Task Force X: The Witch

May 05, 2017:

Alex, Bane and Taskmaster are introduced to Amanda Waller's secret weapon. Cameo by Rose.


NPCs: Amanda Waller



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There is a room inside of Belle Reve dedicated to meetings for the Squad, a hallway with a vending machine opens up to a class room and inside of this classroom is a white wash board opposite benches that rise up in tiers. This is where Amanda Waller currently waits.

The stout, scowling woman stands there in a plum power suit with knuckles rested on her hips. Impatient or just angry hard to tell. Maybe this is just her RBF. Those who are to arrive have been summoned.

Taskmaster already sits inside, ankle draped over one knee as he flips a coin on one hand, bouncing it back and forth. He is wearing that same black 'tactical' turtle neck with black cargo pants and combat boots. The skull mask always present. A laminated badge that says 'Security Consultant' hanging off his belt clip.

June makes her own entrance. Technically she's not incarcerated like a lot of the Squad. She might as well be, though. She doesn't make eye contact with anyone, and if anything, keeps her attention on the desk in front of her, or her feet, as she moves through the room over to where she was told to sit.

Bane walks into the room with unintentional aplomb, his fingers loosely tucked intwards and his palms at his sides in a defensive gesture. Being inside makes him paranoid, not to say the least of the dreams, having visions of mazes and underworlds. He isn't wearing his mask, or his Venom equipment, the intake valve on the back of his head at the base of his skull closed. Otherwise, he's wearing his standard black tanktop and double-weave denim jeans, plus steel toed boots. He takes a seat to the back left of the class room, the traditional seat of dominance in a prison cafeteria.

Alex has, in fact, been bouncing around all over the country, of late. So, her facetime with the Squad has been minimal. This could be considered problematic, insofar as it means there's no 'conscience' around to hold Waller — and just about anyone else — in check.

Today, however, the Squad's Jiminey Cricket has returned. She's in her own black ensemble, though hers is black jeans and a black jacket over a black tee. And no mask. No point.

She glances about the room to see whose faces are there, and then moves to sit at the end of the front row nearest the door.

Waller maintains silence as they all settle in, once she is satisfied they're present and paying attention she motions towards June Moone, "Introduce yourself to the rest of the class." Not a request. The woman doesn't do well with requests but she is at least more polite in her delivery and tone than she is with a handful of the Squad. She has yet to approach Bane or Taskmaster about their actions in Gotham.

Taskmaster clears his throat and adjusts in his seat, moving that lifted leg off the other to set it on the ground, reclining back. His head rolling slightly to glance towards June. He had yet to see her. No one has likely seen the woman before; at least as far as he is aware.

June stands, not disobeying. She'll turn to look at the others, finally actually looking up a bit. "My name is Dr. June Moone. I'm an archaeologist." She certainly HOPES that's all the introduction Waller wants, rather than her darker side.

Alex cants her head slightly at Moone's introduction. She glances, then, to Waller. "What's the catch?" she asks then. She's already learned no one's here without purpose. "Are we going tomb raiding or are there other skeletons in the closet we need to know?" She's had a rough week. Not necessarily as tactful as she could be… as she usually is.

"I am Bane." That is all the response Bane gives to the introduction, a neutral roll of his throat, the words hard as they rise through his tight body. He moves to a more secure posture at the clearing of Taskmaster's throat, placing both his arms up on the table, and angling his hands together, left hand clasping around his right fist, palms perpendicular to the surface they rest upon.

"Taskmaster." The skullfaced mercenary offers along with a two finger wave. The electronic distortion installed inside his mask offers no real tone right now. One could almost assume hes just a robot.

"Oh come now, Doctor. That is hardly an introduction of your worth." Waller uncaps a marker and begins to write a name down on the board, Andrew Fong. She proceeds to talk about June while she carries on though, "She is our go to for the occult and a very special weapon. Are you going to share with the class or are you being bashful, Doctor Moone? We're all monsters here." With perhaps the exception of Agent Danvers but she doesn't add that in.

June tenses up at Waller's words. It has nothing to do with being bashful…it's more than that. She looks to Waller. "Please, don't make me call her." she pleads, looking at Waller as she backs up a step.

