Lost and Found

April 29, 2017:

Starfire re-emerges to public eye…. And things have changed.

Queensland Park - Inlet off Atlantic - Metropolis



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Fade In…

A night of questions, a night of answers. A night where perhaps somethings became apparent, and others… Left more questions. At least Kyle lightened up the pressure when he saw her seem concerned even about her own memories, just as she set pictures and things aside gently when her own curiosity caused the same reaction.

Star Wars was also discovered! The diner has it beat so far, but she still watched wide-eyed and rapt, exclaiming like a child what race some aliens reminded her of, and some caused heat to rise as well as glowing eminations in bursts that may or may not have burnt his couch a bit. SORRY!

Star did not like HOTH. One bit. She never said why, that was something after a rewind that was too raw.

She was not ready to talk about it, but she didform a streak in the night sky from New York, towards Metropolis and above Queensland Park. Not at all hard to miss, Starfire did not seem to care as she painted trails in the sky with the afterburn of comets tail.

Once there, in that atmosphere it is where the old HMSS used to be, but a swan-dive spins her back, a movement akin to a dolphin and she plummets southward towards the shoreline, but a bit more inland and in a shroud of tree-tops within Queen's Park.

"Race you to the inlet!" A laugh and down Star goes, leaving Kyle in the wake of flame and laughter.

Where does one stash a person they knew, plucked out of time through a spatial warp, with only an escape pod in Queensland to call home? Without a ring, Oa would never have accepted her, which left a two-bedroom apartment in New York City. Circling around the more difficult questions over delivery Italian food and a side-conversation about how his friend, Kilowog, is effectively Chewbacca, the stay, so far, has been joyous.

After a late afternoon shower and a trip to the Avengers mansion, Kyle's returned for the trip out. The first mile of the flight in a wash of bended light to hide the location of his apartment, the holographic bubble is set loose and the sky streaks their two separate colors as he follows her towards Queen's Park.

"We've already been over this. It's cheating if you know where you're going and I don't!" Kyle calls out after Starfire, spinning around the wake of her trailed, heated energy. The Lantern's light coalesces around him in a glow and he punches forward, following the laughter. His heels don't stretch and he doesn't push the ring, content to let her win, to lead the way. "I don't want someone mistaking you for a cruise missile!" Kyle calls out with a laugh.

Once Nathaniel was back on the la bit took him only a few hours to scan the net to find Starfire. Actually she was seen by plenty of people, so the SHIELD network had the information readily available, she is quite distinctive.

Flying to Metropolis is a question of minutes, which should give him enough time to think what he is going to say to the Tamaranean woman, who might not remember him. But no, it is not enough time. He arrives to Queensland Park and still has no idea what to say. "Starfire!" He calls.

"South!" Is all Starfire says to Kyle as that backwards-swan-dive brings an arch of spine, exposed and aligned by the straps of violet armor, a more 5th Element approach, or one that leaves more to be said for the -space between-.

But after that slow-mo arch and draw of arms, booted feet pivot upward as if in dance, lined in the tendrils of flame that come and go with the ascent of tress(en) pass. A BURST and Starfire is heading for ground, to split limbs aside and to separated the shadowed retreat apart and to reveal the 'Spring' of sorts…. But Starfire stops, looking up into an incoming pursuit of Kyle and the yell of Nathaniel.

"Who…?" And suddenly her multi-huen traces through the dark sky of Metropolis become a light-show.

At least Queensland is used to it, as they remember.

The tracer comprised of the green energy of will is easy enough to follow, as is Kyle's utilitarian manner of flying. Where Starfire makes it her dance against the gravity of the planet, Kyle barrel rolls and twists into his turns, but paints an easy to follow line, devoid of so many zig-zags.

The ring alerts him before he hears the voice. A blip on the mental radar, as it were, about the incoming energy signature, and Kyle is twisting around in his flight path to lift a hand in greeting to the approaching, familiar form of Iron Guard. Flying backwards the last few feet, the frictionless flight provided by the green energy comes to its own slow stop, next to Starfire.

"He's one of my team. I told him I'd talk to you about something, but haven't had the time yet-" Kyle mutters to Starfire before extending his hand upwards, waving Nathaniel down in greeting.

"Hey, Iron Guard." Kyle calls out, brows lifting beneath the trailed wave coming off of his ring. "Is everything okay? I didn't get a ping or a siren."

Iron Guard looks from Kyle to Kori and shakes his helmeted head, hovering in place. "I am not here on Avenger business, I just… wanted to see Koriand'r." The helmet hides his emotions well, which is a good thing because Nathaniel has few friends and this would have been the first one he loses. "Do you remember me, Kori?" He asks.

