Avengers Alert

April 29, 2017:

The Avengers prepare to deal with the aftermath of the Reality Shift

Avengers Mansion


NPCs: H.O.M.E.R.

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Fade In…

The last week has been…in a word…busy. With reality warps and lasting damage that grows in a radius the further it gets from America's northeastern seaboard. The sky has been lit up like a Christmas tree with blinking lights from rescue vehicles, Green Lanterns, and other flying heroes zipping about to set things into some shade of normalcy.

Save for a day 'off the clock' and another few days out in space, Lantern 2814.2, registered as Kyle Rayner with the Avengers, has had the schedule from hell. Until now.

Cleared through the gates of the Avengers mansion by security, the tall, black-haired Lantern waits until he's inside to dissipate the domino-shaped mask over his face. All-white eyes are revealed to be green, allowing the actual identifiers of his features to be made visible to the inhabitants of the mansion. They have his name, his driver's license, so why bother with masks?

Kyle still wears the uniform, though, as he's walking through the hallways, peeking in the open doors, and trying to get a mental snapshot of the mansion's layout.

Spoiler's been just as busy. With the Avengers on alert and New York needing assistance there had been scarece little time for her to check up on anything really. She was having trouble with her bat-comms and couldn't figure out why. Flash still wasn't answering her messages, and she was not going to try any of the Bat Family in ANY way shape or form from the Mansion.

As Kyle goes about his room to room search, Steph is just pulling on the gloves of her suit. Her back is to the door as Kyle opens it. Her hair is up in a white towel, the cowl pushed back into folds behind her shoulders. The white eyes staring behind her. The blonde gasps as she hears the door open, and she whips the towel from her head to pull over her face from the nose down so she can turn to see who just WALKED IN WITHOUT KNOCKING!

Spoiler's dressed. Mostly. The suit's in place, but she hasn't gotten the boots on or the cowl up. While the gloves are on, the utility belt is on the bed nearby. Blue-green eyes fix on Kyle's face and it's an odd series of emotions that flit back before Spoiler, bat symbol apparent on her chest, puts one hand on her hip as the other holds the towle over her face.

"Excuse me. Heard of knocking?"

Apparently the Mansion virtual intelligence, H.O.M.E.R., let Kyle in and forgot to report to Spoiler. Still needs to have some glitches out of the system, it seems. Or wait, has she told him to report her? Homer can be a little literal sometimes.

Nathaniel was informed, but he was pretty busy and it took him a few minutes to get upside. “Green Lantern? Welcome. We are on alert right now. Because of Steel City… hmm, what does your ring have on the records about Steel City?”

It looked like it might have been a bathroom. Really. It did.

It only takes a split second to read the sudden rush of movement. Kyle throws a hand up to shield his eyes and twists away from the door. "Oh sh-" Kyle grunts out, lips battering into two rows of gritted teeth, hissing out his apology. Purple? What he's seen is a big, blur that doesn't include five feet of skin. "Sorry, sorry, sorry. Eyes are closed!" Kyle continues, quickly. "I didn't see anything; I don't know which of these rooms are rooms and which of these are-"

Kyle doesn't peek as the door closes, his voice muffling from the other side. Arms folded to hug about his stomach, he plants his shoulder into the doorway and bats the back of his head against the door's frame. Dumbass.

"-restrooms." OH. THERE'S IRON GUARD. Kyle blinks and clears his throat, straightening himself. "Just that it was the epicentre of a spacial disturbance. My ring's been trying to draw up what it can, but the details are still a bit fuzzy." Cough into fist. "It's fishy."

Spoiler doesn't interact with the AI unless she has to. Last time she did, he was a jerk-face of a computer system. Really, she just feels better this way. She's pretty sure that even if she HAD, the AI still wouldn't have told her just so that THIS could happen and it could have a laugh. …Unless that was the AI from the previous timestream and now that the world has turned into this one it's no longer a jerk-face… This hurts my head, so time for a subject chnage!

With Kyle flailing back out to the hallway, Spoiler heaves a sigh and pulls on the rest of her uniform. Cowl in place, Stephanie runs the foldable comb through her hair quickly to smooth it out, then paints her lips dark purple before putting the girlest part of her bat-kit and stepping toward the doorway. She pulls it open, lips in a flat line, to study Kyle's uniform more closely.

A lantern. Silently, Steph hopes this one's calmer than the last one. Even if he did give her valuable intel on a person of interest.