Bane's lower lip pushes forward slightly as his eyes narrow, a rapid tactical evaluation occuring, before his face resets to its hard placitude. "I am fine with mystery," he states levelly. He sees Andrew Fong's name being written on the board, but he remains silent. He is ready to defend his actions, having recovered from the nasty burns and shrapnel wounds and bulletwounds over his carapace of conditioned flesh and muscle.

Alex glances to the name being written on the board and then back to the archeologist. "You could just tell us," she suggests. A small smile touches her lips. "We don't always need a show-and-tell." A beat. "Agent Alex Danvers, by the way."

"That is where and I greatly differ, Bane." Waller sighs at June. She is aware its not bashful or coy or shy or any of those it is simply the act of is no doubt quite harrowing and terrible for June. It implies so much.

"In this particular instance I prefer to show. This team relies on one another in the field, I would rather none of you end up surprised or thrown by just exactly what sort of special case Doctor Moone is. She has a very specific condition. I'd rather each and every one of you is acutely aware of it. Your lives, these missions, my career, our country. That is what is at stake when all of you fail. And three of those four I care greatly about."

Waller continues to scribble on the board, ignoring anything further and letting the silence hang. She doesn't exactly want to threaten June further but that doesn't mean she won't.

"She is secretly a stripper? I don't really get this. Next please." Taskmaster says obnoxiously, a yawn even filtering through.

June closes her eyes, shuddering a little at the thought. But ultimately, she's broken to Waller. She speaks in barely a whisper. "Enchantress." Shadows seem to fold around her, and then there's a much more slinky, much more feral version of her there, hair somewhat stringy, garbed in…well, a lot less. A sort of metal bikini, chains, headdress. She looks over the assembled Squad, like a cat would look at a mouse.
Bane's left hand slowly tightens around his right fist, huge fingers tightening. He frowns at the transformation, realizing that Waller's hold over Dr. Moone is enough for a woman to gamble whatever the Lord's promises and punishments have for a human beyond this mortal coil. His eyes lock onto Enchantress' eyes as she looks at him, with a faint narrow, before he looks at Waller, with a quiet signal that he allows to be easily readable. It is one of appreciation for Waller, but also distaste. His face shifts back to the stone, before Amanda can turn from the board.

Alex arches a brow and then leans back and tries really, really hard not to let out a weary sigh, nor to pinch her nose due to the rising tension. (She's mostly successful. But the tension is still in her body.) "Please," she says dryly, "tell me you're nothing like Joker or his bunny." Maybe she'll even believe her. (Don't count on it.)

"I told you she was a stripper." Taskmaster says after his own momentary pause. A low hesitant chuckle escaping him. "A spooky one." The hair on the nape of his neck is actually standing on end as he observes the transformation. Terrifying, a preternatural thing, the sort of stuff that both intrigues and gives nightmares.

"Mr. Masters mind your tongue. You're supposed to be a professional.' Triad information, names, Tan Meng, Ajay Meng, a list of them are scrawled out upon the board and a country somewhere near Tibet is circled.

"That is enough, Witch. You can go now." Waller says firmly to Enchantress. The marker clutched in both hands now as she looks at the woman.

"I'm not on the clock right now." Taskmaster says quietly watching the exchange. There is an oddness to their jailer/employer right now. Is it maybe fear? Couldn't be but something is tangible. Maybe excitement?

Enchantress doesn't seem interested in going anywhere. «Interesting.» Her language is ancient, a close cousin to Nahuatl. «So many lovely tools.» Her movement is slinky, as she moves a couple steps towards Bane and Taskmaster.

Alex pushes herself up in her seat as the 'witch' stalks forward. She's perfectly certain Tasky and Bane can protect themselves, but if the proverbial excrement hits the proverbial fan, she doesn't wanna be caught slouching. She leans forward, watching the other woman's slinky movements, eyes narrowing at the fact Waller's control isn't nearly as solid as the older woman would have them believe. Maybe she shoulda brought her armour.