Starfire's levelling rustles the treetops, parts them and even causes hues to change with the sudden shift of heat, that skates her along the tops and back up to hover beside Kyle. A curious look comes with a slow blink to cast lids over eyes and rest half-masted while she inspects Iron Guard, glancing ina a shift of mirror-topped gaze between the two.

"It is fine." A low tenor of words to them both, neutral and placid, the exchanges between Kyle last night in their Q & A already let her know something is off-kilter somewhere, a brief lift of hand and she draws fingertips along the line of Kyle's shoulder, down along his upper arm to just above wrist, following tendon alignment of his green and black suit. "You let me know a lot." Star may rebound to a glee, but she knows beneath it all Kyle is missing as much as she is, in parts. As she will help him regain and align, he has helped her - even in denial.

Lips brush Kyle's jawline, an assurance as well and when she goes to Nathaniel it is like a long lost friend's embrace, a hug that is sudden and impacts him but embraces him.

"You know my name..!" Nathaniel's tone let her know enough, the concern, the posture. Though her words tell him all she knows.

Kyle lifts his chin, made curious by the lack of expression he can read through Iron Guard's concealed face. His own mask far more expressive, there's a pensiveness in the way he reads the situation. No frown, no scowl, no disapproval, but curious, indeed. Hovering in his held position, he looks from Iron Guard to Starfire as his arm is traced. "Doing my best to not waterboard you with it. There's time." Kyle admits to the woman, lip tugging into a dimple as he leans in to accept the press of her lips to his jaw.

He remains behind as she goes forward, and in the interest of understanding, Kyle floats back, lifting his ring in a fist, arm curled.

"Take your time, you guys. I'll be over here. Iron? It was good to see you again, man." Kyle upward nods as the call completes. A crisp hologram appears before him. Five tiny, squad creatures in robes appear before him, mouths moving in what appears to be a status update. Though, with the angle of his mask, the two remain in his peripheral vision through the holographic constructs.

"I… yes, I do," the hug surprises him. Probably shouldn't, this is Starfire. "We met a little over an Earth year ago, and 35 centuries in the past," in a timeline that was erased a week ago. Better leave that part out for now. "Ah… good to meet you again, princess. For the first time or forever," the helmet retracts from his head, merging with the rest of the armor. The young man offers a sad smile. "I am Nathaniel, how are you today?"

Starfire holds Nathaniel like someone endeared, and when his helmet peels back lips meet his cheek it all flickers back.., That past year….
A scrapyard, a modification, a friendship sitting atop a pile of rubble as her and "others" assemble piles of scraps into something worthy.
A ship…Digital scrolls, a reflection of herslef with mohawk shaven sides "glaring" at Nathaniel..

Kori slowly backs away, her hands running through her hair, finding it full in the strokes of fingertips that path trais through it. Gripping at the base of skull just below occipital.

Beehives swarm her mind, yellow, a large head encased upon a ship. Not her ship, right?? Her… Pod? A look down through the canopy, from Nathaniel to Kyle and down!

"We have fought together. My home…" A tilt of Starfire's head, a slow shake and she drops through the spatial gap, going to check on what she had kept, even if it is partially submersed…

Just as when she had first embraced Kyle when he responded, it came back… So is Nathaniel. That year.

Starfire… *is*.. confused! Today, but she does not want Nathaniel sad either. If she is not the one in the flickers of reels in mindscape… She had those flowery necklaces…

They make her happy, as long as they did not sink with the MODOK?!

"…temporal disturbances, but we've got them monitored and under control." Kyle is muttering to the Guardians of Oa in his impromptu conference call. Lips moving quietly, he quiets and nods his head when one of the beings, one with a ponytail, begins speaking. Listening, Kyle glances up, keeping his watchful eye somewhere around their ankles while past connections are made.

And then something goes wrong.

"One moment. I'll call back. Non-emergency," Kyle flips off the call to the guardians and floats forward once more. "Star?!" Kyle lifts his voice in his approach, looking to Nathaniel for queues, for explanations. "What happened?" Kyle tilts to follow Starfire with his eyes, lips peeling back in a cringe.

Something happened, even as Starfire's feet coated in the violet cover sink into the sand along a bank of a spring that runs off the Atlantic, but inlets into this park on the edges of Queensland Park Isle.

