The People's Hero

April 04, 2017:

After a press event at the Javits Center, Captain America is greeted by a very eager fan who wishes to invite him and a certain Agent Carter to dinner.

Javits Center, New York


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"And so SHIELD will continue to work with the superhero community as it has, but it will not stand for vigilante action to circumvent the law. That being said, it's my hope that the governments of the US and the world at large will continue to work together. They have for almost a hundred years if not more, and I hope it will stay that way for some time to come."

The sound of applause fills the air as Rogers concludes his speech at an Expo on ethics located at the Javits , delivering an important speech to start off the 3 day convention for the the 5th Annual Watchman Expo. The goal is to talk on Superheroes and their supposed place in the world, talking on checks and balances, where superheroes tie into law, and all the messy issues that go into such things.

It is a far more fancy pants place than Rogers is used to, dressed in a black suit with a red white and blue tie. The audience is diverse in importance and profession: lawyers, philosophers, politicians of various levels of office, lobbyists, as well as other folks related to superheroes such as retired heroes and those reporters they always enjoy confiding to. Despite the intent the good will behind it (or most of it), the war hero is swift to leave as soon as he has the chance.

But with the speech done and his 'important meetings' done, Steve finally can make his escape. He doesn't have SHIELD security with him (as most would feel he's more than capable of taking care of himself), just making his way out of a side exit toward the parking garage where his motorcycle is currently parted.

It is not so easy to disentangle a figure so widely celebrated as Captain America from the eager elite masses. While the most determined of press has been turned down for this event, more than a few of this august assemblage would relish the opportunity to speak with the greatest hero of the twentieth century and beyond.
A few questions linger in the Captain's wake as he escapes with all respectful haste. Words that melt together amidst the applause and polite revelry.

As some might suggest to Captain Rogers, the security detail isn't so much for his protection as much as it is to keep the riffraff away. With a barricade of men in black, few of the more squealing fans would throw themselves at him with their cavalcade of marriage proposals and adoring gifts. Such is the price of fame in these modern times.
At least access to the parking garage is restricted to VIPs so there shouldn't be any-
"Captain America?!"

-Okay maybe at least one fan.

From around a concrete support cylinder steps a very well dressed young man. Clearly a member of the cocktail crowd that fill this event, the man wears an impeccable suit. His mismatched blue-gold eyes gleam with admiration as he casually steps into the path of Steve to his escape vehicle. One hand in his pocket, the other held out eagerly, "It is.. It is an incredible honor to meet you sir!"

Rogers, somewhat uncomfortable by the stardom, which somehow seems different than the popularity he had in the 1940's attempts to move on past the people, only giving a few polite waves and smiles as deemed tactically appropriate to avoid seeming stand-offish. However, when his blue eyes flicker back, there is a man that suddenly there.

There is a brief pause as the American Icon takes in the man in question. Once he's assured himself that this is not some sort of supervillain, the hand is taken and a firm but reasonable shake is given. "Good to meet you as well, Mister…" The voice leads off, trailing with some confusion as the head tilts slightly to take in the figure as he just now notices the bizarre eyes. Maybe contacts, he presumes, kids are all hyped about having odd eyes these days.

From this fellow's demeanor he seems harmless. There is a way a would-be assassin presents him or herself. A predatory balance in their movements and steps, an intensity in their eye. From a learned perspective, this young man is a physical pushover and completely unthreatening. Of course in this modern age of pocket-sized super weapons anything is possible, but why bother to announce his presence when he could have simply waited for Steve to walk by an expose his flank? Tactically this is foolish.. As an ancient war hero would estimate.

There's a nervous laughter haunting the air as this man accepts the handshake. There's lingering contact there, as if the man is unwilling to let the moment pass as he seems so very overwhelmed, "Oh.. Oh wow. Yes! My name is Grymalkin actually. Sorry, ha ha I'm just.. I'm just a little tense. I can't believe I'm actually meeting .. you!" His accent bares the faintest British trace.
In a moment of self-consciousness he steps back and holds up his hands, "You'll have to forgive me. I knew you were coming to this event and I absolutely -had- to attend. I've been meaning to meet you for such a long time! Actually your friend Sergeant Barnes told me where to find you. My God.. So unreal.. You really haven't aged a day have you." Odd eyes searching the Captain's face.

"Charmed to meet you, Mister Grymalkin," Steve states with his usual professional aire and a flash of perfectly pearly teeth. It's clear that he's used to people being hyped up to meet the First Avenger, but Rogers doesn't really speak on it. At this point, it's just part of his life that he has to accept for what it is. He is the American Icon and they will want to adore him for it. And since people always need role models, he will do his part to live up to the role of the True Hero.

Captain America couldn't imagine his life doing anything else.