A rising tremor of concern moves up Bane's throat, as he loosens his jaw for a moment, appraising Enchantress as she approaches them. He moves to stand up more stiffly, stretching his back, and slowly moves his arms out and back off the table, staring at her mouth carefully. He doesn't dare make eye contact. His wrists go limp as he drops them beneath the table, before he stiffens them and flips them upwards, placing his hidden palms up against the underside of the table. His jaw closes again, clenching his teeth, in case he needs to act quickly to defend himself. He's overreacting, but he is at his worst inside a closed space.

"Hey, I'm all out of ones." Taskmaster says to Enchantress but his body straightens out a bit, legs and arms loosening yet tensing, he is prepared for motion if need be. "Wait, did she just call us tools?" Not a first. He isn't sure why he acts surprised or offended each and every time.

Waller frown deepens, "I said that will be enough." The podium in front of the whitewash board is reached in to. Immediately a wash of eldritch green light emits from within. With June's presence one must always be prepared and the case concealed within was already open. The 'heart' inside being gripped tightly, squeezed with a nailed thumb being pinched in, jabbed deeply.

Enchantress screams as Waller does whatever she's doing in the podium. A matching eldritch green light streams out in beams from her chest, which she crosses her arms over as if stabbed. She stumbles back, and shadows seem to fall away from her, revealing June, back in her normal attire. Her eyes are even more haunted than before, pale and shaking, as she reaches out to grab something to stabilize herself.
Bane lowers his hands from beneath the underside of the table, and lays them back atop it. He makes the sign of the cross, briefly, apparently having religion despite being a sometimes homicidal mercenary of questionable loyalties. The Jesuit priest that educated him taught him well. He does not make a benediction sign at Enchantress, aware that a darkness beyond the pursuit of the laity afflicts her.

Alex rises as Waller squeezes the eldritch thing and the Enchantress screams. There is alarm on her face, that translates into tight focus. As Dr. Moone's personality reasserts itself, she moves forward to keep the archelogist from sagging too far, reaching out a leg to catch a chair by her ankle and drag it over. "Sit," she tells her. "It's safer for all of us."

"Now you have met Doctor Moone's contribution to this team. Any questions?" Amanda says quietly, the box inside of the podium closed and she picks the marker back up. Fingers rubbing over one another inside of those actions. "If we are finished with that we will carry on with our Triad issue."

"I'm golden." Taskmaster replies, putting Enchantress a rung up above Joker as their creepiest member.

June looks grateful to Alex as she pulls the chair over. "Thank you." she says, voice cracking. She sits, knees tightly together, body language just oozing closed and defensive.

Had Tasky voiced it, Alex would have agreed: Enchantress is creepier than Joker. But, she'd give a lot to be able to hammer Joker into submission like Waller did the witch. (Ok. Sorta. 'Cause that was way beyond weird.) She gives June a simple nod and then backs off to sit nearby. She studies June for a moment and then looks at Waller. "Right. So, aside from the funky lightshow, what are we looking at?"

"No questions, sir," Bane replies to Amanda, using the proper military title for a female officer, instead of the civilian salute.

"Good." A pause and Waller puts a finger to her ear. "This meeting is concluded for now. All of you are excused, we will speak further about this. It appears we had some unaccounted for data that must be discussed before we proceed." No apologies, nothing further Amanda Waller leaves the room. The Suicide Squad members still inside.

"Okay… does that mean we're still required or? Hell with it. Anyone up for some ping pong? I'll be in the guards rec room." Taskmaster makes for the exit as well.

June looks around, sighing as Waller leaves after making her put on her dog and pony show. She'll move to stand, looking to the others. "Sorry about that."

As Waller unexpectedly dismisses them, Alex rises, frowning. She regards June, now, but gestures dimissively at the appology. "We're the Suicide Squad," she shrugs. "It happens. But… I'm betting there's quite the story behind that lightshow there. Care to share?"

Bane relaxes as Taskmaster and Waller leave the room, turning from his chair and moving to a vending machine laboriously. He says nothing, merely plugging in a combination of numbers, before a container of red Gatorade is deposited in the catch. He picks it up and twists it open, before tilting it back and taking a long drink, putting his mouth fully over it with a gentle (for him) squeeze of his mammoth fist.

