Hunting Humans

May 03, 2017:

Bane is on the trail of a Chinese spy in Gotham, but his mission for the Suicide Squad is interrupted by Misfit, playing hero in international intrigue. Are there any heroes in the affairs of state and sword?

Midtown District, Gotham City

Midtown was initially a neighborhood along the edges of Robinson Park but post-Cataclysm ('09 quake) it is considered the entire Robinson Park area and surrounding burroughs and neighborhoods. Along the southwestern shores of Midtown lies Miller Harbor and north of that are scattered homes and businesses in equal trade off. The southern edge of Midtown is one of the oldest portions of Gotham, the bluebloods simply call, "The City".

Miller Harbor itself spills off in to Bob Kane Sound and is fed in to from the east by the Finger River. Midtown also hosts the Upper East Side where embassies from around the world are located. Wakanda, Latveria, Themscyria, Atlantis, all of those can be found here. Across the Sprang RIver to the north is Uptown and East End by way of the Sprang Bridge.


NPCs: Tang Xiao, Latverian Intelligence

Mentions: Batman, Reed Richards


Mood Music: [ "Hunting Humans" - The Misfits]

Fade In…

Charlie fidgets with her utlity belt, she has been feeling uncomfortable in her own skin for about a week now. She has no idea why just a deep sense of unease. It is fading though into the mists, literally really, much like a very bad dream. Well not all bad but still it is fading like all dreams with the waking to morning.

Right now she is on patrol, trying to shake the lingering distraction and get back into her groove, a manic panic sort of groove, while not disappointing the Big Bat in the process. Patrol includes walking along the edge of a rooftop while flipping through police frequencies and other communications looking for some trouble to double. I mean crime to fight.

This has brought her along to the embassy district, usually pretty quiet but one never knows.

With hostilities on the Korean Peninsula fluctuating as they always do, pressure has been on China to reign in their recalcitrant barking dog ally. The Chinese, however, despite promises to assist if the President negotiates with them, have been playing both sides. A Chinese spy was sighted in Gotham City, working out of a local charity for Chinese nationals discriminated against by Gotham police. Despite the honorable intentions of the non-profit, this particular man was spotted near a Latverian agent in Robinson Park, passing along information. After a hack of Latverian telecommunications by the NSA, only made possible by a leap forward in the technical race between Dr. Doom and the American government's anti-Latverian efforts spearheaded by Reed Richards, the man was revealed as a People's Republic agent in collusion with Latveria. The man's record was run, and it was revealed that Tang Xiao was in fact a former member of the Chinese Air Force's special forces division, specializing in aeronautics. And, recently, there had been a sabotage of a university DARPA branch dealing in jet propulsion.

The Suicide Squad had been called in, because of the man's diplomatic immunity, the relation to Latveria, and the necessity to hide this act from the international community, thanks to the use of a non-profit organization as cover. This would look poorly in the press for everyone if the operation blew.

Tang runs down an alleyway, huffing hard, dressed in a black business suit with his collar undone and his blue tie drooping. The clean cut Chinese man looks over his shoulder, terrified, before putting his hand upon against the brick at the end of the alley and bending over to exhale, wheezing. A shadow falls across him, and when he looks up, Bane stands before him, blocking the lights of the street behind the hulk. "You have chosen very poorly in careers. But I do forgive this. Fate finds us all in birth. I hope you will forgive me for killing you."

