Coffee Talk

May 13, 2017:

Nate and Rogue bump into one another and discuss X-Men affairs and a bit about each other.

X Mansion


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Lately Nate is spending more time in the Mansion (and a bit in the Academy, too). It is hard for the young man, which has a form of ADD due to how his mind generates psychic energy. But he is doing research, comparing how the world to what he remembers. And talking with friends and acquaintances.

He has learned to cope with the consequences of his powers, he is not a teenager anymore, but it is still very hard to sit down and study for more than an hour or two, which is why he takes walks outside, inside and raids the kitchen (and the cafeteria) for coffee and snacks very often.

Rogue has been finishing up her classes for the year, they were wrapping up this time of year and it was a nice relief to know that she had a few weeks off, if not the whole summer, to look forward too.

So, the young French Teacher, is bounding down the hallways with a bounce in her step and her leather bag clutched in front of her, she pauses though when she sees Nate and she smiles at him. "Heya, Miste'ah." She said at him. "What are you up to, lookin' kinda spaced out…" She had a smile spread across her red painted lips and was clearly in a very happy mood.

Nate gives Rogue a 'your are too happy' wary glare, and snorts. "I am burning my eyes reading mission reports and last few years newspapers, so yeah. Spaced out." Oh wow, he sounded super-grumpy. "Sorry, Rogue. Just… not tired, kinda sick. Where you in Steel City with the X-Men that fought the Omega Nuhuman?" He asks.

Rogue seemed to somber a bit when she saw that he was indeed in a sour mood. She let the bag she was holding sag down in front of her lap and then just glanced at what he was doing, then back at his face at his question. "The what?" She asked him, a lost expression on her face. "I… uh… I ain't so hot with rememberin' all them silly names…" She showed a sly grin at him then. "When was that fight? Doesn't sound like nothin' I remembe'ah though."

"This was late in April, and I know Jean, Scott and Ororo were there," but then he shakes his head. "Nevermind, I don't think you would have forgotten something like that. It was when reality got changed and most people didn't notice, but in many regards I feel as if I had just arrived to this Earth." He sighs, "at least most X-Men still remember me."

Rogue reached her right gloved hand out to put it on his shoulder softly. "I remembe'ah yah, Natey." She said in a kind and calm voice, following it with a smile and a little pat from the gloved hand. "Here t'help ya too." She reassured him. But then she shook her head and let her hand drop down to her side. "Last time I went out with Scott'n Jean, we were with Reade'ah and we got ambushed by some thugs with chains'n such. In some abandoned city, forget what Reade'ah called it… But we beat their butts an' flew home."

No, it wasn't that one. But Nate offers Rogue a brief smirk when she tries to comfort him. "Thanks, it is the small details that drive me nuts here. But… I guess I was lucky." He shrugs. "Want some coffee? I am heading for the kitchen. I'd like to talk with you about a couple other things."

Rogue smiled at him and she nodded her head. "Coffee'd be good." She said at him and went to follow after him. She sent her green eyes ahead and then back over to him, studying him for a moment. "Bobby was goin' through something like this a month or so ago. I don't know what he ever came up with it though, he kinda stopped talkin' t'me afte'ah I tried t'dump wate'ah on him t'see if he were a Robot or not." She grinned then. "Don't worry, I won't try that on ya."

"Looking back, there was a lot of incidents like that in the past few months," mentions Nate, getting into the kitchen and going for the coffee machine. That coffee machine that seems new for him and that everyone else says has been there three years.

"Illyana had a similar story, I should ask her," mentions the young man. "Anyway. Some good things too, looks like the Purifiers are now a terrorist organization. That are great news. Also, no more Mist troubles. It means we should go after some pending problems now, and not sit here and wait for the next crisis to hit us."

Rogue stepped into the kitchen and approached one of the barstools by the counter. She hooked her leather pack onto the back of one of the chairs and then went to sit on the edge of it and put her gloved hands onto the counter. Rogue looked around the countertop while listening to him and then looked over at him.

"Pro-active X-Men?" She asked with a grin. "Why Nate, dahling… I ain't neve'ah heard'a such'a thing." She hammed up her own accent a little bit there while teasing him. "I'm all for it though, I mean… I got a hankerin' t'punch some stuff lately. Ya know, work out a little tension!" She did a little shadowboxing, a few punches in front of her.

Nate snorts. "Yeah, that is one of the reasons X-Force formed," did Rogue ever know about X-Force. Probably not important anymore. "But yeah. Issues like Magneto, Apocalypse and Genosha. They are not going away if we do nothing."

Rogue reached out to hook a little basket of pretzels on the counter with a gloved finger and she drug it toward her and then removed the glove on her right hand. She listened to him while she reached into the basket and retrievd twirlied pretzel and then lifted it up and bit into it. After a moment of chewing she looked back at him. "But, those things are pretty dangerous, ya know." She told him. "What if we lose the fights? I mean…." She looked back down at the pretzels then. "Who'd teach all the students here? We're kinda needed."