"My bike's a few hours from a full recharge, but East Side's clear for the moment," Spoiler says to Nathaniel, voice sounding just as tired as it did when she came in for a nap and a shower. Time check puts that at an hour and a half ago.

Nathaniel is wearing his armor, but not the helmet. He looks tired, not having slept since the reality shift. “An omega class reality warper has disrupted the timeline. I was anchored so… I am seeing differences. I was wondering how good are those rings to ride through this kind of event.” Scientific curiosity, you see. “The world is still spinning and Steel City seems whole, so it could have been worse.”

When the door opens, Kyle shifts to the left, giving the inevitable person he'd just walked in on dressing room to get through. His green eyes snap her way with a tightening of his flattened lips, clinging to his sense of professionalism, but somewhere in that minute blanch is an unspoken apology. The red on the back of his ears is a result of a thousand voices pointing and chanting shame deep within his head.

"I've sent data back to the Guardians for analysis, but Steel City seems to be fine when my ring also seems to believe that these readings might be faulty due to the disturbance." Kyle straightens his spine and rolls his shoulders back, Lantern symbol on his chest radiating dimly, like the reflection of pool water under LED lighting. "I think it's worth regular scans. We've dealt with disturbances in time and space before, but the amount of energy required to…" Shoulder lifts, Kyle scans their faces with a cringe. "…reset that sort of thing is monumental, and magic isn't my forte. Sadly, I think we're on observe and watch at this point."

Spoiler spotted the blush on Kyle's ears, but like him she pulls professionalism over her emotions, stepping out further to close the door behind her. There she sighs lightly.

"Fantastc. I /love/ hurry up and wait," Spoiler grouces faintly, the fatigue making her testy. And she notices because she inhales to center herself and her scowl falls away in favor of something softer.

"We sould probably eat something while we reviwe out data before going back out there," she adds, face turning toward Nathaniel then.

"My upload of those scans you wanted should be done by now."

“I do not think it was magic,” remarks Nathaniel, nodding to Spoiler. “I suspect it was an Inhuman. A major change is the mists have retreated to a few scattered spots.” He glances to Kyle, “I shielded Spoiler too, I am glad to see you are well… we lost Starfire. A dear friend of mine. Your ring is correct, by the way. So you are, there might be aftershocks, we need to be specially watchful the next few weeks.”

"I'll take hurry up and wait over hurry up and save the hemisphere," Kyle offers in friendly retort to Spoiler. His brows lift, a byproduct of his calculation and truly the same face he wears while figuring out perspective on a sketch he's been working on. "I hesitate to say we're stable for now, so if I'm not called out of the system, I could setup a stakeout point or leave a beacon there to transmit the data. Coffee and donuts? Be in the neighborhood if things go aside?"

Kyle glances down to his feet. His arms tighten around his chest as he reaffirms his cross-armed grip on himself. Heels tap the floor and as he nods, grateful that they're okay, he presses his back to the wall and clears his throat.

"Starfire is okay; she's alive." Kyle looks to the two, one eye wincing in a point of concern. "She's changed somehow. Different. Says her ship is crashed somewhere in the ocean and all she's got is a life pod. I caught a frequency coming from China." The Lantern pauses, pregnantly, for effect. "Don't know how she got there, yet, but she is alive and well."

"Im glad it's not magic. Whoviness is more than enough for me," Spoiler quips lightly, before glancing at Kyle.

"Give me coordinates. I want to be able to assist with that."

Nathaniel doesn’t look much comforted. It is good she is alive, but she is probably not the woman he knows anymore. That hurts. But he will search for her. “Yes, please… I would also like to have the coordinates.” He gestures Kyle to follow him, they can talk better in the living room.

"What I'm worried about is the ship. She had a crew, and as far as I can tell, that crew is gone. I've tried scanning the area for anything matching their life-signs, but I'm coming up blank." Kyle's lips dip downwards, grimly, at the idea of the souls of the HMS being unaccounted for. The green line of costume around his neck bobs with a swallow, then he continues. "As for the pod, she hasn't given me the coordinates, but she says it's underwater. Next time I talk to her, I'm gonna suggest we get a bead on it to at least let the Atlanteans know it's not some kind of drop-ship invasion. That would be-" Kyle twists his head. Bad.

Kyle's ring hand lifts from one bicep, tracers of the green energy flow in its wake in a line, then back again as it pats down into place on his arm.