Well it doesn't pop on the police scanners, but it doesn't hurt that the fleeing man runs right along far below Misfit. She tilts her head to the side watching the chinese man hustle. Could be a criminal. Could be late. Could really need to pee. So hard to say. Charlie reaches up and taps the side of her goggles cycling it to record and also enhance her view. "No stolen purse. Clean cut. Kind of seems scared. Why on earth an alley though… no one clean runs down alleys… well ok.. I run down alleys sometimes but for reals…"

Then.. okay that guy looks vaguely familiar to Misift. Big. Mask. Not BatFam. "Uh… what was this guys name. I mean.. bad guy files checkaroo… but…." she talks to herself as she trots along into a better position there. "Kane. Caine. No that is way to biblical…. I wonder why we don't have more biblical bad guys.. or mythological… is that all a Wonder Woman problem… we do have a lot of masks though.. probably BigBat's fault…"

There is a whistle, which may be familiar to Bane, before a ..well it is nearly a bat-a-rang.. the style is slightly different.. more an M than a Bat in swoopy shape…. but it sinks into the alley wall and there is a thump as Misfit touches down behind Bane…… just barely out of arms reach. "Yo Big Bads… really.. big.. god did anyone ever tell you that you are totes enormous… "

Bane's mouth pulls into a tight line as he sees the Batarang, Tang looking at it as if it's mana from heaven. And then, Bane turns with a faint torque of his upper body and a shift of his foot, his hands balling into loose fists, to see Misfit behind him. Tang pushes off the wall and backs up a step, before Bane's head snaps to look at him, and there's a sudden rush of motion, Bane's open palm flying out to slap Tang across the face. Tang falls to the ground against the wall, dazed and confused and shaking in fear and pain. "I will deal with you at my discretion."

He turns around to face Misfit, now, looking down at her, his mouth turning into a displeased frown. "I see the Bat is recruiting more mice to lead into Finger River." There's a chuff, as if he's a bull, as he slowly straightens his posture, flexing himself, before he loosens into a fighting form. She looks fast. Agile. It will take one lucky strike. Then he may complete his mission. He cannot explain himself. He does not trust Batman to agree with his masters. He is a military man, and Batman believes he can solve things without the necessity for animal dominance. Bane wishes he was so lucky.

"My name is Bane. I once broke the Bat. I have no reason to break you. But I will destroy you, if you wish. That is different." He takes a trio of steps backwards, offering Misfit more room to fight him, instead of attempting to engage in close quarters. This appears to be at her advantage. It is not.

Well Charlie does look like a teenager, a bit like Batgirl but the costume is distinct and almost a knock off from the usual Bat costumes. Sort of an askew version, which makes sense given her call name. When Bane straightens and turns to face her like that she blinks behind her goggles mouth open in a bit of an O. "Wow.. okay.. I mean right Bane… I read that file." she did. She doesn't remember all of it though because well retention is not entirely her strong suit when it comes to studying and taking tests. "Is Finger River like a metaphor for something or is this like an inside threat… one of those.. ooo don't make me Do that Thing That I did to that One guy that one Time and all…" she dances back a couple more steps nimbly. She definitely moves like she knows how to fight, oddly not green there even if she is green in other ways. "Also the Batman doesn't seem very broken. That isn't a verb or adjective I would apply to him you know…" she flings her right then left hand out. The right .. had nothing in it. The left had several flashballs right towards head level.

She does add chipperly "I'm Misfit!"

Bane merely watches as Misfit does a two step away, his eyes on her stomach instead of her feet, so he can watch her center of gravity and how she moves around her core. "I've broken him once. That is all I required of myself." He does not seem threatened or insulted, merely waxing philosophical. His higher purpose, however, is to determine loyalty to the Batman. That way, he can determine how many of her techniques are derivative of his. He has eidetic memory, and studied Batman for months before finally engaging, while the Bat was rounding up villains that Bane had freed by destroying Arkham's walls. That is likely a card he holds in his hand that the Bats have never guessed, and it is his trump card when facing them.

His eyes flick to her right at the movement of the hand, before the left throws the flashballs at him. They explode before him, the red lenses of his mask shielding him from permanent damage, but nonetheless blinding him. He grits his teeth and seethes with pain and reflexive anger, growling as his shoulders lower a pace, hands opening in a ready position. He tilts his upper body forward a hair via his left foot, preparing to brace any incoming attack. Bat trick registered. Weapons before engagement. He squeezes his eyes shut instead of attempting to clear his vision, very patient and waiting for the pulsing sensation to ebb. Until then, he stands in position. He has the luxury of stamina.

