Somewhat Simple Thank You

May 13, 2017:

Ozymandias says thank you to Doctor Strange for his recent helped, and asks Doctor Strange for another favor.

Astral Plane and the Sanctum Sanctorum


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Appearing in the astral plane is one of the newer powers that Ozymandias received for his boon granted to him by Ma'at.. If he had to confess, he really does enjoy traveling through the astral plane. It is really like discovering a whole entire new world. As he begins his adventure, he wonders how this world is connected to our world. He knows he can sense the "truth form" of things, but can others sense people roaming around in the astral form. Could others reach him if needed air, or even worse could his enemies ambush him in here.

Ozymandias decides to answer his questions by performing an experiment. He decides to contact the most powerful sorcerer he knows. "This would be a lot easier if he hung out at the Oblivion Bar. I can easily enter that place." Ozymandias furrows his brow and sighs, "I have feeling this might hurt a bit." Ozymandias does a few "knock" at the Sanctum.

Strange can indeed be found in the Oblivion Bar once or twice a month. But he is not really a usual customer, he is a busy magician and on top of that now he has two apprentices. Fortunately much of his work can be done from the Sanctum, so when Ozymandias comes 'knocking' (yes, there are wards against Astral intrusion) the doctor does check out who is visiting.

Soon enough the Astral form of the Supreme Sorcerer joins the immortal one's. "Ozymandias… I see even an ancient can learn new tricks. Good morning, what brings you to my Sanctum by the ethereal plane?"

Ozymandias lowers his head in a bow to Strange, "Yes, I am still doing the learning of some of the things. Like Diogenes when searching for an honest man. I have wandered through the ethereal plane to search for a wise man." Ozymandias continues speaking, "I wanted to thank you for your assistance in helping me with Ma'at and Apep. I would not have been able to defeat them with your help. You have helped me numerous, and I was hoping perhaps I could ask for a couple of favors. Some of them bigger than others, but my recent powers have come with some burdens.

Ozymandias says, "I need a ward put on a place, not for myself, but for the innocent people that might be caught up if something evil comes a calling.

Strange nods and turns to the Astral equivalent to the Sanctum, which has a strong reflection on this plane. "Let me first attune the wards to your presence, so we can move inside." A minute of gesticulating and chanting, and the 'door' of the Sanctum opens.

"The wards I know can't usually be placed on a person, my friend. They are fixed in space, and if long-lasting they need to draw power from a well or a being. In my Sanctum they draw from the ley line nexus where it stand. In the Hall of Justice I have placed a few minor artifacts," he explains

Ozymandias enters the Sanctum, "This is a place, a business which has numerous employees that might be in danger if people coming looking for me." Ozymandias says.

Ozymandias enters the Sanctum, "This is a place, a business which has numerous employees that might be in danger if people coming looking for me." Ozymandias furrows his brow behind his mask and lets out a frustrated sigh, "I am not afraid of physical enemies coming for me, but it seems that supernatural enemies can sense the boon I made with Ma'at, and I more afraid of them attacking my business when I am there." I have business sites around the world, but I think it would raise eyebrows if my North American Headquarters continue to get attacked by supernatural forces."

Ozymandias crosses his arms in front of chest as he explains, "I am not ready to move on to a new identity. There is so much good I can still do with my secret identity. I was just hoping that you can put a ward on the building for me.

Doctor Strange nods again. "I can do that. An alarm ward keyed to certain supernaturals would be easy to implement and sustain. But if you wish to keep them at bay or shield the people inside from dark magics, then we would need a power source for the wards."
"A power source? I don't understand what you mean by a power source, which I guess that also brings me to my other request." Ozymandias says, "I know information about the occult, and I guess I am manipulating magic in different ways, but I am not a magi or sorcerer like yourself. I was wondering if you could teach me magic. I assuming that you have some spell that extends your lifespan as well, so I was thinking of apprenticeship that might take the next 500 years or so.

Ozymandias says, "I know we are probably busy people. Well, I know you are probably busy. I barely survive dealing with two Elder mystical beings. I am sure that you have deal with dozens before breakfast each day.

Strange arches an eyebrow. Yes, Ozymandias is rather old to start now learning magic, set in his particular uses of his mystic powers. "By power source I mean that long-lasting spells need to be sustained by a source of magic. A sorcerer can sustain them with his own power, but that requires constant concentration and to remain close to the spell. Wards are usually built around a mystic nexus or upon an artifact." He pauses a few seconds, then adds, "as for teaching you magic, I can offer guidance and information, but I have two apprentices already right now. I don't have spells to prolong my life, Ozymandias. I have been granted a long life when I was… tested by Death herself."

"Hhmm, I have collected some artifacts in the past to help me deal with mystical beings and help open up dimensions. I was reading off some scrolls, and to he honest someone normally came along to make sure I didn't blow things up." Ozymandias starts to pace back and forth. "If you can give the characteristics of an artifact you need to create a ward that can shield people from dark magic, I would greatly appreciate it. I know of mystical sites in Africa that I have been meaning to visit for a few months now. I would appreciate the guidance and information. I am not sure if how I use magical works the same way others use magic anyways.

"Absolutely, come to the Sanctum in person and we can do some research at my library on those places," offers Strange. "As for your artifacts, we can study them and see if they are suitable for the spell work. If you are willing to study geomancy and warding, I can also provide books for study."

"Thank you, I have always enjoyed studying and learning new things. One of the times, I tried to escape my curse I spent time studying and teaching in Timbuktu. It is still one of my favorite moments in my life. Ozymandias lowers his head, and reaches for his hood and mask as he continues to speak. "Very few people in the Justice League, or even in the world know my true identity. I do not fear what would happened to me if it was discovered, but I help so many people all over the world in a variety of ways. I am have feeling that would be hampered if people knew that the person behind Umoja International was an immortal being.

Ozymandias reveals his face, "Most people know me as Morien Washington. CEO of Umoja International. Since you are sharing your secrets with me, I thought I should share a secret with you. My real name is Ozymandias."

"Your confidence honors me, Ozymandias," states Strange. The name Morien Washington is not unknown to the sorcerer, as Umoja International is one of the companies that supplies the Justice League. "It is wise to keep your abilities secret, even though the world seems to be more accepting of the supernatural and superhuman now than it has been in centuries, it could change for the worse very quickly."

"I have seen how quickly things can become worse. One drop of fear can cause a flood of hate to drown the world." Ozymandias nods his head slowly, "Thank you again for your help and guidance. I will gathered the information I collected and visit you at your Sanctum." Ozymandias says, "And if you ever need me for anything, please do not hesitate to call upon. I will do my best to come to you aid.
"Always a pleasure to aid another of humankind's defenders, my friend," replies Strange. "Let me know ahead next time you wish to visit, please. And farewell," the sorcerer fades out from the Astral space slowly.

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