"I've let Starfire have a place to rest and get her bearings. I'm not at liberty to say where she is right now, but I'll tell her that people who knew her want to see her. I just don't want to overwhelm the poor girl; gods only know what she's gone through or where she's been pulled from."

Since he's been getting used to the layout of Avenger's mansion, he's had time to find himself on the internet. He had already been programmed to understand and used the complex tool, but he had one major interest: food items. He had a chance to look up the culinary habits of New York City, then did an analysis of the eating habits of police officers. Fascinating.

"Did someone said, coffee and donuts?" Varanus says, walking out with a paper cook hat on his head and a BBQ apron he stole from the wash. He carries a tray with a large metal coffee container on one side, balanced with a little bit of care, and a plate full of French crullers on the other side. He sets it down on the living room table. A stack of styrofoam cups is on the tray, along with napkins with green trim. "The coffee is an old cappucino recipe from the Renaissance Italy I've modified with a little extra honey and less sugar, to offset the donuts I made. I felt French crullers would be the best choice for a cooldown after the action in Steel City. I've noticed that humans like to chew when they're stressed."

Nathaniel nods. He was including the crew in the problem. Did the reality warp reach orbit? Then again maybe the ship was just over Metropolis when it hit. And the Varanus appears, talking about food. He is one weird robot.

“Green Lantern did,” he comments, replying the android’s rhetoric question. “Thank you, Vincent.” He is probably stressed, go fig. “Please, bring Starfire back soon,” he says Kyle. “Now let us concentrate in the major problem. Reality aftershocks and rifts. The rifts are easy to detect, at least.”

At mention of it being firmly underwater and of the Atlanteans, Spoiler nods her head.

"I'll see if can't get in touch with Arthur through.." And then she stops, because in the chaos… Flash hasn't contacted her back yet, so she doesn't have that as an in. Could she even still get into the Hall of Justice anymore? If she could, would Aquaman remember her? The way he'd remembered Barry… Why was that important again? Spoiler frowns, letting Nathaneil switch the subject, signaling that shift with a nod of her head.

"I did, yeah. Thanks, Vincent," Kyle snaps up, turning to look to Varanus making his way over with FOOD of all things. A rumble gurgles deep within his belly, bringing an apologetic look over the Lantern's face as he picks up the stack of styrofoam cups, preparing to pass them out to the others. "It's called comfort eating, Vincent, and nice to meet you. I'm one of the Lanterns assigned to the sector. You can call me Kyle off-the-record." One cup down, Kyle offers the stack to the next in line.

"I'll make the offer to Starfire," Kyle replies with a gentle mien of finality and enough of a nod to suggest that he intends to do so, though the results, are left to fate. One hand is extended to Spoiler, then Varanus, offering a shaking introduction. "Rifts are obvious, right, but aftershocks, if any, the best I can think is to treat it like earthquakes and monitor energy signatures across a wide area to see if anything like what's at the rifts spikes before an aftershock?" Kyle looks to Spoiler, brows hopeful. "And maybe your Atlantean friend could tell us if anything's different under the sea? They're probably way more in tune with disturbances rippling through the water."

Vincent furrows his eyebrows. "Comfort eating, huh? I guess that beats watching television and sitting on the sofa." He shrugs with a tip of his head and a flick of his hands, grinning. "Nice to meet you, Kyle." He watches the gesture to pass the cups out to others while remaining conversational, a curious and quizzical look on his face. He shakes the hand, his grip loose at first, before he makes eye contact with the Green Lantern and performs a perfect mimicry of Kyle's grip, his hand even reshaping in Kyle's hand to match the Lantern's, pound for pound. "I like the cut of your jib, Mr. Lantern. For some reason, I picture you as a baker." He slips his hand out of Rayner's as it slides back into its normal consistency, sliding his hands in his pockets and slouching in a beach bum fashion, picking up on Nathaniel's gesture that he should listen and learn and adapt.

“Those events should happen only within a few hundred miles of Steel City,” Nathaniel frowns and does a few quick calculations in his head. Now he is not so sure. “The reality alterations should be subtle, localized, mostly disturbing to those directly affected. Possibly dismissed as deja vu and lucid dreams by most humans. We can keep checking against my databases, but I think we can ignore them. But the rifts might bring dangerous, hostile extra-dimensional beings.”

Spoiler accepts the coffee, though she hesitates before taking a sip. She's run out of Bat's supplements, normally having only a day's worth on her. There hasn't been time to head back to her Den to restock. She should just make the time. But for now… Nathaniel might notice that since the reality ripples, Steph's been a little less neurotic about the leaving of forensic evidence. Perhaps that's finally an ounce of trust from the purple batling. Regardless, the sip leaves her lip print in purple on the cup, forever marking it as HERS.