That is an excellent strategy. Thing is Batman didn't train her. She has certainly sparred with some of the Bats, especially Batgirl but … wherever Charlie learned how to kick ass is a mystery, even to the redhead. Unorthodox is a good word for it. There are traces of Bat though there for certain but.. yeah wierdness. "Did they give you a ribbon?" the sass is strong in this girl.

When the flashes explode, her own goggles autoadjust and she is already on the move. Not charging in headfirst though, there is a soft noise like air displacement and a slash of pink and purple smoke where she was standing. A heartbeat later she is directly behind Bane without having made any noise to close the distance and she is aiming a weighted boot kick right to his kidney. Right Kidney to be specific.

"The strongest trophy is in the mind," Bane replies, having decided to take a paternal tone in response to the sass. A mind game is in order. He will stay calm and use two-choice systems to make himself predictable, until sees an opening. And then, he will use his emotions, his biochemistry, to reply with a gut response. A simple neurological athletics trick to defeat a trap.

He hears the silent movement, his concern highlighted by a slight flex of his exposed arms, before he's kicked in the kidney. There's a soft grunt as he lurches forward, with a bend of his knees. Choice one, wheel about with the right side. Accept. Choice two, swing around with the left. Deny. He swings around with his left, the area of denial strategy, his arm slashing behind him, exposing the bracer with the tubes leading into his back and up into his head. Venom would be a mistake in this fight. It is a temptation, calling him now. But he is forged of mightier stuff than mere flesh.

He is made of spirit.

The young woman takes a step back, "Damn your muscles are thick… " she kicks like a horse to. Still a spin to one side of the other was predictable, and her hand slides out and a large handful of micromarbles is flung by Bane's feet. "Has anyone ever told you that you probably work out to much. I'm pretty sure steroids or something. They are super bad for your temper and also your heart…. I mean sure you can take a punch and pulverize brick or something but one day you will be jogging up a flight or stairs and BAAAAM heart explosion like a cartoon cat."

As soon as she says cat there is another slash of smoke and she is … well up and to the left would be a good approximation. She pushes off the wall and snaps a kick towards the back of his head. Planning to use the impact on him to launch herself backwards from him trying to stay above her marbles. May work. May not. Has to be a bit jarring.

Bane, the pain behind his eyelids beginning to fade, finds his arm predictably finding nothing, turning himself about to face the long end of the alley once more. "Thank you for your concern, child," Bane murmurs, a low hiss coming out of him as he feels the ache from his kidney pushing up into his diaphram, giving his lungs a breath contractive state. His eyes slipping open, seeing Misfit's silhouette in the world behind his goggles, he can see the smoke. A magician? If it is technology, this one is surely beyond the skills of anyone here in Gotham. He will have to alter his plan. She has a tactical superiority that can only be solved with dynamism on his part, if he is to be successful in the least bit.

The kick slams into his head, giving him a shock that causes a guffaw and a push forward into the marbles as he moans in pair at the dirty shot. He slides forward, and shuts out the standard two-directional logic, committing himself to gut reflexes now. Choice one, take the fall. Choice two, attempt to stand on feet. Ignore both, solution. It's time to apply direct, rude force, her traps be damned.

He falls forward with his palms forward, deliberately kicking his legs out across the marbles to put all his weight on his hands. Curling forward into a roll, he pulls back onto his feet past the marbles, coming up to his feet. His frame sags, feeling the pain of the kick to the head, but aware that the Venom will impair him too much to combine intellect with instinct. He turns about to look at Misfit, eyes open now.

"You have a single flaw in your fighting style. You are a cowardly bitch." He spits the last word, deliberately using the wrong form of misogynistic insult for the superheroine, before he charges forward at her, across the marbles with his steel toed boots crushing them with his deliberately heel steps slowing him briefly, before he surges forward after clearing the field of impairment beneath and swinging his right arm back.

