Shaking the Trees

May 03, 2017:

Cutscene. Wilson Fisk reacts to certain events, and starts planning some countermoves.

//Wilson Fisk's Penthouse //

Now featuring: fantastic views of places Fisk would like to watch burn.


NPCs: None.

Mentions: Daredevil, Trish Walker, Six

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Fade In…

The green onions marching along the golden line of Wilson Fisk's perfectly cooked 3-cheese omelette were particularly fresh this morning. Crunchy. Tangy. The best possible topping for the favorite breakfast of one of the world's most powerful men.

At his elbow, a news story.


Ben Ulrich

(Photo: a picture of the burned out Vistoya Trucking building, with one lone parked truck reduced to a burnt out husk).

HELL'S KITCHEN, NY - At 3 AM on May 3rd, fire broke out on the 400th block of 36th St., killing three victims and destroying the property belonging to Vistoya Trucking, a local freight company. "It's really a shame; we were just starting to turn this business around," says Spokesman Douglas Feingold. "At this point Vistoya's a wash. We do, of course, send our deepest condolences to the families of the victims."

Feingold refused to comment on the May 2nd "Daredevil" incident, during which a masked man rescued two apparent kidnapping victims from the back of a rolling Vistoya freighter. The Federal Bureau of Investigation has placed driver Ramsey Blatt, age 43, under arrest. Sources within the Bureau indicate they are continuing to search for 9 trucks owned by the former trucking concern.

Last year, Vistoya declared bankruptcy. Everlee, Inc. purchased and reorganized the business, retaining the name for branding purposes.

Fisk took a sip of his highly delicious La Colombe Afrique coffee blend. They would never find the trucks, because they'd already been sent to the chop shops for rebranding. He'd have to reconstruct the overland trucking route. An inconvenience. A disruption to his carefully ordered and orchestrated organization.

It was not the first such disruption. One he had planned for, though Tiger Protocol had produced no fruit. The others were unexpected: a radio host, of all people, showing up at Kelt's doorstep, requiring her death, an assassin who would need to die in custody in a few days because he'd been too incompetent to kill her too, and a sudden devil-suited hit out of apparent left field.

He'd best start making some countermoves. He didn't have enough on the so-called 'Daredevil' to act yet, so he turned his attention to other matters. He'd look for his opportunity. He'd have to do something about Walker, but carefully and subtely. A media darling, a celebrity, she'd have to be handled carefully.

But the hacker…

He dialed a number.

"Agent LeGrasse, DEO."

"Good morning, Vernon."

The audible gulp he heard pleased Wilson Fisk immensely. He didn't even allow Vernon to say anything. "The data your people put on the train on January 12. Specifically, the information on the car the costumed fools targeted. Where is it now?"

Vernon told him.

Fisk took a bite of his omelette. "And the security codes on that building?"

Fisk could hear Vernon sweat as he delivered the information Fisk wanted a second time.

"Very good, Vernon. When those server racks disappear, I want the chatter about the theft to be relayed across the very same channels that contained the information about their transport on the Acela. I assume this would be standard protocol anyway?"

Vernon allowed that it would, in fact, be standard protocol.

"Very good, Vernon. I'll be in touch."

He wouldn't. He'd most likely send someone else to deal with Vernon again in the future. But sometimes it was important for things to come directly from the top.

The servers would be directly in his hands by nightfall. Perhaps Cerulean would find something helpful on the drives. And perhaps the woman he was targeting with this maneuver would begin to sweat, and would expose herself trying to recover them.

They really were very good green onions.

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