June licks her lips, trying to moisten them, or her throat, maybe to prevent her voice cracking. "Archaeologist finds ancient temple. Archaeologist accidentally sets ancient goddess loose. Goddess possesses archaeologist. Hilarity ensues." she says, trying to force a smile.

Alex snirks at the 'hilarity' comment, recognizing the dry humour for what it is. "Yeah, I bet," she says, perhaps a trifle amount of feeling underneath the words. "And I thought chasing Dropa stones was fun…" Han Dynasty artifacts that look a lot like bi disks but supposedly have alien origins, the archeologist might know. "So… who's the goddess? What does she do? What do we need to watch for?" Or guard against.

Bane raises a finger, as he lowers his Gatorade bottle. "I do not think she is allowed to say the name."

"Her real name? I don't know. She's very touchy about letting information about herself get out. The name she's going by is what you heard me say before I changed. I can't say it /without/ calling her out and changing." June sighs. "I wouldn't trust her. Not one bit. But while Waller has her weakness, she's on the leash. Sort of."

Alex nods at that and shakes her head slightly, reaching out to rub the back of her neck. Yeah. It's been a rough week. Maybe she'll spend the weekend in New York chasing something more mundane. Like a rogue alien from Betelgeuse IV or something. That could be relaxing. "Sort of," she echoes. Yeah. She didn't miss the fact that Waller took the 'leash' with her. There's a beat. Her shoulders fall and she lays an actually kind hand on June's shoulder. "I'm sorry," she says sincerely. "That's a helluva curse to have to live with."

"I recommend you relieve your burden by understanding the worlds upon the shoulders of others," Bane eloquently states. "Or else you may find Atlas shrugging." Bane drinks more Gatorade, finishing the bottle in two goes, dropping the spent container in a trash bucker lazily.

June gives a faint smile, and looks a little relieved. "Thank you. Sympathy can be in short supply around here." She looks over to Bane. "Believe me, I'm not claiming that others don't have their troubles. Though you seem a lot more well-adjusted than some of the people around here."

Alex gives June a tight smile. "Even 'monsters'," as Waller called them, "have their moments." There's a bit of humour in her eyes, but a bit of haunting, too. Truthfully, Alex has yet to fully recover from shooting up several of New York's finest a month or two back. She's fully ready to accept the label of 'monster' in that case.

She looks to Bane, now, never entirely sure how to interact with him. "Seriously, Bane: Who's your favourite author?" She's actually genuinely curious. She can tell he's well-educated, despite his external appearance. Well. That, and she's read his file.

"St. John," is all Bane replies. He looks to Dr. Moone. "I am not meaning to belittle. I am merely giving you a course of action." He states this with a slight amount of care, it's an odd push of his words, as if he was giving advice to a student that cannot learn the lesson without coming to their own conclusion independently. A trick used by priests with the spiritually ailing.

How many perscriptions can you give a person before they run dry and gain a tolerance. Bane should know this of all of them!

Rose is back, the check-in, the search, the lock-up. Chlorine has washed away makeup and her CoverGirl was fail in the first place when it came to UV lighting, nothing can fix the damage done or the wreckage sought when Rose comes in, still denying the 'booties' or those plastic sandals, instead her feet are coated with KY (Petrol Jelly) enough to make a red light district have a slip n' slide party of Twister. Her boots were not allowed, right now…
Not much was.
When she came back to Belle for her daily 'demanded' check in she cringed. Day two and bruises are a sickly yellow, broken bones - fractures are sprains. At least this place doesnt stop that, ot the 'Hose Again' would have fucked her week, nt just her days.

Buffalo Bill can shove his lotion…!

The tray is clattered upon the table, a few leaves *hop* from her plate to lay upon the steel surface of table, they looked soggy anyway..

"Anais Nin." Shocked?
We don't see people as -they- are, we see them as we are.

Spork stabbed in and that mismatched gaze divert to the delicious smorgasbord of crap.

June looks to Bane. "Thank you, for the advice. They've got me seeing the psychiatrist sorts. But really, it's not like coming to terms with possession by an evil being is really on most of their lists. She looks to Alex. "And your story? You don't seem quite the normal sort around here."

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