As he grows near, pushing forward towards the end of the narrow alleyway, his arm thrusts forward, a charging lion with the sound of a bull beneath his growling throat and heaving chest as his hand opens at Misfit's face in an attempt to grab her by the top of her skull and lift her as he runs.

Really her long term goal here is to play with Bane long enough for that Chinese guy to get another running start. I mean damn this guy is like the bull he is snorting to mimick and make noises like.

"Most people call me a brat not a bitch… still that isn't a new one. Seriously though you are like… five or six of me." probably three or four of her.. well okay maybe five.

There is a slash of pink smoke and she is … about fifteen foot further down the alley. "So how is not being smuuuushed cowardly?"

Damned if she doesn't seem to be having fun as another batarang leaves her hand, just as another slash of smoke. She is aiming for behind Bane, though low this time not high up like that last kick. She figures he will dodge the batarang so she plans to catch and throw from behind him. Yup she is just a brat. "What are all the tubes for… overly complex pacemaker gramps?"

Bane's arm swings down as he misses his mark, using the weight of his muscle and the inertia of his swing to slow himself and shove his boot into the ground to halt is charge. Continuing to engage on the charge would be foolhardy. The batarang comes swinging at him, and he steps to the side with a huff, before she appears behind him. And in an instant, he grabs the brim of a nearby garbage can, and swings it up and around, full of trash, right at Misfit with a growling roar, swinging upwards and across their mutual space. It's made of aluminum and tin, old and rusted and worn, and the garbage inside gives it sufficient weight to sting considerably. He does not hold onto it after it has completed its purpose, releasing his grip and letting it fly upwards and into a wall, slamming into it and bouncing to the ground, garbage spilling everywhere. The putrid odor fills the battlefield.

"Pray you never discover the misfortune I endure."

Well hell.

"Oouufff" says Misfit as she is smacked right in the face with the garbage can. He seemed so unarmed and well that was a bit surprising. Still she doesn't go down or hit the wall. Instead she vanishes with another slash of smoke before she impacts the wall hard.

"so very misunderstood and suffering. Got it." the young woman seems to be back down the alley a ways from him now. She hits a button on her belt calling in a 911 to this location silently. "Why did you want to hurt that guy anyhow?"

"Are you claiming otherwise?" Bane murmurs. "Even for yourself?" There's a brief pause, as he looks to the side, some moments after the 911 call. It's suspicious. He looks back at Misfit. "I'd advise you keep quiet about this incident. Life is not merely walking on the street." He looks upwards, at the rooftops, before he looks back pointedly. "Sometimes, our betters spy on us from the rooftops, as you have tonight."

A black Jeep rolls into the street in Misfit's view, behind Bane, looking like a military built model with all black paint and visible rivets, driven by a man with a military shaved head and glasses. Bane turns around, quickly walking with purposeful steps towards the vehicle. The Chinese man, on the ground near Misfit, groans, rubbing his head. "Thank you," he wheezes.

Bane climbs into the Jeep and slams the door shut, before it accelerates down the street and takes a hard turn, the driver deliberately giving the tires a squeal off into the night as an intimidation signal to Misfit.

She eye rolls. "My name is Misfit. Of course I am misunderstood. Mhm." and she just watches him go. She does fling a batarang, well .. a tracker disc at the military looking vehicle as it spins off and heads away from the scene of the crime. "FFS…" yeah she dosnt cuss she uses the shorthand for it.

With that she heads back to chck on the hurt guy "You sit tight.. cops should be here soon.. I'll be blinking out before then though okay man?"

The man nods rapidly. "Yes, yes, sit tight," he says, in semi-passable English, fumbling in his jacket before he withdraws a black bound sheaf, pulling out papers. He looks like he's preparing them for the cops, not showing them to Misfit. But she might be able to catch that they're State Department in origin. As in, federal level.

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