"What if they come here and kill the students," replies Nate. "You know, if Xavier wanted a better school, he should hire professional teachers with more experience teaching kids. I am pretty sure that if he has X-Men teaching is because he wants them around to protect the students. You are not here to teach, but to fight. And I… meh, I am not teaching. I could try a drama class, but I don't think I should be around kids, I have too much baggage."

Rogue laughed a little at that from him. "I got my teaching degree in college, ya know." She told him. "Once I graduated from this place, I spent three years in college in Salem Center." She said all of this rather casually, since it seemed he didn't realize it. "I am a prefessional teache'ah, Nate." Rogue glanced over her shoulder then. "As is Scott'n Jean, Ororo and many'a the othe'ahs." She looked back at him then and smiled. "Logan, maybe not. But he's been around longe'ah than most professional teache'ahs out there, so he's got life trainin' t'qualify him." She shrugged her shoulders. "That makes us a lot more qualified than most schools got."

Nate blinks, "you are? Wow, that is nice." He is pretty sure most X-Men do not, though. He can't imagine Remy with a teaching degree. He can imagine Kurt with one, though. "Well, I don't know…" he frowns. Maybe this is also that has changed? On the other hand he can't remember if he ever asked about teaching degrees. "I guess Jean is also thinks the X-Men should remain here and wait."

Rogue nodded her head to his words while eating another pretzel. "I wanted t'get a job afte'ah I graduated Highschool courses here, but the Professah told me 'Stop tryin' to grow up so fast, Rogue!' and he convinced me t'go t'college. So's I did, and I didn't wanna leave this place cause I like it here too much. So… teachin' degree." Her shoulders shrugged.

"I don't think the X-Men should necessarily wait, I just think we should pick'n choose what fights we fight. We're just a small strike team, Nate. We're not -that- powerful, in the grand scheme'a things, ya know. Just one small paramilitary style team. Real dangerous stuff, we really gotta plan out, othe'ahwise we'd end up with a lot of losses on our side, if not full team wipes."

One thing Rogue took from Carol Danvers, was military training knowledge and although her own personality warped phrasing here and there, she still believed in what she was saying to be true.

"That is not true," replies Nate, bringing two coffee mugs to the table. "Some of the most powerful mutants of the world live here and there seem to be more X-Men than Justice Leaguers and Avengers combined." What else? Milk, cream, sugar, more sugar. He likes his coffee with everything. "We could do more, that's all."

Rogue shrugged her shoulders at that. "I don't really know." She told him, trying another pretzel. "I don't really pay much attention t'what them othe'ah teams are up to. They're the ones who're always so flagrant about goin' around and stickin' their nose inta dangerous places though. Thats not really been the Professah's gameplan. I mean, not that I've witnessed anyhow. Maybe the othe'ahs will be up t'change things t'how you're wantin' though. You'll have to… hold a town hall meetin' or something." She flashed a light grin then for him.

"Nah, not my style," Nate pushes one of the mugs in Rogue's direction. "I usually go try solving problems on my own, but Scott says I am a bad team player. So I guess I was trying to learn. Ah, well," he sips from his own mug. Hothothot.

"I am here mostly to help with the big problems, if there is nothing going on I better go somewhere else, I guess," which means he should get back to Mutant Town, it is his usual hangout.

Rogue smiled at the mug when it was pusehd her way and she dipped her chin in a thankyounod for him. But she went on to listen to what he was saying, then grinned a little. "Scott says I'm a bad team playah all the time, Nate." She replied to him, lifting the mug up to her lips. "Doesn't mean I'm gonna quit the team though. Nah… I'm just gonna tryin' do my best t'stay, grounded, ya know… Sometimes I get a little reckless and thats what drives him crazy. Storm too, but… Storm doesn't really talk to me, I think she just silently loathes me from afar." She grinned a little more and went to sip the coffee.

Nate smirks, "Storm is also giving me a hard time every time I leave to deal with an issue and I don't take all the team." Which is a problem since he is helping Laura and Laura is so… stubborn. "I don't think she dislikes you, though. She seems to like everyone, but also wants to keep everybody safe too hard."

"Yeah… I know." Rogue replied with a small smile. "I just run my mouth a lot and thats just, ya know, the total opposite'a her." She shrugged her shoulders then and sipped the coffee again. "Don't go puttin' yourself inta harms way if ya don't gotta though, Nate. I mean, if ya can call us and get our help, then do it… Most nights I'm sittin' here bored outta my damn mind anyhow."

Nate smirks again, and sips from his mug. Better now. "I'm not good at asking for help, and if I call it is probably too late anyway. But I am going out and look to the problems that need solving. You give me a call if the X-Men get into trouble, too, willya? And if you get too bored, I'll take you to the movies or something."

Rogue flashed him a grin and then nodded her head. "Sounds like a plan, Stan." She said back in in a nerdy joke before lifting her cup up once more for another drink. "Good coffee too. So at least ya got that goin' for should all this super hero stuff tank." And that was just a little MORE teasing, but Anna-Marie was barely capable of much less than a constant barage of teases, either romantic in nature or just to make jokes. "I'll be here!" She said with a wave of her one-still-gloved hand.


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