Nathaniels' visage cast a flicker, like pages flipped through in a photo album, just like Kyle's presence upon the Jade Mountain… But the more he spoke…

Nathaniel, did not for now…

The bank is sunken, and a pod rests there, lifted off its side, a hull left open but branches and leaves cover the shining body and door, despite the fact that part of that survival missile is sunken beneath waters that now rise with mists of heat off the surface due to climate change and seasons.

"No, nonono…" Branches, leaves, they are thrown out of the way like Spring Cleaning, and she steps inside. Cluttered, not spartan, but in one corner is a hammock, inset metal shelves bearing reminders in her own frames that are cracked and partially shattered.

Pictures beneath the spider-webbing of cracks are hardly depictable. But Starfire knows, and when she reaches up to a lofty rafter of rebar-broken she pulls down a faux necklace of flowers while she looks around, then back up to the small entrance to her "ship" for Nathaniel and Kyle.

"It's okay… Not my ship…" …Not me? Again fingers run through the still-damp strands of flame huen hair.

*Scritch* Brows dip lightly…

All Kyle can bring himself to do is watch. The green serrations in the black arm of his costume stretch as he reaches out for Starfire. Fingers splayed with every intent to grab her while her head was in her hands, he floats after her. The episode ends, and some instinct in his belly snaps. The hand lowers and he hovers out of her way, letting the field of memory and psyche work itself into place.

Sometimes, it needs to be ridden.
Sometimes, interrupting is worse.

When the pod is cleared away and Koriand'r disappears within, the Green Lantern moves once more. He floats down onto the sand and steps across it, leaving kidney-bean footprints in the sand that lead right up to the door and the entrance she's been swallowed by. One set of footfalls follow her inside. When she turns…it's Kyle standing there.

"Hey…" Kyle whispers, offering his fingers in a low extension of his arm. His tongue darts out to quickly wet his lips. Trapped in a state of yellow alert, the mask-covered features around his bob and weave, looking over her body, her face, her eyes for signs of damage.

Kyle presses his lips together into a line, then rolls them back into place.

"Talk to me, Starfire." Kyle whispers, words chosen carefully. "Tell me what I can do, what you're looking for."

Just like her thumb had cleared dust frm his pictures… It swept over a leaf of those faux flowers looped into a necklace.

Those emerald eyes flick over her surroundings as if they are strange at first, as if looking for someone. For a split second something in those lids wavers but a blink of lids seals it off and Starfire takes a deep breath.

"I saw…someone. In him. Not me but me. But he couldn't have seen her." K'tten, and as far as Starfire knew the only other left of her kind. But she was never here, and she-herself, never had a split in her hair like that.

"We esca—- fought… together. I came back." Is it making sense?



Same page, turned.

Starfire has no damage, nothing physical, but she chose to come back and they moved on, but somehow…

Their night liberated her of some of it, but now…

Star looks into the opening, but Nathaniel had left…. She gets it (maybe), that loop of tropical faux-flowers is looped over Kyle's head to rest a radical purple/pink against the spacial noir/jade.

His offer is accepted in the lack of release after the loop is made over him, keeping her -right there-.

"You can just be you, Kyle. It has not been wrong at all."

Lanterns, unbeknownst to many, have ties to spiritual tales. The Book of Oa is scripture. Some believe it, others do not, but there isn't a single Lantern who doesn't know of it. Kyle? Kyle has read the scripture. His artistic and sentimental nature leaning towards the poetry, of the first chapter about Avra.

The first bearer of a Power Ring was a warrior.
But the first Green Lantern, was a scribe.

Sometimes, the universe tells a soul when it's time to speak.

That time is now.

"We had a…perplexingly, memory-perfect day together and the next day, I had feared that I wouldn't get a second." Kyle speaks quietly, stepping in to place his hands on either side of Koriand'r's hips. His lips twitch, charmed by the presence of the lei, though the smile can't hold with words taking precedence over control of his mouth. "It wasn't about a particular thing, it wasn't selfish, it wasn't about the -specifics-. It was just about a feeling. It made me feel weightless and made of light."

Kyle reaches up between her arms to capture her face in his hands. Thumbs brush away hair and Kyle leans in, pressing his forehead to hers. Their noses touch.

"I could have survived you not remembering the diner, the space pirates, why we were so exhausted the next day, but when you came out in China, changed, I knew I couldn't try to cram that memory into you if it just wasn't there, or make however you've changed into being what I may have lost."

Kyle's eyes open and he pulls back, enough so that their faces are a match. He can see the edge of her face, and in that, she may be able to see his.

"I want you to be you, too." Kyle adds to his own scripture. "And whoever you want that to be, you're free to choose what you want."

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