Behind the cowl her eyes flick at Kyle. Kyle… Something about the name and the face. Spoiler's eyes close and her head shakes lightly. Not the time for this. She refocuses, just in time to see Kyle's hopeful brows in her direction and she hadn't heard the pun until Vincent brought it up. The hours of tension snaps and Spoiler suddenly giggles like the barely out of high school blonde Girl Scout cheerleader she is under the cowl. The wrist of the hand holding the coffee curls so she can lightly press three of her fingers to her nose, as if that would mask the giggle. It doesn't, but makes the girlishness of the motion much more apparent. When Nathaniel starts talkin about Serious Things (TM), the blonde batling clears her throat and sips her coffee, cant of her shoulders indicating that her eyes are rolling in a high school move of: No one saw that!

"Close. An artist. So if I were a baker I'd be a sandwich artist." Kyle grins to Varanus, squeezing that grip. A quick introduction if everything, the Lantern keeps his ears pointed towards the Iron Guard. Espresso in cup, he continues his turn to offer his shake to Spoiler…and then she laughs?

The Green Lantern blinks, not quite sure what to make of it. Was his joke really all that funny? A sandwich artist? All things considered, Kyle left Earth last with Jared Fogle a hero, and returned to find the man had become a villain. Kyle's laugh is pensive, unsure, so he clears his throat again and zips back up into business-mode.

"Deja Vu doesn't kill but DeeBees do. In the Corps, when this happens, we set up listening stations and watches. I can construct a listening station above a rift here if the government will allow and we can take turns keeping watch over them." Kyle scans their faces, curious of their reactions. "Those of us that can fly can have people back after their shifts in time for dinner with their families or whatnot. I can just live out at one of the stations, continue to take readings, and stand guard."

Vincent notices Spoiler's reaction to the crack, then respools the data of her drinking. And then, back through the masking of the giggle. Not quite a valley girl anymore, but the valley hasn't been taken out of the girl, Varanus reflects. With the clear of the throat and the eye roll, Varanus shifts his attention elsewhere, reading the implied order sufficiently. "I don't sleep, I can watch practically forever." He makes a comic pensive facial expression. "They say that causes clinical insanity, not sleeping." He looks to Richards. "I'd prefer not to be deployed indefinitely, though, I have a lot to learn to become an effective individual. But, a gig's a gig."

"I'll go check on that upload. Give me the coordinates of your base, when you set it up. I'll take a short shift now and then," she says to Nathaniel, then to Kyle before to levels her still serious expression on Vincent. "Thank you for hte coffee." And off she goes. No one mention the giggle. Just keep walking Steffers!

Nathaniel gives Steph a curious look. Maybe she is under even more stress than usual. "SHIELD will take care of the bulk of the detection, they monitor everything," yes, even things they shouldn't. "We are linked, and I have asked them to send warnings. I assume they will do the same with the Justice League, but we better check. I will ask Arsenal too, since he has contacts in the DEO. Maybe we can get some collaboration this time." He nods to Varanus, "it should be only a few weeks," he heads out, back to the labs.

"With less sensitive technology than we've got out our fingertips." Kyle retorts to Nathaniel with a dip of his head and a 'knowWhatIMean' upon his brow. The cup tips back towards his lip for a sip, which he swallows and lifts the cup in a salute to the exit of Spoiler and Iron Guard. "Keep in touch, in the meantime." Kyle turns and takes a pastry from Varanus' offered tray. Stepping back, he points to him with the treat. "I'll be on patrol, anyways, going over the rifts. Let's get together and get to know each other while working. If we're not setting up a stakeout, I still want some face time with the team. Again, thank you, Vincent. Much appreciated." Kyle nods politely and turns, heading off on his own, as well.

"Alright then," Vincent says, doing a reflexive head bob from his slouch. "We'll get to spend some quality time together, Kyle. I'd like to really see what makes you tick," he says, a nonchalantly serious look on his face as he ponders the look Kyle gave to Nate. And then, Varanus is alone. He moves along to the couch and takes a seat, pulling his hands out of his pockets. Slowly, he turns his head around the empty living room, before he pours himself a half inch cup of the honey-laden cappucino, taking a sip, before spitting it back out into the cup, unable to eat or drink. "How does the Joker do it," he says to himself, pondering something grand.

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