of the many fallen things in the kitchen. He bobbles the move, eyes widening as he grips her tighter around the waist for a moment. Just enough to throw them both off balance as he starts to tip over.


"You might as well be! You said you were from space!" Kitty tells him. "Of course there are Martians. Have you never hear of Martian Manhunter?" It's something she's surprised about from him. Of course, she should really stop being surprised about his general Earth knowledge. "So, yeah, no Winter Olympics in space. Got it. Just take my lead."

Of course, taking her lead suddenly means putting his foot on a plate. "WAUGH!" She shouts as she attempts to keep Peter and herself aloft. That does absolutely no good. The slick foam on the floor only makes her feet slip and slide and as Peter goes down - hand tightening around her waist - she goes down right with him. A wuff of air rises out from her chest as she lands on the ground, as she - again - refuses to phase through the floor in order to lighten their fall. That pesky gem! "You—!" she gasps. "Are a pain in the lungs!" she gasps, while still almost on top of him after having fallen right into the foam on the floor.


"And you are a pain in the ribs!" Peter counters as he tries to get his breath back. He fell hard on his side at that. Again she didn't phase, so now they are both on the floor. Which is slightly better than half in the floor. Even if he might have a bruise on it.

"But you love me anyway." He adds with a smirk before he crans his neck upwards to look towards the doorway. And the unfoamed floor on the other side of it.

"…so. Would it be entirely humiliating to just inchworm on over to the clear spot?" He asks. A pause. "You know. You totally didn't let me go." A smirk. "See. Unspoken thing."


"You're the one that fell!" Kitty counters as she attmepts to move a bit off of Peter, but that is really a fool's errand. "Oh, see, you're trying to define the unspoken thing by trying to say that I love you. I thought that was off rules!" she tells him withe a grin." While she remains mostly on top of the crushed Star-Lord, her eyes also look toward the door.

"I mean, I will totally judge you, but it's definitely a reasonable way to get out of here," Kitty tells Peter with a smirk. As for the unspoken thing, she rolls her eyes. "You were something softer to fall onto other than floor. That's all it was."


"Uh huh, I believe you." Peter totally doesn't believe her. He just smirks as he looks towards the door. But he does frown slightly. "…well I don't want to get judged by /you/." He grumbles as he stares at the door.

There has to be a better way.

…oh wait.

He's got it.

A lightbulb goes off in his head before he slowly looks down towards Kitty. Slowly he grins. "…hold on. I got a great idea."

These are famous last words.

Then? Then he wraps both arms around her. Which is when she should get a horrible feeling. And…

He triggers his boots.

Helped along by the slick of the fire foam, they should shoot for the door like a missile. Its only a half second burn. Just enough to get them going.

But maybe Peter misjudged just how slik that foam was.

…hope no one is in the hallway.



"That doesn't sound like…" Kitty trails off as she knows that tone of voice from Peter. "What are you planning. We can just push ourselves across this floor, Peter!" she tels him very strictly. Of course, that does not at all seem to be what is about to happen in their near future. "Pet—-"

Kitty's words are cut off as Peter uses his boots to propel them forward. "PETER!!" She shouts as they go careening forward through the door. IF it gets too crazy, she'll phase them through the doors. But, of course, that also means if they get too far back, Kitty will be yanked back toward the gem that will not phase and Peter may not be pulled back with it.

"YOU THINK?!?!?" Kitty yells back at Peter's 'no doi' yell.


Rocket's reasoning was that if no one with any right to chase you down didn't do so within a span of several minutes, then there was no point in tiring yourself out running very far. Besides, Groot had gotten distracted by a bowl of cheesepuffs that had been left out on a table. Since their snacktime had been interrupted by the untimely death of a microwave, there they sat for a bite. Netflix had been booted up. Everything in the kitchen had all but been forgotten.

"….what's all that yelling-" Rocket begins to ask, looking up as he chews a stale puff. He glances towards the hallway just as a pair of familiar humanoids go shooting past like a human luge event.

"…. What the flark."


Compared to a bag of popcorn that has been burnt to a crisp, the cheesepuffs are delicious. Between stuffing handfuls of them into his mouth, Groot looks at Rocket curiously as the noise grows louder than the television, blinking a few times as Star-Lord and Kitty go zooming past their line of sight.

After a few more beats of ambient silence, he blinks once more, bits of cheesepuffs falling from his maw.

"…I am Groot."

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