As Grymalkin talks of Bucky, Rogers looks at the man with a slight frown. He knows something is off. Bucky, being the polite sort to his friend, rarely refers without warning. It may be a 'hey, just to let you know', or 'this girl is going to try and sleep with you', but there is, well, something. However, Steve doesn't entirely discount the faintly Brit though, but his guard is clearly rising. "I suppose I haven't. Strange that Bucky didn't mention you wanting to talk to me. I presume if he referred you to me, it must be something of importance."

As Rogers grows mildly concerned at the name drop, Grymalkin laughs it off as he quickly adds, "Oh I'm sure he didn't. He ah.." Mischievously he glances about, "It was a chance meeting. We were mutually introduced by a friend of his, a young girl he seems to be caring for these days. He.. Suggested I could find you at the Triskelion. Seemed guarded that one. But, after everything you've both been through together I can imagine he'd be keeping his cards close to the vest!"
Clasping his hands together he continues grinning brightly, basking in the First Avenger's presence, excited just to speak with him, "I was honored just to meet him but I .. had no idea he survived! Just as well to have two great heroes return to us!" Pausing a moment to catch his breath, racing through words as he shakes his head, "Oh my God I have so many questions! If Sergeant Barnes made it.. Whom else is still alive? Did.."
Holding a hand over his mouth in wonder, "Did.. You hear the famous Miss Carter is alive as well.. Have you heard about that?"

As Grymalkin speaks of Bucky and explains the situation with more detail, Steve merely gives an 'ah' of realization before adding a short time later. "I see." Blue eyes look toward his motorcycle, which is only seventy feet away or so, a short distance that could mean escape from this conversation which is as awkward as most of the 'I'm a big fan, Cap' conversation are. But like always, Rogers tries to play the role and not let things meddle with that, even if people can sometimes say the unexpected that things that cause even Steve to say 'WTH' in the back of his mind.

"I was glad to see that Bucky and /Agent/ Carter are alive. She had been alive already but well…" Rogers shakes his head, deciding to explain Old Carter/New Carter would likely be a waste of effort, a possible sore spot for the 'young' Carter, and likely more sharing than is appropriate. "I'm very glad that my friends are back in my life. Either way, I wish we could talk more, but have a few things I need to do and I really do try and be fair with my time. I'm sure you understand." A glance is given toward the rest of the people who wish to speak to Rogers. It's clear that despite the money and prestige of the man in front of him, he doesn't want to hold the fan living paycheck to paycheck with any less regard or any less 'right' to Captain America as the powerful man in front of him.

There is a glint in Grymalkin's eye that is difficult to place as Captain Rogers hesitates a split second before mentioning how glad he is to have his old friends back. Realizing the impromptu interview is reaching it's end, the younger man takes a step to the side to allow Steve to pass but speaks up quickly.
"I completely understand Sir, but I ask for one more indulgence." Pacing alongside the taller man as he holds his hands together in prayer, "I beg of you. Allow me the honor of taking you and Agent Carter to dinner. I have reservations at Per Se and I would spare no expense at seeing you there. Please. The world nearly lost your wisdom once. I implore you to share you and Agent Carter's insight, especially with dire world affairs abroad."

Rogers is not a super spy. He doesn't have telepathic powers. He doesn't have high tech implants. He has hunches, and for some reason, much like that fan that just wanted Rogers to try out this new soda really badly, Steve gets a odd feeling in the pit of his stomach. He isn't trying rude or dismissive, but he is clearly moving on, even as Grymalkin walks alongside him. "I really don't feel comfortable making plans on Agent Carter's behalf more so for someone I literally just met. I've heard of great things of Per Se, but unless it's something pressing, I sadly must decline."

And man with the multicolored eye thought Bucky was defensive. "But it sounds like I'm sure we'll meet again," he replies. He tries to reach for the man's shoulder to give a pat, but somehow in the rush, he accidently does a man boob squeeze unless Grymalkin moves out of the way. Hit or miss, it's awkward, that's for sure. Either way, he's halfway to his motorcycle which he pauses long enough to offer a sincere "I'm sorry, my apologizes" . Freedom, it's soooo close.

Clearly it seems the fawning fan is dejected as Captain Rogers refuses his offer. Taking a deep breath he thusly ceases his pursuit, tilting his head back and pressing his lips together.
He accepts the awkward chest pat with a nod, trying to collect his heart after putting it out on his sleeve with such risk. "I.. I understand." He finally manages as the Captain continues to his escape vehicle, "Thank you so, so much for your time!" He calls out afterwards after finding his voice. Showing at least some dignity in defeat as he lets the true American hero leave the event.

Grymalkin then turns away, moving in the opposite direction as he returns to the shadows of the parking garage that spawned him. Once the tell-tale sound of the engine revs and the Super Patriot has left does his expression change utterly. A smile slowly creeps on the corner of his lips as his fingers stroke his chin.
"So he does know where she is. Perfect." He muses quietly to himself.

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